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Infinity Models schedule of new releases in 2022-2023, Me-410 and Kate incl.


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Mirek posted this schedule of Infinity future releases over on Modelforum.cz

with the comment that the there could be changes in future, as well as other new models included

however, Kate and Me-410 in plastic! :speak_cool:




INF 3203. Vampire F.Mk.3
INF 3204. Vampire F.B.Mk.5
INF 3205 Val
INF 3208 Kate

INF 3210 Me-410
INF 3207 Z-37A Cmelak
INF 3206 Wyvern
INF 3209 Beaufighter TF. X


INF 3211 L-39C
INF 3213 L-13 Blanik

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I don’t get all the excitement over the 1/32 Val & Kate:huh: You know we’ll never get the versions modelers REALLY want: the D3A2 and the B5N1:P Honestly, don’t these niche producers listen at all to our frequently expressed desires???;)

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Can’t find tongue-in-cheek emoji
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