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  1. I know this is a very basic question, but..........just curious how you cut your plastic card? do you have a guillotine or do you scribe it out with knife?
  2. i just started looking on ebay and local hobby shops for this Fly kit, amazing inspiration build, cant wait for the next update
  3. more cockpit work, still few bits and bobs to be added, i need to look at the headsup display frame as hit hits the windscreen, shouldnt be to hard to correct, right stay safe modelers
  4. I use an Australian made ready to spray lacquer acrylic, which is such a great product and i highly recommend https://www.scalemodeller.com.au/ The highlights are done with Tamiya acrylics
  5. Cockpit progress, still ongoing, i have fitted the pit into the fuselage halves once but dont seem to be able to get it to fit anymore, funny I used MrSurfacer 1500 for the primer and came out really good, i have never used it before and was really easy
  6. amazing work, really enjoying this build you can tell a serious scratch builder by his work bench tools, but a mini anvil is just priceless, haha
  7. Hey Paul, i added the link into my post for the great references that are in the thread and thanks for the advice. I will only be doing very minor changes, more rivits and panel lines, just the simple stuff Would love to see more info and details of extras being done for the pylons and load out, its the only thing really bothering me at the moment, but I'll stick my head in the sand until i get to that stage
  8. I opened this box with my eyes wide open as to what to expect, what will I fix.....hummmmmm probably only the LERX underside and I'm unsure what to do with the load out But really i have no plan yet, but hey that wont stop me making a start, right!! ........Note to self buy a riveting wheel, the fuselage is a bit bland I have to say the Aries cockpit is beautiful, what a piece of engineering in one little package. So here goes for my first ever Trumpeter kit, of my favorite aircraft
  9. oh wow, thanks for that, incredible
  10. Hello, I have now added the Tamiya 1/72 to the display, the kit fits nice but its just not my scale. I usually give my models away, but I'm having to much fun changing the pose of the aircraft every few days its really refreshing.
  11. If you show symptoms you need to self isolate for 2 weeks......................for goodness sake I'm a modeler, does the last 20years count
  12. The stand is disc of PVC with anodized rod, with a turned plastic rod which goes up the exhaust, its a slide fit inside the exhaust so its rotates perfectly (i'm a fitter and turner from way back)
  13. Yeah I know, I was going to spray them on because I have problems with decals around cones, but I forgot. I,ll just leave them off
  14. yes just a 20mm PVC disc sprayed, with aluminium bar
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