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  1. Maybe paint one side red, the other silver? Then, when you find out which is correct just flip it over to the one you need!
  2. An update on the recovery of the infamous Tiger I that reveals new information:
  3. Are you assuming the super rich don't also give to charities supporting the alleviation of those problems?
  4. The Hornise was an anti-tank vehicle, and they already released a new tool of that under its more common name, Nashorn. The new kit is the Hummel, which is an spg.
  5. I actually am still a big SF fan, but as far as movies/TV goes there isn't anything to get excited about. Fortunately, I have enough books to last me ten years if I read one a day--which isn't about to happen truth be told. Dr Who didn't appeal to me after Tom Baker's run. And lately Star Wars and Star Trek have started to suck hard and the people behind those properties spend all their energy hating on the fans. F that. More time to model if I'm not wasting it in front of the boob tube, right?
  6. Spoiler: Keep your eye out for the shower scene in the last episode.
  7. I only watch it because my wife wants me to view it with her. I burned out on fantasy years ago.
  8. I could understand if it was an airframe which no longer existed and the companies were in no mood to listen to griping about accuracy if they just released any old kit to shut people up, but there are still plenty of A-26's to crawl around in and measure.
  9. So, we would have to contact whoever we bought the kit from for the replacements?
  10. That sucks, as I refuse to take part in Facebook.
  11. Very early in the seemingly endless run of deep sales Dragon started and they seemed to run out of stock very fast. The last version they had until recently was the Dackelbauch, but even those are gone now.
  12. Still not as good as when Dragon had them at $30.
  13. That photo was taken by me (Pensacola native) and I can say I've touched an Me-262 now. You can't do that to the one at the Smithsonian without fear of falling over the guard rail.
  14. Are you talking about one of these?
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