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  1. I edited the title of this thread. These are not "sprue" shots. Ron
  2. I think your right Andy, I've only ever seen pics of the slipper tank on Spitfires.
  3. You haven’t filled enough ejector pin marks yet Kev? LOL
  4. Funny, I posted this here about five years ago. It's a neat video.
  5. Well that is a huge blow to the community. My sincere condolences to the family. Ron
  6. You’ve been busy. Looking great.
  7. At what point do we accept it is a make you feel good movie? Good lord.....
  8. Too Funny Pete, Show them a rotary dial phone and see if they understand that.
  9. Well I'll chime in now. Seven of us went to watch it tonight and all of us liked it. It matches how it's advertised. Entertainment. It's a good entertaining movie, it's a horrible example of reality and I'll take two hours of entertainment over two hours of reality any time these days.... It is what it is. I liked it.
  10. I’m going to see it with no expectations of reality. It’s entertainment, not reality. Sometimes I need entertainment and not reality. Cheers, Ron
  11. All those injector pin marks would drive me absolutely insane!
  12. You've been a member here for 15 days. Thanks for the post. Ron
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