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  1. I will not try to hide my excitement in regards to the results of the masking this camo out, but surprisingly my favorite part of this kit is the canopy. For whatever freakin' reason, this seems so realistic to me! Everything else is great, it is fantastic. However this canopy is a fetish of mine On the funny side - only a Soviet air superiority jet can be used with unguided rockets for ...air superiority. You know - Russians...
  2. Let me leave you on a good note: It made me smile, I hope you'll get the same vibe! Bye and all the best!
  3. They can be downloaded and re-uploaded, but those were just for giving an idea.
  4. Great job! Looking forward to the grand finale!
  5. What's not to like? Green missiles rock!
  6. Heads up! All Entertainment lovers - Jurassic Park is up this Friday! And there are aerial scenes which if you decide to believe me - are realistic!
  7. Do you think for smaller scales lighter shades would be needed?
  8. Why would Cruise be all over in sooth after it then? They dropped the ball, there is no doubt about that. I just wonder how can people tolerate this and still twist the narrative, making that acceptable. Especially in a forum where there was 80+ pages of thread about the accuracy of a plastic model, which belongs to a hobby group.
  9. Not as much as the Dark Star, no.
  10. They actually have little in common. Interesting approach from Trumpeter. Although IMHO simplistic, newer toolings are acceptable. I have a negative thing with MiG-29 that is why I stayed away from it, but I really liked their SMT option. What are the colors you used? I am being constantly asked this over and over. Since we don't advise on colors, would you?
  11. Yes sir! Although they considered it. Maybe shooting in an Extra 300 and then CGI the hell out of the 35 over it.
  12. Ice's character - Tom Kazansky is tailored after Lawrence 'Music' Muczynski. Slavic name resemblance, probably with Polish roots. He was one of the key figures in 1981 Gulf of Sidra which generally inspired the first movie, altogether with an article in a magazine. By the way it was a magazine again inspired the first Fast and Furious. FnF being on par with TG Maverick in terms of realism... Aslo, obviously directors love to read magazines! In TG M, The Grand Illusion idea seem probable too, especially knowing that Cruise watches plenty of movies to educate himself about the history of cinema and - of course - to get various tips from other movie makers. If that's the case it would be a cocktail of characters, which kinda ruins the initial idea. The intro with the Dark Star and the Right Stuff makes me thing you are more right than wrong on this. By the way TG sequel was considered in late 80s early 90s based on the success of the first one and as the rumor has it - on the second Sidra incident in 1989. They missed the opportunity, but that was fixed with the televised Desert Storm action being a great motivation for younger generations of pilots. Unfortunately, we missed to see black MiG-32s too. By the way just this morning I saw a central canopy frame of the Felon's canopy in TG M. It was SUPERB experience!
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