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  1. Ah, a brave man indeed. Thanks, Albert, and good luck!
  2. So, I'm noticing that the label on MRP clearcoats is the same as the maker's other, pre-mixed lacquers. Question... Is it safe to apply MRP's clear-coat varnishes over microscale decals? Don't want to destroy the markings trying to protect them. -Moe
  3. Were it not for Dive Bomber and a spread of Enterprise pics in LIFE Magazine, we wouldn't know exactly what a lot of the planes actually looked like in the livery and setting of the time. Here are some stills from the film that I've collected over the years:
  4. I hesitate to state that I really enjoyed The Thin Red Line (1998), but I think that the film touched on some important realities of combat and the military that such movies rarely do.
  5. I’m a little surprised that no one has mentioned the different Das Boot series. True, both the original and newer versions are subtitled, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole lot. Band of Brothers is marvelous.
  6. Great suggestions above, and am particularly enamored of BoB's soundtrack. As runner-ups, some films that you might not think of as conventional "war movies"... Lawrence of Arabia The Mission Last of the Mohicans Apocalypse Now Is Paris Burning -Moe
  7. Greg, Kleenex makes a product called a "bathroom hand towel." https://www.kleenex.com/en-us/products/hand-towels It's not a paper towel and it's not a Kleenex. Rather, it's this really strong sheet of absorbent material. I've never measured one, but they appear to be about 9" square. I mentioned that they are strong. As evidence, I've accidentally run a used sheet through the wash on a couple of occasions. Then, I've accidentally put it through the dryer. In both instances, the product e
  8. Thought that I should update my shopping experience with Hobbyworld, and mention that I received tracking info this evening. -Moe
  9. Great looking mottling that you've applied, Chris. Well done!
  10. Its really, really old, but All Quiet on the Western Front is a great movie.
  11. What you see above is certainly not comprehensive in nature, not even close. It's just what I could find. Paint vendors have their own images, but those above seem somewhat larger and perhaps more useful. -Moe
  12. So, there doesn't appear to be any sort of comprehensive color chart for MRP paints. However, I dug around FB (yuck!), and pics of some of its products are offered as samples. Will post below. Keep in mind as you examine the images that the colors are potentially distorted by the color of the space in which they were captured/ I should also note that not all of the products are the pre-mixed, lacquer forumulas. Some are straight acrylics and may not be a perfect match for the lacquers:
  13. A question out of pure ignorance... In terms of color palette, is there a relationship between Mr Color and MRP?
  14. One of my favorite albums ever. To qualify, ALL the songs have to be DYNOMITE. Graceland defo qualifies!
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