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  1. You mean inner well doors ? I've never seen one without them.
  2. No , in keeping with the pattern they'd have to start with the 109D. They did participate in early combat too. Would that be OK with you Kev ?
  3. Hi Al, I'd sand/feather the areas lightly with fine sand paper and repaint.
  4. I have that and an old Aero pub #12 on the 100 and 112 (Not much help.) and the Fleischer book. Don't remember where I got the line drawing but it's marked He100 so ... Have fun.
  5. You have your choice of 87 , C3 or C3 over 100. The extra tank could be used for MW50. Looking good Spyros.
  6. ... locating tab on the stab ??? Ya gotta know the old man will have that fixed.
  7. Hey Rick, I posted these some time ago but in case you missed them ... No starboard cockpit shot ??? This description of the lights appears to indicate that there was a panel with 22 lights on it. That's probably what was on the starboard side of the cockpit. hth
  8. There's a box attached to the inside of the fuselage. As long as that's attached, you can put the exhaust in later.
  9. When a kit is done you put it on a shelf, sometimes in a display case and your eyes never get closer to it than maybe 10". Unseen detail is fine for those who enjoy putting lottsa parts together. My Revell kit looks fine from 10" and I've never looked inside the cockpit since I finished it. It can only be seen in my WIP. I turned out OK for a 10"er. I put a Tamiya tail on it cuz I needed a fillet tail.
  10. The Fly molds were done by HPH long ago but not a complete kit. I think it was everything but the cockpit and landing gear for the MkI. Fly took it from there and added the later mods (MkII and Sea).
  11. Wow that turned out great Max. Nice work I did a similar thing for my Hurricane (current project) pilot's sun visor. I cut about 8 of them for future use. The pilot figure is from Tamiya's Spitfire. I ran about 4 cuts on a light depth and I was surprised at how well they turned out.
  12. I'd like to see the sprues first ...
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