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  1. Nice, can't beat a Spitfire.
  2. Went over the rlm 81 with 75 just for a bit more interest Decals for the number and other bits added Exhausts painted and installed Barracuda wheels test fitted along with undercarriage Had to add the prop just to see Aaron
  3. Looking for some help on this one Titled: Messerschmitt Bf 109G-6 Erla Erg.NAGr Bromberg (N5+UK) Red 20 force landed 1945-01 but not sure if its actually a G-8 given they were a recon unit?
  4. Masking for markings Spinner had a 3rd white and a spiral over the top, 3 stage process, made my head hurt Reveal time
  5. Its arrived... Stunning. If you have any interest in this era then I highly recommend this kit. The level of detail is amazing.
  6. Paint! Halfords Plastic Primer Grey, then some random lines and textures via masks and stuff. AK RLM 81 version 3 and Mr Paint RLM 84 (76 late war) Next up Gunze RLM 83 and tail RLM 76 standard shade. Filled in a few of the underside with AK RLM 76 late Added the yellow band Gunze RLM 04 And the mottles Happy enough Aaron
  7. Well I do have 6 D's from Hasegawa to add
  8. No i can't say I do. They are so different to one another its hard to compare. The stash shows I currently have 5 Hase's and 5 Revells so its a draw
  9. this one is Hasegawa This one is Revell
  10. Superb AGAIN John. Luv every part of this build. The salt work makes the kit. Just looks so 'right' Aaron
  11. thank you for the detailed instructions. amazing work
  12. just found this thread and throughly enjoying it.
  13. go back to page 9 and ive put the photo of said VC
  14. Welcome back John, so missed your builds, but the fishing looked excellent and luv the first photo of your trip.
  15. Holy cow batman... Pit installed, just went with the kit parts as an 109 is very difficult to see and very claustrophobic. Getting all the sundries prepped Installed the lap belts already, but leaving the top ones till later. These are from the Aires cockpit set I used on the 109G-6AS build. Nearly ready for paint!
  16. Yep 1 or 2 for me, have the 32nd one in the stash and currently building the Tamiya offering in 48th and also have their dambuster version, but you cant have enough Lancs.
  17. Excellent, will follow along, dont forget the Spit though
  18. With the race season abet shortened bench time has been limited to a couple of hours every other weekend. However I managed to get the base coat onto the porcupine. Started off with some midgrey pre-shading and texture Then AK Real Color RLM76 v.2 As with most cameras nowadays the subtle tones arent recorded, but I'm very happy with the outcome.
  19. Quickboost resin MG's Rivetted the fuselage
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