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  1. The 1/32 field is wide open for Japanese subjects that haven't been kitted yet. Just about anything would be welcome (by me at least).
  2. It has already been posted that Fly is doing the plastic.
  3. Yes, but you can make some best guesses based on the accuracy of the colors applied to other objects in the photo.
  4. Been using imgur since Photobucket shat its bed with no issues. I use it to post my photos everywhere. Haven't had any problems with the folders myself but YMMV.
  5. I believe ICM has a couple of pilot sets but I don't believe there are any 1/32 Wehrmacht unless you can find an old 21st Century Toys figure set--and as they are OOP they might be pricey.
  6. A Meng Jagdpanther can be had for about $30-$35 on Ebay. Dragon's kit is at least double that now and doesn't even come with all the PE or decent tracks anymore. At least from my viewpoint, Meng is a pretty good deal for what you get.
  7. I was at my local HobbyTown USA earlier today and they had about two dozen WNW kits, including a bunch of those 'Limited Edition' sets. They didn't have any when I was there just over a month ago. But I don't do WWI so I walked out with the Revell boxing of ICM's Bücker Bü131 D.
  8. Strangely enough, at work today one of my fellow teachers asked if we should use the 'cryptic' way of documenting what the students/clients say in the classroom, and our principal said to spell it out exactly as said. My students are teen offenders with mental disturbances and will often curse each other or us out. We were told to let their caseworkers/P.O. officers know exactly what they do in the room.
  9. Is the last hidden letter nest to the 's' another 't'? Trying to solve the puzzle. And is the only vowel an 'a'?
  10. From the look of it, and descriptions in customer reviews, it sounds like ordinary PVA (white school glue) to me. And people do use that. It takes hours to fully cure and it can get messy.
  11. I was a ground zero eyewitness to 9/11. I can understand not wanting to talk about things you see during such times; my grandfather never spoke to me about his time in the PTO, and he was a Marine Air Corps pilot so not even on the front down in the dirt. I don't enjoy telling people I watched helplessly as office workers tumbled from windows. But I tell my story every 9/11 to my students so it won't be forgotten (by some at least) and to let off some of the pressure the memories build inside me.
  12. I have a bunch of their kits; air, land, and rail. The quality varies, especially as the kits get older. However their more recent armor is generally better and no one else really tackles WWII railroad subjects like they do. Also curious as to whether or not they could have done a better job on the Liberator or Invader than their Hobby Boss subsidiary.
  13. Okay, we've seen the photo and know its true. Now we need the 'why'.
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