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    retired "pilot's pest"(air traffic control), flying too infrequently PPL, woodworking and other heavy duty stuff, professional grand pao since '15, and feeling like having too less the time to do it.....oh, and ofcourse 1/32nd scalemodelling......yeah right!!!!

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  1. Jack

    1/32 S2F Tracker from GIIC Resin

    hahaha, i have the ID vac in the stash, but THIS looks like trenches, trenches and more trenches...............................
  2. Jack

    Swiss F-5E

    wow, that is indeed a very gooood looking Tiger, and like the others already mentioned your choice of decals/nationality brings it out as a masterpiece. congrats. Jack.
  3. Jack

    Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

    Used Glucosamine a couple of years ago, during a period of several months, but eventually i stopped using it. Ofcourse my complaints stayed and even got worse at certain times, and i noticed that warmth and humidity had a positive effect on my hands (were i had the problems) so actually i should be living somewhere else than doing time in this cold and rainy country i'm in right now..........
  4. Received mine a few days ago, so.....now waiting for the "D" version to hit the shelves!!!
  5. Jack

    Hornet vs. Super Hornet?

    I think i'll just stick to the two Trump supers i have, since i'm convinced that spine issue doesn't exist on these two, and looking at (actually the original revell pics) the flat, rectangularish revell spine looks a bit weird to me. jack
  6. Danny, nice Jug(s)...............
  7. Jack

    Any aftermarket for the 1/32 Skymaster?

    and the set is super great i might say... J.
  8. looking goooooood!!!!
  9. Jack

    "Double Widow-Maker" (T)F104-G

    haha, no worries Bill, i figured as much, could have gone the same way........
  10. Jack

    "Double Widow-Maker" (T)F104-G

    Indeed Bill, hope you had a great birthday, and your 104 is looking cool, but just one thing of interest: why did you "paint-in" the clear parts between front and aft cockpit, if memory serves they were just clear all the way from front to back? cheers, Jack
  11. Jack


    Great and touching video, thanks for showing........
  12. Jack

    Guess what? Another Lanc

    Hi, i don't know if this came up already or maybe i missed it, but are you going to use the "all clear" fuselage to have all these inside-goodies be out-to-the-open eventually ??
  13. Jack

    Hornet is flying into the sunset...

    All discussions aside, didn't i somewhere read in a official defence publication that the Blues would anyhow get their "E and F" Super hornets as a replacement for the old aircraft?
  14. Jack

    first and last built..

    Well, no pictures, but first one the very first "in-box-scale" Revell F8U Crusader (glued together by my father using this yellowish glue to mend shoes.....) and the last the combat models F7F Tigercat (or was it the combat Kingfisher, i can't remember, must be the age, duh.....)
  15. wohooooo, that is just fantastic, hope to be seeing that one in real life sometime, fascinating.....