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    My main interest is in Post 1945 but I build most eras and types. Used to build 1/48 but now fully converted to 1/32 and 1/24 scales in aircraft and 1/35 and 1/16+ for armour.
    I also enjoy ship models in 1/350 scale, 1/200 is great but boy that's really big stuff!!

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  1. I think the appeal comes through as being a lot quicker to do where people think they can't do the equivalent in time for brush work. I guess some people have the skills and some don't or simply can't be bothered? We live in an instant satisfaction society these days whether we like it or not. I do agree that detail brush work is very satisfying as part of any project though. Old school but good!
  2. I use 'Plastic Weld' for ABS plastic. If you have the right glue for the material what's the problem? After all people use Superglue as a normal method all the time now without worrying about it. Buy the model and enjoy... regardless!
  3. Well I think your not doing a bad job considering your own appraisal of your marketing. To offer the 'base' kit and then provide the resin details in sections that the modeller sees as essential to their build seems a good one to me! Why waste all that effort of doing the resin parts when they're perfectly marketable even after the IM kit is available? Perhaps as you venture into the other models there could be further opportunities for you there too? Looking forward to seeing all the new stuff in time!
  4. Touch of 'Murphy's Law' kicking in there Dave. At least you have the DB version of the kit already!
  5. Have ordered the sheet, some interesting schemes on there but the trouble is which one's first?
  6. Patience? What's that? Impatience tends to happen when people get excited about something! Look's like you have a winner here Mirek!
  7. Well you have to admire the fact that they aren't just sticking to military aircraft! That takes a whole bunch of confidence particularly producing an Ag aircraft of all things to do. I certainly wish them luck with all of their projects in the future.
  8. This model is superb! I wonder if it's such a big step to step up to limited run IM kits for him? Certainly should increase his sales from the non resin builders. I'm certainly tempted here!
  9. Like a lot of 'also rans' out there this machine is part of the story and therefore part of the legacy of WWII for the RAF. Perhaps you could liken the situation of the Whirlwind to that of the TSR2, lot's of promise but no real future for all sorts of reasons. The TSR2 also has a lot of fans out there but never served, it still stirs emotions even now! Who wouldn't get excited if a 1/32 TSR2 was announced in IM plastic?
  10. I think it'll be a natural 'growing up' process for them to do larger subjects in time. Kittyhawk are venturing out into this area now the smaller ones are being done. I'd say it's all about confidence in the subject. This one I think is bound to do well if it's ever done by someone. It certainly gets my vote alongside the Tu-2 also. Fingers crossed!
  11. If ICM tooled up a new 1/32 Westland Lysander I think it would sell very well indeed! The members here have come up with some great ideas, not a bad one among them, and it does show there are still a huge amount of interesting subjects yet to do in the larger scales. Personally, I'd love some twin engine aircraft. Some Russian WWII subjects like a Tu-2 or Pe-2 would be great! Right now loving what they're doing, whatever they do I'll probably be up for buying them!
  12. The newer 'Little guys' are showing the more established companies the way forward now. Just compare the quality of their instruction booklets to some others and they are poles apart! They aren't afraid of choosing 'off piste' subjects either. It seems to me that the 'Klondike' era of models is now opening up and we are gaining the benefits of it. Infinity have some exciting projects on the way with a lot more to come, the problem is affording them all now!
  13. Infinity have announced that they have 20 new projects on their list. Hope they're all LSP's!
  14. I believe that TrumpyBoss have several major projects in hand ready for the 'go' when the decision is made to announce them. Just how many LSP's have yet to be announced, but I hope HB go ahead with a 1/32 F-111 series, their 1/48 kit is an absolute gem IMHO! I also wonder if they will complete the modern Sukhoi's with the SU-24 and Su-34 before moving backwards thru the marks? Either way we're living in an astounding era of newly tooled LSP's for us to buy right now! Happy days.
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