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  1. I believe that most of the NAF trainers mounted a center-line float: Nice looking bird!
  2. Excellent suggestion: AKA known as the BFC-2 (after being converted from fighter to dive-bomber), the aircraft is a genuine beauty!
  3. That's awful, but the same product purchased via Amazon Prime ships free. Of course, the price is $6.99. https://www.amazon.com/PRYM-977770-Knitting-elastic-transparent/dp/B00DOX7A9O/ref=pd_di_sccai_1/132-2544492-2911910?pd_rd_w=1HGGY&pf_rd_p=c9443270-b914-4430-a90b-72e3e7e784e0&pf_rd_r=NS8MAD74PXRHM0VEHCNY&pd_rd_r=a6c2cf1a-15a9-4edf-aa20-7f466704b4b1&pd_rd_wg=6IEi6&pd_rd_i=B00DOX7A9O&psc=1 Smoke and mirrors!
  4. Certainly not trying to sell you anything, but here's a link: https://www.amazon.com/PRYM-Prym-Knitting-In-Elastic/dp/B074DCFLWB
  5. In terms of the materials behavior, both would work fine. However, EZ Line is flat, rather than round. Might look a bit off as a solution for simulating antenna wire. Several members of LSP use an elastic knitting product made by an outfit called Prym. It's round and might be a better choice for antenna wire.
  6. On the syringes, *most* pharmacists will give them away to customers. You just have to ask for them. The only question that I've ever been asked is, "how many?"
  7. I believe that I recall someone commenting that the cavity in this assembly would be a great place to locate ballast. However, that assumed that the access panel would be closed.
  8. Okay, now let me correct myself! I was looking at the sprues for the kit instructions that I linked you to, and then compared them to a relatively new Dragon kit. It looks like Revell may have cloned the Dragon model and dropped its older mold for the '110. Sorry, hope that I didn't confuse you.
  9. This may help: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/2/7/1181827-65-instructions.pdf It's a rebox of your model, albeit decades newer. There may be a few changes, but I suspect that the kit is largely unaltered. Lots of good stuff at Scalemates.
  10. Thought that I'd update my experience and provide some shipping detail on the second model that I purchased from HLJ, a Wolfpack T-45 kit shown in the pic: I should note that the Wolfpack kit is a rebox of the Kinetic Goshawk that includes some masks, decals and PE. At any rate a fifth option was included, one for "Small Packet Air," 1-3 weeks, at $17.57, which was actually cheaper than the surface rate, at $25.82. Can't really explain the vagaries of HLJ's approach to shipping or why the dimensions of the Tamiya kit apparently generated the USD amounts or paucity of options that I've shared with our readers. BTW, the help section at HLJ's website explains that shipping prices aren't a reflection of THEIR actual cost. Rather the amounts are also based on handling and other considerations.
  11. So, curiosity got the better of me. Here's a screenshot of the shipping options for the Tamiya P-51 listed for $78.05: It would be nice if HLJ would offer something in between "under a week" and "1-3 months," but I wouldn't suggest holding one's breath in anticipation of the event. Total was $113.29. Not bad, but the Tamiya USA D/K deal appears both faster and less expensive.
  12. 'Nuther good deal here: https://www.hlj.com/1-32-scale-mitsubishi-a6m2-zero-fighter-model-21-tam60317
  13. I don't find the yellowing in floor polish to be a problem, likely because the coat that ends up on models is relatively thin. Don't know what the very long term ramifications are. What I have seen turn noticeably yellow, over a period of years, are vacuform canopies. Nothing much that can be done about that, except, perhaps, replacing the darn thing.
  14. Pretty darn good for "eyeballing things into form!" BTW, here's a pic from the Smithsonian's example:
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