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  1. Man, that Viggen will be on my "eager to want" list, such an impressive aircraft and design (at that time).
  2. Don't just look at the east, take a look at State side: i ordered and had confirmed a shipping from Drawdecal at may 12TH to be sent across the pond and zilch, nada, zero, up to now. Still is at the Chicago international distribution facility apparently according to tracking info, and no way of checking either by telephone or email........
  3. Happy Canada day to all of you....... The only time i've been in your beautiful country was by foot, crossing the bridge at niagara falls, in order to step into my girlfriends car on the canadian side and spent the night some thirty kilometres further down the road, after which we returned to the States on our way back to the old country.......i hope to be able to visit your country a bit longer next time!!!
  4. nice representation, looking very good.......
  5. oeoeoeoeh......NICE.....!!!
  6. thanks everybody concerned, sorted it out, all is well.
  7. Hi Maru, thanks for the heads up, but as mentioned before, i already changed my password several times in sequence, and could sign in right after i submitted my new password, but then again when using that same password e.g. a day later, it wasn't accepted, and so i had to request a renewal, etc etc etc. maybe i'd better contact one of the staff members,......once i'm logged in..
  8. Hi Andy, that is what i did after i've received the password reset mails, changed it into my own, which at first worked, but afterwards each time i had to give a new personal password (which each time was excepted to be okay), but maybe i'll keep signed in next time, will try that Jack
  9. I hadn't been visiting Brit Modeller for quite a long time (member with password) and wanted to check something a few weeks ago......alas, i could not sign in because my password was not valid. Ok, i thought it was because of my long time abscence and requested a password renewal. That was given to me, and i could sign in and do my "business". I signed out, and a few days later was checking in again, and AGAIN my password wasn't valid (the password change given to me a few days before), so i had to request a renewal again. And again, it worked, but .....yep you figured it out already i guess, this non exceptance regarding the "valid" password continued each time i wanted to sign in....... So here's the big question: did any of you have the same problems like the ones mentioned above? Or.....is it just silly me??? (i thought Jennings made a certain remark regarding this problem a week or so ago??) HTH, Jack
  10. Koralik, i would like to echo all of the above, but most of all YOU'VE GOT TO TELL US HOW YOU GET THAT FINISH.........AWESOME!! but maybe you've already explained the paintjob in one of your models in the past, just missed it.
  11. I'm impressed, THAT is a sublime looking cheetah, tres bien
  12. oooooh,.....magnifique!!!! That looks very very very gooooood!!
  13. Ok, Martin, let's have it, this story is very interesting to know where and when it ended......
  14. Wasn't there a 1/32 vacform/partly resin kit that someone here on LSP built and had a kind of work-in-progress? If memory serves it was quite an impressive kit..... Jack
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