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  1. Robthepom

    ZM Horten 229 1/32

    thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate the modelling support on this forum, great advice for every build. It makes builds feel better when you guys like my work rather than the wife just saying......thats nice dear, wheres that one going?
  2. Robthepom

    Any 1/32 Me 262 on the horizon?

    what is the revell kit like? is it a improvement on the Trumpy?
  3. Robthepom

    Typhoon bubbletop bomber ZippX, Airfix

    nice work on the engine modifications, i assume your using lead wire? rob
  4. Robthepom

    Revell 1/32 BAe Hawk T.1A

    more work on the pit, i love the coloured PE from eduard but i always feel a bit of a fraud adding it, looks good though I have no idea how i have done without the PE folding jig, my little boxes are perfect
  5. Robthepom

    1/32 Me 262 A-1a/U4 Kanonenvogel Conversion

    fantastic paint and finish, alan I currently trying to decide on a ME262 or the Trumpy EE Lighting for the 20th group build, your thread may just tip the balance towards the 262
  6. Robthepom


    I did think that the initial pictures looked like a finished WnW kit, and speculated that it would be released soon, but looking closely at the latest shots, i think, yes, the kit still needs a lot of attention what do the people who have seen it think, looks a bit gappy and clumsy to me, certainly not WnW standards just yet Patience grasshopper
  7. Robthepom

    Airfix News Just in from Telford: 1/24 Hellcat!

    hummm a Hellcat hey....not for me I'm afraid to say, but seems popular with a few others
  8. Robthepom

    The Next Airfix 1/24 Kit Will Be...

    I will be so happy if its a harrier
  9. Robthepom


    this is great news indeed I honestly think there is a huge yet untapped market for large scale nose sections/gun bays etc etc, imagine 3 or 4 of these WnW nose sections with your favorite nose arts I cant wait
  10. Robthepom

    ZM Horten 229 1/32

    Thanks for the kind words, it is probably my best kit build, but as always there is plenty room for improvement, i would like to have more realistic wood grain so more practice required
  11. Robthepom

    ZM 1/32 Horten Ho229..FINISHED

    I couldnt agree more, they were 50years ahead of there time, and it actually flew
  12. Robthepom

    Revell 1/32 BAe Hawk T.1A

    Thanks for the comments guys The Aries seats are designed for the Tornado see pic for description, i understand that the Hawk had MB 10 seats as well
  13. Robthepom

    Revell 1/32 BAe Hawk T.1A

    Hello hello, I rescued this thread from being dead Not only did i get my Eduard Biged, i also scored 2 Airies MB10 seats at a model show, they looks great compared to the kit ones So i have started back on the cockpit Kit seats Resin seats And i get to use my PE folding jig for the first time Painting to follow
  14. Robthepom

    ZM Horten 229 1/32

    Loved this kit, only addition is the HGW seatbelts Buy it Build it Enjoy it...easy