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  1. Fantastic work! Congratulation my friend! S
  2. I was lucky to see John's Dora "live" in this afternoon. Must to say, it looks even better, then on the photos. Great work my friend! S
  3. Thank you! That's how I made the aerial wire: The wire itself is Ushi's rigging material. The insulators were made from heat-stretched tubes, which were thickened and "bulged" with white glue. The springs were made from tungsten fiber from old lamp bulbs. The funnel-shaped coverings are made from heat-stretched plastic sheet. I pulled all the elements (2 springs, 4 insulators and 2 funnel-shaped covers) onto the radio wire before gluing the antenna in place I worked with it for a few hours until it was done... Best wishe
  4. Hi guys, This is Oblt. Hans Ohly's machine from 1./JG 53, during the early phase of Battle of Britain. The kit is Dragon/Cyberhobby, built nearly OOB. I used HGW seat belts, and made some minor modifications and improvements here and there. All markings are painted using self-made masks, except the swastika and kill markings. For painting I used MR Paint and Gunze colours; for weathering Flory's wash, various oil paints, chalks and pigments. Thank you for watching, and I hope you like it! Best wishes, Sándor
  5. Congratulations my friend! Sándor
  6. Hi John, Simply amazing! Sándor
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