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  1. Nice work , but could you cut thru the white cross on the rudder hinge line ? Makes me cuckoo
  2. Wow, so it does cut thru .015" ?? I tried it with .005 and couldn't get a clean cut. If you don't mind my asking, what are your Speed , Force and Pass settings ? Is that a Premium blade ? Very nice work by the way
  3. Uuuhh, that looks like blue corduroy to me ...
  4. Wow that is one fine bench mess you've got goin' there Brian Always a good sign.
  5. Hey Joachim , since you haven't painted the canopy yet , there's one more PIA you could fix that most 109 models miss. The center frame on the rear canopy is on the inside of the canopy only , painted the interior frame color.
  6. Go Brad , luv to see the oldy goldies get built
  7. Anpassung Setzt = adjustment set From a German site about the DB605 I read a long time ago.
  8. I'd put Special Hobby at the top of that list.
  9. I wonder why people enter into discussions they think are pointless. Because it's fun ?
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