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    My main interest is in Post 1945 but I build most eras and types. Used to build 1/48 but now fully converted to 1/32 and 1/24 scales in aircraft and 1/35 and 1/16+ for armour.
    I also enjoy ship models in 1/350 scale, 1/200 is great but boy that's really big stuff!!

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  1. I voted for 1/32 scale but would also love a 1/24 Tug to go with some other models. Plenty of subjects to do in 1/24..... the worlds your own in that scale atm!!
  2. I'll second that thought Tony! A nice HP Halifax B MKII / B MKIII to go with the Lancaster would go down very well with me. I suspect HB has a few projects in 1/32 on the go that'll keep us well occupied in the future. I hope the B-24's sell well for them, when all is said and done, that's all they're interested in, …….SALES!!
  3. Thanks Bob, One out of two is better than none! Strange that nobody in Europe seems to stock these products from this company? I'll keep trying though. Thanks for your reply. Roy.
  4. Hi All, I wonder if anyone can help? I'm looking for a stockist in the U.K for these models? In particular the 1/16 scale tanks and figures. So far no luck finding one, perhaps you can finally help me track one down! Many thanks. Roy.
  5. Yes, there is no such thing as a 'perfect' human form. Skinny legs on a larger body you can see everyday if you look around you. Short bodies, longer legs? My father had both and he was a big man too! There are a lot of disproportionate people in this world, take one look at my beer belly and you'll see why!!! Have fun either way!
  6. The left forearm could be a little longer than it should be to my eye, but it wouldn't be the first one I've adapted to suit. I will drop that forearm downwards anyway so can lose some length that way if needed. We're modellers, …….adapt and survive! It looks good, I''ll get one for sure.
  7. What a cracking figure! Love the doggy too! I'm in for one for sure, hopefully it will be available at Telford this year. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hmmm, they've found a sale from me, certainly one of the most striking schemes ever done IMHO! I'll keep an eye out for this one!!
  9. On the other hand those with very restricted hobby budgets might just find that they can afford one and make a purchase that otherwise might not be there? I think todays main manufacturers are looking at all ways to develop better sales and profits, as indeed their shareholders/owners expect. They should sell well, we'll see as time moves on.
  10. There's some interesting digital paint schemes on these aircraft right now, a model of it in our scale would be very nice! Always thought that Trumpeter might tool this one in the future, but a nice Mig 25/ 31 combo would also be greatly appreciated first!!
  11. Looks like WNW are having production problems according to Hannants. Well they are turning the kits out at a fair old rate now I suppose. I can wait, still got the HK version to do yet! Happy days!
  12. Would love a decent 'brick' in our scale, but I hear that this one is a loooong way off from delivery. Hope that info is wrong, but I'm sure there'd be some decent sales there even at resin kit prices. Time for Revell or Trumpeter to step up to the plate for an IM model in 1/32, my guess would be mega sales if the quality and price are there.
  13. Perhaps, if sales are o.k with the M5 they'll do an earlier version later on? I do agree an M2/3 is long overdue though! Who knows they might even be inclined to do a Val or a Kate in 1/32 to compliment it as well!!!
  14. Correct observation Juraj! Definitely 1/32!! Great news!!!
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