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  1. Morning guys and gals. Not the most exciting of updates but a little progress on the landing gear. The undercarriage legs come in two sections: the upper retraction struts and the lower main legs. Initially I had stuck these with ordinary superglue but it didn't give a strong enough join - I needed something more industrial! So it was out with my trusty Araldite and we now have four undercarriage legs for further detailing: So... where's the Evergreen..? Tom
  2. Your metal work is so good - it's hard to tell your creations apart from the real thing. You can't be far away from joining the fuselage now as at least you don't have to worry about detailing a tail gunner's compartment! Tom
  3. Hi Peter, Thanks for getting back to me on this - and I can understand your reasoning. Never mind - it can stay in the stash and perhaps one day a cockpit set will come along. More exceptional work by the way - you are playing in the Premiership whilst most of us are in the Vauxhall Conference!
  4. Oh for crying out loud! This is insanely good. I really get the feeling you’ve got the bit between your teeth with this one, Peter! Out if interest, are you still planning on releasing the 1/18 cockpit set for the Fw190 as I was really hoping for one - the kit is crying out for the Airscale magic touch. Tom
  5. Well said that man! I keep telling myself that as well! What’s the wingspan of a 1/32nd 737NG out of interest? It must be huge..!
  6. I’ve got loads of part-finished builds as I hop from one build to the next all the time. For some reason, and I’ve never been able to put my finger on it, I lose interest in a build part way through and so it goes into the loft for storage. I then will lose interest in the next one, and whilst putting that in the loft I’ll stumble across an older build and bring that down for some love. And then the cycle continues. I then often have a year where I’ll finish barely anything, and then I’ll have a year like this one where I’ve completed five different LSPs - although all of
  7. Cheers, gents. Still a long way to go but the mojo is holding out so far.
  8. I’ve built a GR3 recently too. As others have said it is a product of its time but I had great fun with it. I didn’t use any aftermarket but did add detail to the cockpit using Evergreen and the like as detail here is lacking. The ejection seat is designed to have the pilot seated so again some additional work was done to the seat. If you get hold of one, you’ll have a lot of fun - good old fashioned modelling at its best.
  9. Unbelievable. As often is the case with your builds, Peter, I am lost for words. Tom
  10. Good evening ladies and gents, I've not updated this thread for a while but I've nevertheless been beavering away with the mighty Sunderland... I've made four small tabs on the sill of each porthole which will support the glazing when the time comes. Once these have been painted black and the 'glass' is in, they should be all but invisible: I've also sprayed the bulk of the interior and the bulkheads black for the areas that won't be seen. The forward section and basic flightdeck structure has been given a coat of British Interior Grey/Green:
  11. For someone who doesn’t like working with NMF, you’re sure damn good at it! Those hit sections looks so realistic. Brilliant work. Tom
  12. Hi Kev, They are injection-moulded but certainly come under the ‘short run’ bracket. As Jennings insinuates, the quality of Mach 2 kits is somewhat ‘variable’... Tom
  13. For the fans of 1/72nd scale airliners, Mach 2 are realeasing a series of DC-8 kits. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/douglas-ec-24-us-navy-expected-december-2020-gp110usn-mach-2-gp110usn-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=174343 https://www.aviationmegastore.com/douglas-dc8-50-armee-de-l-air--french-af-sarigue--expected-december-2020-gp110aaf-mach-2-gp110aaf-aircraft-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=174344 https://www.aviationmegastore.com/douglas-dc8-30-pan-american-airlines-expected-december-2020-gp110paa-mach-2-gp110paa-
  14. No worries - and thanks for taking the time to stop by and have a read! Sadly I’ve not been doing much to this of late as I’ve been distracted by the big Sunderland instead but the Shack will be back on the bench in due course
  15. Agree with the above - let’s see it in all its glory. Having built many vacs I know the amount of work that will have gone into this - it looks like a fine job!
  16. Massive congratulations, Ben - my advice is get plenty of modelling in now..! Evening all, I've been making some good progress this week on the big Sunderland. Lots of plastic card and Evergreen strip to the rescue, combined with a fair bit of reference checking and head-scratching, and I now have the basic structures of the bomb room and forward fuselage/flightdeck completed. The bomb room has been kitted out with the basic structure - the doors are actually open on the real aircraft but as I'm not detailing the areas either fore or aft I've used a bit of c
  17. Wow. This is going to be epic! Great choice of subject too. I know exactly what you mean about the mojo. When a model becomes a chore it’s time to put it away. That’s why I’ve got about a gazillion projects on the go at any one time and as you rightly say modelling should be fun - and it looks like you’re having a blast. I can’t wait to see more! Tom
  18. She sure is a big girl in this scale - the sheer bulk of it in 1/32nd means there's going to be a lot of paint needed when the time comes. I've been making some good progress this week - I've finished the main structure of the bomb room, finished off the interior sidewall structure of the forward fuselage, and made a start on the basic cockpit structure. It's too dark for pictures by the time I get home from work, but I'm planning on getting the camera out over the weekend. Tom
  19. That cockpit painting is of the highest order - absolutely gorgeous!
  20. With the skinning on it’s really starting to come to life now, Craig. You’ll need a decent set of shades when viewing the model outside in a sunny day - the glare!
  21. Unfortunately the kitchen table is all I have right now. I used to have the spare room where I could have everything out and pick it up as and when the mood took. However, since the arrival of our second baby I’ve been evicted! It does make it a bit of a bind getting everything out each time I want to build and my build rate is much slower, but there’s no alternative at the moment. Today I’ve been working on the centre section ‘bomb room’ and have made some good progress - hopefully some more piccies soon. Tom
  22. Mods - I was wondering if this thread could be moved to the ‘in progress’ section now that the GB is long done..?
  23. Isn’t it strange how you can lose interest in a model for months, sometimes years, and then suddenly you pick it up and can’t put it back down again..? The big Sunderland is back in the bench, baby!
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