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  1. That photo is from a group of 321 photos on this guy's facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/andre.pant.9
  2. Never any apologies required. Take your time and relax.
  3. Nice work Guy. Certainly unique
  4. Looks fine from here Neo
  5. Hey Hey Hey , no wings no airplane . Pretty cool anyway
  6. Sounds like most, if not all of us here. You have a great attitude / approach to the hobby. Don't be afraid, just jump in and have fun.
  7. It's OK Mike, we're still here
  8. It's not as simple as one would think. I retired about 3 years ago and it took me about a year to get used to it. Anyway welcome aboard Al
  9. I once saw a tube top on the boobtoob.
  10. I've never looked at a model from 1" away in my life.
  11. I'll go along with Dave. Imgur is free. Free is a very good price. There isn't a way to pay for it even if you wanted to.
  12. One man's dollar is another man's dime MY biggest fault is sitting on my arse watching the boobtoob when I should be making progress on my latest masterpiece.
  13. First , mods 'have' been thanked unless you mean not being paid. I honestly don't understand how it's more work to delete a post or 2 than it is to lock and entire thread. (not being facetious) Obviously there are threads that spiral out of control, we've all seen them, but when one comment gets a thread locked it's aggravating. Not the end of the world , just aggravating. This is not picking a fight with mods, after all, there are 8 of you guys OK my point's been made so I'll shut up if everyone else will.
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