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  1. A still that provides a sense of how close that the plane was to shore when it finally ditched:
  2. Pilot should have set down farther out, away from the beach. Could have killed a wader of swimmer.
  3. The big one in my hometown was “CC Toy and Hobby.” On more than one occasion, I had a kid’s dream about visiting the store and being greeted by a number of “new kits” based on as yet unrealized favorite subjects of yours truly. Of course I was elated. Then I’d wake up and only gradually realize that the models didn’t actually exist. Bummer
  4. Structural manufacturing technology for aircraft: http://www.combataircraftconstructions.com.au/restoration-boomerang-photos-outerwing.html
  5. The instructions appear to confine the use of CA to hardware and rubber-pad attachment, whereas white glue is cited for use in bonding wood.
  6. That's what I was really getting at with my question about the clear coat, even if it's just Liquid Pledge brushed on. I'm thinking that it might make the wood more resilient and robust.
  7. So, I bought one of these things and it arrived today: A question for you gentlemen who have used one in the past... Would it be a good idea to clear coat the sub-assemblies before use? I ask because I'm thinking that the moveable parts would slide/adjust more easily if they had a gloss coat on them.
  8. That one reminds me of the plane in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome:
  9. I suppose that this a case of form following function, but the Loening amphibians make you wonder:
  10. This is the service that I use: https://postimages.org/ Users simply upload the pic, whereupon a link is generated that they can use to "Insert image from URL."
  11. https://www.etsy.com/listing/673196647/the-jig-a-modelers-helping-hand?gpla=1&gao=1& Looks to be useful enough, but doesn't appear to make provision for biplanes.
  12. A pic of the cap-top of Tamiya clear coat, X22: Question is, is this stuff as toxic as California.gov would have us believe?
  13. You really don't stop the plane in the sense of applying brakes. Rather, the quickest way to slow the plane down is to reduce power while facing into the wind. In the absence of a favorable wind, the plane can slide for a LONG way, even with the power off. In regard to a somewhat different configuration, planes can also slide a LONG way on green/damp grass, even with full brakes applied.
  14. Matt, Does the crazing occur on softer styrene plastics?
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