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  1. Arm still hurts, but not as badly, thankfully. Both hands, and eyes , are at varying stages of operational capability, so back to the model. I've not got the engine to a point at which I need to mount it in the engine mountings, but one set of ignition wires have repeatedly eluded completion, so rats to them. I just won't display that side of the engine. As you can see, eighteen plugs have wires, which I think will be visible after the kit is finished. The kit inlet manifold is very poor, but I've gone with it as I think it's likely better than my scratch building might be. Th
  2. Ah, well I can understand your mistake, as you were an early starter. I didn't start building models until I was 7!! Cheers, Michael
  3. It's shaping up well. I like the idea of displaying it with an open canopy too. Solves the shape issue, and you can see all the detail inside. Cheers, Michael
  4. I remember doing a training course about thirty years ago and some of the other participants worked for the local lottery organisation. They told me that so many people put 1 2 3 4 5 6 on their tickets that if those numbers ever did come up, they'd be very disappointed in their payout!! Cheers, Michael
  5. You mean like I used to build them before my pocket money stretched to paints?? Interesting idea. For me, this could be a goer if the kit was not expensive, and I had other kits of the same plane. Otherwise, I'd build it, then start itching to paint it six month's later. I just won't show you that bit . Cheers, Michael
  6. Reminds me of Arte Johnson as the Russian emigre on Laugh In telling everyone that in his country, television watches you. Back then, it was a humourous jab at communist states. Now it's a sad fact of commercial reality. Now, can anyone watching me let me know the next lottery numbers, please???? Cheers, Michael
  7. Not going to argue with those here re the difference between assemblers and modelers, because you have a very valid point. But it's equally valid, as Rowen pointed out, that a model released today should not be so shoddy out of the box. Doubly so, given the price of models nowadays. One on which I won't be spending my hard earned. Cheers, Michael
  8. Wow. Looks great. I think there will be two of these in my stash, before too long. The top colour scheme does look very Luftwaffe too, so might test out my airbrush skills with this one. Cheers, Michael
  9. Superb. Your model looks beautiful, Alex. Cheers, Michael
  10. I'd be very happy with better eyesight. Then I might get more done at my modelling desk with the time I do have. In the meantime, I just go to the optometrist every couple of years and get new goggles. I hope I get to build all my Tamiya and ICM kits, and a couple of ZM kits I'm yet to buy, before I shuffle off this mortal coil . Cheers, Michael
  11. Keep at it, Kev. If you're anything like me, you are your own worst critic as well as doubting your own abilities, which is some of the struggle I'm also having with my P-40. I think what you've done so far looks good. I'm sure it will look good in the end, with a little more work and after painting. Always remember - paint covers a multitude of sins . Cheers, Michael
  12. Great looking build. I like the look of this kit and can see one of these in my Christmas stocking . Cheers, Michael
  13. Thanks guys. Unfortunately, progress has been painfully slow, literally, as I've somehow hurt my left arm. The joys of getting older, I suppose, though it beats the alternative hands down... I'm typing this one handed, slowly . I'm still working on the spark plug wiring, which is proving difficult with only one functioning arm. Still, I've got one set of six in place and I'm working on the second, then it's just the top sets. I'm not using the kit pieces here as they're too fine to drill into for the wires, and I've broken a couple of pieces that I have made, so have to start
  14. It looks pretty good as I rummage through the opened box. I bought some paints for it yesterday and it may well be my next build . Cheers, Michael
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