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  1. A little more work has been done around the nose section of the big BUFF - I am determined to get this as 'right' as possible as the nose area is so distinctive on the later models of B-52. I've done a little more remedial sanding and added in the missing panel lines. I then added the raised ribbing on the radome from Evergreen, and have also made and added the ejection hatches above the positions of the rear crew members from plastic card: Next came a coat of primer to blend it all in: I think that's about as good as I'm going to
  2. Awesome job on the GR4 - I’m very tempted to treat myself to one of these at some point but have managed to resist the urge so far... seeing results like your’s is not helping! Your son’s effort ain’t ‘arf bad either - I wish I could model like that at 13 (or even now come to think of it!) Tom
  3. Evening guys and gals, More progress on the mammoth B-52 project to update you on. I've been beavering away on the cockpit and flight deck of late and have built a basic interior using the Sanger seats with a few mods. I've also used the Sanger control columns even though they were, in my humble opinion, a little oversized: There's scope to add more detail here but life is too short to waste time on making things that'll never be seen! I've made and added the escape hatches for the ejector seats above the pilots: And th
  4. I know I’ve said this before, Peter, but your metal work is simply first class. I really look forward to your updates as it’s just so inspiring - something for us all to aspire to
  5. That is a foiling job of the highest calibre!
  6. The nose on the B-24 is where the main differences are - perhaps, like the Hasegawa 1/72nd kits you could have a 'standard' rear fuselage and wing up to the rear cockpit bulkhead, and then do a separate nose for the D-model and J-model with the Emerson nose turrets. This would leave the majority of B-24 modellers happy I'm sure - those that want to convert to later, enclosed waist gun versions, early tail turret for the Ds as well as the H-model and later nose configurations could, theoretically, be covered by clever converting or possible later releases from HK. The after-market
  7. I've had the Sunderland out again over the weekend. At some point in my future I'll learn to focus on just one model at a time, but I seem incapable of that at the moment... Now that I'm happy with the interior structure I've done the final positioning of the bulkheads which are now all firmly in place and give a lovely and strong structure to the model: I've also begun working on the hefty support frames for the pilots' seats - these will be fitted after the fuselage is together but it's easier to work out dimensions and positioning whilst the halves are separ
  8. This is such a great project. Out of interest, how much has the plastic cost you so far - as in the raw material? Just curious as to how this would compare with a mainstream kit. Tom
  9. 1) Yes. Olive Drab over Neutral Grey as you state 2) Control surfaces, being fabric-covered, faded quicker than the surrounding metal but were OD when they left the factory 3) Medium Green 4) No - but the stars were 'greyed out' to make them less visible on the upper left wing. Hope that helps, Tom
  10. An amazing update on all counts. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. All the best, Tom
  11. Along with painting the entire interior of a Fortress interior green...
  12. Set ordered - fantastic stuff, Ali. I can now get my F-4J(UK) off the shelf of doom and complete it! All the best, Tom
  13. Time for a long over-due update on this build which has had some attention of late... The landing gear has been painted and installed: I still need to add some of the retraction struts, but these will be done at a later date. I've also made a start on the flight deck painting. It's had its first coat of grey, and I've also sprayed the inside of the cockpit transparency having masked off the windows beforehand. I've also scratched the instrument panel and coaming ready for further detailing later:
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