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  1. WOW! I definitely have missed that! Absolutely beautiful!!
  2. Great model! Looks fantastic in skull and bones!!
  3. Lovely model, as always. Love the Greek camouflage colours and you have done great job with that!
  4. Of all the Tornadoes GR.4 is the most beautiful to my eye and now I have the pleasure of looking at this exquisite model for several minutes now. Excellent model, loved every part of it, congratulations on such a great model!
  5. Su-34 in 1/32? A wild dream indeed, but who knows if we now have a 1/32 Lancaster! A conversion set from Su-27 into Su-34 would be more of a kit in itself so I find that unlikely. But I'd be the first in the line if anyone produces a conversion set for a Su-37!!
  6. Number of operators is important naturally for a kit's market but is not everything. Viggen is a very good example for that.
  7. Yes indeed, I too am very pleased with their existence and their product line. I'd prefer they come more often with the cold war era jets though.
  8. Excellent! One of my favourite British jets and it is such an ignored one so far. It would make a great model in our scale. Hopefully they go with the 1/32 version too but what I get from their posts is 1/48 scale is their main objective, if I'm not wrong. Somebody kill that bloody 1/48 scale and we LSP'ers will have lots of new kits
  9. Very good point. While not a shape or geometry issue, I think the red band around the fuselage on the engines is also transferred to the F-4.
  10. I just received the confirmation email. Replying so many emails must be a job in itself.
  11. The X-3 had quite proven that a long and sleek airframe with small a wing area could hold well in the air with managable flight charasteristics. It may not have made it to its intended speed but thanks to its legacy, the F-104 did it for it. See how similar the two concepts are, especially the geometry of the wings.
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