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  1. That looks really good. I might have to have a crack at one of these, and pray they release more LSP's to this standard. Of course, it seems quite typical that a good P-40B should be released so soon after I finished the awful Trumpy kit . Cheers, Michael
  2. Thanks. I enjoyed doing this one, even though it wasn't quite straight forward. Perhaps that added to the experience, but I find radials usually easier to do spark plug leads in comparison to inline engines. No, it wasn't. I flew. In the end I didn't buy the car as I can't find any local support in Perth. The car was a 1979 Valiant, and an interesting spec too. I had dreams of re living my youth as my first car was a Valiant and it was a great car too. But I was never going to drive an unfamiliar 42 year old car home. If you break down on the Nullarbor, you're in
  3. This one turned out very well. I can't remember seeing one of these modeled before, so it's nice to see something different too. Excellent work. Cheers, Michael
  4. I don't like leaving it this long between updates, but after the last part installing the engine accessories bay, I took a few days off while I scratched my head as to how to attach spark plug wires. Then late last week, I took a dash over to Sydney to look at a prospective car purchase. But that's another story. My first problem with the spark plug wires was how to attach them to the HT lead ring. I quickly decided that it was impossible for me to drill the holes needed to attach the wires, so after a little thought, I decided to file down the detail on the front of this ring t
  5. I hope you will show us the results. Cheers, Michael
  6. My feeling here is that it's all a bit like a dog chasing it's tail. I'd be interested in a 1/18 scale kit, but there's no aftermarket add ons. If more people bought the kit, you might get some add ons, but if no one buys because there's no add ons, well, you can see where I'm going with this. From what I've seen, these kits look pretty sparse given their size so after market or scratch building is a must. Manufacturers could give themselves a better chance if they improved the detail in the standard kit and included some photo etch and I think then these kits might have more appeal. As i
  7. No. It's rubbish. It's 1/32 scale and quite inaccurate. For example, the manifold from the supercharger to the engine is missing. If you have one, try fitting an Airfix Hurricane engine. That's what I'll be doing when I eventually build my Trumpy Hurricane IIc. Cheers, Michael
  8. For me, the engine is a very important part of the model, so I'm definitely interested in this, especially for those LSP's that lack an engine. Great idea. Cheers, Michael
  9. Great video, and really sums up why we build models as we do. But I think the advice given starting at ~2:49 to ~3:40 is something all of us should do, whether or not you build a model. Do something every day that you love to do. Thanks for posting. Cheers, Michael
  10. The engine accessories bay is now complete and on the model. I still have to sort out the cowlings for this, but that can wait for now. These are two pages of the four page instruction sheet. There's twenty three parts in this kit, and I've fitted twenty of them, the last three being the above mentioned cowlings. You may wonder why it's taken so long to assemble twenty parts, but this is a step best to take slowly as the alignment of the parts is critical to the final assembly and also the rest of the build. It's also fairly typical of low volume resin kits insofar as parts fit
  11. And every where else. One of the many ills that social media is responsible for is the spread of bad grammar and spelling. I got so fed up with the stupidity of one guy's argument on a subject that I told him he could continue the debate once he'd learned how to spell a word and put a sentence together so that he might better be able to articulate his incorrect point. Cheers, Michael
  12. I have MSFS and P3D V4.5 on my PC, which is two years old. It runs a now old hat Nvidia GTX 1080 card and an I7 somethingorother processor. I bumped up the RAM to 32GB which smoothes out the scenery display in MSFS, which runs very well with all sliders at high. However, P3D still has the performance issues you'd expect with any FSX based sim. Both are installed on a dedicated SSD drive which is recommended. I don't have any experience with the other sims mentioned here, as I only have time for one sim. I'm too busy also building models to spend more time simming. A couple
  13. Your comment, Thierry, has woken up my memory of both this and the HKM kit, so thanks for that. Yes, the Profimodeller engines do have issues, mostly connected with the rear side of the intake centrifuge. This should mirror the front side mesh, but for some reason Profi choose to go with their imagination. Thankfully, much of that is covered by the combustion chamber intakes. I don't see this as a reason not to use the kit which still assembles into a good improvement on the stock HKM kit. The kit does include some piping, so a good search of this very site will help you out and help
  14. It's my understanding that very early 190's that operated on the Channel front in 1941 would have been painted in just such a colour scheme. The 50 shades of grey schemes would be more appropriate for the Russian front, which is where most of these planes operated, as the engine worked best at medium altitudes. Cheers, Michael
  15. I've built two of these, though the last one was built as a T.7 using the Fisher conversion kit. It's a nice kit if a little simple, but it does come with a nose weight supplied to keep it from being a tail sitter. However, I shove a little more lead under the cockpit floor, just to be sure. The cockpit is good, but could use some enhancement, and as has been pointed out, engine detail is poor. This is the worst aspect of the kit in my opinion, but can be improved thanks to an upgrade kit from Profimodeller. http://www.profimodeller.com/detail/p32191-engine-bay-engine-gm/
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