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  1. Very nice Komet, congratulations!
  2. Hí guys, Thanks for all the comments. Very inspiring for the following projects. Sándor
  3. I really appreciate all comments, thank you! Sándor
  4. Hi guys, I already showed this Bf 109 Emil a few months ago. But something bothered me ... During construction, due to my own fault, the rear part of the canopy cracked. Somehow I want to "cover up" this without covering the whole cabin with a tarpaulin. This is the story of why and how the idea for this little composition was born. The Bf 109 is Cyberhobby, the figure comes from Zoukei Mura's "Heroic Return" set, the cat is a white metal product of the Japanese Aurora Model. I hope you like it! Sándor
  5. Thank you so much for the comments everyone! I really appreciate it. Sándor
  6. Hi guys, This is an old resin kit from JF-Models with small modifications. I hope you like it. I painted with few grey shades from Gunze's colours, then weathered with oils, pencils and pigments.
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