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  1. It's a great kit John, you'll love it. I've built 3 1/2 of them.
  2. I too have this same subject half completed. I am pretty sure it's a clip wing and will be going with the assumption the cowl and fuel tank we replacement parts still in camo.
  3. I did for years as well and very good point on paint quantities. Not to mention most of our model paints are not fuel proof if your using gas engines.
  4. It certainly is old Brit slang as Vince states and explains the definition, but unless someone decides to graphically portray (strongly discouraged!) it then it really hasn't broken any rules.
  5. I remember back in the mid 80's when I was in the hobby biz we used to sell Revell and Monogram 1/25 car kits for $12-14 dollars each. Those same kits are now pushing $40+ each, same kits but 35 years later.
  6. Very nice, and great photography too.
  7. I have three of the original Aurora Gotha kits, I wonder what those are worth?
  8. I just picked up this kit Kev, I think I have you beat! I've actually seen this in the flesh and thought it was real for most of my visit until I did some reading.
  9. I kind of doubt it's anything aircraft related. Andy isn't really a aircraft modeling fan so I can't see him being so excited about a new Tamiya aircraft kit. He's Armour and cars mainly.
  10. Yes it is, here are some more pics I took a few years ago
  11. CF-105 Avro Arrow Here is an English link to it's background https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_Canada_CF-105_Arrow
  12. I didn't realize that B-52 kit was 52 years old. Wow, it was ahead of it's time.
  13. No thank you Kev, I'm happy to donate the kit but my stash doesn't need to get bigger. I'll opt out of the draw. Thanks Ron
  14. Hey K2, I think you forgot I was donating this for the holiday cheer. Ron
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