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  1. looking great so far, cant wait to see more progress. I just finished my Harrier and looking at it now on the cabinet, its a great model. You did a really good job on the bomb load, i binned most of the bombs, the fit was terrible
  2. Thanks for the kind words, not sure about 'show winner' but i'll take my time and enjoy the process Primer time MrSufracer 1500 I have not done chipping before but i hope to layer the paints and give it a go 1.Primer 2.Steel 3.Red Oxide 4. Cat Yellow on the running gear and blade, hemp for the main cabin, so its a made up scheme. What could possibly go wrong haha (been watching Youtube, so now I,m an expert) Getting the Cat yellow is very tricky, just adding a drop too much orange really ruins the tone
  3. thanks for the comments I mentioned before how the Eduard interior set was not so good, the exterior detail set is so much better than the kit mouldings and it doesnt matter how much PE work i do, i still get the fold sequence wrong, haha
  4. Cabin is done just a few pics before i close the last couple walls. The Eduard interior set was used, but to be honest its not worth the money, I didnt use half of the bits.
  5. As tom says, the tracks are too short with one less link and too long as instructions say. This is the fix i found on the internet, which i really like because it uses the model track tensioner mechanism. 1. Cut the wheel assembly 2. Drill out 8mm hole in each half, insert 8mm rod tube, I considered using 8mm stainless rod or acrylic rod, then i saw a papermate pen it measured at 8mm. So i cut a small section and glued it to a piece of Meng sprue and it was fine, so i added a section in one half 3. Before modification with sag 4 After pushing the tensioner out I looked at the conversion for a civilian one and decided just to do military one, my niece wont mind, I'll tell her the machine gun is for the site managers and engineers I love this kit and the detail, i'll probably get another with slats for myself Thanks for the reference pics Tom
  6. hello hello, going to be making the Meng Monster D9R I have Eduard interior and exterior sets This will be a present for my niece who works in the mines Box just fits on my work table Ive started with the tracks which are a 3 part process and ok once you get going I have read every build thread on the internet so i knew the tracks are to long, so i plan to extend the track tensioner to take up slack more later
  7. teeedarrr, its finished!! I really enjoyed the build in the end, once i had sorted the bomb load, looks great on the cabinet, thanks for your comments I would get another if the price was good ie cheap Whats next i wonder
  8. Robthepom

    F 86 Sabre

    oh dear, move on, nothing to see here Good luck with you're next project, this thread has reminded me to never be tempted by the jazzy box art rob
  9. hello fellows, i jumped ahead a bit with this build Aircraft assembled, camo painted with the excellent SMS paints, gloss and decals done, wow not bad progress hey. Decals are good, nice and thin easy to use over good gloss Accuracy??? .... *Rob Shrugs*, looks like a harrier to me pic pic pic
  10. sensational model and skills, thanks for stepping out the process its been great to watch
  11. Robthepom

    F 86 Sabre

    keep the pics coming, i love the aircraft but not the kit manufacturer looking forward to your progress
  12. all primed, just got bit of extra sanding and glue wing assembly, then its camo time
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