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    I mostly build 1/32 aircraft now. I also like to build 1/35 armor. I build jets and props.

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  1. Working on my B-24D. A lot of interior parts to this one. Mike
  2. What color is the landing gear on a B-24D? I have been unable to find any good color pics online. Thank you, Mike
  3. I wish the website had an English option! Mike
  4. Does anyone know if the same errors that were on the B version are on the C version? Mike
  5. What is the difference between the B and C besides the nose? Mike
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Mike
  7. phantom


    It appears that the Revell kit is unavailable at this time, I was thinking of doing a P-51B any advice on the P-51B? Mike
  8. phantom


    Which kit would you recommend for the 262, Revell or Trumpeter? Mike
  9. What is the status on the Helldiver? Mike
  10. Here is my contribution to the waffle, it is one package; warbird tech a-10 book fox one 366th TFW gunfighters F-4 cam F-4S VF-161 cam F-4B VF-111 (no instructions) Mike
  11. phantom


    What is the best 1/32 Stuka on the market? Mike
  12. Sign me up as a participant. I will check to see what I can donate. Mike
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