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  1. Thierry, to be honest the PMC vac parts are basic as well, rather sturdy material, but then again good to dig your teeth into so to speak, and i must say that quality and details are imho acceptable on the resin parts. For instance the tail/fin part is resin, which is surprising (could also have been formed fixed to the fuselage) but it sure helps to have both cockpits presented among other items. But it's a pitty for sure that Paul wasn't able to finish his Firefly project, a MK IV is an awesome aircraft.....
  2. i keep my most important/delicate/rare decal sheets in a folder in my bookcase, in my living room, at moderate temperatures and humidity, already since over 30 years, and they're still fine (ofcourse the much older sheets show their age, but then again...)
  3. Well that "lightnin' bug" might be it, but the "sound" of it didn't hold up for long.....
  4. Anyone remember this brand, it's OOP, company went the dodo's way, and right before shop closed i was able to snatch this one. it was offered as is shown, but also the company had some nice resin detailing stuff, but that was sold separately, so i got it just in time so the total package looks like this: And ofcourse clear vac parts are also present. Jack.
  5. looking back at "space" footage throughout the years, indeed memorizing the moonlanding and seeing these black and white images, out of focus sometimes or actually all out of focus the whole time, and comparing these with images taken inside the ISS spacestation for instance, shows how far we've come presenting us "earthlings" the wonders of space, and now, again, pictures/images awe us seeing the surface of Mars. This is not the last HD image we'll see of space for sure. J.
  6. djeeez, missed on that one, have to check up on it, any "you-tube" footage?
  7. Congrats on your superb build, you did a very good job, like it very much salut Jac
  8. Ok, i'll chip in with another "impossible" release: a E.E. B8 Canberra........
  9. If you're talking Lockheed P2V Neptune, then i'm with you all the way, but it would be awesome if........
  10. Wow, makes you want to climb in, go through all those "procedures", and then enjoy this remarkable aircraft. Thanks for showing us this, very very amusing.
  11. Indeed in Fort Rucker an example of the Cheyenne is on display, our late former member Larry Hawkins sent me a whole bunch of pictures, like a walk around, and they are very usefull when trying to detail such a model.
  12. Found the original thread on the "big" cheyenne... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/9747-cheyenne-take-2/
  13. Hi Artoor, you won't find it on ebay, that's for sure........
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