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  1. Back on topic! My 2 conversions arrived today, quickest of quick looks and look fantastic, just about to order Aims decals set to go with my first build, nice nf in rlm76 and fug needles all over it
  2. Thanks Shiba. I'm not basing my build on any specific aircraft, its merely a dio of bare metal, putty, wood and rolling stock.
  3. found it! i'll see what I can do.
  4. I'm using this as an idea. The actual plane will be a bare metal and wood version with putty.
  5. these are the kit parts. the Aires was the seat upgrade.
  6. 2 sets ordered and winging their way to the UK as we speak. Aims decals ordered and OWL fug sets already in the stash.
  7. Finally got around to some more modelling. Added a dark green wash/filter to the sidewalls as per Vincent's note and subsequent viewing of photos. Added the pe rudder peddles and instrument panel. Instrument had a matt vanish coat over it, then the dials pe was stuck with a glass coat. Added some wires to the pit Decision time... should I add the belts or given this will be a straight off the production line representation leave them out? Test fitted the canopy, all good. Adding the scratch built parts to the open engine/fuel/undercarriage area and of course a cheeky little test with the wheels on and loaded onto the gondola.
  8. Oh YES! Definite purchase for this one. Guessing we know the author as well
  9. purchased and downloaded, lovely e book, just like all the others, highly recommended.
  10. where did you get the figures from Kent? I know the pilot figure from Ultracast but no the others.
  11. Claes Sundin's nightfighters profile book has a lot of G's in it, plus so many other cool schemes of all the other nightfighters from the Luftwaffe. Also Kagero ju88 v3 is filled with g's, but very hard to find. these are 2 off the top of my head, I have many more books at home but need to dig them out.
  12. Managed a couple of hours benchtime yesterday... Added the fuel cell details. and the tail section detail And finally some paint!
  13. Decided to remove the nose cone. Finally got the resin rear and seat to fit. Had to remove the gunbay but no biggy as I was having the door closed anyway. Reworking the rear deck. New plasticard and found some nice ref pics. Added the rear section and trimmed off the top tabs so I can cut and shape a insert again as per pics. This is all new to me scratch building but it's actually very satisfying when it comes together.
  14. well that's my latest project stuffed then... 1/32 he162 on a 1/35 railway gondola
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