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  1. all ready for paint, i bought SMS paint set, hope it arrives tomorrow rob
  2. Yeah i was just not sure if they are worth it, there looks to be only slight difference to the kit ones, plus i intend to cover them in pigment dust/sand More research needed, thanks for the input
  3. you bought AM exhaust nozzles for an egg plane crazy dude
  4. spending way more on Aftermarket bits, than the kit itself
  5. I love getting notification that you have updated this build, just watching your scratch building skills is enough for me..great work
  6. Thanks for the archer rivet tutorial chuck, I have rivets to add to my Hawk so your tips are perfectly timed, I look forward to your progress with the bare metal around the exhausts
  7. my goodness, thats a sexy looking camp scheme, beautiful painting
  8. Hello Hello While i wait for my Feixstowe wings to settle, i thought i'd start this kit I have a connection to the Bushmaster because i did the CAD profiles for the Bisalloy plates for the bullet proof windows. The main thread is over on the Armarama site, but i thought i'd add a few pictures here as well my window The kit has copped a lot of unfair comments, yes some fits are clunky, but overall its good
  9. I cant help you with advice on the attractions of Melb or Sydney, but you better bring some warm clothes its freezing down there
  10. I also have Revell hawk, it stalled basically because the canopy fit it appalling and i dont know how to fix it
  11. hello hello some work done over the weekend, the wings are glued, and i have loosely threaded some of the rigging, what a job that is.......i have to say the model is perfect but my modelling skills are not quiet up to the standard I'd like, oh well, lets just get it finished to the best of my ability. So i'm going to wait a week before tightening and gluing the rigging (as stated in the instructions), i need more eyelets from Super Bob Buckle anyway The model already have a dust layer on it, to be honest it not the most practicle thing i ever built, but i've learnt a lot on the way
  12. thanks Andy, its a perfect kit.....would i do another? not a chance in hell, when i meet a modeller who has built more than one, i,ll know i'm in the asylum for those of a nervous disposition, look away now I think I've just paid for Bobs Buckels kids to go through Uni
  13. Superb modelling Kent, and thanks for the great information you provide in this thread, your reference photos are brilliant
  14. I think Miloslav must have the touch of an angel, to wet sand those rivit heads without scratching the surrounding paint and also not to pull them off the plane....amazing touch i'll have to give it a go, i'll maybe wait for a no beer day
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