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  1. Nice 109E, and I like that you haven't overly weathered it too. Cheers, Michael
  2. That looks pretty good. Nicely done. Cheers, Michael
  3. I prefer a lightly weathered approach, myself, as in a plane that hasn't yet seen much action as many indeed did not. Cheers, Michael
  4. It depends on how much of the engine you want to display. All 36 plug leads, plus the leads from the magnetos, are visible from the front, but the plugs on the back of each cylinder disappear as they pass through the cooling tins. If you're doing a model with no removable cowlings, then it's only the front view you have to contend with. If, like me, you like to have the cowlings off, then it gets more complicated. I recently finished the engine on the Tamiya Corsair, and that was a bit of a juggle of parts to thread the plug leads through the cooling tins and into the back of the cylinders
  5. ZM's Fw-190 is one I'm waiting for too, though I like the idea of the SWS version. I think my next build will be one of their kits, so that last thought may be subject to change. . I haven't built a German plane, or any other axis power plane, in over 5 years so really looking forward to ZM releasing one. Hopefully in the next year?? Cheers, Michael
  6. Painting this model is edging closer to completion. I've now finished the basic colours after a little re-do of the feather edges. I'm still not entirely happy with them, but it's OK. The wing top surfaces and tail surfaces where these are cloth covered have been painted in a slightly lighter shade of Intermediate Blue as well. Top sides: Lower sides. I've used the closed undercarriage doors as masking. Very nice of Tamiya to provide these parts for such a use too. And another view of the top sides. T
  7. If it's not your best work, it's still pretty good. Hope you'll show more of your work. Cheers, Michael
  8. I like that a lot. It's a great kit, isn't it. Cheers, Michael
  9. Looks great, and an interesting subject too. Well done. Hope we see more of your work here. Cheers, Michael
  10. Nicely done, and your camo scheme looks great. Cheer, Michael
  11. Small update time. Painting has begun at last. The last few details such as lights have been attended to, and I've added some catches to the engine accessories cowlings to keep them in place. I've also built up the undercarriage, except for adding wheels which I'll do when the undercarriage is finally fixed into place. Once I start painting the undersides, I'll be able to use the closed u/c doors provided in the kit to mask off the wheel wells, which I painted and scratched up much earlier in the build. The tail wheel closed doors will be added later when I paint the lower sid
  12. That Adriatic resin detail looks great, and I'll be interested to see what improvement it makes to the engine, too. I'd be interested to know when or if the kit becomes available to purchase. Nice work so far. Cheers, Michael
  13. That engine plug looks very good. I think it will add a lot to your model. Cheers, Michael
  14. Small-ish update, but a few hours work to get here. I decided after the last update to do a little more work gluing bits on, so here's the inner flaps in place, together with the cooling gills in the closed position and also the front cowl ring. Next, I've built up the outer wings and ailerons, which have now been attached to the outer wings. I won't be gluing the outer wings on until they're painted. I haven't bothered with gun barrels as almost all the period pictures I look at don't show them as being visible. Here's one su
  15. Great looking model so far. I like your wood painting and engine. Very well done. Cheers, Michael
  16. One for me to bookmark when I finally get around to building mine, possibly next year. Looking forward to this build. Cheers, Michael
  17. Such sad news. My condolences to his family and friends. You will be missed here, Dale. Rest in peace, Michael
  18. There's still the Trumpy kit if you want cheaper. Cheers, Michael
  19. Yes, there were screens over both compressors. So still no idea as to why such screens were screwed on. Cheers, Michael
  20. That looks really good. I might have to have a crack at one of these, and pray they release more LSP's to this standard. Of course, it seems quite typical that a good P-40B should be released so soon after I finished the awful Trumpy kit . Cheers, Michael
  21. Thanks. I enjoyed doing this one, even though it wasn't quite straight forward. Perhaps that added to the experience, but I find radials usually easier to do spark plug leads in comparison to inline engines. No, it wasn't. I flew. In the end I didn't buy the car as I can't find any local support in Perth. The car was a 1979 Valiant, and an interesting spec too. I had dreams of re living my youth as my first car was a Valiant and it was a great car too. But I was never going to drive an unfamiliar 42 year old car home. If you break down on the Nullarbor, you're in
  22. This one turned out very well. I can't remember seeing one of these modeled before, so it's nice to see something different too. Excellent work. Cheers, Michael
  23. I don't like leaving it this long between updates, but after the last part installing the engine accessories bay, I took a few days off while I scratched my head as to how to attach spark plug wires. Then late last week, I took a dash over to Sydney to look at a prospective car purchase. But that's another story. My first problem with the spark plug wires was how to attach them to the HT lead ring. I quickly decided that it was impossible for me to drill the holes needed to attach the wires, so after a little thought, I decided to file down the detail on the front of this ring t
  24. I hope you will show us the results. Cheers, Michael
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