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  1. Luv it. These Frankenstein planes are a painters joy.
  2. oh looking forward to this one Joachim.
  3. Look forward to this one Mike, yes you've completely ruined the kit with the first snips Good luck with the scheme, its just the sort of one that draws me in too, then theres the dawning OMG what have I done Aaron
  4. Well I would be very happy with this. Congrats really enjoyed the photos and build.
  5. Brilliant Dale, great find. interesting patina/panel lines/heavy wear and tear.
  6. Not the absolute best, but my grandfather and the Lanc he flew in (Flight Engineer) And the return after an unfortunate encounter with another Lanc Collision over Germany - from 550 Squadron Summary of Ops - 30th November 1944 (D plus 174) All of our aircraft landed safely, including P(F/O Summons), which after colliding with another aircraft on route to the target was coaxed on its two port engines alone through a gauntlet of flak towards Dusseldorf. Good airmanship and richly-deserved good luck (which unhappi
  7. No worries, thanks, I was confused too hence the question. I can now focus on a suitable faa craft.
  8. Brad, does raf coastal command craft come under the banner for this one?
  9. Masterful John, truly enjoy your posts and builds. Its difficult to say goodbye to hours of work behind more plastic, plenty of photos are the best way to remember it by. Aaron
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