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  1. Yep 1 or 2 for me, have the 32nd one in the stash and currently building the Tamiya offering in 48th and also have their dambuster version, but you cant have enough Lancs.
  2. Excellent, will follow along, dont forget the Spit though
  3. With the race season abet shortened bench time has been limited to a couple of hours every other weekend. However I managed to get the base coat onto the porcupine. Started off with some midgrey pre-shading and texture Then AK Real Color RLM76 v.2 As with most cameras nowadays the subtle tones arent recorded, but I'm very happy with the outcome.
  4. Quickboost resin MG's Rivetted the fuselage
  5. So it begins. I build the pit and side walls and glued one of the tail sections to the fuselage in prep for rivets. Now the problem, the hasegawa kit has the tall tail and my bird has the earlier tail, damn. So having so many revell kits of the 109 I delved into the left over sprues and found an early version from the 109G-6 AS build I'm doing. Quick check and all looks OK so out with the razor saw... Overlay to be double sure. And 5 mins later Both sides glued and test fit.
  6. I know, but I can only find fat ones at the mo
  7. Here's my build, ironically it was the next on my bench just because I liked the scheme so much, but with the new GB about to start worked perfectly. No doubt I'll add some extras into the mix and have to snag a Revell late canopy (my second hand kit clear parts were MIA) Aaron
  8. Cool thanks Brad. This was going to be my next build regardless but now I can put it in the GB all the better.
  9. Ok with this bird? JG 110 which was a training unit late war?
  10. I went with all the various reference I have to hand. G-6 from Russia. Caption is for the image above. This one shows the wood tail variation. As the plane I'm modelling has only one photo and is a Frankenstein of various bits n Bob's I'm more than happy to keep it as is. I added the rivets simply because all my references shows them for g airframes from 1 to 6. To be honest I wanted to build this bird simply for the porcupine fug array and I believe these will be the focal and talking points of the build.
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