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  1. What a beautiful Mig-29 this one's is becoming. Looking forward to seeing the finished model, very nice job.
  2. Too bad I cannot see the images. I don't know if it's only me...
  3. Hello everyone, My first model in LSP, a Sea Venom of De Havilland by Revell in 1/32nd scale. Pretty good kit and could have been prettier with more surface details, which I took the liberty of being too lazy to add. Straight OOB. Thank you in advance for all your comments. Cheers...
  4. Fantastic finish! It's not a model you see everyday and you have absolutely nailed it!! Congratulations for such a lovely model and thanks for sharing it.
  5. WOW!! This is a masterpiece! I loved every piece of work you have done on that 109! The figures are very well built, too. The planking is... well.. maybe too clean, if you take it as a constructive feedback. Some stains, mud, wheel tracks maybe ?? But anyway, its already great. All other 109's are strikingly beautiful as well. You must be second only to Messerschmitt itself to produce 109s
  6. Number of views of the topic says it all: AWESOME BUILD!!!
  7. Very good scratchbuilding. Very sharp and clean
  8. Great looking Spitfire, very nicely progressing.
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