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  1. I've used the largest Uschi rigging without issue on 32nd builds. do you have the 2 other sizes? The nice thing about it is it doesn't tend to have flat spots or twist. I've just got a couple of reels of Prym to use on the Gladiators as per your excellent build.
  2. I use the mr tool cleaner when I have some serious cleaning to do and boy does it work. normally just lacquer thinners as per the others.
  3. Engine nacelles are OK. I had the same issues with the nose as you though. Brilliant work on the wheels and undercarriage. Will follow with interest.
  4. "The fuselage assembly went together fairly well, requiring a small amount of filler on the fuselage spine. What are the odds that the Revi 16 gun sight gets knocked off before I can attach the windshield?" about 70 - 30 I reckon Superb work joking aside.
  5. Thanks Kev, I never could remember its name, so I use Gunze Levelling thinner with mine.
  6. I've used them on several builds and there very nice. I thin with Gunze 400 thinner. I've also mixed them with Gunze and Tamiya paints without issue.
  7. Superb, welcome aboard. Where is the tractor from please?
  8. Brilliant build, thoroughly enjoying it. makes me want to start my pair.
  9. Thanks both. I spray yellow onto black without issue so no reason why 'pink' wouldn't work either.
  10. I'm about to prime and paint a 32nd Spit in Camoutint pink (fr mk.ixc) from 16th Sqd. I'm after some advice as a good primer/base colour to go with. I tend to black base with contrasting colours on normal builds but not sure if these would work on this one. They did get pretty dirty from the pics I have but want to get that off white/hint of dusty pink. Any thoughts?
  11. Tell us more; I only live over the border southbound
  12. Got a base coat of rlm66 into the pit Then worked on the front end with superglue and sanding sticks made the engines up and fitted the cowlings. Nice fit all round, just one part that needed a superglue fillet. Test fit of fuse to wings and again no foreseeable problems
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