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  1. Kevin, Did you use customer support at dragonusaonline to get those replacement wheel inserts? I sorta stalled out on my build because I lost one to the DS gremlin.
  2. I work in public schools; every gender is unruly these days. Welcome aboard, Sophie. The non-male segment is indeed woefully under-represented, but I think with the expansion of the types of models more people outside the standard will join the hobby. Not everyone is into autos or war machines and the anime/manga-related stuff is bringing folks in from that direction. You being into armor is definitely a rare bird atm. I am primarily an armor guy (specifically German which is very lame, I know!) but I'll build pretty much anything that flew in combat during WWII so that's why I'm here. The aircraft builds posted are astounding, intimidating, and inspirational.
  3. Most of the Asian dealers I buy from do the "fill a shipping container and then put it on the boat" thing to bring their overall costs down and make those stupid prices possible. You just have to wait a while to get the stuff. My wife goes through this with Wish.com all the time; I've bought a few things there myself that cost $1 to ship but it took a month.
  4. Trying to figure out who that was, but on reflection it may not matter what name I think of.
  5. My 20th anniversary is on the 27th. I wonder if eBay will take me to dinner to celebrate?
  6. I have an Italeri Opel Blitz that sat on the shelf so long that the rubber wheels ate through the cargo bed where I had lain them when I stuck it back on the shelf. It's still sitting up there; wonder if the tires have burned through to the shelf itself yet?
  7. I've been planning to get some of these and try the twin-mating method myself. I have a router!
  8. That bracket shelf hanging over my kit would have me freaking out because that is when it would choose to pull loose and collapse. Too much trust in drywall anchors when I was younger. Incidentally, the only 1/32 21C that I still own are the Italian birds and three Bf 109F-4's kits I built as non-Luftwaffe planes; everything else was duplicated in kit form with the proceeds from selling the rest. What's funny is that my observing teacher during my student-teaching semester used to sell Dragon 1/6 scale stuff at G.I.Joe shows with her dad who happens to have what amounts to a battalion of German soldiers and armor in his basement. Plus a Stuka. They have lived just a few blocks from me for 15 years and I just found this out last summer. Like you are doing here, I plan to build my kit in OD. I want to go with one of the more colorful tail schemes as that attracts me more than a specific planes; it is one of the things I find appealing about Japanese aircraft. Plus, if I understand correctly, the way this kit got designed it leaves only a narrow field of choices in nose art if you want it accurate re: the waist gun positions and some other visible differences. I am not up to cutting into a kit of this price level (Although by the time I get around to it I might just be!). So I am definitely looking forward to see how you proceed.
  9. Oh, I'm aware of it's lineage as I at one time owned both as well as many other of 21C's 1/32 and 1/18 planes, as well as much of the armor and figures. Their demise as a company is what drove me back to model building as a lack of new product from them threatened to end my collecting WWII military miniatures. https://imgur.com/a/w5j2Q
  10. Would that Focke-Wulf be 'Red 9' by any chance?
  11. If you played back when it first came out, did you have the foresight to keep them? Many of the early cards sell in the 100's, even 1000's of dollars.
  12. Robo Rally is the game created by Richard Garfield, who used the money from the sales to fund his more famous game, Magic the Gathering.
  13. I only competed in Battlefield 2 tournaments; everything else was for fun. That's my clan tag and name I use here.
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