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    I mostly build 1/32 aircraft now. I also like to build 1/35 armor. I build jets and props.

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  1. Are you planning F-4C/D and F-4J in 1/32? Mike
  2. Are the bases available and how much are they? Mike
  3. What would be a good color match for the above color using Tamiya paint? I am getting ready to start my ME-262 and need that color. Thanks, Mike
  4. Planning on coming to Omaha next year. Mike
  5. There was an announcement of I believe 12 new 1/32 phantoms starting next spring. The first one is supposed to be a “B”. I was told cost around $300.00! Mike
  6. Depends on what you are going to build. There are a lot less 1/32 than 1/48 aircraft. Mike
  7. Just over 1 week for my order once shipped. Mike
  8. Won’t be there this year, too much is going on with family and friends. Mike
  9. Next years convention is in Omaha, then it is in San Antonio. After that who knows but I suspect that it will be in the East for a couple of years, at least I hope so. Mike
  10. There are close to 600 pre-registrants for the convention. I am going. A lot of sight seeing on this trip. Looking to go to Nellis AFB also. Mike
  11. You did a great job! What did you do exactly to get it to look so good! Mike
  12. We should be on the seminar schedule for our LSP meet and greet. I requested a Friday morning time. Mike
  13. Got my kit today, only took 8 days. Haven’t had a chance to really look at it. Mike
  14. I got an email from Hannants today stating my kit has been dispatched. Mike
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