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  1. And it's a much quicker build to complete than the Corsair would be.
  2. Was the fish tail exhaust Rolls Royce and the round exhaust Packard?
  3. I know its not..... but it sure looks the same as a B-2 almost like some design engineers licked their pencils and added a "1" behind the 2, looked up at the buyer and said "here is your new bomber"
  4. If you pick the Tamiya Corsair be very mindful of parts used and part placement when building the engine and wing fold areas. Follow the instruction very closely as these two areas can really be messed up. If the Hase P-40 be sure to glue the tail onto each fuse half before joining the fuse halves together. The instructions do not follow this method and makes for a poor fit. There might also be a frame molded on the wind screen that should not be there.
  5. Kev, throw me in as a recipient, first time for me actually. I'll donate another chopper this year.
  6. Thanks Kev, these are great. I agree, the marketing folks at Revell need review, not the kit.... LOL Cheers Ron
  7. The King Cobra cut the B-17 in half behind the wing. Horrific. RIP....
  8. Interesting, so what does three yellow bands mean?
  9. You beat me to it!!! If it was a Boston III I 'd likely buy a few of these but I think I'll pass on this one hoping they make a Boston III in the future.
  10. Interesting question. I know the yellow means high explosive but the one, two or three strips, no idea.
  11. There are a few examples of them in Russian markings on the web.
  12. You are more than welcome Chris. Glad they made it to you so fast. Looking great!
  13. I have two spare bottles of Alclad polished aluminum that are yours if you want them. PM me your address and I can fedex them to you this week. Ron
  14. Price permitting, I'd buy one. Love the 46 Ron
  15. That was funny, language warning
  16. Oh man I've been looking for that kit for years!
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