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  1. Back when 21st went under due to a gross misunderstanding of the toy department sales by Walmart's new buyer for that section, everything went on a massive sale but as I was invested in 1/32 I didn't buy much 1/18 but I had the Avenger, Me 109-E, Corsair, F-86, and the 262. I still have the Corsair and F-86 but sold the others. I paid $35 for the 262, sold it for $150.
  2. Well, the original was meant to be a toy so it's going to look the part. I kind of thought they might alter the molds somewhat to make them more like actual kits rather than unassembled toys, but I guess that wasn't feasible. The toy-like quality of the 1/32 vehicles the original company (21st Century Toys made the 262 mold, and yes there was a 2-seater) made was one of the things that made me switch to building models again. The 1/18 Me 262 nightfighter was one of only 4 planes in that scale I bought.
  3. I don't imagine they thought to include any placards for the engine area, like the Bosch logo for the distributor?
  4. What you have so far looks nice, although I have to say I haven't ever seen a wear pattern like that on the bottom of a VW and I have been under many of them. An 82e especially shouldn't as they had more ground clearance than a regular Beetle since they used the Kubelwagen chassis. Now, you will see some surface corrosion on the ribs going across the floor pan and plenty of dust and dirt accumulation, but they just don't seem to get scraped up that much. And as far as ride height goes, an 82e with gas in the tank but no passengers sits so that the axle nuts sit a bit below the runn
  5. I love how on the Hellcat in the background you can see the word, "Hellcat" on the wing, where whoever built it applied the decal sheet identifier.
  6. Me too. Now all we have to do is actually build the damn thing.
  7. Have they given a full list of those options and possible SRP that anyone knows of yet? I think I'd at least be in for the bomb bay.
  8. Is this related to the Doyusha kit in any way, or simply two companies kitting the same aircraft?
  9. I would think perhaps thinning the paint a bit more and building up the color slowly in thin layers to avoid flooding the holes with paint might be a way.
  10. I would be all over this if it was injection-molded. I can't justify Hph resin prices when I have bills that need paying. But I would so love a Gigant in 1/32.
  11. Other than the ambush style applied at the factory which did vary by factory (spots or Doritos), camo is pretty much variable from tank to tank even in the same unit. They may have decided at that level what colors to use (green, brown, or both depending on local conditions) over the Dunkelgelb but other than something completely stupid like big round polka dots there is no real standard.
  12. They aren't included nor mentioned in the instructions. I just used the caps; the kit's not an accurate B anyway so I just stuck with OOB and didn't worry too much.
  13. All you have to do is copy the BB link imgur provides to your post here.
  14. The HobbyTown USA in Kennesaw, GA, had some in when I was there a couple weeks back if someone wants to give them a ring and see: 770-426-8800 I don't recall exactly what they had but it seemed to be mostly the single-seat aircraft; don't remember seeing any large boxes. As I am a WWII snob I am not familiar with the WNW inventory beyond the Lancaster--which of course I am now SOL on. Looked to be around three dozen kits. Might be worth it to some of you.
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