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  1. Amen! Although they do need some work on those as well, especially if they will go up-scaling. They haven't explored the whole 48th line of PF/MF either. There are other variations /Indian for example - PFL, Bison/ that they never released. I guess India is a small market for scale modeling. I am happy with their new releases, but I will never go for 48th Mustang as long as I can get 32nd and Tamiya too. As for their releases it really beats me how they are choosing their subjects. Czechoslovakia - former of course - is famous throughout the Warsaw pact countries mostly with their license built MiG-21F-13, /also MiG-17 but that's another story/ and Eduard never released neither Soviet nor licensed F-13. Why on Earth...? Second very famous Czechoslovakian subject - again Warsaw pact countries - is their Su-7 service history. No Su-7, which by the way is almost perfect size-wise for 48th scale. I know they know about it, but probably numbers dictate other choices. That is my only answer. Even license build Me-262 will be better than those subjects mentioned. Or L-39. At least in my opinion.
  2. Hey guys! After long procrastination on that subject in 32nd scale, we decided to release it: MiG-29SMT Splinter Camo in 32nd Hopefully you will enjoy!
  3. DN Models just released a set for the upcoming Kitty Hawk MH-60R, with corrected Tiger Camo scheme. The scheme does not feature the head to be included in the kit decal sheet. Check the link below for more info: Tiger Camo for MH-60 SeaHawk
  4. My opinion about KH50005: Black Hawk Review
  5. New set out today: Black Hawk Canopy and Wheels Hope will be helpful for helo builders here! Seems like a very good release from Kitty Hawk.
  6. There is a Hornet in that same scheme released last week, a day or two before that one too. It seems like the Su-57 stirred the waters.
  7. Hey Greg! If you ask me, you are digging way to much into the "proper" color area. Just test, pick the ones you feel fits best and apply them. Everybody sees the colors slightly differently. There is also color blindness in different levels. That is why if it is close to the original, it should be good enough. Besides in time the plane changed its colors due to aging. European modelers probably remember Opel's red from the early 90s and the hundreds of variations it got in the first 10 years of its life. With airplanes is the same. Again - pick several tones, test them out, mix them if you have, then pick and apply. By the way you were about to send me an email a month ago with some decals that you needed evaluated. I never got that bud.
  8. I think I found the answer. End of the video, the landing. Rudder deflection is opposite.
  9. It seems like it, but I don't recall a recent jet fighter without one.
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