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  1. If you have Prime, this is highly recommended. One of the best Docs. I've watched in years. VERY well done https://www.amazon.co.uk/Thud-Pilots-Larry-Poole/dp/B07M6VVBJV
  2. I agree, that is totally rebuildable, the question is if someone is willing to put that kind of money into a two seater Fury and is it worth it?
  3. LSP_Ron


    Stay safe Karim, glad to here your family is OK. Ron
  4. Just like the buried Spitfires in Burma, I'm not holding my breath that this true. Where is the Imperial War Museum in Wuxford.
  5. What's really weird is Andy took down the Youtube video.
  6. Nice build of a 418 squadron bird. I have to pull mine out and finish it.
  7. It's fine here, you posted in the right area for this also! Thx
  8. Its worth your time, my only complaint would be the sound, at least on our system. It was really low when people were speaking so you turn it up then the action bits hit and it would wake the neighbors up it's so loud.
  9. I watched it last weekend with my wife who hates war flicks but loved it also. Agreed, highly recommended.
  10. I think this is the only topic on this kit
  11. That was fantastic. Seems like a real good guy too.
  12. Great stuff, Have you had her up yet?
  13. Agree to disagree? but agree with the 90% of them being error, and I am talking war birds only at air displays and not military training (absolutely no disrespect intended, thank our for your service). There is no point watching war birds flying at 1000's of ft and a small spec in the sky. They were restored for the public to enjoy the noise and speed. The Black Six situation has nothing to do with low passes what so ever and is literally not relevant other than being a 109 doing an air display and again miss judgement over mechanical issue. It is beautiful restored and resides in the RAF museum. I think I have walk arounds of it on LSP? What your implying is don't fly them at all and I personally think that is sad. More and more examples of great WW2 planes are being restored to flying condition. This is a good thing not a bad thing. It will be a sad, sad day if we need to see restored war birds fly over at high level and not hear the sounds, whistles and such that they the make or worse not see them fly at all. I'm still posting low level passes. Sorry but when they go, so does our feeling of how these old birds sound and look, and from the looks of the industry they are on the rise as restorations not on the fall. I'll treasure my four visits to Duxford immensely and hope for at least one more, and the low level passes that come with it. I am a huge follower of the aircraft restoration world and want them to fly and see the odd low pass. Ron
  14. I'd say very very very few. The low level aerobatics is the issue reallly. The P-38 example is a good one. That wasn't a low level high speed pass across Duxford that just crashed into the ground, it was very low consecutive rolls while loosing altitude. Maneuvers too low to recover from, or too low too slow or in some cases mechanical issue seem to be the most common cause of bad endings.
  15. That must have been a big bird!
  16. Wow, great paint. Love the weathering LOL It's really Well done Ron
  17. Love the Canadian Riot! That's out of control!
  18. I received a pair of Croc shoes from China last week off Amazon.
  19. It's Italian, I wonder why they are going with German?
  20. There are pictures? click on the link above and it will take you to William's build thread.
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