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  1. That is actually a very good note. I am from a Christian family, but far from religion in general. Also from a country where Muslims/Turks are not favored particularly due to bitter history. However I have very good friends that are both Turks and Muslims and none of them behaves differently during their tradition-respecting periods. Point 1 and 2 describes things perfectly well here and I was tempted to leave a comment. Modern thinking people are generally not bounded by religion traditions in any way. Be patient is great advise too.
  2. I've contemplated this for a long time. I hope it will be useful for somebody here, although I know that gents here are very knowledgeable and experienced! Enjoy:
  3. Hello gents, new set out today: Captured Hawker Typhoon Insignia 1/24
  4. Here's one for the Frogfoot lovers: Bulgarian Air Force Digital Camo 1/32
  5. Serious fella! This might sound easy, but very few manage to achieve it in real life.
  6. Actually they will include suggested cut placed on a sheet of paper if I understood correctly. It is not the same as pre-cut masks. It is rather Tamiya-like outlines of the masks of their canopies.
  7. As I've always say: There is only one name in the game and it is Cartograf.
  8. And here we go: Insignia & Numbers Facebook users, be so kind to share there for me please! Thank you!
  9. Due to the high demand: Viggen Numbers & Insignia Set for Jetmads Kit Shipping starts not earlier than Tuesday, March 23rd! Thank you all and special thanx to Jetmads for the kind help!
  10. I am editing this post, we just got the info from Jetmads and with the kind help of RedDog, we will be ready very soon! Will keep you posted.
  11. I think we will add an extra roundel set for testing and keep the current instruction. That way everybody will be able to make couple of experiments before finding the right path. Pretty sure that the current layout will allow for the extra part.
  12. I think I saw splinter camo last somewhere in your post, that is why I posted the rest. IMHO, splinter should come first, not the insignia, although some have done it that way too. But yes, this way if putting it - it is also doable, since the masks allow for separate pieces to be re-used. And the option added should be sufficient to approach it in different ways. Just a suggestion in the instruction, because the roundel will be the most tricky part and we are not sure will everybody manage to pull that off.
  13. I agree, but here's a proof that it can be done as a final step /as it was done on the real airplane as well/ https://reddogsmodels.wordpress.com/2020/03/26/1-24-spitfire-mkvb-to-lf-mk-ix-conversion-349-sqn-raf-belgium-part-2-painting-and-weathering/
  14. It can be done in different ways, since the masks are reusable and if you'd like to cover already painted section with the mask already used, it can be done. But this is a matter of personal preference. Now another important point is - what paints will be used. Some old-school paints do not require care, but curing time. Newer paints are the other way around. Also, paints not meant to be used for models can be used. We have a guy who uses our masks regularly and he paints with some of the paints he has in his auto shop. Beats me why though.
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