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  1. Over hyped and under done. I've always found it difficult to understand the apparent hysteria surrounding TV and movies, although I do enjoy a good series or movie. For the most part, I accept entertainment for what it is, and then move on, as it's far from the most important thing in my life. GoT has only reinforced this. I found to be initially too complex to be entertaining, with too many short scenes, and then the series became overly simple for what it started out as, like the horse drawing above. The books might be more interesting as that format can deal with many concurrent threads far better than TV and more so movies. If GRR Martin ever finishes the books, I might read them, but somehow I doubt he will write the concluding books. If the series had finished with the complexity that it deserved, then I might feel differently. But TV and movie producers have to think along simpler story lines , so hopefully the next big series will maintain a high quality all the way through. The producers didn't do it justice. Perhaps they bit off more than they could chew? Cheers, Michael
  2. This is a tragedy. Notre Dame is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. My condolences to the French people. I hope it is rebuilt as faithfully as is possible, but it will take time. Michael
  3. I have bought the WNW Junkers D1. It's going to be my intro kit into the world of WW1 models. I have 2 other WnW kits in my stash, but the rigging is off-putting. But I didn't buy from the sale sites, as they were more expensive. I looked at buying the D1 and the Fokker DVII as well, but with postage added, the D1 was about AUD$200 at my door, and (get this) the DVII was about AUD$450, thanks to postage from the US being in the order of $200. 'Er Indoors would have gone and I can't say I disagree. So in the end, I bought from BNA Model World instead at AUD$138 at my door. Alas they didn't have the DVII, and I can't build either right now anyway, so that's a purchase I will save for another day. It pays to shop around. Cheers, Michael
  4. This is very subjective, as we all have different preferences, but I'll throw my hat in the ring here. Top 1) Tamiya. Their kits are a joy to build. Detail is superb, as is fit and finish. 2) Wingnut Wings. Really difficult to separate from Tamiya kits as to how good they are. The rigging is daunting, however, and can mess up the results of an otherwise wonderful kit. 3) HKM. Well engineered and a nice build. The range is something a bit different too, if a little limited. Give them time. Worst 1) Kittyhawk. How to ruin an interesting subject. Slap dash engineering of the kits makes for a tear your hair out experience of what should be an interesting subject. 2 Trumpeter. So inconsistent. Some kits are good, but others just awful. Why did they put a 1/32 Merlin inside their 1/24 Hurricane, and do such a bad job on the engine too?? Their P-51B will forever remain on my shelf of doom. Honorable mentions 1) Hasegawa. Nice kits, if a little basic. I like to see an engine provided in "our" scales. That aside, the kits build well with plenty of scope for added detail to make a top model. 2) ZM. Nice kits and interesting subjects. I like to see someone doing different subjects. Wish they'd do an Italian WW2 fighter (Macchi 202/205 in particular). I like their "over-engineering". 3) Airfix. Their 1/24 Typhoon is a great build and I'm looking forward to the release of their F6F. The older 1/24 kits still stack up well too, with the possible exception of the Spitfire, whose molds are clearly past their prime. A new Spitfire to the F6F/Typhoon standard would be very welcome. Exhausts on the 109 being molded into the fuselage are a bi 1960's too. I can't speak to other makes here, as I have no experience of them in the last 20 years. There's enough kits in my top 3 and honourable mentions to keep my busy for a while too, though I'm unable to do any modelling at the moment due to family issues. Next year, perhaps. Life is too short to build a bad kit. Cheers, Michael
  5. Nice one I like your metal finish a lot, too. Cheers, Michael
  6. Wonderful build. I'm looking at your pictures and realising I don't have a decent FW-190 on my shelves. Cheers, Michael
  7. Nice model. I think your weathering i great too - very fitting for this subject. Cheers, Michael
  8. In Sydney, take a flight in a seaplane from Rose Bay to Palm Beach or Cottage Point. The flight up along the northern beaches is spectacular, as Pittwater. I lived there for 5 years as a teenager and it was paradise. https://sydneybyseaplane.com/ https://www.seaplanes.com.au/ Cheers, Michael
  9. Yes, you're quite right, and I forgot to mention that when stating the difference between the Mk V and the Mk I & II. I blame my brain for being 3 steps in front of my keyboard. Those really early marks were very prone to nosing over, so the undercarriage was angled forward from Mk V onwards. I seem to recall that Griffon engine Spitfires had the undercarriage raked forwards some more, for the same reason. Cheers, Michael
  10. Another 109 in foreign service. I like that a lot Cheers, Michael
  11. Tamiya have released a new tool 109 G6 in 1/48 scale, so that subject could be their next 1/32 release. The G6 was a relatively hasty modification of the early G series and often referred to as "Die Beule" (the Bulge) thanks to the extra lumps and bumps acquired due to larger tyres and bigger guns being fitted. As to an early Spitfire, I don't believe Tamiya need to release a new tool 1/48 version to do a 1/32 model. The early Mk IX would suffice as the basis to do a Mk I, Mk II, or Mk V. As the model starts at the firewall, they just need to do a single stage supercharged Merlin with it's shorter cowlings, together with a 3 blade prop. Next, change the windshield to the early external armour plated job, and the wings need to be altered to take a smaller oil cooler instead of the port intercooler/oil rad of the later Spitfires, and you have a Mk Vc. Next, a Mk Vb would need the cannon stub fairing deleted and the top wing stiffeners added. Next, a Mk II would need 8 machine guns, no wing stiffeners, and a Coffman starter added to the engine, which means a bulge in the starbord side engine cowl. Lastly, a Mk I would need some changes in the cockpit to cater for the manual hydraulic pump, different instrument panel and changes and deletions unique to the Mk I. Personally, I'd love to see a Tamiya Spitfire Mk Vc, as this was the first version to undergo massive changes, and it served in so many places. It had short, normal and long wing tips, it was the first in service to carry bombs, and it had 2 different tropical air filters, so from a modeling perspective, there's a lot of scope here for modelers to build more than one. But I see the appeal of a Battle of Britain era Spitfire too. I'd buy both, but I suspect that we may get neither. There's too many other subjects for Tamiya to concern themselves with. But can you imagine a Tamiya kit which allows you to build any the early Spitfires from Mk I to Mk V?? I can Cheers, Michael
  12. Very nice work indeed. Love the paint chipping on this too. Cheers, Michael
  13. I agree. The 109F is not one that has been offered much, especially in 1/32. The Friedrich represented the 109 series at it's peak, too. Cheers, Michael
  14. Wonderful build. I like that a lot!! Cheers, Michael
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