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  1. Eagle Driver

    German Navy type VII

    Next time full video build!
  2. New set out today! We had several requests for this one in LS, so there you go! One will come in 72nd scale too, 48th is already available.
  3. New set out, for helicopter lovers: Insignia for all three kits released by Miniart is included. Wheels are a bonus. Available at www.dnmodels.com
  4. Is there any information that Tamiya are planning B/C Mustang at all? That would be nice if it isn't just a fantasy.
  5. Back to the 109. I am not certain about the major differences, but somewhere I read that the K actually was faster than the Stang. So if they /differences/ aren't so many, I can only hope that ZM will go towards that direction. In the same time I do hope for Tamiya going backwards to B/C Stangs. Although the wing shape annoys me. But overall - lovely bird!
  6. There is ALWAYS a room for one more 109. Simply because in real life there were thousands. And nobody will ever release a perfect one. But there is a difference between having flaws and inaccuracies all over and having a decent kit with only minor things to fix. ZM are something else, where there are few more thing ABOVE the latter one. And ALL the kits of 109 /or any aircraft for that matter/ will always be flawed. By the simple fact that they are crippled copy of the real aircraft. Only the real deal has value. The rest is copycat-ing
  7. Eagle Driver

    Did anybody managed to get the BEDNA kit from Eduard?

    Thank you! I am asking because I would need a decal sheet information though. But much appreciated, nevertheless.
  8. From what I see it went out of stock almost immediately. Did someone here managed to get a piece?
  9. Black Friday is gone, but there is one more day for discounts. No limits on minimum order, no restrictions on number of orders. 24 more hours of discounts: 20% off on ALL items, until stock lasts! Use coupon code CYBERMASKDAY on CheckOut.
  10. Gustav is a perfect platform for huge expansion. If ZM follows the logic that they did with their Phantom, we can expect various releases in the years to come. Hopefully, that will wake up a sleeping giant /Tamiya/ and we will get 109 from them as well. Never hurt to have competition. We will all win at the end.
  11. I am too, try to never miss a concert within 1000 mile radius. Your eyeball is all you need to comment on accuracy? Wow. You are right. 'nuff said. I've never seen such comment as 'gross caricature' on ZM kit. Nothing to wonder, since you are eyeballing your kits. Did I have to demonstrate anything on Revell? Everyone protecting the brand was so passionate, yet the price speaks for itself. Eyeball for accuracy. What a joke.
  12. Eagle Driver

    B-2 SPIRIT | 1:72

    This model looks fantastic in person. Way better than the pictures. One thing Milan is not sharing is the box he created for transportation. Cheer him up and urge him to share this, since he is too shy. The boxes are a problem for many when it comes down to transpo to shows. His solution is not less stunning than the kit itself.
  13. 1st is based on what? Drawings? Where from and who guarantees their authenticity? 2nd is based on what? Again drawings, again the same question? Details are uninspiring? I was inspired by Slayer in my teens now I am inspired by Vivaldi. What guarantees me that what inspires someone as a modeler won't repel me from the kit? If the prop was wrong by the way, an aftermarket company would've been on it like a buzzard on a gut wagon by now. I don't know, maybe they are already.
  14. There are a lot of modelers who can afford and actually do go to all the shows. I am not one of them, because I prefer spending my money on actual aircraft. Having the means to buy expensive kits or going wherever you want is somehow being condemned here. Why? What's wrong with that? And it is no wonder why you haven't seen ZM at the regionals. I bet you don't expect Madonna or Metallica to visit the nighbourhood bar, now do ya? Interestingly, this subject somehow turned into rivet counting. Me, I am far from rivet counting. But I am all about quality. Of plastic, of transparent parts of engineering. None of which Revell has to offer. I've built their 109, seen their Fw-190 and 262. Mediocrity. And mediocrity is a sin IMHO. Actually I read that on a car add But I agree. So what if the stabilizer is better? Even the broken clock gets to be right twice a day. Accuracy in Revell kits? They don't even put swastikas inside. What a joke. And I know the reason, to spare someone's will to explain it to me further down. By the way, I have seen up close and very personal He-219 from Revell and from ZM. Let me implode in laughter. Quietly. By the way spending money is pretty much an art. You have to learn to do it. No matter how much you have, you might still not know how to use it wisely. There are billionaires eating at Mcdonalds every day. Riding the bus. The thread is about Zoukei-Mura. One of the Top 3 kit manufacturers in the World currently. Probably number 1. How come junk as Revell made its way into that? Have you seen Revell's boxes? Plastic? Clears? Let's get serious now, can we? P.S. If you want to continue, why don't we start comparing Paasce VL with H&S Infinity or Custom Micron? Or Tesla Model S with Honda? One last thing to the Revell fans here. Humor me: Get in touch with Revell about their kit and a flaw that it has. See what happens. Do the same thing with Zoukei-Mura. See what happens. Good luck!
  15. The only thing that I imply is that Revell kits are far lesser than Tamiya. And they are actually half the price. Three - five - ten times less quality. Other than that it is interpretations which are far from my goal and the subject. But if you ask me, for me, if I am a lesser man than someone who can afford to buy a WWII plane and fly it for fun, oh yes sir, indeed I am. I am dumber and not talented/smart/resourceful enough. I hope that someday I will be though. If Revell suits you, I am happy. It is good to know that if you are aiming for achieving the effects that OOTB Tamiya will have, you will PAY. With your time and skills. Energy is wasted in one way or another.