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  1. Visited Scalemates looking for more information on the model: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-04968-hawker-hurricane-mk-iib--1395506 This is what modelers are greeted with in the way of a promotional image: No, it's not the browser, as I tried three (Firefox, Edge, IE). It appears that the pic caused some degree of heartburn to more than just a few LSP members. Hence, the camo-job!
  2. It's a Cold War strategy game called Twilight Struggle. Card-driven, it's enormous fun, with lots of twists. That said, most newbs will have to play 4-5 times to get a handle on the cards, themselves. I've played much, much more, but certainly don't consider myself any manner of expert. https://www.gmtgames.com/p-927-twilight-struggle-deluxe-edition-8th-printing.aspx
  3. So, my model arrived, adorned with substantial quantities of Ukrainian stamps: And inside an ICM kit in more or less perfect condition: Admittedly, this was something of a sympathy purchase. And I'd NEVER advise anyone short on pocket change to order a kit from a warzone. However, it did serve my, perhaps, ham-handed desire to express a degree of solidarity with modelers eight time-zones distant. I'm gonna save the stamp sheets to display with the model. Hope the war ends soon, for the sake of all involved.
  4. Nothing in the way of criticism. However, in my VERY limited experience with Tamiya clear-sprays, I found it difficult to get an even coat on the surfaces of "small scale planes," props with a lot of uneven surfaces. Put another way, at times it seemed like I was taking a shotgun to a job that would benefit from more precision in application. The other difficulty that I ran into was that TS clears could come out of the can really "hot," and want to deform/decompose decals. That's all really...oh, and I find rattle-cans to be somewhat wasteful, even when everything is otherwise cooking for me.
  5. You use the term "Gloss Clear Spray," above. Are you talking about the rattle-can product?
  6. I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my characterization of the wing and how it appeared to be rendered. There are numerous line-drawings of the Hurricane available via the search image of your choice. A casual observer who examines the drawings can reasonably reach the conclusion that the wing of the aircraft evidences no dihedral. However, I'd suggest that's because they're focusing on the top of the wing, rather than the middle or bottom, both of which Your Airfix example looks fine, the Italeri model far less so. Wouldn't an examination of real aircraft be more useful: useful? IMO, the confusion surrounding the subject at hand is a function of the Hurricane's unusually thick wing. If you look at the top of the wing in a 3-view drawing, like those already posted, the wing appears all but flat. On the other hand, the underside gives the impression of considerable dihedral. However, as was just mentioned, the dihedral is established technically by the center section of the wing. My problem with the wing depicted in the pics of the Revell kit, is that there's NO dihedral on the wing's center, whatsoever. It appears flat as a pancake:
  7. We've got two threads going on this tragic event. Combine them, perhaps?
  8. Another unflattering thread, reference Hobbyworld-USA: And part 3: At the risk of sounding impossibly naive, how can this ******* continue?
  9. Respectfully, I purchased Hasegawa's 1/32 Kanonenvogel-Stuka from SB which was a "Lightning Sale" item.
  10. Definitely watch the video if you're gonna build the kit: The gentlemen who made the video corrects the instructions which contain NUMEROUS errors. Pretty much of a must-view.
  11. Ken, Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the FFSMC decals. I went ahead and ordered a set for an Arado floatplane in KM livery, as the LSP "aftermarket machine" apparently never went into action on behalf of the Revell product. Even Eduard barely touched the kit. As a result, It appears that the French maker is the ONLY source of decals for a German Ar 196 in 1/32. Thanks again!
  12. Not to throw cold water on the TBD, but the business environment doesn't seem particularly conducive to releasing new models. I genuinely hope that this Trumpeter offering is brought to market at some point in the future. However, people are having to make difficult choices about what to spend their $$$ on, food, heat for their homes, and so on. I should also add that just about every credible source of economic forecasting is looking for a REAL recession in the coming year. A new Devastator in 2024, perhaps?
  13. I certainly understand your concern, particularly after reading the comments regarding the SPAD build. However, I’m as yet unsure of exactly what it is that FFSMC is selling. The product link describes the decals as being “diecut.” I could be wrong, but isn’t that term typically assigned to dry-transfer technology, rather than conventional water-slide decals? Need more information.
  14. Your SPAD looks great. Final verdict on the decals?
  15. Looking at some decals from FFSMC: https://ffsmc-productions.com/product/arado-ar-196-196-maquille-en-avion-francais/ Any thoughts on their products would be appreciated.
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