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  1. Yellow 4 and yellow 9. Nice schemes Here's my 2 jg300's Top is trumpeter bottom revell. Got both the jg300 books which are excellent for photos profiles and info.
  2. Luv it. Cant beat an interesting scheme. Southern expo this weekend?
  3. Tim Here's a great ref book for colours... The Soldier : Consolidated B-24 Liberator Its been left as was so pretty beaten up but dark dull green, zinc c, bare metal, neutral grey... all in there. I've literally just had mr paint dark dull green arrive to go with their other USAF interior colours.
  4. Another couple of hours adding more interior bits, but first I had to remove 2 pieces I had decided to glue d'oh After the small hiccup all good. I realised the lights/leds/optics would be here and I needed to drill and mount these before placing internal parts in this area as I maybe able to hide these behind said parts. Finally need to find a rivet plan for the outside. Did pick up the haynes B24 book which has lots of internal pics and info which will be very useful.
  5. Got a link or part for the radios you could share? maybe interested in some. Thanks
  6. After last weekends model show and subsequent emails hopefully should have a lighting set for the ape. Only had an hour at the bench this weekend so far so just spent it adding the kit internals. Before anyone jumps in with negative comments I still have to finish cleaning the open position lugs and ep marks Built the bomb aimers compartment and as with all the rest dry fit.
  7. Sublime John. So good in so many ways.
  8. Couple of hours spent building the interior structure And test fitting And both halves. No fit problems She's a beast when next to not such a little friend
  9. More goodies Tomorrow I should be off to my first model show of the year and track down some fibre optics lighting bits n bobs.
  10. its ok... ish... Joking aside John just stunning. So nice to see others manage to put the crosses in the wrong places also. Makes me feel a bit better about my mis-demeana
  11. 300 grams recommended I think but none supplied. There's a couple of areas it can go. The large space behind the front wheel and the slot above/below the cockpit.
  12. So it begins... Excellent fit so far. Few injector pin holes that need addressing.
  13. Excellent work John. The booth just highlights the detail care and attention you put into your builds.
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