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  1. Wow wow wow. Like most of the other UK modellers on here mine was delivered today from the big H. No problems with the clears or framing and extra bubble wrap as well. Really can't wait to start this.
  2. Same here, got really excited thinking I'd have it for the weekend, but then received a Parcelforce tracking notification to say they'd give me a timeslot on day of delivery. Nothing yet, but fingers crossed Monday. Thats been pretty much the lie of the land for my last couple of big H deliveries. 550 Squadron plane for me of course, Grandfather's one he flew in most BQ-P
  3. Smashed it again John, beautiful work, a joy to behold. Aaron
  4. Purchased, thanks Kev, another amazing ebook that will be well thumbed as per all the previous purchases. Will be a valued addition when i get around to the 2 starfighters in the everygrowing stash
  5. Another masterpiece John, congrats.
  6. 1/32 Revell JU 88 converted to a C-4 with Aims, cmk and Eduard extras
  7. My mask set arrived 2 days ago. WOW that's much quicker than i was expecting. I'm very interested in some instructions as to how to use these masks however. The foxbot masks are done so you remove the centre section and attach the outer piece to the model, spray and remove. DN masks seem to be the other way round in so much as you spray the colour for that part, then place the mask over this shade and spray the background, unless I'm reading it wrong? I have the Trumpeter kit and a few extras so ready to build once i can get my head around the masking. Help!
  8. Fantastic, I too have this Miniart tractor to build but it looks very long and hard to do. Your build has inspired, congratulations, a very very nice build.
  9. The A-8/R8 was similar to the A-8/R2, but fitted with heavy armour including 30 mm (1.2 in) canopy and windscreen armour and 5 mm (0.20 in) cockpit armour. They added the armour for head on attacks on the bomber streams.
  10. Mine was for a mk.I/II wing so maybe that's were the difference is. That filter didn't go right to the back of the wing and I believe its deeper to?
  11. Yes, there's a nice profile and pic in allied aircraft in the Ardennes.
  12. Hi I'd go with the Revell bits for this one. I'm doing a PR 1G and using Barracudas correction set and you need to insert then file away a lot to get the top wing to settle.
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