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  1. I'll tell you the secret. The wing is in the size of actual plane, but the drawing is extremely big. Marcin, I saw your Firecracker at ModelBrno. It was extremely detailed and I was simply speechless. I am searching my jaw on the floor.
  2. To my surprise, those exhaust stains looks symmetrical on both sides. I have checked that in my pictures, and really, it looks like that primary airflow was not that one from propeller, as I have expected.
  3. Is it possible to build that pink MkIX Mk915 from Tamiya kit?
  4. If someone remember, a long time ago they have announced a list like this: B-25 B-17 Meteor Mosquito Lancaster Pfeil A-20 Marauder Beaufighter. As you might see, they are keeping to it, maybe in different order. My personal guess is A-20 or Marauder.
  5. Any idea where to find a riveting diagram?
  6. Taifun used a wooden and prop. Eduard added some camo with a wooden one, so they have added it there.
  7. I have ordered it from Eduards own e-shop. There are some other goods available - PE parts for wheel wells for instance. And there are overtrees as well.
  8. I think that similar to sir PJ, Wingnut, they are just making them happy to deploy the dreams to reality...
  9. Well, if I remember well, main wheel struts were rectangular in cross section on that old kit. But anyway, imagine what a revolution it was behind the iron curtain. Just putting this on a must have list.
  10. I will be carefully optimistic, with accent on that "carefully"... I remember the faith of B-35, but in this case I hope that cooperation with HPH/Infinity can bring some results. Anyway, mainstream Delfin is a great announcement.
  11. I am not sure, if I am the only one surprised, but due to the information from Nymburk Model forum, Kovozavody is preparing a Delfin in 1/32 injection kit. It is prepared in cooperation with HPH as a commemoration of their first kit. I just hope, that this is not a late april fool. Wow... https://ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=40789 Edit: http://www.modelarovo.cz/tiskova-zprava-kp-k-50-vyroci-zahajeni-prodeje-modelu-l-29/ Please use google translate to read it in your native language.
  12. Jetmads started to publish some parts of instructions to their Skystreak on their FCB: https://www.facebook.com/JETMADS2016/
  13. Try to contact owner of HGW, and introduce your project to him. He is a modeller and he likes crazy things like this, so he can maybe help you.
  14. You can consider using HGW free lines. https://hgwmodels.cz/cs/28-meritko-132 they are quite easy to apply and those with pitch 1.2 mm could be enough for this project.
  15. I would say that Eduard in Royal class will add some fancy stuff.
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