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  1. Hey guys! New set out for Liberator builders. Click on the image to go directly to it.
  2. According to Scalemates the MiG will be in 72nd.
  3. Hey guys! New mask set out today: https://dnmodels.com/product/canopy-tf-104g-italeri-starfighter/
  4. Great! Thanx for sharing!
  5. Nope. Yesterday though, a friend who owns a hobby store promised that Trumpi are on their way and will be delivered soon.
  6. It was a stillborn project from the get go. My first encounter with it was back in 97 in Paris /some mock ups/. Even back then many experts predicted the end of 4 engine airliners. So much false information over the years, freighters, short-haul versions, blah blah... If it wasn't for Emirates, it would've been long gone. Pilots love to fly it, or at least that is what I've heard, but still, everybody I know who work in the area think that it was meant to prove a point more than to be actual achievement.
  7. Thanx! Once the D is out there will be plenty for it too. And very soon after its release. The date of that is yet uncertain.
  8. Due to the high demand for this specific item, new set out today. Click on the picture for direct link to the website.
  9. Always a pleasure to see another Cacciatore Stellare
  10. Says that item is out of stock. As many of the items listed in scalemates /as in stock/ and when you go to the store, they are all Out of Stock.
  11. I do too. 1.5TB of stuff. 95% planes, 5% tanks of which StuGs are 3%
  12. Man, this think is really huge!
  13. New Mask set out: B-24 Spotted Ass Ape - Assembly Ship Liberator for Hobby Boss 1/32 #83211 Available as of today.
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