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  1. Nice! Is it the photo or do the wings not look a bit ‘flat’
  2. The news is usually doom and gloom so it’s reassuring to know we are living through another golden age of modelling
  3. Well I’m glad the Dihedral-gate is case closed. I’d like to do a Tropicalised version. If they don’t bring one out I’m sure the aftermarket boys will be quote all over it
  4. Dihedral-gate. Looking forward to the first build
  5. Did I blink and miss it? Edit: ok just caught up went in tried to pre order Taube and Rumpler - but found out at check out only US customers- no overseas option- doh!
  6. Timing and luck play a major role doing the ‘dash to the stash’ !
  7. Well I ran the gauntlet and got the Hobby Boss B-24 past the other day so you never know!
  8. So I guess the will do a tropicalised version?
  9. Hi good news. Is there a limit per customer ( only want to get about 4-6 individual kits) ? Thanks:)
  10. Let the feeding frenzy begin. From last time I think Andy’s was only for IS buyers? Edit: I mean US buyers. But you never know
  11. Yes, just like with Tamiya catalog when kid. I tended to look at products page most often but occasionally other modellers builds to go wow. But their instructions were of main interest. You might want to join the WW1 aircraft modelling forum site for better feedback to this question
  12. When I saw HKs latest announcement for a B25 My eyes read B-24 because it’s top of the Wishlist. Doh! hK has done the B17 and Lancaster - will they do a 24 D-J/H/L/M? BTW I don’t care what variant from the consolidated mess they do and long as something makes it out.
  13. If Tamiya dosen’t do another 1/32, might they release a new p-51 with extra sprue for louvred vent? Or possibly re- do the Zeros and Spits without the toy stuff?
  14. My deluded eyes read B24j with interior and with massive excitement I clicked the link. Noooo! B25j ! Oh well back to the monogram I go…
  15. Hi Whats the point of this post? Speculating on a show coming up and suggesting Tamiya do 2 kits that have been done nicely (Tamiya Mustang)already or coming up (ZM 109) in 1/32? Oh well such is life, Another wish list.
  16. CSM are doing a great job with early kits (1914 etc) and Lukhgraph are filling in the rest of the twin seaters Wingnuts didn’t do, in Resin. Roden are bringing out a Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter and Special Hobby a Hanriot Very unlikely but Border might get their hands on the Handley Page or other WNW kits. I’d like to see CSM or Kotare do a revisit of Spad Vii and Albatros 111. But I do fully support Roden so would feel bad wishing for this
  17. Hey why don’t they do a new Corsair as well? But seriously why? The Tamiya Mustang and Spit xi have some toyish extras, but apart from that as good as it gets, right?
  18. Good question. Having no engine might bring the price down but everything has gone up. If they released something Tamiya, ZM etc has/ is doing it would have to be much less expensive, surely?
  19. Huh? Anyway. There are a few suggestions here but have to wait and see. Seems like Kotare will generate almost as much speculation as Tamiya or WNW. Now if they could just release their planned schedule for the next 10 years… All I can say is it won’t be a Gotha UWD wacky racer My top 5 dreamlistwould be Lysander Ju87B Spad vii Albatros III and B24 Liberator (32 or 48) So I’d better get scratchbuilding…
  20. I understand the logic of visiting Spitfire 1-V. But If Tamiya have their great kits, Revell bring out nice early Hurricane family, ZM have their simpler 109s and 190s coming plus Hasegawa have their offerings , would Kotare want to compete with that in a niche market ? If no one does a P51b / mk IV then yes. Early Thunderbolt, not my cup of Tea but maybe. I’d like to see them do a few less popular kits like Lysander ( hasn’t been done forever.) Ju87b - I’ve read the Trumpeter kit has shape issues. Apparently the Trumpy Wildcat is ok. Or maybe Japanese type (‘Pete’?) I’m curious to see if they bring out any WW1 or interwar (or later) stuff. But they can release a Bleriot or Myazaki flying pig for all I care. Put me down for a MK IIb/ 111/ V Spit in the meantime
  21. I’ll buy at least one of their kits and whatever they bring out next is fine ( as long as it’s a Ju 87b, Ki 100, Spad vii or Albatros 111) Hurricane wouldn’t be bad, but aren’t Revell doing one?
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