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    retired "pilot's pest"(air traffic control), flying too infrequently PPL, woodworking and other heavy duty stuff, professional grand pao since '15, and feeling like having too less the time to do it.....oh, and ofcourse 1/32nd scalemodelling......yeah right!!!!

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  1. wauw lookin at that unpainted version, makes we wonder how you got it to look so lifelike, very nice build!
  2. Indeed very lovely build, but talking about the pilot figure: that pilot has a striking resemblance to Putin, if you ask me.........
  3. Heeey, interesting indeed, was figuring it out myself as well, but got stuck in time, will be following this one for sure..... and count me in for a complete conversion set!! Jack
  4. Guys, have fun building, as much as i'm really fascinated by the Stearman, but this rigging scares the hell out of me, as goes for every biplane..........oh well....
  5. This is indeed all disappointing, even desastrous and "criminal", and personally i'm looking back at the TF51D flight we (my son and i) did in january '19 in Florida, felt very comfortable flying in the aircraft, being instructed by David Vopat ( who sadly died in the N-9M crash a few months later.......) and "ofcourse" never had a feeling of incompetence on the account of the organisation, but that is food for thought................
  6. Jack

    Naval P-38

    Well no floats ever on a P38, but it did have "ski's" on it, so that could be an option as well, but not as weird as this one.......
  7. Jack

    Naval P-38

    Bingo!!! anyone in for a diorama??
  8. Excuse me, but is LSP representative for the whole 1/32 scale community????????......in the world????? With all due respect were is your "commercial" initiative, just relying on "our family" and disregarding probably many more large scale builders?
  9. ....This is what aircraft modeling is ALL about, don't want to downgrade IM models, but the idea you had was already "out of the box" and now we see your end result!!! I find it very impressive, très bien, congratulations!!! Jack
  10. guess that's what was the same in many armed forces around the world, even in the former and present eastern block......
  11. Isn't that a screenshot from the movie: THOSE MAGNIFICENT MEN IN THEIR FLYING MACHINES??? Great picture!!!
  12. Jennings, it surely is hard to loose a dear friend this way, i've experienced the same with our bearded collie, keep good memories and remember!!
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