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  1. We had a thread on this not long ago. I thought it was zinc chromate but was proven wrong. They were bare aluminum
  2. Neat pic. That was a huge bird! LOL
  3. Here are a few pics of her I took several years ago
  4. I found this on this lazy Sunday afternoon. An interesting story. Such a shame that her flying carrier ended on her back which broke it. It will never fly again. She is now on static display in the RAF museum. I saw it in the the RAF museum in London but apparently it's been moved to Cosford?
  5. I wish they would do what they did with the Yamato and Bismark to the 1/32 F-14 kit.
  6. I thought this was pretty interesting. This plane fascinated me as a kid
  7. Yup, Here go to the 8.1min mark in this video from Andy's Hobbies.
  8. The track system put me off on the Stuart. I'd never finish them. Super time consuming.
  9. Thanks for thinking of us Mods all, but truth be told it's zero work for us and yes it is a toggle to turn off. For the record, I've told staff I don't care for it and think it's rather silly and completely meaningless. We have members here that rarely post but been here for years and others that are new but very active. 7/14 (14 of what?) is a collaborator 8/14 is a community regulator 9/14 is a rising star 10/14 is a proficient 11/14...? 12/14 is a mentor 13/14 is a veteran 14/14 is a grand poobah LOL (Grand Master) It's not going to ruin my day at LSP either way but I don't see the point myself.
  10. To those of us that are Canadian. Ron
  11. Oh wow!!! that's terrible news. I am really sorry to hear this. RIP Lothar, you were a valued member here and will be missed.
  12. Lyme disease is nasty, you are VERY lucky to have caught it early.
  13. Sorry Allan, as much as I totally agree with you, I had to hide your post because it is political.
  14. There were three Cavaleir Mustangs brought up to Edmonton in the 70's from Bolivia first registered to Arny Carnegie. Ross Grady bought What's Up Doc which now flies as Lou IV as you say, the other was bought by Ritchie Rasmussen back in the 70's but sold and now flies as "Mormon Mustang" and the last was bought by my best friends dad, Larry Mockford but since sold and now flies as "Six Shooter". But if you search the history on these planes the last two show as owned by Neil McClain, with no mention of Ritchie or Larry but this info above is accurate. I am not sure why that is. I'll have to ask Larry next time I see him.
  15. I think my absolute limit in the number of times I'd enjoy building the same kit is no more than twice. Twelve!! wow!!!
  16. Have you tried other sites like armorama Rick? Although many of us build targets I don't think LSP would be much of a honey hole for searching for armor kits.
  17. USPS upped their rates tremendously last year (or maybe the year before). I can't even use Sprue Bros anymore because of it. A shame because they were my go to for years.
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