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  1. CATCplSlade

    Takom Jagdpanther G1

    A few caveats to the paint schemes discussed: During the all-red interior craze of '44, you only had to deal with zimmerit for the first month (September). Other than that the red was generally confined to below sponson height and Elfenbein above. However, the G2 went into production around December/January at the end of 1944 so you have only about two months of no dealing with zimmerit -- but this is completely inside the 'all-red interior' window. The only way you can accurately depict a G1 with an Elfenbein interior is to also apply zimmerit. If you want the Hinterhalt-TarnĂ¼ng camo (ambush) you only have August 1944 as your production window, or again you're all-red. From what I can tell, the kit does not do molded-on zimmerit like Dragon has done. Do they offer the decals for it or are you going to DIY? So long story short: If you don't want it all red, try zimmerit instead. If you want your outside slick, get used to the color of brick. An ambush frees you from one or the other, but not both.
  2. CATCplSlade

    Takom Jagdpanther G1

    My translation may be a bit more formal, but it's along the lines of, "Ich kann hier keine verdammte Sache sehen; Sie malen dieses verdammte Sache etwas anderes als rot." Give or take. Maybe someone who didn't learn it in a single high school class years ago can edit me.
  3. CATCplSlade

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    I already ordered one that the last notification stated was prepping to leave the mail center Dec. 27th. I know that stuff goes radio-silent once it gets loaded, so it could be in a container awaiting customs somewhere which is why I was interested in a time frame.
  4. CATCplSlade

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Would anyone Stateside who has ordered from this vendor or anyone else in Poland have experience with typical ship times for there to here? I know this stuff gets hung-up in transit for various reasons, but just wanted an idea of when concern should be a concept to bandy about. Thanks.
  5. CATCplSlade

    Calling on Tiger 1 experten!

    I've never found that to occur when I visit, and I am not a member. Maybe they only reveal their full glory to us armor heads.
  6. CATCplSlade

    Not being 100% accurate- is it a big deal?

    If it doesn't look 100% like the box cover when you are done, consider it an abject failure and sell your entire stash immediately.
  7. CATCplSlade

    Meng: new cute (weird) stuff!

    Game apparently hasn't been available since around September 2018; development problems trying to run a VR and non-VR version at same time.
  8. CATCplSlade

    Masks for armor?

    Alliance Model Works is one of the PE stencil makers: https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=1%2F35+alliance+german+&_sacat=220&LH_TitleDesc=0&_sop=15&LH_TitleDesc=0 I have a set of their Balkenkreuz for different time periods and they work fine on open areas of armor, but the metal is a bit stiff (thin stainless steel, not brass) and hard to fix them in tight areas unless you really coordinate your assembly and painting. Bending does kink them a bit so they won't lay down as flat the next time. I used them on this Hummel. This was during the first layer of weathering so the markings are still fresh looking: and here: and again here. The numerals are decals; I didn't have any number stencils yet.:
  9. CATCplSlade

    Masks for armor?

    Oh, then why didn't you say you needed markings? That they do make, but the majority I've seen are PE stencils.
  10. CATCplSlade

    Masks for armor?

    I have only seen masks for German factory-applied ambush camo, which was only on certain vehicles and the masks were obviously cut for specific kits. I only build German armor so I can't speak to other nationalities. I do all of mine freehand, though.
  11. CATCplSlade

    ICM 2019 Catalogue

    Guess maybe I shouldn't try looking at the catalog on a cell phone in poor lighting.
  12. CATCplSlade

    ICM 2019 Catalogue

    And a Japanese plane as well. Maybe not the Kate or Val many have wanted, but it's not another Zero at least.
  13. CATCplSlade

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    Unfortunately their new late production M3 Stuart is a rubber kit, but it isn't as bad on U.S. armor with the live track situation.
  14. CATCplSlade

    Some disheartening news from Revell

    Well, if you're just talking LSPs maybe so, but their armor - while still very nice and an easy build - are not 'the best' and as long as they keep on with the rubber band tracks simply won't ever be. They make very good examples of a class of vehicles but do not approach the specific level of detail Dragon did or companies like Takom are doing now.
  15. CATCplSlade

    Hobby Boss 1/32 B-24J - Initial Observations

    Space heaters; they'll extend your work season.