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  1. This is a topic for people that DO LIKE GoT.(as stated in my very first posting !) Not for those that want to let us know they don't. So,please stay away from this topic .
  2. We feel that things might be rushed. But that's mostly due to the fact that, with every minute that passes in the episode, we are comming closer to the end of GoT.
  3. I have revieved most of the episodes. This is my prediction of the end of GoT. Tyrion,Jon,Ser Davos,Daenerys and all the others will be arrested...(1.35 min)
  4. Where did all those Dothraki come from ? Most of them died in the charge against the dead. Same for the Unsullied.
  5. This episode didn't go at all as I expected it. Did Daenerys go crazy just because Missandei told her to burn them all ? All a bit to easy in taking out the ships and FLAK. She could have walked into the city triumphant and put Cersei on trial. The soldiers gave up when the bells rang. You could see Jon's face light up ,knowing the fight was over. And then Grey Worm decided to attack them.Also to avenge Missandei ? Arya played no active part at all.Only to gallop out of the city on a horse.To where ? So,how will it end ? Will Daenerys go all the way and kill all the rest ? Incluiding Jon. Or will Jon kill Daenerys for what she has done ? Don't forget that he will have to kill Drogon too. Jon doesn't want the throne and goes back North ? Leaving only Sansa as the most likely queen.
  6. Their is a gab.I might have overdone it a bit with the filler
  7. It's not the most difficult kit to build...
  8. I find this a strange reply. You know nothing of GoT.Haven't seen one minute. But you do know what I'm talking about ? Are you the Three-Eyed-Raven ?
  9. There's a lot of talk on various GoT internet groups that Drogon has layed eggs that have hatched and are on their way to King's Landing. I don't realy know what to make of that.
  10. She was the hero at Winterfell. Twice is very unlikely. She will kill someone.But not Cersei. Sansa is very popular.If Jon,Daenerys and Cersei die,she might be the queen. I don't think we'll know in ep 5. Still so many plots that can happen.
  11. The king or queen won't be decided by the outcome of the battle. The most likely candidates are Daenerys,Cersei and Jon. But...even if two of them die,the one left won't be sitting on the throne by the end of ep 5. He or she will be assassinated. And then an outsider ,that we didn't expect to sit on the throne will !
  12. Hi all, First progress on the old BanDai kit.
  13. I just saw a trailer for ep 5. The Golden Company is placed outside the walls. Jon has to take the castle .So why not place those men where they can shoot down on Jon's troops. Total waste of good fresh troops. Many strange things ,from a military point of view, are going on .
  14. I agree with Thierry. It's all going a bit to fast.With many loose ends that we will never know how they are to end. I felt the scene where Jon wants to tell Sansa and Arya his real name should have been longer.So we could see their reactions. Not just:"Bran,tell them" Bronn didn't kill Jaime and Tyrion with the crossbow.Another loose end. And why didn't Daenerys attack the ships from behind ? Even after the loss of her dragon. That whole fleet could have been gone.Now they stay a danger.
  15. I expected Cersei to push her. As for the FLAK-boats.If Daenerys had attacted them all from the back,the whole fleet would be lost. Even after the loss of her dragon,she again went for the frontal assault. Her last dragon is of no use at all if all the FLAK-towers stay operational.
  16. Episode 4: As expected the first 20 min were about mourning , burning the dead and celebrating the victory. Gendry is now a lord.But Arya didn't return his love for her. I was surpriced that Brienne went for Jaime.Tormund will not forget that he stole her from him.What will he do ? (if there is any time left for that in the last two episodes) And then it went from bad to worse for Daenerys. Sansa and Arya now know about Jon.They will never allow her to take the throne. That leaves several options. * Cersei wins and takes the throne. * Cersei gets killed (unlikely) * Jon will be killed in battle(possible) * Daenerys will do ANYTHING to sit on the throne and kill Jon.She will feel betrayed by Jon when knowing he told the truth to Sansa and Arya. * Daenerys and her dragon will be killed in battle(possible) Daenerys lost a dragon due to her vanity in a stupid way.She didn't concider the ballista. We were all right about the FLAK-towers.I didn't expect to see them on the ships. The killing of Missandei was a sad moment. It only highlights the evil of Cersei even more. Episode 5 will be the battle.But at this moment it doesn't look good for Daenerys and Jon.Victory will not be simple. I feel Daenerys is further away from the throne than ever. She has no claim anymore as long as Jon is alive. How far will she go,if they defeate Cersei,to get the throne ? That's the main issue !! What role will Arya play in the battle ? Another long week ahead before we know.
  17. Going back to Ep 3. Why wasn't Bran given a weapon of dragonglass or Valyrian steel,hidden under his coat, to kill the Night King ? He knew he was comming for him.If the NK was close enough he could at least have tried to kill him. It would have made a lot more sence than Arya jumping on the NK out of nowhere.
  18. She knows that there will be dragons. So I'm sure Cersei will have air-defence. Several ballista's placed at strategic high-points will give her a good chance .
  19. They also didn't use the catapults to their full potentional. They should have used them much earlier before the charge.Now they only did during the charge. Not that it would have made much difference in numbers of dead walkers. Just from a military point of view. It was a dark episode.Sometimes hard to see anything. But all the scenes with fire had a much larger effect at night.
  20. Correct. In Ep 3,I saw a dragon falling onto the ground.I assumed it was dead. My mistake. How they made Ep 3...
  21. The first part of episode 4 will be about counting the dead and burning them. Also some happy scenes for those seeing that their friend/family is OK. And then the preperation to defeat Cersei.Trying to make an army again. Only one dragon left.Either it helps Deanerys on the throne or it dies too. Another big question.Will it be a queen or king ?
  22. Actually I didn't see the killing of the Night King correctly the first time I watched the episode. I saw it as Arya dropping the knife and Bran cathing it to stab the Night King. It was only after seeing it a second time that I saw it was Arya. Anyhow,I had a good feeling when the episode ended.The good guys won. The scene with the Dothraki with their flaming swords was great. The position of the trench was,from a military point of view,stupid.Put your troops behind it. I pointed that out in my posting of April 22 nd that the troops in front of the castle didn't stand a chance of surviving.
  23. It ended as expected with the death of the Night King. The charge of the Dothraki was suicide.They didn't know or saw the enemy I expected Daenerys and/or Jon to die when they were surrounded. They held of a lot of Dead Walkers for a very long time.That was a bit strange. Self sacrifice when killing the giant.And Theon (I shall now watch again .Maybe I missed something this morning.) This time I saw some of the main characters alive at the end then I first did. Did you also note the great music during the endscene with the Night King ? The music in GoT adds a lots.Not often mentioned.
  24. It was EPIC !! I couldn't follow anymore who died .Many main characters are gone We shall know for sure who survived in the next episode. But most of the soldiers are gone too.There's no army anymore. How will they be able to defete Cersei now ?
  25. Nearly. The waiting is killing me too. We all expect a huge battle in episode 3. But what if the Night King turns without attacking Winterfell at all ! Cersei is not prepared for a battle with them.I'm sure he knows. Besides that.There's another plot that can take place. Theon with the instructions from Yara to "kill the bastards(Starks)anyway". Theon wants to defend Bran.What if he doesn't and kills him ? And Sansa ?The reunion was very emotional.And we saw them together during the song. Will Theon follow Yara's command ? So many things can happen. We shall talk again tomorrow.Sleep well all.
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