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  1. Fabby with a massive side order of fabbiness. Lovely wurger!
  2. I looked at getting the Trumpeter kits but they were far more expensive then the Revell kits. Those two 109's look fabby! As i mentioned above i'm looking into JG300 and any NJGr related 109's
  3. Cheers Hardcore. I'll try and find it.. In the mean time, i've found a Montex decal set on Hannants of a Bf109 G6/R6 from 3./JG300. Looks like a nice scheme and has the underwing 20mm cannons too. Should be able too do that one from the standard kit.
  4. Damn! I really want to do a nightfighter (NJGr or JG300) build to go with all the other ones i am planning. Thanks anyway. Best i keep looking. P.S. There's an opening for an AM conversion if ever i saw one lol
  5. Ok next question. Where can i get the AM supercharger or does the Revell G6 kit come supplied with one?
  6. So to model the G-6/AS i'd have to change the supercharger? Cheers guys
  7. I am looking at modelling a Bf-109G-6 /AS Red 2, Flown by Friedrich-Karl Müller (30 victories), 1./NJGr. 10, Aug 1944 using AIMS decal set 3215 and was wondering what the /AS part actually means? Probably a really basic question but i'm a basic person lol
  8. Without trying to go off-topic so much and i am truly sorry to the OP.... i know the facts of the case. Just a bit raw. I knew Dave Williams (navigator ZG710)
  9. Blue on blue? Surely not..... That would never happen these days right?...... right? Is it a bird, a scud, a Tornado? Oh sod it. Shoot it down anyway. No-one will ask questions! Sorry to our American friends across the pond. Just a bit of a sore subject to ex-RAF Tornado personnel when it's mentioned.
  10. I'd love for Tamiya to release an updated new tool 1/48 Lancaster to replace their older one and hopefully fix the issues with it. Just think the amount of units they'd shift and prospectively take away from the 1/32 crowd if they did. Not saying i wouldn't like to see an LSP from them. But if they did the Lancaster then it would defo be added to my 'wants' list
  11. Just grabbed myself a 1/32 Revell He219 A0/A2 for £20 on evilbay. I Also got a 1/32 Hasegawa Fw190 D9 (ST19) kit too. That's my purchases done apart from those i have already said i'd buy off a member on here. Time to save up for the Revell Fw190 A8/R8 and Bf110 kits now
  12. Oh i'll be doing one....maybe two....oh ok maybe three lol I have the Hasegawa kit with a shed load of AM. So far i have EagleCals EC#99, Blackdog Sturmbock conversion, Aires wheel bay, EagleParts Gun cowl/Outboard fairings/Spinner & prop blades, Eduard exterior set/ landing flaps/ Interior/ Placards/ Masks, Quickboost Revi gunsight/ Exhausts, Master Mk.108 barrels & tubes. Still need to get some HGW seatbelts. A massive project for me this one. But i'm defo going to be doing the Revell kit too
  13. You could wait for the new tool 1/32 Revell Fw190 A8/R2 Sturmbok coming out very soon
  14. Kev my 'wants' are not that vastly expensive compared to the top end kits (WNW, HKM, Tamiya etc etc). I know my build ability and it would be wasted on the superb kits from those companies. Hence why i love the Revell kits. The price and build level required are just about right for me. I can never have enough Fw190's but i am also trying to expand into the German nightfighters area. There is just something about them i love. Next purchases hopefully? Revell Fw190 Sturmbok and Bf110 C7 with G4 conversion. Best i start saving those pennies lol
  15. Holy moly. And you even have XV(R). Nice to see someone taking on the training sqns. We often feel neglected lol
  16. oooo 14 Sqn 'Diamonds are forever'. You sir are playing right up my alley with that decal
  17. As anyone would...as cheap as possible . But a member on here has prospectively kindly offered me the 109's at a price i cannot refuse. So my quest might be over for them. I'll have to start pursuing my other 'wants' on my list.
  18. 1/32 Revell Fw190 A8/R11 for £23.44? Don't mind if i do! Evilbay strikes again. It will stand nicely with my He219 A2/7 and Me262B-1/U1. On the look out for a Bf109 G6 & 10 now. Cannot wait for the Revell/Dragon Bf110 to be released. I'll have to convert it to a G4
  19. Very nice indeed. I am presently trying to build the older A5 kit and totally agree, they are a total to put together. The front end has to be prefect or you get issues.
  20. I was just looking at getting one of these kits as they are vastly cheaper than the Tamiya and HKM kits. Shame there is hardly any AM for it though. You're doing a great job of it and in a scheme you don't see often
  21. So is this the Dragon/CyberHobby kit from a few years back? If so, depending on price,i could be tempted. I had to sell my Cyber Hobby kit when funds were tight and i was unemployed
  22. +1 on these saws too. I have them and they are fantastic
  23. Very nice indeed. I have one of these to build (and selling one on evilbay to fund an LSP purchase). Could i be cheeky and ask what paint colours you used?
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