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  1. This whole business is going down. Slowly and steadily. By the way when I go through UK I always pick Virgin over BA. Always.
  2. I have some troubles finding info about when was exactly the official retirement of F-86 Sabre from USAF. Anybody with more extensive information about its service life? I am interested in Canada as well. Thanx
  3. Some reports confirmed that there is a large scale rescue operation, which hopefully will be successful. Best of luck to the poor guy! I couldn't help but noticing the articles about the event: F-35 disappears from radar near Japan. Does that thing supposed to be on the radar? Does anybody remembers the joke: Stealth fighter, radar contact 15 miles to the north of...
  4. This guy has other videos as well, I discovered him on Vimeo more than an year ago. Amazing work, just stunning!
  5. The best I've seen so far. Especially the oil streaks. Lovely!
  6. Just from this excerpt: Sensors in the aircraft that report how high its nose is pointed relative to oncoming air varied by almost 60 degrees. One of the “angle-of-attack” gauges read 15.3 degrees, likely an accurate reading for a plane taking off. The other erroneously read 74.5 degrees - which would suggest a plane pointing almost straight skyward. One relatively educated pilot with enough experience can get an idea about the expertise of the the experts. There are secondary indications for the angle of attack. The fact that the guys from Africa didn't recognize the situation accordingly led to additional errors. Maybe they are not to blame entirely - sure. But I highly doubt that they did everything they could. This link, as many others, contains information that is incomplete or poorly written or somehow distorted. Just like they tried to make Emirates crew heroes for destroying perfectly good 777 recently, due to incompetency. Or A330 crew that never managed to recognize the situation the aircraft was in and entered the wrong commands. Again, around 400 MAXs flew and would've continue to fly without a problem if it wasn't for that crash. Miraculously, in between Lion and Ethiopian those planes worked surviving similar issues. Now: Boeing is baaad. Airbus might be the good guys of the day. Oh no, wait: months ago two lady pilots in India flew with their gear down for half of their flight without even recognizing the problem. I should retract my statement. Airbus are not the good guys, they didn't put an idiot proof system indicating that the gear is down repeatedly. Let's not blame them, let's blame the manufacturer, so in case of something the company to be able to get the insurance. People are people. They do make mistakes. Accidents happen. The fuss is useless. It harms the manufacturer and many airlines, who, by the way - struggle enough to survive even before situations like that.
  7. Not less than the freezing sensor problem of A320 I suppose.
  8. Nearly 400 MAX planes fly on a daily basis. Most of them couple times a day. Two of them crashed and somehow it is a disaster for the type. Why I cannot connect the dots here? How come this didn't happened in a company that has highly trained pilots who actually know what they are doing, but happened in countries where it is not very clear what path those people walked from zero to the cockpit of the MAX? Automation is a pilot killer. Alan was right from the get go. Even worse is when someone doesn't know what to do with the computer in his hands. I kno about a captain of A320 who explained /and with confidence/ how on short runways you better rush to put all three struts on the ground for quicker stop, because a TOGA option might offer more risk /what an idiot, right?/, simply because he never had any idea that when TOGA is engaged spoilers retract. A captain. I know about an instructor of A320 who thought he can open the spoilers at flap 4 position if high on the short final. "No problem, you can do it." He said. So yeah, human factor should be considered.
  9. Hey everybody! New set out - AH-1Z for Academy newest release in 35th scale. Features exterior and interior canopy masks and substitutes for most of the insignia included in the kit.
  10. I am too looking forward to the Japanese version. Although this is very tempting as well.
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