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    retired "pilot's pest"(air traffic control), flying too infrequently PPL, woodworking and other heavy duty stuff, professional grand pao since '15, and feeling like having too less the time to do it.....oh, and ofcourse 1/32nd scalemodelling......yeah right!!!!

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  1. THAT is a great looking "A" model, have the Belcher conversion kit, and planning (yeah right.......) to use it to build the NF-5A model the RNLAF used to operate in the past. You did a very pleasant looking end result using this conversion set......congrats. Jack
  2. No no no no, this is all a fake: the first pic is from the model with a convenient realistic background, and the rest you shot in a well lit hangar of a real Rhino, and just photoshopped the background to oblivion........ Man, this Phantom is very very realistic (as usual coming from your hands) great build, congrats Jack.
  3. Always loved the two seater version, seen these jets at a belgian AFB near our airport in the past, and always wondered if ever there would be a two-seater AM available to turn the old Revell kit into this one, but ofcourse at that time the only possibility was scratchbuilding, so skipping forward to the present it's great to have this conversion set. Great work on your presentation, i love it. salut, Jack
  4. I'd almost say........told you so.........nuff said!!
  5. Paolo, how could i have missed this one, i'm a real Mustang "nut", and just checked your GB entry, and i'm really impressed by your approach to this B model, a great job, and this proves that modelling isn't just slapping together a kit, but trying to be a modeller and improving any items that would be neccessary, great job!! Ciao Jack
  6. Well actually you could still work this out with the canopy set, because it is not "correcting" the original fuselage part, it is replacing it, so you'd need some very simple surgery by cutting away the neccessary fuselage part, and replace it with the resin part, which is all the way in clear resin so you'd only have to paint the fuselage indications. I don't know how far ahead you are with your P51B, but it might be a tricky try to cut thru an already assembled fuselage part, and maybe not worth the effort. I myself haven't used it yet on a mustang kit, but did some surgery years ago on a hybrid hasegawa D model trying to turn it into a B, by using the upper part(spine forward towards the windscreen) from an old Revell kit, but eventually trashed it......
  7. oooh man , that sucks...................................
  8. Ernest, i'm impressed by all the fantastic work, either kit wise or adjusting with AM products on this trumpeter kit, but did you know about "aerocraftmodels" rear canopy correction set in clear resin. IMHO the trumpeter presentation on this particular part, being the upper fuselage between the two aft clear parts is too wide, and this correction set solves the "problem".....but i don't want to be a party pooper on your excellent build, but i only just found this correction set myself lately. Anxious to see the completed model, Viel SpaƟ, Jack.
  9. Very great looking Hornet, with a smart finish, love the weathering, good job!! Jack
  10. So this was the coby Blackhawk, hope you liked the images, despite poor lighting quality.
  11. Well, to have some more pictures, besides the discussion, and i must say it REALLY fought me to build, especially the tail section, very fragile, and in general the whole kit was over engineerd IMHO, but eventually it represented a Blackhawk "stone-wise":
  12. Stefan, you might be right in your acceptance of cobi, but since the trademark LEGO wasn't "valid" anymore, it expired a couple of years ago, i guess other enterprises like Cobi and some companies from China filled in "some" other space. And aside the costs for these items being lower than a comparable LEGO item, like others said Cobi took up some " niche" in presenting other interesting subjects, which haven't been released by LEGO before.........
  13. And this is just the sub assembly in the beginning:
  14. This is something different from what we build usually, a spin-off from Lego, Cobi stones from Poland, and it's a 1/32nd scale Blackhawk model, which is "fighting" me all the way........ Just imagine building the particularly small stone items on and in to eachother and then either missing some "stones" or the sub assembly is just "exploding " on you because you're putting too much pressure on it in order to get the total picture together.........i have a tile floor.......so if those parts are getting on the floor with some impact with "kenetic" energy you'd have to search for it everywhere......... Anyhow, i'll get some pictures to go with it in a short while.........
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