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  1. where did you get the figures from Kent? I know the pilot figure from Ultracast but no the others.
  2. Claes Sundin's nightfighters profile book has a lot of G's in it, plus so many other cool schemes of all the other nightfighters from the Luftwaffe. Also Kagero ju88 v3 is filled with g's, but very hard to find. these are 2 off the top of my head, I have many more books at home but need to dig them out.
  3. Managed a couple of hours benchtime yesterday... Added the fuel cell details. and the tail section detail And finally some paint!
  4. Decided to remove the nose cone. Finally got the resin rear and seat to fit. Had to remove the gunbay but no biggy as I was having the door closed anyway. Reworking the rear deck. New plasticard and found some nice ref pics. Added the rear section and trimmed off the top tabs so I can cut and shape a insert again as per pics. This is all new to me scratch building but it's actually very satisfying when it comes together.
  5. well that's my latest project stuffed then... 1/32 he162 on a 1/35 railway gondola
  6. just getting all the AM and scratch stuff together. replacement cockpit back and seat with kit part to compare undercarriage bay set to check for placement etc Eduard PE profiled. These should go underneath but I've reversed them as they'll show on the open top section. No turning back now! removed all the wing and engine section as per pic.
  7. Looks like another exciting and enjoyable build. Following along.
  8. Found the photo that inspired me
  9. New little sideline project whilst waiting for paint to dry/things to arrive on the Liberator. Spent the afternoon assembling the railway gondola to check the He162 fitted!
  10. I sanded the belts off then replaced with a Radub set.
  11. thanks Brian Looking at my pics I can now see I need a 'reverse' paint method for the worn floor in the radio room. The worn parts are in the grooves rather than on top of the runners. Dull interior green first, then chipping fluid, zinc chromate and white aluminium. That should then give the wear to the top not the bottom. Learning new stuff everyday.
  12. great kit, just be careful of the amount of weight to keep it down. I recall my build had 300 grams in it.
  13. Instrument panel done. Still need to add more details to centre console and add all the switches to both panel and console plus controls etc.
  14. Mr Surfacer 1500 black. Mr Paint white aluminium again Then dull interior green over ak scratch effects
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