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  1. It used 'rare' once, which apparently was enough.
  2. It isn't always obvious when people are depressed enough to end it all. I am a teacher in a facility for behaviorally and sexually disturbed teenagers; tons from the sex trade out of Atlanta. I had a student successfully discharge from the program and to all appearances he seemed upbeat and looking forward to going home. Three days later the administration was advising us to redirect any questions about him from the remaining clients as his family had just posted his suicide on Facebook. And then there was my friend's roommate in college who decided to quit his meds cold turkey one day... It's one of those things that both does and does not make sense; mostly does not.
  3. One of my cats toppled a German APC off a shelf but I got away with little damage. However, if what happened to your B-17 happened to mine, my neighbor would be in the market for a new dog within minutes.
  4. The SdKfz 247 has a nice open top for you to drop "supplies" into.
  5. Are you certain of that? Now, if you're referring to the Ausf B, then sure.
  6. As much as I would love a big warship, the amount of PE on those things makes my bowels watery.
  7. As we should all know by now, these companies like to release a staple product guaranteed to attract buyers to either get a new business rolling or fund a lesser known niche item, pet project, or test the waters with a new line. Regardless of how many 109s, Tigers, Mustangs, or A6M5s there are already on the market there is still a huge demand for them (and notice all can be painted with numerous distinctive schemes which helps gain repeat purchases). I know there was some variation in other vehicles but not to the degree the ones that make us go 'oh god not again' do. The 12yo who sees Midway and decides to build a Zero will buy this over the Tamiya, maybe even a Hasegawa depending on complexity and price. Amazon will certainly list the hell out of it and tons of kids and their moms hang out there. Those who plan to pass on this might instead wait and see what they develop with the profit, if any. That might the exciting new release some of us are looking for.
  8. Although I would not have guessed it having built a large number of their 1/48 Pin Point series vehicles and diorama sets but I have no doubt, having built a couple of the smaller 1/72 ships only so far, that I am confident I can assemble the Falcon like a pro. The engineering is so good; I doff my hat to Bandai for such a leap in molding tech since the 1970's. It's the painting that I find daunting as I want to do a respectable job and I kind of find it hard to get some of my usual paints to adhere to such a hard plastic. I find they are more prone to chip like they just can't grab hold. I've been using different acrylics because of my paint setup but I do have enamels. I can only paint on weekend days with the garage door open while using volatiles and that slows me down. I have been given permission to display it in the living room as long as it doesn't look like one of the old Play Mates ships with the lights and sounds. I also have a green light for a TOS Starship Enterprise, and unbeknownst to her a Klingon battlecruiser as well.
  9. You know, external backup drives are pretty cheap. You shouldn't be putting your only copies of stuff in one place EVER. This has been mentioned in discussions of PB. Imgur, Flickr, etc., are all fine alternatives but even so you have no true control over your files anywhere on line.
  10. Are you going to let the 8th grader work on you?
  11. Hey, here's those janky homemade rigs I made years ago: I used the one on the left for the He 111. I drilled holes in it so I could move the hanger wire supports around to hold the wings. All of my old school Revell kits were built on those.
  12. Aside from the long awaited Devastator TBD, I would like more WWII subjects from Japan, Italy, France, etc. There are definitely some key aircraft that have yet to be kitted in 1/32, or are in a desperate need to be brought to current tooling standards.
  13. Requirements mentioned back in June were looking at 8 GBs, which is probably the minimum. I have 16, but I betting it will struggle with that based on my experience with FS10 years ago.
  14. Having seen the plane myself up close, I most definitely agree with the light pattern over the darker surface. It is so painfully obvious. Running the paint job down the length of the fuselage rather than waste time masking off hidden areas makes sense as well up to a point. I can't wait to see what you do with this build, and I can't wait to get back to D.C. sometime when the 1:1 is all assembled.
  15. I have one. Yours turned out great. Hope mine does as well.
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