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    I mostly build 1/32 aircraft now. I also like to build 1/35 armor. I build jets and props.

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  1. My LHS had 3 in stock and sold all 3. Not sure if he is going to get any more unless they are special orders. I got mine for $187.50. Mike
  2. phantom

    Looks like the Revell Super Hornet is out

    How much is this selling for? Mike
  3. phantom

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    I am building a "C" now and it is so much better than the Trumpeter F-18. Mike
  4. Great looking decals! Mike
  5. phantom

    Chattanooga Nationals Meeting for LSP?

    I am checking into a SIG table for LSP. Who is interested in having a table? Mike
  6. phantom

    Looking for STANDING WWII navy pilot in 1/32

    Master Details has a figure also. Mike
  7. Not tamiya but trumpeter has announced a new 1/32 A-6A. Mike
  8. phantom

    HB B24 discussion: AM and fixes.

    Are there any AM decals announced other than "the dragon"? Mike
  9. phantom

    Spotted Ass Ape HobbyBoss B-24 Assembly Ship

    I am getting ready to pull the trigger on getting one and making it into an assembly ship. Mike
  10. phantom

    Second mirage pilot, stepping out, by Reedoak

    I wish you could come to the USA IPMS Nationals. You would get alot of my $. Mike
  11. phantom

    2018 LSP Christmas Raffle Winners

    Kit arrived today in great shape, thanks Mike. Mike
  12. phantom

    IPMS Region 5 Convention

    Hoping to meet up with a member or two at this convention. Mike
  13. phantom

    Rules of the Road

    Morning, looking at doing a F-18C and a A-6E. Not sure of the markings for the F-18C but the A-6E will be a Sunday Puncher. Mike
  14. phantom

    2018 LSP Christmas Raffle Winners

    The last contact was 12/28. Mike
  15. phantom

    2018 LSP Christmas Raffle Winners

    Still waiting on mine. Mike