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    Looks like they still had a little stroke of bad luck. The center section that landed on the drone ship fell over in rough seas after successfully landing https://ca.yahoo.com/news/spacex-falcon-heavy-center-core-023439082.html
  2. Ok that's pretty nice Great work Dave
  3. I googled it A26 70' wing x 50' fuse Mossie 54' wing x 44' fuse
  4. I personally don't like rubber tires on models, they are tough to weather and age. I also don't like exaggerated bulged tires. Flattened contact patches are definitely a must for me though
  5. I think it's time to put this thread to rest. Ron
  6. I have never had the kit but having been on staff almost as long as the kit is old and I've seen countless threads over the years that the kit landing gear will not support the model. G-Factor landing gear is apparently a must but can be difficult to find at times..... although I see Sprue Bros does have them in stock right now http://store.spruebrothers.com/product_p/gfm32001.htm
  7. Bloomberg https://ca.yahoo.com/finance/news/boeing-737-max-defense-just-102350287.html From what I have read on all of this, the MCAS moves the entire tailplane using the jack screw we've heard so much about to pitch the nose down. Makes one wonder if just switching it off doesn't tell this jack screw to level the nose again and pilot input to just the elevators isn't enough throw to pull out
  8. A really good example would be Academy's USMC AH-1Z release. Many weeks ago I posted a in-box review of this kit by Andy's hobby corner in the forums but it didn't go to our main page. David Williams did an excellent review of this kit for LSP and it's in this weeks what's new. Ron
  9. I completely understand your question. I've been on staff for almost 12 years now and a member for about 15. We've never highlighted other sites reviews etc on our main page. But to answer your question, what's new is LSP's content, written and generated by members, staff and sponsors. It's not really meant as "what's new in the hobby" its a meant as a "what's new on LSP in our hobby", be that a review, a build article, a new product from a sponsor etc. but its our content. Hopefully that makes sense Ron
  10. I thought I was very polite in suggesting it? Oh well.... Ron
  11. I honestly can't answer that as it was a long time ago. Maybe?
  12. Glad it solved your question Good luck Ron
  13. It's a bear to make fit but it can be done. But.... you have to decide cowl on or cowl off because you need to sand down many of the bits under the cowl to make it fit. Here is my build from several years ago where I did get it to fit HTH Ron
  14. A review of it was posted here about a month ago
  15. Let's keep it civil please. I've hidden your last post Jennings. Ron
  16. That looks great Bruce!
  17. You may want to consider opening a thread on the Vendors board to promote your turrets also? Just a thought. Ron
  18. May I suggest moving this to PM conversations rather than the forums?
  19. Some great input but I am going to lock this thread now. Many if not most members come here as a place to numb the bad news of the outside world and escape it for a break not chat about them. Our sincere condolences to those affected.
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