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  1. hello hello I thought I'd experiment with this plane and do excessive preshading, under the Olive drab and underside grey, should be fun learning what shade colours work with the top coat. I'll spray the underside first and if I dont like the look i can modify the top shading [img]https://i.imgur.com/LlGIXWN.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/UTsHS7y.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/Mu6Z1Di.jpg[/img]
  2. Thanks for sharing photos, i always fancied doing a bike, and your recommendations might get me looking for one i really like. They look great especially the Ninja
  3. cockpit complete Kit pilot is so serious, frowning down on poor modelling skills. My wife pulls the same face when i come home late from the pub This seam is trying my patience, i didnt adjust the parts as it was glueing so there is a step which is real hard to get right, I'll try for 3rd time later today
  4. yes, I'm in two minds over this. I love painting and detailing cockpits it a favorite part of modeling. But i have to say thats a good looking product that might tempt me, maybe
  5. I agree, unbelievable decal details, great model, thanks for sharing youre tips and photos
  6. thanks for watching and commenting, it really is a great kit, in my top 5 for sure
  7. Its not paint, its tamiya spray can 'clear' i dont know why i used it, it has eaten into the clear canopy unfortunatly
  8. This kit has been in my stash for a while, looks great in the box, i hope to complete a great model. Theres no need for AM, so I'm straight into it. i like skulls so Lulu Belle it is The kit comes with a embossed steel plaque, if anyone wants it for free delivery in Australia send me a PM and I'll post it. Its a bit cartoonish for my pure tastes I know nothing about the kit or the aircraft so I'll do bit of reading as i go
  9. I never normally have disasters but today was the day, just on final build stages as well, typical, I dont care about money really its the time effort and the fact that its a favorite plane I did the first set of decals that were not perfect but just ok from couple meters away Before doing the front decals, for some reason i felt the urge to paint the canopy frame, and somehow i didnt mask the underside correctly. I cant believe i did it, so pissed off did i mention how pissed off i am so what to do?? i could have shelved the kit
  10. i have left the canopy until the end of the build now is the time to get it done (to the best of my abilities) So i have decided to go with the decal, so I thought i'd do some trials, I used kit decals and a spare tamiya canopy. From the trial i have decided to cut the decal into individual strips otherwise i cant get rid of the the backing where its clear, i will need to cut as close to the decal as possible
  11. amazing career, I'm assuming its RAF i wish someone would do 1/32 Sea Vixen, the Airfix kit is good but only 1/48, its one of my favorite aircraft Did you actually work with the Wright Brothers???? I bet that was great
  12. thanks for the info Bob, i dont think I'll be fixing any more issues with the kit to be honest. But at least you admit to the problem you have. haha The comments remind me of the old modeler saying "never give a finished model to someone who either flew it or worked on it" I did a similar thing with a Bushmaster Protected Vechicle, took me six months to build and detail, i gave it to a mechanic just as a gift, first thing he said was not thanks, but you have wrong aerials, the interior colour is not correct etc etc...........broke my heart So i wont be gift
  13. Ah yes, well spotted bob, the kit has the exhaust panel only moulded in one side which is bit strange. I was going to measure and mark it out but forgot
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