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  1. Well as with all the other KLP guides I've bought this is another excellent book. I'd even go to say the best especially with my luv of late war Luftwaffe subjects. Highly recommended.
  2. Nearly there! Added the new sliding canopy and some odds and ends so just a bit more weathering to do.
  3. So frustrating when this happens, I think we've all been there and done it. These thin glues wick to the strangest of places when your sure your holding it in a safe place. Only yesterday I was oh so careful not to lose a tiny piece for the spitfire, that I managed to do just that in 2 minutes flat out of the tweezers. 20 mins later I'd found it and started back only to do the same thing seconds later! 30 mins later it was back for a second time and finished off inside a plastic bag to restrict its flight. 1 hours time for 5 mins work!!!!
  4. Repaint of the radio area And weathering and detail painting in the pit Test fit and instrument panel assembled Aaron
  5. Oh WOW. Radu's build was one of the reasons I came back to the hobby! I remember going to a local airshow and photographing the planes and found a model kit vendor. I'm pretty sure I bought a 72nd spitfire and a fw190d-9 (arch enemies ) to build). I then spend the next few days trawling the internet (via dial-up) to find how these things went together (last builds I was probably 10 or 12). It was during these trawls I came across LSP and this build and was captivated by the extras and scratch building. With my naive eyes I thought the kits hadn't improved and it was the builders adding all the details! I also tracked down Model Airplane International 051 October 2009 (so now I realise I've been back for over 10 years) and a nice build of a SH P-39 in RAF markings again with scratch building and extras. Both these lead me to where I am now. Thank you for tracking down this build thread, i've been searching for this many times. Its now saved in fav's forever. Oh I got a Revell Classic 32nd Hurricane sortly after. Made a right old mess of it 10 years back and it's now a paint mule!
  6. Great great work Alex. I have this kit in the stash so will be saving this thread for reference. Luv the grey camo/paintwork all that extra effort has definitely paid off.
  7. New vac form blister canopy from Alley Cat Models. Clarity is mint! Can't wait to get this cut painted and mounted.
  8. Thanks. I'll have a mix. Fuselage interior side colour? Rlm02 or metal? Currently done it 02 with a dash of grey to fade it back.
  9. Wow. That came out a treat.
  10. Pit painting Still lots of bits to do but couldn't resist a sneak preview. Airscale placards to add also. And instrument panel. Added the fug scope as per instructions from Owl. Dials and pe part aren't glued yet hence the slight misalignment as I need to flat coat the panels before assembly. And got some base colours down in the radio fuselage area Aaron
  11. As always John just sublime. The bright green RLM 82? is so tricky to not make it look 'bright' but you've nailed it to my mind. Thanks for sharing all the details and issues along the way, and so pleased you made it to the finish line. Aaron
  12. After much toing and froing, testing and sampling, I've worked my way to a Revell G-10 oil cooler and some additional plasticard to add the depth. I have a big ed set for the Hasegawa 109K-4 and that includes the deeper oil coolers in PE so it should actually appear pretty good when done. Ironically the Revell cooler comes in for much criticism for its 'slabbed sides' but turns out ideal for a WNF/MMT one, judging by the pictures! The above took much of my paltry couple of hours a week bench time (now back to work) so only managed to add the PE and Fug dial to the Aries pit yesterday. Aaron
  13. Thanks John. I was worried this would be the build you did with your AS especially when you said rlm76 overall. I do like a night fighter and this one with the fug 217 is pretty unique so wanted to build it as soon as I found the photo. Hen Reaver announced their conversion i ordered 2 sets straightaway with this bird marked up for construction. Unfortunately this is the only pic of the plane.
  14. Ok. From left to right kit g6 cooler, reever g6 cooler, barracuda g10 cooler and kit g10 cooler.
  15. Thanks. It is the G-10 cooler I retro fitted btw. Its maybe 1/2mm higher than the kit one. I originally found and tried the revell erla part but that's to slab sided by all accounts so purchased the Barracuda and quick boost ones. When I put them against the g-6 ones their both higher. It's probably just the camera angle that makes it look lower.
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