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  1. The convention is 4 months and 10 days away let’s just wait and see how things turn out. Mike
  2. If they cancel San Marcos, that will give me 2 years to prepare for Omaha. I am not planning on going to Las Vegas next year.
  3. Does anyone know the cost of this must have kit?
  4. They are still making plans for the convention while keeping an eye on developments with the covid-19 virus.
  5. Was all set to order until I got the final price of $57.00! Pretty pricey for a set of decals. Mike
  6. My suggestion is: 1/32 B-24 thanks, Mike
  7. What planes and time frame would these be used? mike
  8. This F-4C sheet is really appealing. Does anyone know of the release dates for these two sheets? Mike
  9. What models are you bringing to the show? I plan on bringing a A-1J and several armor pieces. Mike
  10. I built a 57th FIS phantom A number of years ago. It was posted on this site. It is a sharp looking aircraft. I will have to get this set and build another one. Mike
  11. Brian, I am driving down from Wisconsin, you can drive from Omaha! it is going to be a blast come on down! Mike
  12. Never had a problem. I would order again. Mike
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