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  1. Not meant to be hijackin' this thread but here's a couple more 601a pix ... ...not related to the kit being discussed ...
  2. Yeah I wouldn't worry about those 2 odd floor parts Mike, there's very little of them visible when all together anyway.
  3. Hey O , there's no such thing as old fogeys around here . Take a squint around this page : Interesting 1/32 Spitfire stuff ... Have fun .
  4. https://squadron.com/ Still alot of OOS stuff.
  5. Yep, it was '69, along with the Wildcat, P-47 bubble and the Stuka, the first Revell 1/32 series started in '67 with the Spitfire, Bf109F and P-40. The Zero was '66.
  6. Hi Rafju, I modified the kit part. The part that looked off was the top center front. I built up some Apoxie Sculpt to the inside in case I went thru but it ended up I didn't. Then I just sanded away, first the profile elevation, then blended the sides in after. I used a decent profile like the one below... ...this is the area I removed material ... I added a strip of styrene around the lip as I thot the kit lip was too sharp. Then I radiused it smooth. Here's a decent profile elevation ... HTH, not tryin' to hijack nighthawk's thread
  7. ...that just means I'm keeping a close eye on your work Sean
  8. ...post-it notes Dennis. I usually have at least a few stuck to the box or someplace obvious.
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