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  1. Yeah I wouldn't go with those old Monogram chips. What brand are you using Tim ?
  2. I'd buy one. (Special Hobby ?) Easiest would be Mossie MkIV and/or a F4U-4 Surprise , Hurricane (could follow the pattern, MkI , MkIIc , MkIVd ... rockets , 262 ?
  3. Wow , don't we have great taste ... When my sister got married her new husband had a '70 Challenger (poopy little 318 torqflite). He let her drive it to the store one day and on the return trip she swirved to miss a dog and plowed into a parked car and totaled it. I bot it from him for like $500 and spent awhile putting it back together. See before and after pix ... The Holley 950 wasn't too bad . Gas was like $.69 a gallon I forgot to mention re the GTX , the reason the guy I bot it from swapped to the 426 stage III wedge heads is because they had huge valves to accomodate the 950cfm.
  4. Me too Chris. When I was a punk kid, I had a '68 GTX , 440 I bought from a guy who swapped out the stock heads with 426 stage III wedge heads. Had an Edlebrock medium riser with a 950cfm Holley 3 bbl, 4 spd with a Hurst T-bar shifter. Wish I still had that flyer. Those were the days
  5. Hey Chris , looks like fun. I think the problem with the MS1500 is that it's too fine (particles very small). I've thinned MS500 with 91% alcohol and used it as a primer / filler. Give it a try on a mule to see if you like it. Just don't fall off
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