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  1. Please don't post stuff like this if you don't have some proof to back it up. It only spreads rumor and fear, and doesn't tally up with other reports.
  2. I was told by a HobbyTown employee that no one has complained about the canopy in the U.S. boxes, which of course carries the caveat that maybe no one complained to him but carries the hope the later batches are better. He also suggested writing the U.S. distributor for replacements instead of Germany just to be safe.
  3. I don't know, but if any of you are like me as you get older you begin to really appreciate a nicer quality toilet paper. There might be something to this if you play your investments right.
  4. The toilet paper bandits are striking fear into my area as well. It's ridiculous. Kleenex-type stuff I could understand for the nasal stuff. But AFAIK diarrhea isn't a symptom. Still not seeing yet how this is any worse than SARS or some of the others--not that I am advocating everyone throwing caution to the wind and playing the odds as you could be the next big prize winner! However, I think the media is hyping this up a bit more than usual AND we have a generation or two of kids who have grown up with fewer opportunities to build real character and tend to go down in the first strong wind and so now I have to be stuck in a long line just wanting to get some Gatorade and ice cream and have to marvel at the load of toilet paper, beer, and wine in the cart ahead of me. What an odd trio to make a monthly supply run for. I kept saying hand sanitizer was a mistake. I never use it; I rarely get sick although I have mild allergies and live in one of the worst places for that. I also teach and get exposed to all kinds of goodies swarming inside kids. People are losing their immunity. I can't wait to see how the kids of people whose parents completely pulled gluten from their diets turn out in twenty years. We actually increased the number of people with peanut allergies in the U.S. when folks kept it from their kids to avoid them from having a reaction. Studies found kids not exposed to peanut products in the early years of life were 3 times as likely to develop an allergy to peanuts. Forty years ago as a teen I only knew of one kid with a peanut allergy but now there are a few in every classroom let alone the entire student body. It's messed up. We found cures for diseases but let the body forget how to fight on its own.
  5. I hear if you choose the .pdf version of the catalog you can join for only $0.85.
  6. If it was me, I'd find a woman the same way, pump her full of fertility drugs, and start printing our own money.
  7. I know it is true for some if not most of the U.S. manufacturers, like Boeing. I guess it might come down to how each country views the handling of items that cross into several areas: being the property of the company that designed it; being the property of the government depending on where recovered; belonging to the public as an artifact of a historical event; etc. I think the thing with American companies became an issue more recently as somehow the companies realized they could squeeze kitmakers for a bigger piece of the action. Part of me wonders is a company such as Messerschmitt might not charge as high a fee as some in order to avoid being sen as trying to profit off their past. Or if they even care so long as they get credit for the original design somewhere in the instructions. So, long story short: Probably.
  8. Do you think it was the recent spate of brush fires killing off a lot of the non-flyers or has the bug population been having ongoing issues? I ask out of curiosity as a science teacher. At any rate, although I likely would not buy any of these as they are outside my focus, they are neat airframes and just as deserving of a kit as any other plane. Speaking of bugs the PZL's look like they have bug legs.
  9. I built that 10-speed. I don't recall it being one of my more memorable experiences. There will be no Round 2 for me. I prefer the Aurora Monster Scenes have another swing through the shelves.
  10. It's possible. Sometimes it is hard to determine the cause if there are no genetic or environmental factors to explain it. My brother-in-law died at 35 from Stage IV lung cancer. He was not a smoker, grew up in a non-smoking home (although he had a step-mother who did, but he only saw her for a few days during the summer), and was an outdoor enthusiast and very fit. No family history of cancer. Whereas I grew up in a family of smokers (mom survived throat cancer, grandmother succumbed to breast cancer), am pale-skinned and grew up unprotected in the Florida sun, don't exercise for crap, and am in my mid-50s. But I (so far) have nothing going on. Sometimes it seems to be a case of getting short-strawed by luck. My mom was later diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Wrong; it was ALS. My wife nearly died from something when we first moved to NYC. They never could tell us what it was she had. Sometimes I think medicine is just guessing.
  11. I like how the Me 163 box mentions 'Collector's Quality Detail'. Shouldn't need any aftermarket, right?
  12. It's just about all we have left to die from in the advanced societies. We've done away with many of the other diseases that plague us. Took my grandmother, took my brother-in-law, took part of my mom (but the ALS got the rest).
  13. Holy crap, dude. I know you are handling this pretty well here, and I understand your rationale, but this still blows big time.
  14. Speaking of Aurora, other than the T. Rex, do any of the other Prehistoric Scenes kits still exist as molds or did something happen to them? I was also a fan of all the giant B-movie insects (MPC, I think?).
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