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  1. Beautiful build, i don't know what it is with the Hayate, but these lines are just simple, and on the other hand very appealing, i like it very much.
  2. Iain, thanks for showing these pictures, great show, and as my favorite i might select the "weathered" Phantom and that gorgeous looking Skycrane, is that scratchbuilt or IM? Never saw it before IIRC. cheers, Jack.
  3. .....oh yeah, bring on the "B"....... And on hi-jacking this thread (pun intented) on to a descent "H" model and P-82 and that would really close the Mustang line..........wouldn't it??
  4. aaah......looks a bit "not-up-to-date" at this moment, looking at the "best wishes for 2019" remark.......
  5. oh wow, i'm not really into vehicles and such but this is like looking at the real thing, amazing build, must have been fun trying to get it to this realism. CONGRATS!! Jack.
  6. indeed tragic.......RIP........
  7. very special aircraft, you made a great build, congrats, jack.
  8. Can't imagine why i missed this one, great project and story you told in the beginning of the thread, indeed a whole different ballgame for the mustang in Korea as opposed to the missions in WW2. Your attention to detail is amazing, will follow this now for sure. Jack.
  9. ....and afterwards never showed up again??
  10. ....and found it: Can't remember what year it should have been, but somewhere in the eighties Revell catalogues:
  11. I'll try and dig up that specific Revell catalogue page, i kept it because i was ofcourse interested in such a "mistic" aircraft. J.
  12. Just saw the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber, Revell 1/72 in the non-lsp section, and i can still remember this kit being offered by Revell as the "real" B-2 bomber, and in the same respect lots of years ago revell was offering a 1/32 scale F-"something" stealth fighter, lateron called the Loran design, and i was looking forward to it being released at a certain point in time that year, but alas it never appeared.It was presented as (what lateron would be the F-117) the upcoming stealth fighter in large scale, but i guess it was cancelled, though Monogram released just exactly the same kit in 1/48 scale.... Anyone know the follow-up story on this one? HTH Jack Btw it was called the F-19 stealth fighter........
  13. wow, like looking at the real thing, very very nice and impressive weathering, bardzo dobrze!!! Jack
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