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  1. New set out today, second 24th scale and one of the largest sets that DN Models ever released: F6F-5 Hellcat Numbers & Insignia
  2. This will be available later today: Exterior and Interior Canopy Mask Set for A-26B
  3. As usual, either me or one of my fellow modelers makes a review of the kits we get our hands on. Here's a review of the HB83212, A-26B Invader. It is not extensive, but you will be able to get the idea of the release if you are interested in the subject.
  4. The brand new Hobby Boss Invader just got its first set: Click here
  5. However, every once in a while I find a useful post in FB and learn something new. This morning I found this: Never knew this existed. Some nice air to air shots. It is not all bad after all I guess.
  6. Useful or not, Stay at Home initiative is forced on many. We decided to turn it into a modeling-boost thing: https://dnmodels.com/all/stayathome-initiative-discount-2020/
  7. Mt. Stupid = Mt. Facebook
  8. IMHO FB is designed solely to keep you there. While forums are relying on the quality of the information. In FB you can easily be tricked to watch 1min or longer video that shows only 3 seconds of action, this cannot be the case in the forum. Also, plenty of meaningless discussions, questions and comments on FB. Stupidity is tremendous on that platform. Dunning-Kruger textbook.
  9. New set out as of yesterday: I was trying to upload it earlier, but due to some unexpected troubles wasn't able to. Hope you'll enjoy during the #StayAtHome initiative.
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