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Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?

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23 minutes ago, Robthepom said:

some do, some dont


I dont, its my model


On another forum one guy put swastika on a concord :lol: sent the forum into meltdown

Seriously? Yikes! 

No I’m thinking more combing a version with extra armament and interesting decals or darker/ lighter colours!


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Scale accurate doesn't work because the strength of materials will not support the thin skin of a fabric or metal covered plane. Any plastic molded canopy is likely vastly thicker than reality. We all accept that in our replicas of reality and deal with the limitations of the material we work with.  It doesn't stop us from counting rivets and measuring things to a small fraction of an inch or mm.


When we look at an aircraft, we sometimes want it to look like the original physical thing. Some of us want to make a model that duplicates history exactly, but some of us want to fulfill a fantasy. What would we have put on our Mustang if we were back in 1944? What color would my air racer be painted? Why would it look fast even when standing still? What would the aircraft of the nation of Islandia look like, or those of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick look like? What about the air force of Vulgaria (well represented by at least one member here)?


Just have fun,





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I cant recall who the builder was, but he used WW1 German crosses and garish paint jobs on modern West German Nato subjects like the F104 Starfighter and the like. It was an inspiring to step out of the build to reality mindset to have fun mindset. I built a Gloster Meteor in Me 262 insignias and colours and likewise a FW 190A in American insignias and colours. It is liberating because there are no rules. And it was really fun seeing if people noticed what was done.

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6 hours ago, Pup7309 said:

Sometimes I feel like doing a particular type of aircraft with a different aircraft’s decals , or give my own interpretation of painting schemes. 


Anyone else ever torn between historical accuracy and ...?

I don't care . I do it the way I like it.


I rarely add codes to my builds.Just the national markings.

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“Total accuracy” has never bothered me. Yes, like others, I like to make a model look as close as possible to the real thing, but am I going to lose sleep over a misplaced panel line? No. A nose that’s slightly misshapen? No. 


Take the HK Fort or recent HB Lib. There are quite visible inaccuracies. Will it stop me building them and having a blast whilst doing so? No. 


Interestingly (and wandering a little from the main topic I know) you get some modellers who slave to build the most accurate model they can shape-wise, but will then create some cartoon-like charature of the real thing by highlighting every rib, panel and rivet with overly faded paint, washes and chipping, baring no resemblance of the real thing whatsoever. Accurate? No. 

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