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  1. And what will happen when you paint over the acrylic?
  2. Yeah, I agree with most of the written above, but the thread was how the politics distort the aviation in a weird way. One of the reasons F-35 exists in the first place. And in the video they touched the prices subject. How come it always goes up? Well, simple economics. But this is something that is extremely overexploited and will lead us to a bitter end.
  3. Were you guys inside the base or you were in close proximity at some spotting place? When I was there I saw no way to get near and saw to Tornadoes by accident and from a fair distance.
  4. I've read somewhere that BAC Lightnings did actual intercepts from there during the crisis.
  5. Been there about 14 months ago and somehow developed an interest in that base's history. Roaming through the web I found F-4s, Lightnings and other interesting stuff there. Any suggestions about a good book or film showing the history of the base? Someone to share something more rare in interesting about it? Thanx! Saw couple of Tornadoes arriving and then couple departing. As far as I know they should get Lightnings at some point. Not sure what's there right now. Maybe Typhoons.
  6. Those who does not know their history are doomed to repeat and relive it. About a week ago I saw a FB troll pitching about Trudeau and how "He MUST get the F-35 for Canada, because everybody else already picked it as their main fighter". This was a repetitive post over and over again, only the pictures were different. In my opinion this was ridiculous and by many reasons, least of which is that I find F-35 to be a rather mediocre attempt to fill a gap in the arsenal. That is another subject. It isn't meant to be political, I only share it to describe the foundation of my interest in this particular subject. Couple a days back I accidentally I bumped into this: In my eyes, that says a lot. Not only about Canada, but how things are done in the industry. That goes for civil aircraft as well. Don't know is this video should be looked from the perspective of irony or tragedy. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy.
  7. F-117: Obi Wan never told you what happened to your father. Tesla Cybertruck: He told me enough! He told me you bombed him over Baghdad /or Serbia depending on the DVD region/. You killed my father! F-117: No Cybertruck. Search your circuits... I am your father. Tesla Cybertruck: NoooooOOOooOOOoo Disclaimer for the next episode: Comanche Helicopter is the mother.
  8. This was just uploaded few minutes ago. It should give some inspiration.
  9. Pictures of F-104 with AIM-7s from different angles is what I am looking for. Different configurations, with fuel tanks with AIM-9s, without anything, whatever. With the new Italeri LS 104, this should be helpful for more than just me I guess.
  10. Thank you, seems that you have posted 2, one is not visible. This one I have too. Of course. I am looking for something rare. By the way dozens of F-104 with AIM-7s is something that I haven't found on google. Nor Bing.
  11. I am searching for F-104 with AIM-7. Is it Italian or not, I don't mind either. AFAIK, Turkish Air Force had some 104s from Italy, they might have examples too. As mentioned - it doesn't matter which, only the combo is important. Thanx for the picture, I have that one in my collection.
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