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  1. Hi Matt, The same thought has crossed my mind too, but the nose I’ve made follows my plans perfectly so I think it must be the angle of the photo playing tricks. All the best, Tom
  2. I'm fairly sure I have a Thai Airways boxing in the stash somewhere - you’re welcome to it if it helps you find one for a reasonable price. You’ll need some Braz RR Trents I think though - unless they have a mixed-engine fleet. PM me if you want to chat further. Tom
  3. Half term is upon us so a bit of bench-time this afternoon. I've begun making the basic cockpit structure - the rear bulkhead was made from plastic card along with the bases for the side consoles: IMG_E1803 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr The other smaller structural parts were made using Evergreen strip of various thicknesses: IMG_E1804 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Obviously there's lots more to add, and as I hate making and painting cockpits this will be a case of picking it up and putting it down as and when the mood takes. Until next time, Tom
  4. Yes indeed - half term is next week so that's the plan! Tom
  5. Afternoon all... It's been a while since an update on this monster - work and a lack of mojo conspiring against any significant progress. However, I have made some in-roads into the cockpit transparencies, which are vital in capturing the look of the BUFF. You only get one canopy with the kit so there's no room for error - definitely a case of measure thrice and cut once. When the cockpit glazing had been trimmed to the correct shape, it became apparent that it was quite significantly wider than the fuselage. This is because as the fuselage immediately below the cockpit curves inwards too much as you move up to the base of the flghtdeck windows, and therefore is too narrow for the cockpit to sit on correctly. The solution was to make a plasticard 'base' which matched the shape of the bottom area of the transparencies. This was then mounted on the fuselage where the glazing will sit, and the difference in space built up with Milliput and blended to shape. This has now corrected the shape of the fuselage sides, as well as making the cockpit more or less a drop-fit: DSC_0305 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr The cockpit windows have been marked out with masking tape, and are not 100% correct yet but have given a good approximation: DSC_0315 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0316 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr When compared to the original: Nose on view by Thomas Probert, on Flickr I think I'm not too far off: DSC_0309 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr A bit more fettling ahead yet, but progress is progress, no matter how small... Tom
  6. Not much building to report on (in fact none at all since the last update!) but these arrived from HPH over the festive period: IMG_1738 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr They are from their recent 1/48th release, and they agreed to sell me a set of decals as a standalone purchase. I don't have much faith in the Sanger decals, so hopefully these will be spot on when the time comes. Disappointingly, there are no squadron badges or nose art provided, only white backgrounds. I've contacted HPH about this but am yet to receive any response... if the worst happens I can probably use the Sanger items over the white backgrounds - we'll see! Tom
  7. Well done to those who completed a model for this fantastic group build - it was a pleasure to follow. Unfortunately my effort was pitiful - I’m going through a phase at the moment where I can’t keep going on a model and keep hopping about all over the place as my interest in a project wanes - therefore my Sunderland remains untouched in the loft. Anyway, onwards and upwards - and all the best for the New Year, folks.
  8. Sorry - I’ve just seen your PM about this. I honestly can’t remember the card thickness now, but I’ll have a look when I’m next in the loft to see if I have any left in my stash. That’s a really kind offer - thank you - but I’ve done exactly the same as you and already have the exact same radome modified and ready for installation when the time comes! Tom
  9. Im fairly certain the data plate pictured is from the horizontal stabiliser - possibly an elevator. I seem to recall seeing such a data plate pictured when the folks restoring the B-17 known as ‘Lacy Lady’ from atop the fuel station were dismantling it - I can’t for the life of me find the pictures now! Tom
  10. Afternoon folks... The flap aperture detailing has progressed well - the main structure is now done, with the exception of the flap motors that'll need making and adding later on: DSC_0292 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0294 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0296 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0298 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr When the final detailing has been done, these ares will be given a good spraying of zinc chromate - but that won't happen until the model is ready for painting. In other news, I've finished adding the veins to the spoilers on the wings: DSC_0300 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr And these are the beautiful 3D printed wheels that a friend kindly did for me: DSC_0302 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr DSC_0304 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Unfortunately the colour of the plastic means a lot of the details are lost to the camera, but believe me they're stunning! Now, better get the table cleared for dinner... DSC_0290 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Happy modelling folks, and all the best for the festivities! Tom
  11. Here's the result of about 10 hours work on the wing/flap structure so far: IMG_E1705 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_E1706 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Both inner sections are now more or less complete, with the outer sections to be tackled next. I may well give @Chek's method a go... Tom
  12. Dragging this thread up from the distant past - has it really been nearly a year and a half since I did anything to this?! No progress as such, but I did manage to score some very useful parts for this project from the good folks at HK Models whilst at Telford... a full set of their Lancaster landing gear legs and struts which has given me a bit of nudge in this model's direction - thanks @Cees Broere! Now it's a case of digging out the reference books again and seeing how the Lanc/Shackleton set up differed... Tom
  13. A little more progress to update you on this evening... I've been busy making the individual ribs for the wings - each one has been made from plastic card and then glued to the inner wing surfaces. Making each one identical was tedious to say the least, but the effect is what I was after. I've also been adding some Evergreen stiffeners too, and I'll now need to make the stringers that sit between the ribs and add those. Plenty to keep me busy over the next few sessions! IMG_1702 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_1699 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Until next time, Tom
  14. Evening all With the Xmas holidays here it's time to get this monster back on the bench... IMG_1693 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_1694 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr I'm making slow in-roads in scratch-building the flap apertures and associated structures at the moment - more soon hopefully! Tom
  15. I could never turn an offer like that down, Cees! With a big Stirling waiting on the stash they’d be most useful. Thanks and let me know how much I owe. See you soon, Tom
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