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  1. Wicked! I love it! Maybe you can tell us more about that scratching technique that you use? I know how it works actually and I am interested why you picked that specific one for aircraft modeling.
  2. Eagle Driver

    For Thunderbolt lovers

    This guy is making the best serious knowledge-based videos on YouTube in my opinion. Structured, containing tons of interesting info. I have no idea where he gets that but I find them amazing.
  3. Eagle Driver

    A word on DN Model’s custom service!

    Thank you! Especially Alan who contributed for the latest sets we released.
  4. Hey there! We decided to work on a new line of sets for A-4 Skyhawk. The first one /which will be out in within a few weeks/ will be for Brazilian NAVY. The set is based on the successful attempt we made on a work for this project. Great work by the way, you should check it out thoroughly if you haven't already. Couple of friends, including one member of LSP expressed interest in the set and we managed to make it happen. This is what is will look like: It will feature 23 aircraft. Although no more aircraft carriers for Brazil, the plane looks very cool and with the Embraer upgrades has guaranteed future for at least another decade. Due to that, we are working on another Brazilian set and two others /Skyhawks of course/. More on those soon!
  5. The one without a mask looks like Sly
  6. Eagle Driver

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    $100 000 000 camp fire?
  7. Eagle Driver

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    Well I guess they can bomb a cave with Texan II or Bronco with the same success and forget about a $99 hamburger. On the other hand Israelis might've been using it less than what they say. It is "invisible" and that makes it easy to prove a point and justify its ridiculous price. Besides "Now I'm here, Now I'm there" Freddie Mercury trick will have a great impact on the arabs even if it wasn't true. You know, "I just saw you last night with that girl, I was there but you never saw me". And you're married and this guy likes your wife. It can create some thoughts. I guess if it was that good, by now at least a dozen USAF 35s would be been buzzin' the Su-34s and Su-30s over Syria just to show them the bird. And I missed the fact in my previous post that fully loaded the Stealth goes away with external ordnance. My personal prediction for F-35 is that it will succeed F-104 historically. Interesting and good for its time, although with limited future, mostly by the leaps in technology and inventions. With very short adequate service life. Enforced on its clients. A lot will use it, but besides being cool in the eyes of some, it will still be worthless as a battle station. I mean I love the 104. I respect it. As an aviation invention, as aerodynamics, as a challenge for the pilot. The rest is pretty much worthless. History remembers more than one such military items, being put into production then more effort put into justify them, than to actually make 'em work.
  8. Eagle Driver

    The Cat is Back........F-14 Tomcat

    The more I look at it, the more I love it!
  9. Eagle Driver

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    You are preaching the choir here. 29 is a piece of junk according to my knowledge and experience. 1. Not particularly. But I am not impressed. Neither any of the pilots who I have been speaking to. Apparently many of the customers who try to ditch it too. 2. Me too. More than once actually. 3. You don't have the same technology as the enemy though. 4. Round nozzle an improvement over F-22 flats? Not sure I am with you on that. And not only the nozzles of course. Besides they are not comparable platforms. Its like F-16 to be an improvement over F-15. 5. Speculation. Not proven in combat. Israelis try to play tough with it, but they play tough with all their weapons. By the way F-117 statistically was said to be probably the best jet ever. One loss for all its career and so many missions. And it was best jet up until some peasants from Yugoslavia started making polaroid pictures next to its remains. 6. That is simply complacent. In warfare, nobody can afford such attitude. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to start an argument or a fight in any way, just disagree with some of those statements. Respectfully of course. Wait what? Harrier? A plane designed to respond to Soviet attack over the airfields and modified by MDD to fit into a gap that nobody wanted to invest in? 60 years old idea? Really? F-35 is put in the gap that Harrier will create once it leaves. Who else wants Bs? Italy, GB and eventually Turkey. Come on. Harrier was good, but it is not comparable with real carrier aircraft. I haven't seen Harriers jump around next to Tomcats, Hornets, Rafales. Different concept. P.S. And what 6th gen fighters are you talking about? Who, when, why? I wish, but... Maybe you meant MiG-41 that Russians claim will be a space-fighter. About the latter one...vodka must be very strong there.
  10. Eagle Driver

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    So how do you interpret that? Engine losses in XXXX number of hours? Engine losses per year? Per flights? In Hornet a loss of an engine will lead to /most likely/ airplane back on deck. Where will that same scenario lead F-35 to? Beatles song?
  11. Eagle Driver

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    Actually I've been in some training in February this year with two captains one of them an instructor for one of the two giant-airliner-manufacturers who flies on everything theirs except their newest. Assume 787 or A350. We discussed that 2 engine thing and since they are a lot older then me, they both agreed that everything there started because of the different taxes that 2 and 4 engine jets pay. And that was a long discussion where me and my crew buddy were mostly listeners. It just accidentally coincides with my opinion. And how crazy it is? Try and imagine a flame out in the middle of the Atlantic during winter in a 330 or 767. Just think it through. What if? See will you be able to keep your pulse the same. And yeah, two or four, it's always good if you have at least one more. With one... see? Again, that's why YF-17 was made in the first place. Nowadays, its all about the money. Simple as that. F-35 too.
  12. Eagle Driver

    TOP GUN: Maverik delay reasons

    I totally agree. Well, not totally, but I agree. Tough maintenance, short engine life. Non-working systems and for such an agile fighter, those smokey engines makes that agility worthless. Ridiculous cockpit for mid 80s jet, not-so-good visibility. A-10 had a kill because it works in the system though. And by system I mean a complex warfare network. One on one, it has no chance. F-something yes, not A-10. The weakness of Soviet/Russian aircraft is the lack of such warfare network. The doctrine is completely different. However that is another story. But yeah, I enjoy that whenever a 29 flies it gets shot down. Its a ridiculous plane and it gets what it deserves. So annoying when you meet a 29 fan too. Beyond annoying. Good how? Never proven in combat. For C version - single engine aircraft for carrier? That's why they made the Hornet in the first place. Otherwise it would've been F-16. That "good aircraft" statement that does not correspond with the test of time. I never said I don't like it. I don't actually, but from a pilot's stand point. Actually aviator's stand point. It's not a plane to fly, its a plane that flies by itself. Pretty much like A320. A real pilot resents such. Just last month I spoke with NAVY F-4, Intruder and USAF F-100 pilots, Always F-35 subject popped up and they all think it is a joke. They all agree that Tomcat is a state of the art aircraft. None of them flew either of those. Do you think this is by accident? Newer technologies you say? Look how long it took for companies such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Space X and Tesla to change the World. The truth is that aviation is in regress and Elon Musk told it. F-35 is a very good example. For 4 decades people took aviation from F-104 to F-22. For the next 3 they barely made a /almost/ working F-35. Single-engine jet on a carrier. What are we? 50s again?
  13. Eagle Driver

    CH-47A Chinook Trumpeter 1:35

    Spectacular! Always wanted one of these in my collection. Now even more than ever.