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    retired "pilot's pest"(air traffic control), flying too infrequently PPL, woodworking and other heavy duty stuff, professional grand pao since '15, and feeling like having too less the time to do it.....oh, and ofcourse 1/32nd scalemodelling......yeah right!!!!

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  1. Indeed amazing, one of the best built Mustangs i've seen, and there are many talented Mustang builders within the LSP society, but this one is one of the best.....
  2. Jack

    VTOL F35?

    Anyone know any "inside" info about Italeri's "probable" release of the F35B, since this would be a logical follow-up on their "A" model?
  3. well Nic.....you did it again, looking gooooooood
  4. Erwin, i must admit i'm really impressed, i knew about your first "what-if", but seeing the other one made me realize you had a vision in making these two aircraft very special. I'd love to see them in real time sometime. groeten, Jack.
  5. Oh my, seeing this level, expertize and downright guts in making such a beast would almost have me crawl back in a very very dark corner and totally forget about modelling for good...... awesome Ben, just awesome. J.
  6. how do i use the "drop-jaws" icon on this???????? Absolutely awesome...................................
  7. Looking ever so good, congrats on this one (as usual i might say)
  8. Excuse my ignorance...again...but what is wrong with the Academy Blackhawk family, looks good to me (yeah yeah i know it's a dog occording to "some" lSP members) .......?
  9. I'm not into WW2 aircraft so much anymore, but this 190 looks ever so good, congrats on the finish.
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