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  1. thanks for uploading the photos The winter Stuka wins for me
  2. Hello Ali I have just read your post on Brit modeller, if you can produce a set of clears for the Lancaster to the same quality as the EE Lightning ones you sent me, Id be in for a set rob
  3. my goodness that fuselage extension looks so simple and perfect I wish I'd seen that idea before i glued my halves I'll just have to keep my eye out for another kit
  4. just a heads up ...... Lucky models have 25%off all kits over US$190 plus $20 fixed sea freight That makes kit AU$680 (US$480) plus freight https://doc.luckymodel.com/NL220609-1258/newsletter.htm
  5. Thanks must go to Aerocraft Models, I can now carry on with my Trumpy Lightning. The canopies are super clear, the resin parts are a unexpected bonus Great service with a good delivery of 10days from UK to Australia I'll get my lightning back on the bench as soon as i finish my latest project Thanks again Ali for saving this build These photos have also shown the huge step i have around the gun port....now where's my filler
  6. I am blown away watching Nigel build this turret, have you ever seen anything like that in plastic before.....no me neither
  7. mines on the way from lucky models, 2-6 months delivery, plenty of time to prepare books, pictures and paints. I,m thinking of putting motors in for engines
  8. ordered mine from Lucky models, sea freight. I hope they are well packed
  9. thank you very much for doing the Lightning canopy, i will order this week, looking forward to finishing my kit
  10. if someone takes the slight bit of interest in one of my built kits, i usually just give it to them. I have also 'sold' models for alcohol, 6 pack or carton beer
  11. I'm after opinions............ I know a few of you guys are either well connected or involved with modelling companies, what is your opinions on this release?? Do you think this production run will sell out? (reports say 1,500 kits) If they dont sell will the price drop? are Border just hyping the market by saying there will only be one run of kits? I am looking at buying the kit i just dont have funds right now. Ps ......Nice start Nigel, engines look great
  12. I did costing from Lucky models when the price of the kit was first released, it came out at AU$712 delivered to my door Today the price from Lucky models is AU$775 delivered Increase is due to shipping and reduction in % off I'll continue to dream, sigh
  13. i really like Takom kits they do some interesting and appealing subjects, this is another
  14. Hello GKM I've not been active for a while and have just spotted this thread, great stuff so far, I'm waiting for a 1/35 injection moulded kit, so watching your 1/16 print versoin is so interesting Also what happened to your Bushmaster thread? i cant see it, did you finish it? rob
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