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  1. If they were white men or working for the white patriarchy (which the military does) then the media is uninterested.
  2. And with one of his children. Dying would be bad enough, but knowing your kid was going alongside you would make those final seconds all the worse for me.
  3. And there it is. That's why people need to lighten up about new releases. So they didn't make it to the one you wanted; be patient. The only downside is if you die before they get to it, but there is plenty of good stuff to mess with while you wait. I would love it to tears if Hasegawa made a Doka to go with their other VW buses in 1/24. The ultimate would be if someone would release in 1/24 either a 1969 VW Deluxe Transporter or 1973 Volvo P1800, the cars I and my wife owned when we met. I know those aren't planes, but I'm starting to lose hope for a Devastator in 1/32 and those were next on my list.
  4. Admit it; you're just afraid of tackling those camo schemes. Deep inside you know you want this.
  5. ICM is really pumping out some good stuff.
  6. Actually, my very first attempt at airbrushing camo was a go I had at a 21st Century Toys kit of the Macchi c.202, about 7 years ago: Do you like my fancy kit stand?
  7. I just found a copy of Shores' "Pictorial History of the Mediterranean Air War" and it has several photos of CR 42's in both Italian and German schemes. Pretty good timing for me, as I haven't built anything in a Mediterranean color scheme yet.
  8. Been there, done that. Numerous times. You can string those people along for quite a while if they think you are going to fork over your info or money at some point.
  9. You are entitled to your opinion, however wrong it might be.
  10. There are two reasons for these listings: The seller (usually foreign converting to U.S. dollars) makes an error in calculation or the seller is waiting for new stock to arrive and rather than end a listing they edit the price to a level no sane person would pay and once new stock arrives they switch it back.
  11. If I can complete four I have on my table right now before the 31st, I'll have you tied, pal.
  12. They didn't tell you to stay lying down in a certain position for a few days after the bubble treatment? Usually you have to be orientated in a position that allows the bubble to rise up and push the retina back against the eye's interior wall. It was really hard making my wife stay one way only on the couch for a week (She insisted on watching TV with her good eye).
  13. I'm good. Already seen my wife's retinal detachment and buckle insertion video.
  14. I had to divert my money to a new hot water heater and microwave back-to-back but I do hope to get one of these before they are all gone. I have to admit anything new and Japanese in 1/32 excites me to see.
  15. So far I have only built their 1/32 Kettenkraftrad but the fit was so good on it I actually didn't use cement on some parts as they stayed put quite nicely on their own.
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