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    My main interest is in Post 1945 but I build most eras and types. Fully converted to 1/32 and 1/24 scales in aircraft and 1/16 for armour.
    I also enjoy ship models in 1/200 but boy that's really big stuff!! I also build anything large in it's scale!

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  1. Very nice! I predict a lot of interest in this one too. I like the way they're going, and I'm sure 2021 will be a VERY interesting modelling year for all sorts of reasons! Keep 'em coming ICM!!
  2. This fits right in with their current theme, 30's bi-planes, and the potential here is almost astronomical and almost untouched in the larger scales over the years. The others must be selling well otherwise they wouldn't be carrying on with this era of aircraft. I'd still love to see some interesting monoplane subjects in there too, Shrike anyone? Happy days!
  3. He used to be uncertain.........now he's not so sure?
  4. No doubt they should be built! I have a number of conversions to build and in time I intend to do it too! They're just too good not to show off to others and they are a fantastic tribute to Paul's skills. The only problem for me is what to do first, but please get them built as you can't take them with you....right?
  5. Somebody is adding a little cream on top of the cake possibly?
  6. So are a LOT of people! Stephen will be delighted if that happens!
  7. Very nice but.........29.90 Euro for the figure and 33.00 Euro for delivery outside of Germany to other EU states! Total nearly 60 Euro for the package. That's a chunk of money for delivery is it not. Pays yer money and takes yer choice as they say!!
  8. Revell are still in the 'adjustment' mode in their transition from the U.S parent so I suspect 2021 will not be that exciting for LSP builders as in previous years. AFAIK the only 1/32 Hawk T2 is the Kinetic kit and regardless it's nice to see it coming back. I hope that the new LSP tooling situation will be more numerous for Revell in 2022/3 and that the QC will improve as they continue their new journey. My attention seems to be concentrating more on the potential in Central Europe right now, and is much more interesting for me! Companies like IBG/ICM as well as Infinity
  9. I remember I started off like that..........................er... and then some extra kits later....
  10. Of course for the true Lightning fan a 1/1 standing proud in your back yard and ready for you to sit in whenever it calls you would be the ideal! A 1/24 injection moulded one one be the next ideal! Vacforms don't 'cut the mustard' these days, as I've got too many other kits to build in between and the years pass by too quickly!! We are in dream comes true territory now, LSP's like the B-25, B-17, B-24 and others have happened and are happening. We are constantly dreaming, no harm in it...........and who knows what next??!! Happy days indeed.
  11. The Luftwaffe certainly knows how to do a showbird don't they!
  12. Sadly, (and I realise that things can change) the boss of Airfix when approached on their stand at Telford in 2015 and asked the question regarding 1/32 scale, said that Airfix had no interest in the scale and would concentrate on 1/24 scale instead. The reason was the market was far less crowded and offered a wider choice of suitable subjects. Perhaps we should ask for a 1/24 scale E.E Lightning instead? We live in hope regardless!
  13. As with all things, ultimately it will always come down to sales to encourage other subjects in the future. If we ever get a Buccaneer in 1/32 scale these sheets will come in very handy, although I bought all of the Jaguar sheets at the time in a pique of enthusiasm, alas, I'm still waiting for said kit after all this time!!
  14. I'm sure, but it's very unusual for a manufacturer to spend big money on producing decals for a non existant IM kit? I hope they've sold well for him, and as an aside it does reassure me that perhaps I'm not the only one that enjoys collecting decals that will never see a model kit! Hope springs eternal though!!!
  15. Well these things easily take a couple of years to develop Rog. Maybe we'll get a nice surprise in 2021! There's enough good stuff announced already to keep me happy anyway. Fingers crossed eh!
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