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  1. I always seem to lose my model mojo at the end of kits so i tend to not concentrate on the weapons as much as i should, so i decided to finish the 'load' before the plane. Next move is to fix and mask the canopy then its time to paint
  2. oh i really like the looks of that one .....3000peice, yikes
  3. The Christmas tradition continues, I've become a slave to the jigsaw for the last few days
  4. Great timing. I intend to start mine when I have finished my current project. which AM cockpit did you use? amazing details so far
  5. This is becoming the slowest build ever, just no time at the bench at the moment The fuel tanks are complete, I'm just wondering if the should be a matt finish or maybe semi gloss??? I made a right mess of the exhaust can, terrible masking job, going to have to start again Happy new year fellows
  6. well done Gaz, love the snowy tank, hope you have agreat Christmas, I managed to finish three kits , one was the Felixstowe, the other was WW1 tank and Panhard VBL, I'm happy with my efforts
  7. yikes, rescuing this build from page 6, I'm not a big fan of Christmas (bah humbug) i seem to have less bench time. I'm jumping around a bit with this model, but progress is being made
  8. beautiful finish, perfect wear in my opinion, thanks for sharing your build
  9. looks fantastic, especially for a never again build, well done
  10. your colour modulation technique is very good, thanks for the photo sequences. I'm looking forward to seeing you dry transfers, i have some to try on my latest build Great work
  11. I'm not a huge fan of the subject, but huge admirer of your skills, keep us posted Congrats on the publication
  12. stunning model congrats and thanks for sharing
  13. I'll try a flat coat on the mule next time i load the airbrush with it Sometimes i wonder what it is about modelling that makes me spend 4 sessions perfecting(almost) a seam on a fuel tank.....twice. Outsider looking in just wouldn't understand. The first pic is the amount of gear i use for seam filling, crazy really, haha but great fun hey And then to top it all, i checked references and there is no separate nose cone on the tanks so i will have to fill and sand that as well
  14. that looks fantastic Did you just gloss coat the area where the decals were?
  15. thanks mongoose, i actually need to tone down the shadows, i hit the figure with some flat clear and the wash went pop I'm considering trying some black basing on the fuel tanks and undersides, so thought I'd better practice the basic technique is very easy but perfecting it ......... wow you are one pass of the mist coat away from making it look average, its a lot harder than it looks. The spatter dots are from when i sprayed one area of the scotchbrite to much Always learning
  16. some progress over the weekend, max and mini cockpits, great fun
  17. another huge box delivery, man your stash must be huge
  18. I thought I'd join the F-16 club, there seems to be plenty being built at the moment. I'm planning on doing in-flight version. I'm not sure if its allowed but i will be building 1/72 version at the same time, if anyone has ordanance for 1/72 kit and want to sell, please PM me. If there is objection to a few pics of the 1/72 build just let me know and i'll delete/change my posts I have a set of HGW wet transfers for the kit, i have no idea how they work, should be interesting
  19. i just cant believe where that year has gone, only 8 weeks left, your kidding
  20. model is finished, just have to re paint figure with Frenchie camo colours, really not sure what to do with the base i dont have any static grass or foliage stuff, hummm The kit is small and basic the reason i enjoyed it the most is all the AM
  21. I will probably buy at least 4 nose kits and do various aircraft and nose art, maybe a cut away as well, they will make good display pieces, can’t wait
  22. i'm not sure how many of you will be jealous of me buying this kit, the reviews are appalling, haha The parts look crisp and sharp with good details and I wanted a large scale Harrier and this is the only game in town, wish me luck Now where shall I mount these Sidewinders??
  23. Update Update Update...camo on next up, clear coat and decals After looking at my previous models, i tend to mess up with to much un-coordinated weathering, so i'm really going to tone it down to just a pinwash and light splashes
  24. That looks so good and a great tribute to your family. I really like your weathering especially the underside
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