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  1. Oh boy, at the current exchange rate, 4,330 HKD is $556.35! I will NOT be getting one of these, even the Dambuster (if it gets released) at that price. Even at a 25% off retail, it's still over $400. I did buy a 1/200 Trumpeter Titanic for $449 so I guess I would have to consider it at 25% off the RRP but I'll never build the Titanic so I suppose another $400+ kit is not in my future. Eventually, the Titanic will go up for sale I suppose....
  2. Nor did I. I consider myself fortunate in that respect.
  3. OMG, that instruction booklet has more steps in it than does my 1/16 Trumpeter Panther kit! I bet it'll cost a small fortune to acquire the kit. It is impressive though. Don't care much for the subject...it's Russian and what's worse, it's Russian Navy....blech. If it has to be a Russian aircraft, it's gotta be a Mig-25 or Mig-31 to get my attention...now THOSE are some large Russian aircraft... LOL reminded me of an old Wendy's commercial....
  4. The last time I looked, which was admittedly several years ago, these kits were a dime-a-dozen. Now i can't find one anywhere. I'm not looking to buy one, I actually won one in a raffle not too long ago and was wondering what the status of these kits was. The kit is fully shrink wrapped but the box top is somewhat concave due to the shrink wrap "shrinking" a little too much (that's just my opinion). I checked the sold items on Ebay and there were a few that have been sold in the recent past. The selling prices weren't too out of line (between $25-$40) so this isn't going to be a collector kit, so I just may keep it for while. Just curious about the availability in general...I know it's a Hasegawa mold but other than that, I don't know much about it.
  5. They indicated some time in 2022. Not sure where I read that but I think it’s somewhere in the 30 pages of this thread.
  6. I just requested and received a password reset email. I changed my password via the link. My password is unique to this site so that if the hacker is able to view the password reset information, he/she will only be able to get here. I get spam emails in quantity too. My email address has been on the dark web (as told to me by Experian) for years now. I just check the spam folder every day for valid emails then delete the entire folder. I don't get hundreds daily but I do get about 50-60. Thanks for the heads-up on the hack.
  7. You may have a difficult time sourcing the Hasegawa Bf109F-2 or the untrop Bf109F-4 kits. Both kits have been extinct for many years now and while you can convert the 109F-4 Trop into a regular F-4 or F-2, it will take a little aftermarket to do it.
  8. There was this one that a quick google search turned up Hawk Bf109G . It’s labeled as a G but the markings are what I think should be an F-2, pilot Hans “Assi” Hans. It doesn’t quite match your description but that’s the only 1/72 Hawk 109 I could find.
  9. Nice! Your throttle linkage came out way better than mine did. On the upside though, it's very hard to see once all the details are in the engine compartment.
  10. Oh boy...that's a real case of bad news. I too am wishing them a safe and full recovery absent the "long-haulers" syndrome.
  11. Very nice! I'm loving the worn look of a combat veteran. Excellent weathering!
  12. Ya know, I honestly didn't even think to check the walkaround section. Thanks for the leads. This will help a lot!
  13. Hey, thanks for the source....Volume 1 is ok and while $40 is at the upper limit of what I wanted to spend, I'm sure it'll be worth it. IF it's actually in stock. Have you dealt with Hobbylinc before because I haven't? UPDATE: I tried to add the book to my cart and got the unfortunate message that the item has been discontinued and cannot be ordered. So much for being in stock.
  14. Yep, just as I feared, the Valiant Wings books are out of publication, and the Typhoon and Tempest Story book is way too expensive for my needs. The Typhoon and Tempest Aces of WWII is not what I'm looking for and the only one available is the Hawker Typhoon Portfolio which is the only book that I can get but not sure what's inside at $15 off Amazon. I guess I'll just have to build the kit (1/48) with what I have available.
  15. Looking for a decent reference (print) for the Hawker Typhoon. All I have is the Squadron/Signal “In Action”. I’m probably only ever going to build one or two models of the Tiffie (unless they release a good 1/32 plastic kit) so I’m not after an expensive, treatment but a reference sufficient to allow me to include a decent level of detail in places such as wheel wells, cockpit and some walk around photos. If anyone knows of such a reference, please post the title and author.
  16. Great news and glad to hear I'm mistaken. I was not aware that the AIM-9E was longer than the others so today is NOT a wasted day (I learned something). By the way, I love those ECM antenna's you built. Seeing these built is inspirational. Thanks for posting!
  17. Sorry, was just thinking out loud about those winders. it hit me like a bolt of lightning when I saw the length of the noses. I believe they're supposed to resemble AIM-9B's or C's, or quite possibly E's. They're definitely not AIM-9M's or P's and they certainly aren't AIM-9X's as the front fins are not shaped for these versions of the AIM-9.
  18. Oh my...those sidewinders look a bit "off" to my eyes. The portion in front of the forward fins is just way too long. Unless there are expat versions of the AIM-9 that have extra long noses (I think that's the guts of the seeker therein) i think these are misshapen. Nice work on the painting though. I always did prefer ghost grey missiles over white. The Hellenic Phantom I have in mind is the first one in your photos above from the 338th squadron (or whatever the Greek level of organization is). I'm still taking notes for my Hellenic Phantom...once I find a late F-4E with the slats. My wallet is a little lean from some rather extravagant purchases over the past couple weeks. Since there's no real option for a 1/32 bubbletop Hawker Typhoon, I invested in the Hasegawa 1/48 version and needed to acquire a LOT of aftermarket items (from the UK and Canada) to create the Tiffie I have in mind.
  19. Really nice gesture and there are some nice kits but I’ll have to pass as shipping from Australia to the U. S. is now on hold.
  20. Yep, all that information is contained in the two pdf’s I am using. LOL, the snips in your referenced link are from one of the source documents I’m using. Thanks for the info.
  21. I had not seen that specific diagram, no. In examining the images, they are all for the Pak 40, an anti-tank gun round. The Kwk 42/L70 Panther round, while similar, carries somewhat different markings on the projectiles and shell cases. They are close though so I thank you for the effort taken to post it and knowing the differences between the two may allow me to reference this diagram for decal placement. I knew I was learning way more about Panther gun rounds than I ever thought I would need to…. I found a couple of pdf’s online that intimately describe German explosive rounds (all of them) in detail so I’ve had my head buried in those documents for the past few days. I can post the titles here if anyone would like but I warn you, you’ll end up like me knowing way more about German shells, cases, and projectiles than you’d ever thought you would. Handbook of Enemy Ammunition German Explosive Ordnance
  22. Yep, saw those. While they say they’re for the Panther, they only give you Kwk 40 round data (Pz IV?). I didn’t see any Kwk 42 round data on that sheet. With almost 50 rounds of HE and 30 APC to do, it would cost a small fortune to buy those for the entire vehicle. Luckily, I have an Alps printer and Adobe Illustrator so I can create my own, relatively accurate shell markings for next to nothing. The brass case data will be slightly “off” but unless you know what you’re looking for, you’ll never know. I am also running into using a decal for shell stamping data. Not entirely accurate but the Panther kit doesn’t come with a bunch of PE case rims with engraving to represent said stamping. So far, I’ve only seen that in the Tiger II kit. Thanks for the info. I appreciate the help with my project.
  23. The devil is in the details my friend. In this scale, you can see just about everything and stencils are legible with only slight magnification (with respect to the eyes of the viewer). I’m also learning way more than I ever thought I’d need about German tank gun rounds and their markings.
  24. Ugh….I just discovered yesterday evening that the HE rounds had olive drab projectiles and not black. I should’ve known better than to trust the Trumpeter instructions regarding the shell colors. Anyway, masking and respraying wasn’t real hard and was done in a few hours. Now I just have to make all the missing decals that are on the HE projectiles and the bottoms of the cases that Trumpeter doesn’t give you… and there are a few.
  25. Yep, Sometimes the decal will tighten up across panel lines and you’ll have to carefully slice through the decal with a brand new blade. That said, this condition is not exclusive to Eaglecals alone. I’ve used their decals on many builds and have ever only experienced one problem in all that time and it was a case of color matching and was primarily my fault because I couldn’t mix a shade of red to match the bright red sash on “Big Ass Bird II” P-47D artwork.
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