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  1. CATCplSlade

    My new additions...

    Nah, nah, nah, she was just trying to wean him off the glasses by forcing him to strengthen his eyes through use, like when they put a patch on a strong eye to fix a lazy eye.
  2. CATCplSlade

    My new additions...

    We had a cat a few years back who was kind enough to bring in and eviscerate a baby rabbit in my kids' bathroom. My wife was thoroughly pleased.
  3. CATCplSlade

    My new additions...

    Out of nearly 55 years on this planet, I been without a cat for only 7 (4 of which was due to living on-campus during college). Currently have 4 in the family. My mother bred Persians and Longhairs, who were essentially my brothers and sisters growing up.
  4. CATCplSlade

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    I enjoy those myself, although as a teacher in a classroom setting I have to bring things back to the topic because the authorities want us to stick to the subject. Teach what will be on the standardized tests and avoid too many tangents (unless you're discussing Geometry).
  5. CATCplSlade

    Scratch 1 billion dollars worth of F22

    I was a youngster when Camille hit in the 60's, been through Frederick and many others. Pensacola Beach was nearly washed away around a decade or so ago, and a vacant lot sits where my grandmother's house in Pensacola once existed. Hurricanes are the reason the Spanish abandoned the colony centuries ago. Any person in Florida who doesn't take weather into account frankly does not get my pity.
  6. CATCplSlade

    Scratch 1 billion dollars worth of F22

    I grew up 50 miles west of Tyndall, and I also wonder why the infrastructure wasn't built to withstand hurricane weather considering they've known that is a possibility for at least 54.5 years (my life span as of this writing).
  7. CATCplSlade

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    They are more known for their armor kits, really, especially the Hobby Boss side of the business.
  8. CATCplSlade

    Kitty Hawk's new Black Hawk!!!

    Well, if you considered that an explanation your job must be very simplistic. Thanks for the snarky reply.
  9. Mike, I see from your reaction you are confused. I take it you are not a fan of the Beatles?
  10. CATCplSlade

    ME-262 Trumpeter 1/32

    The answer is in the post title.
  11. CATCplSlade

    Interesting take on hobbies

    I know several guys with Asian wives, and they all seem to say this. And I thought a half-Italian half-Scottish wife was a handful.
  12. CATCplSlade

    Most Wanted Poll / Wish List 2018 (and beyond)

    What's wrong with Hasegawa's kit, other than being a bit old compared to their other kits?
  13. CATCplSlade

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Well, dig me up out of my grave and let me know when Tamiya has released their 1/32 B-24. I don't expect to die for another 30+ years though.
  14. CATCplSlade

    Kitty Hawk's new Black Hawk!!!

    I have a feeling that if too many people ignore this release, there may not be another for a long time. Why invest the energy into something people didn't buy the first time?
  15. CATCplSlade

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    While the engine face does look a bit bare, even with the moderate skill I possess I think I could make it look decent behind the props and surrounded by cowling. I think it only makes a difference if you want to display an opened engine, in which case the AM will likely step up. I don't open panels and such so for me if you can't see certain parts through any windows or openings, then I don't care if they are detailed or not. I only paint the parts of engines that I can see and I leave out interior parts that cannot be seen unless they are part of the structural integrity. For example, the Trumpeter Hellcat I built has no radio behind the pilot's seat because it can't be seen. Why bother?