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  1. wow, i'm still at 13.7......never expected a 14 update that soon.....
  2. Well Ali, i have to concur, though i've got some "health-restrictions" on using resin and especially GLUEING it, but i've got the HPH Helldiver and this kit is IMHO very good, very detailed and very buildable into a splendid representation of this aircraft.....
  3. Thanks Brian, in the mean time i think i found it, i'm a real PC nerdo, and i tried one of the options in Imgur, and apparently it worked the way you explained, thanks mate.
  4. aaaaaah found it......i guess......
  5. [img]https://i.imgur.com/qVWzYyj.jpg[/img] I'm sorry , i'm at lost, i just don't get it, TUTORIAL in plain language pleeeeeeze.......
  6. indeed, tried the "old" way and it didn't work, so i'll dig into it so to say.....
  7. [img]https://i.imgur.com/qVWzYyj.jpg[/img]
  8. Yes, ....this kit looks incredible to say the least, and it's one of my favorite jet aircraft too, but all i got from these messages in this thread is " A HOPE" of delivery, even having paid for it, and i really hope this whole venture will come true, and i sincerely hope í'll not be discouraged, so good luck to you all............
  9. Yep, for sure this will turn into a splendid looking B model, nice approach you did to get this far. I've tried this "conversion" with an old Revell B fuselage untill the firewall, and pasting a Hasegawa D nose onto it, but stalled it a while ago. Will follow this very closely, great job. Jack.
  10. yep, i know, just wanted to indicate too rich for me too, like Kevin said...........
  11. X 22222222222222222222222222222222222222
  12. Dan, just found this thread, excellent work on this project, looking forward to your end presentation, this is really "scratching" things
  13. As i said: WAG...........good luck finding out............................
  14. They do not look familiar to me, but i assume these two panels are from ONE aircraft cockpit interior, and looking at the second presentation it's indicating a max mach number being 0.8, and rather large speed limits for three different flap settings up to 100% saying it might be a twin seater jet, i'd say it's from a Intruder????? Just my WAG.......
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