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  1. Thanks Pete, fantastic achievment best model I have seen on internet best build thread on any forum congratulations and thanks for sharing all your tips and photos thanks
  2. that is very very nice, the black and white phots are amazing. It looks like they've been lifted from the flight manual, I'll have to try that thanks for sharing
  3. if they go on international sales, I'd grab hasa duelist and AEG, i like big kits
  4. just lifted from someone elses FB page, i hope he doesnt mind, apologies if this is not the right thing to do
  5. I also dont want this build to finish, its such insperational build, thanks
  6. I thought it was actually a lot better than a 'good first effort', its cracking kit to build, plus i have a real soft spot for the bushie after being involved in the fabrication of the bullet proof windows, i have 2 more in my stash
  7. AHHH nice work with the wheels I'm guessing thats an 'official' camo layout document Its funny when I painted my 1/35 Bushmaster I used the Showcase Models instuctions for the paint scheme, which some very unkind, sad soul ripped to pieces on another forum , I didnt care because it was close enough for me
  8. wow i have not logged on for few months.....great progress, cant wait to see it with AUSCAM I cant remember seeing a post of how you did the tyres? are they printed?
  9. oh yes please i want would like a book, i just love this thread *edit wheres your manners Rob
  10. I dont know if someone clever can cut and paste, but Wolf Budee Tamiya Spitfire Engine is the best I've seen Heres few of mine
  11. I have noticed a shortage of Tamiya paints and supplies here in Australia, and no word when a re stock is due
  12. Interesting thread and debate, I like modern great fit kits, these are my current top 3 most enjoyable builds 1. Hasegawa Stuka JU87-G 2. Tamiya F16cj 3. ZM Ho229
  13. very very nice, beautiful finish How were the AK real colours paints?
  14. ahhhh i see what that pipe is for now, very interesting Coming along nicely
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