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  1. Their is a gab.I might have overdone it a bit with the filler
  2. It's not the most difficult kit to build...
  3. Hi all, First progress on the old BanDai kit.
  4. It's one those series that "grows" on you.I only started to watch from season 4. But ones I started,I was hooked. You aren't abnormal.Just a bit wierd .
  5. I don't see why we could not open a new topic.Stating clearly that this contains spoilers from season 8
  6. Love to see something after season 8
  7. I watched a few of the early season episodes again. Looks wierd to see al those young characters ,knowing how they died later.
  8. GoT can be seen in Belgium on TV. I upgraded my subscription so I can watch.I have to pay 12 Euros more per month. Once the season ends ,I cancell it again. I didn't want to wait untill next year when it's free on TV.
  9. Hi all, I just saw the first episode of season 8. Sadly only six episodes. It made me wonder if there are more GoT fans here on LSP. Need I explain that my favourite is Daenerys.Mother of dragons ? But will she be queen of the Seven Kingdoms in the end ?
  10. https://www.revell.de/produkte/modellbau/flugzeuge/zweiter-weltkrieg/focke-wulf-fw190-a-8-nightfighte.html
  11. I intend to build it without the doors. Should I paint a frame around the openings or not ? The canopy is molded without frames.
  12. There were some Revell kit.But I don't know if they are the MRC molds... https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="bell+47"
  13. My kit must be one of the early ones.No flash at all. The instructions are basic.It will take some time to understand them. I shall build it "out of box". I need to enter some build in our contest. And I did promise Jack,who gave me this kit,to build it just for that reason.
  14. Hi all, I'm starting a quick build for my club's contest. This year's theme is "red cross". I got this kit from Jack with the promise that I would build it.
  15. It sure does.It was the only modern jet kit I could find that fits the Luft'46. I have another,less spectacular, what-if planned later this year based on the 32 nd Revell Dornier 27.
  16. Those first picture are almost real.
  17. Me 117 E "Adler". bomber/fighter Various types of bombs in the bay. Various types of torpedo's 2x 20 mm cannons Mounts: *drop tanks *regular bombs *cluster bombs RADAR: Location and identification of air,sea or ground target. Goes to auto-pilot for the attack. Computer chooses the best weapon to destroy the target. Markings: Radio call sign Unit emblem Pilot's personal insignia:skull Kills under canopy.
  18. I have the feeling this operational Adler is missing firepower. Just two 20 mm cannons don't seem enough. Maybe I should add underwing rockets like this Me 262
  19. Looks great.Don't overdo the weathering. Just my opinion. But I would have used black crosses with white outline on top and fuselage.Looks better on a light color like the sand. Only white works better on dark colors. Your model ofcourse.No bad comment intended.
  20. Hi all, The fully operational Adler will take to the sky soon. Stay tuned for pictures in the "Ready for inspection" board.
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