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  1. Ordered also. Need it to tow the bomb trolleys I purchased from Graham at Telford in 2018 for the lancaster
  2. John be a great scheme for your painting talents?
  3. Superb work. Really like the cone trick on the aerial wire. Little bits like this make all the difference. Looking forward to the frp
  4. Primed and test fit Scratch built the storage rack for the extra oxygen bottles and stratched 2 more from sprue and plasticard. Beige one is from a hasegawa kit. Revell ones are only 75% round and hollow. Will add the tubes once installed and painted.
  5. After last weekends model show (no punch & die set found) it was back to the bench this weekend. test fit on the pilot He armless at the minute! Bit of a wrestling match with the pit and the fuselage but some thinning and sanding and all good now. Add some more PR only parts as well as removing some not required also. Added Airscale and Barracuda decals to the scratched dials and resin parts Nick asked about the wing to fuselage fit. Well happy with it now the pit is temporarily in place. The pit pushes the sidewalls out to meet the wings. I remember test fitting the FR Pink Spit without the pit and finding it a bit slack but fine once the pit was in place. The GMF deep oil cowling is for the earlier PR machines. A very good friend vacformed me a copy from it and I used the kit piece and it to blend together. Sanding and filling to blend and a coat of Halfords to see the results; needs a little more finessing but happy with the outcome
  6. All the very best Kevin, thank you for all the excellent work you've done here.
  7. This is my Hasegawa G-4 backdated to a G-2. My kit also had resin F wheels in the box packed in with the canopy parts so not added afterwards. This was the kit: Messerschmitt Bf109G-4 'Hartmann' Hasegawa | No. 08135 | 1:32
  8. Thanks. If I recall correctly they are the fuel pumps covers. I double check when I get home.
  9. More detail work on the pit. Camera control now mid/dark grey and picking out the different controls and stuff. First model show of the year today so off in search of a punch and die set to use with Airscale's decal sets and ease my scratch building skills
  10. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=valaintwings&qpvt=valaintwings&view=detail&mid=B335B8334B7DA6A9AA2CB335B8334B7DA6A9AA2C&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dvalaintwings%26qpvt%3Dvalaintwings%26FORM%3DVDRE review of the Valiant wings 162 book
  11. Valiant wings do both planes and both books are very good. Air frame 13 and 9 are the refs but the arado one is out of print on their site.
  12. Its all Thierry's work and effort. I cant take any credit for it. I still have L plates on when it comes to detailing stuff.
  13. Off my phone that's all. I am a professional photographer though as one of my other jobs.
  14. Yep that's exactly what I do too. This is from the pink one
  15. So last 2 pics not .XI planes? I'm more than happy to go mid grey but just confused.
  16. Thanks Cees, I have several pics in various shades from black to light grey, but some of these are refurbished pits so not sure which way to go. I will probably go over it with a dark grey just to add some contrast. like I said in my post just got some black down to give me a base.
  17. Hasegawa 109G-4 backdated to a G-2. Boxing already had resin f wheels so not much work to do. Painted as an tropical scheme over painted with rlm 70 and white wash. Yellow 10 Hans Dobrich February 1943
  18. Hours of work without too much to show but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Cut out the 2 bubbles for the canopy sides. Fiddled about with the front canopy and finding a secure and sturdy way to install but struggling to be honest. Finally got some paint on the pit and installed the IP and new camera control. Sprayed the front of the IP with Mr Paint superflat and the dials with Gunze gloss, than stuck together. touched up the left hand side with a brush but this didn't dry matt so will spray again then re-gloss the dials.
  19. Keep rolling John, this is yet another epic build, luv every post.
  20. Whether any of the below will help John I'm not sure but here's my thoughts... Reverse the process. I think you need to fold the lower section (as you have it laid out) first and start with the inner edge (when assembled). Make the 2 90 degree folds then the vertical height of the upright will show you the angle to fold the sloping edge to allow it all the layflat. The other side can then be folded over, and the spars have 2 90 degree folds made.
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