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    My main interest is in Post 1945 but I build most eras and types. Fully converted to 1/32 and 1/24 scales in aircraft and 1/16 for armour.
    I also enjoy ship models in 1/200 but boy that's really big stuff!! I also build anything large in it's scale!

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  1. IMHO 1/32 or 1/35 figures will all match different equipment scales. Don't forget all human beings come in different shapes and sizes in real life, therefore a guy 6' 4" will no more be out of place than someone who is 5' 4". Someone will have longer legs/arms, bigger chest sizes and heads even. Look around you in a crowd and you will see a complete difference all the time. This is truly a modellers gift when it comes to such a small difference in these particular scales. I mix them up all the time and they look completely in place. I do agree with the lack of som
  2. The last public communication confirmed further development of their 1/32 Fw-190 series so plenty going on there I think. They announced at the time that this particular kit release would be the first to include a 'basic' version which we might call a normal type of presentation other than the super kit variant they normally have. It'll be interesting to see if they continue with that plan.
  3. For some extraordinary reason I've always presumed this would be done by Revell for many years? I'm now more inclined to think we stand more chance from Z-M. I do hope we get it from someone soon!
  4. Nick, if you possess some kabuki tape why do you need location pins? I always use tape to hold parts together even with the pins provided! Piece of cake, really! Perhaps being of a certain age when all this good stuff wasn't around (we are rather spoilt now) we got used to cut and shut and filing and grinding. It truly amazes me when some hobbyists seem not to be able to do the simplest of things sometimes? Then again when your spoilt over the years with all this fantastic stuff you do get accustomed to it I suppose. Happy days.
  5. Real modellers won't have a problem with the 'short run' type of assembly. I've just 'beastied' two limited run kits to get them to look something so this one will be a piece of cake in comparison!
  6. I think it fair to say that 1/18 scale AM has not caught up yet with hardly anything for sale! A few decal sheets and that's about all that I can ferret out. Maybe as the scale gets more wider appeal there could be some interest from some of the manufacturers? Personally, I'll be scratchbuilding the stuff that I want, you might want to think about that as well for the time being if you can do it? You never know though, stranger things can happen at sea!!
  7. It takes a lot of capital to develop a product like this, perhaps the cash just isn't there just yet? I don't think we should hold our breaths until we start seeing some tangible evidence of activity in the future. Ambition is one thing, sadly, the harsh reality of business is quite another as many have found out!
  8. There seemed to be good evidence of production backlogs back in 2018, there were major delays from several major manufacturers even then. Most of the bigger manufacturers now outsource their production and as a consequence are subject to 'queuing' all the time. Any design delays within an organisation can mean a production slot lost for some time. Of course add the pandemic to it all and you have quite a conundrum. I'd say, keep the faith, it seems to be part of the system now so we'll have to get used to the new 'normal' until improvements arrive. The important thin
  9. Sometimes it's completely forgotten that we do this hobby to entertain ourselves. The errors on any kit are interesting but not vital for most modellers who build construction kits beyond our 'pure' world on here. How many modellers on here or indeed on other sites actually show their models anywhere? I'd wager the vast majority of hobbyists sit in their little domains glueing bits together and never give a thought to share their experience. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, and it seems to me that 95% of modellers are completely 'display shy' fearing rejection or harsh c
  10. Royboy


    Time we had some more A-7E decals for this period!
  11. Don't forget that modellers live in a different universe! Everything is in Shangri- La and perfect in every way. Why do you have to go and spoil things! lol.
  12. Derek, should you be using big words like that on here? Surely sh*$loads would've been more understandable?
  13. I predict 90% of these kits will indeed be stash queens and remain that way for a long time. Lots of collectors out there you know! For those that build them I'm sure they'll look fantastic when they're completed.
  14. I've been looking into this as well. I'm currently entering into discussions with a potential provider. We'll see how that goes. More later if something comes of it.
  15. IMHO you stand more chance of getting on a rocket to the moon than Tamiya doing this subject. Derek probably has the best option and then it's probably a very remote option at that! Still. miracles do happen occasionally I suppose? Advice.......Don't hold your breath on this happening any time soon. Would be nice though I have to admit!
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