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  1. Love the line on the boxtop of the '110, "Actual model may very from the box art." But that could be a selling point, right? Seriously, however, I learned as a kid not to put too much store in the promotional artwork associated with model planes. Fifties-era Revell, for instance, had box art that routinely exceeded the virtues of the plastic, inside. I can distinctly recall wishing that the manus would simply place a pic of the completed model on the outside, a practice that Revell would adopt, for a period of years, a decade later!
  2. This is part 3 of a build video that Will Pattison did of the Dragon E-4 kit: Part 4 of the build ties up some loose ends regarding the nose assembly: Looks like a bit of a bear.
  3. A-1 is unattached in a semi-sealed bag in my A2000 box. I have the E-4 version and the instructions are the same as the Dragon E-4 instructions that I referenced earlier. BTW, this is a busy kit. I think that I'll have to do some research as regards its eccentricities before proceeding.
  4. There are three different H2000 kits, so I'd ASS-U-ME that the instructions are somewhat different. These are the instuctions for the Dragon/Cyber hobby E-4: Cyber hobby Bf 109 E-4
  5. The Meng Fokker is a sure thing, particularly at that price.
  6. I purchased a couple of bottles last week, and they also arrived with the tape on them. I'm somewhat amazed that the tape is seen as an effective measure to contain the liquid, given that MRP lacquers are REALLY thin. Hard to believe that the tape will secure the contents any better than a cap that's tightened down. We'll see.
  7. Social media sites like Facebook are great for image uploads because they make it so easy. In terms of discussion, build threads for instance, a venue like LSP absolutely smokes the competition. If I had to make a generalization about the target audience of social media, I would suggest that its primarily children and teens. Again, the hook is the pics, graphics, video, etc.,. If you want something deeper, in our case focused on the craft and art of scale modeling, I don't see how anyone can suggest that social media is superior.
  8. The model at SB is the M5A1.
  9. I haven't used the straight matte variety, but have used MRP "semi-matte." It has a bit of white sediment in the bottom of the bottle, but mixes easily and will remain suspended until sprayed. I should note that my "mixes easily" characterization frequently doesn't apply to MRP lacquer paints. They can be a PITA without a battery-powered mixer.
  10. Well done, Sasha, a real credit to the hobby!
  11. He owes me for three bottles of paint from last year. At that time, I was trying to source MRP and he was one of the few NA vendors who appeared to carry it. And don't worry, it's not just you two gentlemen. Check out the store's reviews on its FB page: https://m.facebook.com/hobbyworldUSAUSA/reviews/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  12. We may be referencing different models, but it appears that SB has both of those in stock.
  13. Was looking over the MRP surface primers just now, and discovered that they've come up with a new convention for naming the material(s). Rather than being assigned a three-digit suffix like the other lacquers, the primers now have a three-letter suffix. The "Olive" variety that I made reference to above is no longer MRP-088, having been renamed MRP-LPO. Here's a link to the primers and the company website: MRP Surface Primers And yes, I digress...
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