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  1. It's been a while since I've done any work on this, but had the wind in my sails the other day so decided to get the engine nacelles finished off. I made some radiators and oil coolers (got carried away and didn't photograph these) and added these to the interior of each nacelle, before adding the 3D-printed engine fronts. A quick lick of filler to blend it all in and some sanding, and job done. Apologies for the poor lighting in the pics - these have been taken in the kitchen on my phone and the light was fading fast - it's too cold outside to set up the camera properly (this thin
  2. I've just finished building the MkV kit - and I presume the MkVI is based on this so as well as the issues Graham mentions there is also the following to consider: The cockpit interior is way off - the seat is nothing like the real thing and there's no armour plate present. Grey Matter do a decent replacement seat but you'll have to do the armour yourself. The stabilisers are wrong in the fact that they are moulded with a fabric covering - again Grey Matter do new resin stabilisers which solve the problem. Windscreen shape, in my opinion, is suspect. Lots of missing p
  3. That homemade vacform fuselage looks like it’s a high-end resin kit - exceptional!
  4. All shipping notifications have come through fine, Chris - many thanks. I now need to dig my Trumpy F-14B out of the stash! Tom
  5. There are aftermarket options available - Braz and Welsh models both do RB211s. Or you could just build it as is, confident in the knowledge that non-airliner geeks will never know
  6. A great project and it's great to see some airliners getting some love on here! The Minicraft kit does get a bad press but in my experience builds easily - main construction can be done in a matter of hours (no pressure ) Does the boxing you have come with both engine options? I'm pretty sure the Iron Maiden 757 was RR RB211 powered but Northwest had PW engines I believe..? All the best, Tom
  7. Great website and very user friendly. I just treated myself to a set of F-14 wing gloves - thanks! Tom
  8. This continues to amaze and inspire, Craig - outstanding metal work and something I must try one day! Tom
  9. This project just continues to amaze - it’s good to see your woodworking skills are on a par with your metal work... is there anything you cannot do..? Tom
  10. I was there that day, and can’t have been standing far from where the footage was filmed. I vividly remember the collective sigh of relief when the parachute opened - and I remember seeing the Skyraider ‘abandoned’ where the pilot left it at the end of the field and was staggered that it could continue flying, let alone make a safe landing, with the entire outer wing missing. Collision aside, great airmanship by both pilots that day to ensure both went home to their families that night. Tom
  11. Martin B-26 Marauder. We’ve got the B-25, A-26 and A-20 coming - the B-26 needs some love!
  12. Morning guys and gals. Not the most exciting of updates but a little progress on the landing gear. The undercarriage legs come in two sections: the upper retraction struts and the lower main legs. Initially I had stuck these with ordinary superglue but it didn't give a strong enough join - I needed something more industrial! So it was out with my trusty Araldite and we now have four undercarriage legs for further detailing: So... where's the Evergreen..? Tom
  13. Your metal work is so good - it's hard to tell your creations apart from the real thing. You can't be far away from joining the fuselage now as at least you don't have to worry about detailing a tail gunner's compartment! Tom
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