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    My main interest is in Post 1945 but I build most eras and types. Used to build 1/48 but now fully converted to 1/32 and 1/24 scales in aircraft and 1/35 and 1/16+ for armour.
    I also enjoy ship models in 1/350 scale, 1/200 is great but boy that's really big stuff!!

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  1. Nice to see other manufacturers joining in the party! I think 1/32 scale is catching on here!!!! It's an interesting subject and long overdue in our scale IMHO. Let's hope if it sells well they'll produce some more 'on the edge' subjects in the future. ICM may have started something with their future 30's aircraft announcements, there's a big gap in the monoplane market alone with plenty to choose from. IBG could well be the next main provider if all goes well. Exciting times!
  2. Gotta love those hot jets screaming through the Suffolk skies! Totally awesome and sooo impressive when the aircrews put on a show for the spectators there. Our project will be an RAF Lakenheath flight line that includes a mixture of F-15's and the new F-35A's coming next year! I only wish we had a 1/32 scale model of an F-35B so we could do an RAF Marham line up too!!! One day perhaps. Have fun.
  3. If your open to laquer based paint Mark, Alclad produced in Norfolk do some really good paints as well. Delivery is also very quick, payment by Paypal. Recommended. For info, I'm just completing a 1/32 Tamiya 493rd FS F-15C and that will be done in Alclad paint. My friend is also completing two 494th FS 1/32 F-15E's for a project that we're both working on right now and yes, Alclad is being used here also! Either way, have fun! Regards.
  4. You mean there's a choice in this???? No brainer I think Mike! https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=pv5BbM4E&id=FB4E6A9446A1EB5640975E1A1EA070681FD1219D&thid=OIP.pv5BbM4EmUfd19CsZdfhSwHaD-&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fc2.staticflickr.com%2f8%2f7206%2f6975161442_058637cf3b_b.jpg&exph=549&expw=1024&q=54+squadron+raf&simid=608037325539771693&selectedIndex=3&ajaxhist=0
  5. I've been after these decals for years in 1/32 scale! Of course I've pre-ordered them now, both of them are fantastic sheets and a must if you like this particular FS. Roll on!!
  6. Lovely model, well done and congrats!! Would love to do that in 1/24 scale when Airfix do their kit of it in the future!! Well, we can all dream can't we?
  7. Don't forget they're a wholesaler, they can't undercut their trade customers, fact of economic life I'm afraid!
  8. They're not around anywhere atm. I wonder if they'll think it's worth a re-tool? Prime territory for HB or even Revell to give it a go! Dreaming.
  9. The answer is no, but the instructions illustrate very well where they go. All you need is the drill and off you go!
  10. The 1/32 DH Vampire is an excellent choice and it should sell very well indeed. I hope they add a Meteor F8 and a Gloster Javelin to go with it over time too! I notice they'll be releasing them in batches of 1000 kits, this makes sense from a start up position for a new organisation. Eventually an IM company will start providing us with more than a U.S Navy aircraft selection in our scale one day, the Wyvern is a great start!! Might this be the company that provides us with DH Sea Vixens, Fairey Gannets, Seahawks etc,etc? This enthusiast can only keep on wishing!!!!
  11. A lot of cross pollination work going on for both Typhoon and Tempest projects right now. The good news on figures is you can chop off vital bits and replace or rework them any time you want!
  12. I think the posts overran each other! The answer is yes!
  13. Yes, if it has two of something it is a 'twin', although I think we should discount undercarriage legs for clarity here. So, twin engines, twin cockpits, twin fins, twin wings etc etc. all qualifies! Any era, any type of aircraft in this category and in 1/32 or 1/24 scale will be accepted. Looking forward to seeing those masterpieces already!! Have fun. Roy.
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