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    LSP? 1/48 is blasphemy. Do they even make kits in that scale anymore.....?
  2. I HATE spiders too. This year we have a huge deer tick infestation too, I've found several in my yard. You don't want one of these little buggers burrowing into your skin and giving you Lyme Disease
  3. Don't forget all the Williams Bros kits also. They are all 1920''s/30's subjects. http://www.wmbros.com/store/c22/Plastic_Model_Aircraft_Kits.html
  4. Congrats guys Sorry I am a little late to the game. Been distracted a lot the past week Ron
  5. That's an insane amount of detail, and in such a short period of time.
  6. The Spit would be a piece of cake. The Corsair not so much as you'd also have to have the wheel rotating 90 degees to fit
  7. Yes there is a gallery for every group build although I don't like were we have it placed as they are kind of a little hidden. They can be found in the main Group Build forum but you have to scroll down to see them. It is most likely your iPad Rigor. Ron https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/forum/17-group-builds/
  8. Everything looks fine to me?
  9. Thanks Carl, I'll take a look now!!
  10. It was pretty disappointing. Today at lunch I went to one of the LHS and was floored at the cost of 1/25 AMT car kits now days. Back in the late 80's I used to sell these kits at $14-$16 Cdn. Now they are $45-$55 for the same kits. So now I don't know what to do. The same ten kits are going to cost me about $450 dollars but no shipping. So it's basically a wash.....
  11. One of them is your's Brian? what's up with that?
  12. Strongly suggest "NOT" no offense to the misses, but this is your down time not hers. My wife get's that and says absolutely nothing about what I start, when I start it or if I finish it. She does comment from time to time on my purchases but she doesn't cause me grief over it, just an eye roll from time to time, which many times I have to agree. If the Tomcat is tickling the fancy then start it....
  13. USA to Canada. It's a drive.... no planes, no boats. Put it on a truck and it gets here when it gets here.
  14. We pay $200 to ship 600Lb 25 foot long piece of pipe to Houston.
  15. I was preparing an order for ten kits that I've been eyeballing. All are 1/25 and 1/24 car models (sorry folks I also build those....) the total order was just over $200US but the shipping cost by post was $155 US. That's $200 Cdn. I had to cancel my order.
  16. You can jump to the 7:50 mark if you are not iterested in the rest I didn't realize Airfix did a stressed skin effect on this kit.
  17. Yes these old kits are a little crude but they are still fun. I just started a Fujimi Ferrari 250 GTO last night myself. Looks great to me.
  18. Welcome to LSP I can't answer your question but I am sure many here can!! Ron
  19. Well not really, They do decals, plycards, cockpit components, and several complete panels but most are 1/24. It's nice stuff! https://www.airscale.co.uk/store.html#!/Photo-Etch-Panels-with-Decals/c/16104112/offset=0&sort=normal
  20. The number of war birds attending and flying is simply jaw dropping. The
  21. Wow, I have such a hard time with PE yet you make it look so easy!
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