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  1. Unfortunately not - my wife and I had a second baby at the end of June so modelling time has taken a massive hit. In fact I've barely touched a model in a couple of months now, what with the new addition and work being crazy. I'm hoping things well begin to settle down a little and then I can back for it. Thanks for checking in though - appreciated! Tom
  2. I think in this case, it's more likely to be the batteries venting/leaking rather than footfall. Granted there would be wear and tear from the mechanics etc., but the batteries are located in the forward part of the wing root, just behind the leading edge of the wing. There are/were two in the left, and one on the right - if memory serves me correctly. It wasn't unknown for these batteries to leak, sending fluid back over the wing. Looking at the original picture you posted, the staining seems to originate exactly where the batteries are located. Don't take this as fact in this ins
  3. That’s really interesting, Jennings, and one that’s bound to spark some debate. I don’t suppose you could apply the same technique for those of us hoping to replicate WWII faded olive drab such as on high-time B-17s/B-24s etc? My photoshop skills aren’t up to much
  4. Loving this, Iain. I have the Revell F2 kit and was one day planning to make an F3 out of it, but seeing this (and if it comes readily available) I think it a better option to be honest. Excuse my ignorance, but can anyone enlighten me as to why the fuselage was longer on the F3? I know the nose is obviously different due to radar fit etc, but why the plug behind the cockpit?
  5. That’s a beauty! I’m at the decaling phase of the same kit at the moment, but I have done an early RAAF machine with the lighter grey RAM joins - it’s been a masking nightmare of epic proportions! I really like the FOD guards which add a lovely splash of colour. Tom
  6. If you want my advice, for what it’s worth, just build it and enjoy it - warts and all. It’s so easy to get bogged down trying to correct every last detail, but then there’s the real risk of burn out and losing motivation. At the end of the day, this is shaping up to be a stunning model regardless of the inaccuracies, and the extra detailing you are adding will take it to the next level anyway. The vast majority of us won’t know what the ‘inaccuracies’ are as most could just about tell the main difference between the A/D models and that’s about it - I say crack on and en
  7. I’ve got multiple (10+) projects in the go at any one time. Some I work on slowly and steadily in the background (such as long term vacform/scratch projects) and others I may put down for a year or more before I get back to them. It all depends on my mojo and what I fancy at the time. Variety is the spice of life! I am making a concerted effort to finish the many models I’ve got started before I start another at the moment - hence I’ve finished 5 builds so far this year which is more than in a long time.
  8. The Lightning had RR Avons. And Max - this is gorgeous!
  9. Yes - Combat do one and it’s actually pretty good in terms of the surface detailing. I had one but have since sold it on, which I am now regretting!
  10. Congratulations on reaching this milestone, Craig! Psychologically, these moments make a huge difference and if my experience is anything to go by, you’ll get the other wing done in no time at all It’s still an absolute pleasure to follow your progress - keep at it! All the best, Tom
  11. That’s come out great! Lovely job and I think the ‘sand’ looks spot on. Mine is still in its very early stages and this provides huge inspiration! Tom
  12. Sorry Matt - I’ve only just seen your question. Yes - it is a high-build primer and when dry sands beautifully, filling any small blemishes. Wonderful stuff - just a shame about the colour! Tom
  13. Thank you - and I found it a really straightforward build so hopefully it won’t cause you any problems.
  14. I’d love to but sadly without investment in a large vacformer it’s a non-starter. Plus I don’t think the wife would be too happy with me spending even more money on model-related things! I really do hope the molds go to a good home - Tigger are you there!? I’ve been umming and ahhing about pulling the trigger on the 1/32 Marauder for a while now. With rumours every now and again of an IM kit on the way, I’ve held off. You can guarantee if I did go down the Combat route, there’d be a Tamiya 1/32 B-26 released the very next day! Tom
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