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    My main interest is in Post 1945 but I build most eras and types. Used to build 1/48 but now fully converted to 1/32 and 1/24 scales in aircraft and 1/35 and 1/16+ for armour.
    I also enjoy ship models in 1/350 scale, 1/200 is great but boy that's really big stuff!!
  1. Royboy

    HKM Lancaster 1st Edition (availabilty update)

    Yes of course you will!! LOL. Once in the stash never out, and the times I've said that, good luck.
  2. Just ordered my two, and I agree with the above post. This conversion is of the finest quality you will find ANYWHERE! I already have two others, I'll vouch for these kits any day of the week! BUY, BUY. BUY!!!
  3. Royboy

    My New Publishing Company Launch!

    Great to see your vision up and running after all this time Rich, good luck with it, and a great first title too! Every success in the future!
  4. Royboy

    JASDF F-104 Decal Poll

    Having bought his Wessex sheet in the same pre-order way, if there are any doubters out there, I would say, give it a go! Please! I will canvas my group to see who would be interested again and then place a multiple order if the project goes ahead. Fingers crossed, we JASDF fans want this stuff!
  5. Whoever does the JASDF squadron markings in decal form should do quite well in sales. I'd buy a couple of sheets and I know of another two like me are waiting for the elusive markings to start off their projects. Same for F-4's, there are absolutely minimal subjects in 1/32 scale out there and I have built them all! Whoever makes' em in the future I'll buy 'em, if I'm still around that is!! lol.
  6. At least he put the interwar years aircraft rumour to bed! They have enough subjects to keep them going for many years yet in WWI aircraft. I suggest that the market for interwar years aircraft in 1/24 scale could be quite lucrative for any IM manufacturer that fancied a punt? Even Wingnut Wings might eventually be tempted in a new series eventually? I'd be interested to know the sales figures for the Merit kits, you don't see many built though so it might answer the question for future commercial prospects of this scale for bipes.
  7. Royboy

    Supermarine WALRUS by HPH

    Resistance is futile!
  8. Royboy

    Geoffrey Wellum has died.

    I remember having a conversation about 'what does a warrior look like?' with a friend of mine, and when you look at some of the photos back then, some of them still only had 'down' on their cheeks but they had become real 'killer dillers' in that time! I have the utmost respect for that generation, and when you speak to them they just said that they only did their duty for their country. They are heroes every one, I wonder if the young generation of today would still defend their country with the same ardour? RIP Geoffrey.
  9. Royboy

    Kinetic 1/24 P-47D Razorback Thunderbolt

    I have this kit, lovely work! I hope they follow up in co-operation with the planned VFS Spitty and Corsair as they'd be very good sellers I think. Then there's always the Hellcat, Wildcat..................aaah happy days!
  10. Royboy

    HKM Lancaster 1st Edition (availabilty update)

    Just in time for Telford! Mine is already on backorder from Hannants!!
  11. Royboy

    HK Models Spey Phantom Update

    Nobody has spoken about what markings/decals they would prefer the HK Phantom kit to come in? What camo schemes etc. I would prefer a mix of grey/green and mixed grey camo schemes with 111 Tremblers and 56 Sqn Firebirds markings as a definite inclusion! This kit will NOT be cheap so the markings ARE important to me as I won't be able to afford whole squadrons of the things. Roll on the Lancaster first though.............getting excited now I've seen parts on display!!!
  12. How long before we get a large snarling Tigers head spread right across the top of the fuselage and wings! On the tail, just a pair of eyes peering through the jungle undergrowth, would look awesome in my view. Great artworks either way, well done!
  13. Royboy

    HK Lancaster.

    Yes and it's a beauty too!! Highly recommended to all, get the starter trolley too, an awesome piece of kit!
  14. Royboy

    HK Lancaster.

    Yikes! £78.00!! Very nice though.............prefer the DB one, but it is a wartime tractor after all. Hmmm, need to save more pennies I think.
  15. When I spoke with them at Telford last year the feeling was the 1/32 Sea Fury would probably come sometime in 2019, heck I can wait, but the news was very exciting as it is on the top of my wants list! Happy days indeed.