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  1. Fw pit done except for the seat, control and belts. As with my previous 190's painted the instrument panel rather than pe route as its buried so far under difficult to see. Also assembled, painted and washed the engine. Again hardly visible once installed. And sorted the undercarriage bay, Valiant Wings books for reference.
  2. My last tin of Guinness was cleaned and cut up, and installed as a panel in the wing for damaging. I've grabbed an old base just to see how it sits. I've hacked away at the pe landing flap and that fits well enough. Want to get all the other bits on the plane before installing them though as their rather delicate. I need a little rest from this one so dug out part 2 of the build couple of hours work and lots done ready for riveting.
  3. This is brilliant and inspiring work Andy, thanks for replying to my question too. Much appreciated. Aaron
  4. Hi Andy Do you think this adjustment is a result of raising the pedestal? On your early post checking fit etc that side panel didn't look to be installed? Great work though and thoroughly enjoying your build. Aaron
  5. Superb Andy. I keep dribbling over my kit and thoughts of starting it after reading and looking at your build and all the extras your adding. Keep up the great work. Aaron
  6. Building/damaging (delete as applicable ) Test fit of the pe flaps, But even these will need smashing up! But the pit and fuselage are sealed up and I've tried to lay the belts in a 'get the **** out ASAP' sort of way but pe isnt the most flexible. However given the canopy will be over they wont be that visible anyway.
  7. Thanks Peter, just an Eduard photo etch panel. Not a 'look' one. Trick I've found is to spray a matt varnish over the coloured parts of the fret, which hides the printing lines that show up during the production process. It also takes that modern shine off as well.
  8. Wingtip damage up next. This is what I'm trying to recreate So I have a nice little supply of thick foil yogurt pot lids, that I've been squirreling away. I made up the wingtip from the kit then used the pattern to recreate the panels and rivets. Its not cut to the shape at the end simply because it wont be then. I then cut the tip down and glued in place before adding the foil and cutting and tearing it up. I also used some plasticard and some redundant photo etch to fill in the end and add som
  9. Uschi for me all the time. 3 sizes to choose and doesn't have that flat profile of EZ.
  10. Next up is the prop and recreating the damaged blades. Being laminated wood I tried to find a suitable material to recreate that splintered effect. In the end Balsa wood seemed to be the best option. Working on the theory that if I started on the longest blade and cocked it up I could make it a shorter one I started. I snapped some pieces of Balsa to get some suitable damage on the ends, then cut a flat surface the other side and CA'd to the cut down blade. I then trimmed and filed the Balsa to match the contours of t
  11. Super nice build and thanks for the guides.
  12. Home straight. Canopy just in place, not glued yet as I need to open it and its also a touch undersize for the Hasegawa pit (Revell hood). Also needs a few more bits added and weathering done, but I've done the exhaust stains. Aaron
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