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  1. Yep, it is about their quarter scale kit. Jennings, do you use their regular shipping quote for that fast delivery?!
  2. It seems that any of the versions is rather hard to find in US. The Amazon have it, but the delivery times are quite ... loose. Spruebrothers never replied to a request, so anybody with any ideas? Thanx P.S. Sorry if this should be in NON-LSP works, but it isn't a work, but rather a question.
  3. I never knew what it was exactly, but I knew that they are planning to do something. Great, really great! Help Australia!!!!!
  4. Happy New Year everybody! May it bring you a lot of health, joy and many successes! Here's a New Year's discounts from us: Happy New Year! 2020!
  5. Its on: X-Mas Sale 2019 @ DN Models
  6. After a long discussion, they called it off. Good news after all, because we are talking 10 yr old.
  7. I wouldn't recommend dealing with that stuff even to a 15 year old actually. But it's what they want. I will try to convince them otherwise tonight. In the meantime I am open to more suggestions. Thanx everybody
  8. Hi, now I know there are threads about 3D Printing, but there is a catch. What I need is a starter 3D printer, not anything crazy price-wise, that can print object with the size of toys, maybe slightly larger. Let's say knife-size or toy-size sword. Maybe Game of Thrones stuff. It will be operated through a Mac computer at home, with decent space available. The catch: it is for a 10 year old. And no, I am not joking. The kid wants to work with this, grandparents want to indulge him. They asked me, I ask you. So please help! Thanx! P.S. I was looking at: Flashforge Adventurer 3, Anycubic Photon, Monoprice Voxel. Had no idea what I was looking at or for too.
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