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    My main interest is in Post 1945 but I build most eras and types. Fully converted to 1/32 and 1/24 scales in aircraft and 1/16 for armour.
    I also enjoy ship models in 1/200 but boy that's really big stuff!! I also build anything large in it's scale!

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  1. I would be most happy if PJ dropped the Dambuster film and concentrated on 617's participation in the sinking of the Tirpitz. Now that's a story that needs telling!
  2. Quite so, but the nature of Tamiya doesn't seem to work the same way as others it seems? I know there has always been debate on Trumpeter kits but when they do a goodun' they do a goodun'. So far Trumpeter hasn't touched the F-4 at all in large scale, maybe they could start with the B model where there's zero competition? The way is open for everyone out there..........even Revell if they feel that way inclined! Never say never I say!
  3. A new tool 1/32 scale F-4B from Tamiya would send me into orbit! They've done the research for the 1/48 kit so perhaps they might be tempted? Fingers and toes are crossed here!
  4. Because I really really really really WANT one...........a 1/48 Short Sunderland. Which definately means they won't do one in my lifetime!!
  5. Unless anyone knows better, if they did the WNW toolings they would have all the data to do them. Would be interesting if they did!
  6. The 1/24 scale market is relatively barely touched in aviation models, I think Meng is following an interesting path with this release. I only mention it because they've shown an interest in 1/12 car kits as well. Moving into the next level of scales could be quite a smart move for them. I'll buy one anyway! Love the Big Stuff!!
  7. I discussed at great length the issues with this kit with my friend who is a superb modeller btw! It's his speculation that this kit could've been designed by a 'team' of designers who probably had no chance to talk to each other throughout several stages of it's development and for probably a whole bunch of reasons? Having studied this kits design I think I might agree with him. Anyways, it is what it is as they say, so to wrap it up from our side I'd say go into this kit with your eyes fully open! Not impossible to do, and lots of work, but with dedication it will turn in
  8. A friend of mine has just finished the kit and has had a lot of 'fun' trimming and fitting the kit. He also had problems with the instructions clarity of placement for some of the parts. Lots of filling and adjusting was also a necessary part of the build. His opinion was once over the complicated bottom half, wheel bays and undercart, the rest was less complicated. He didn't use any AM for the cockpit. Be prepared for a longer than expected buildup. HTH.
  9. Yes, don't do it again or we'll send the boys round!
  10. Shame. So I'm a regular customer of yours and soon I'll be ordering some of your new stuff. Are you still sending to the U.K or should I hold for a while? Thanks.
  11. Here in the U.K the Royal Mail has a website where you put in the weight and dimensions plus the address and job done! Takes no more than five minutes to do. Once done print your label and pay to complete. Just opened a business account with them. Nice and easy, and they collect from your address too!
  12. Yep loved 43 Sqn markings on the Tonka. The F-4 markings were pretty peachy too!!
  13. This one? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panavia_Tornado_ADV#/media/File:Royal_Air_Force_Panavia_Tornado_F3_Lofting-3.jpg
  14. Long overdue Thierry, I'm hoping Trumpeter will come up ...er trumps: on that one eventually!!
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