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  1. Yes, the Sci-Fi/giant robot stuff is really been big for a while now; it's slowly taking over the kit section of my local HobbyTown. Hobby Lobby just started carrying that genre too. Need to remember their market isn't just us, guys. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and 1/32 airplanes is obviously in the few category.
  2. I'm excited about all those VW bus kits, although I still can't get one that represents the model year of the one I once owned.
  3. My wife, who loves all things Wonder Woman, was sorely disappointed by this movie.
  4. I would love a Gigant as I build a lot of German armor and I recognize the Gigant over the Whirlwind, but I agree the Whirlwind would be the more viable from a seller's point of view.
  5. My metal/punk radio show in Orlando back in '95/'96 was sponsored by Relapse.
  6. They actually closed the physical shop on January 25th this year. They were my childhood LHS when they were located closer to Pensacola NAS.
  7. I tend to play RiffTrax/MST3K versions of movies I know well enough I don't have to actually watch to know what's going on, and the jokes really make many of them bearable. It was when I watched their rip on 'The Last Jedi' that I discovered I had slept through about a third of that movie at the theater. I tried music but I tend to listen to a lot of extreme metal and 80's hardcore punk and I can't sit still at a desk doing that. Great for driving, though. New stuff distracts me so no TV shows or the latest from those I follow on YouTube.
  8. I dunno...Tamiya doesn't seem to be much into prototypes or one-offs. But it would definitely be unexpected from Tamiya and catch a lot of people off-guard. It does lack the 'beautiful' characteristic IMHO.
  9. When I was slowly scrolling up on my phone to read the posts, I saw 'router' and the PC tech in me thought of the internet device. I was trying to figure out how that would work and then I scrolled down to the picture.
  10. Just remember the upper hull structure was modified for the Mobelwagen in order to support the drop-gates. Not at all the same as a stock Pz IV. And also that the Flak 38 version was just the prototype; the Flak 37 was the production vehicle.
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