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  1. Thanks for looking guys Don, the tail rigging took an evening session, probably 3hrs. It’s was absolute joy to do. WNW provide all the attachment points EZ line is easy to use, blobs of extra thin super glue, closed door, 6 pack of beer, jimmy hendrix playing. Perfect evening Another thing I have realised is that ‘stash pressure’ is real. So now I don’t rush models to get to the next one. If my stash get bigger that’s great. If the wing rigging takes 6 months.. that’s ok it’s a fine model.
  2. hello fellows I've had some free time this week, so i started the tail rigging, I'm using EZ line for the non load bearing rigging and 2lb fishing line with Bobs eyelets and tube for structural rigging in the wings I have build 6 or 7 WnW kits and i have to say this is the best kit yet. It is huge and getting tricky to handle, i have the tail control wire to rig, then i'll make a wing jig to make the rigging easier ( i hope) yes i know some of the brackets have bent over, there now fixed test fitting the assemblies
  3. Im so glad i started this kit for the GB. If it stayed in my stash for 10years i dont think my eyes or coordination would have been up to the details, lovely details I quiet happy with my CDL spraying the bearers look subtle Thanks for looking comment and advice are very welcome
  4. looks really good, the figures are very well done, i hope they do come with the kit
  5. i tried a test piece for the CDL, the masking strips i used were overscale, so i used 1mm and 0.4mm the wings are going to use a helava lot of tape
  6. oh my, what a build i would love to be able detail like that but the skill patience and plastic skills are beyond me But i do get to enjoy your build, thanks for sharing, i have no problem watching and admiring
  7. I will be buying one, love the look of the Black hawk, its an icon of the air I will enjoy adding rivits in a sadistic kind of way
  8. I finally finished a big contract for big model $$$, so i'm back at the bench working on Felix I just have the upper CDL to spray
  9. great paint work, very envious of your skills
  10. great to see another felix being buit, its a cool kit
  11. thanks for the great advice, i like the look of the Lifecolour paints I tried a few things to get the look, but as usual i over complicated these things. The best effect that I am looking for was tamiya deck brown xf-79, with a black oil wash. I will probably add some slight variations on the model parts Its hard to get good photo of the effect, but i'm happy with the result. Fortunatly WnW supplies plenty of un-used parts so i was able to practice on similar parts you can keep your eye on my progress here *edit .....its looks very black in the pictures but is dark brown
  12. those cockpits are special, great stuff
  13. that is fantastic detailing, cant wait to see this build every time you update
  14. A couple of those clips are of the Gold Coast Indy here in Australia, they used to go through the highrises but now they have to stay offshore, still impressive and loud
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