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    retired "pilot's pest"(air traffic control), flying too infrequently PPL, woodworking and other heavy duty stuff, professional grand pao since '15, and feeling like having too less the time to do it.....oh, and ofcourse 1/32nd scalemodelling......yeah right!!!!

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  1. Mike, taking a look at your avatar, it looks like you're a Mustang affectionado, and ofcourse you might be familiar with "Toulouse nuts", a TF51D belonging to the Collins Foundation, and that particular aircraft has a regular vertical mustang tail, so no adjustments would be needed...... In other words, some TF's had tall tails and some didn't, that being said i think all the Cavelier versions had the tall tail. Jack
  2. I used to have a mixture of scales in the past, larger part being 1/32, and the rest 48 and 72, nothing smaller, and the "smaller-than-32" scales were of subjects that would never be released in a bigger scale, either 32nd or 24th, ....or so i thought! Well, jumping forward to present time situation, only 1/32 and 1/24 are present, except for four very interesting aircraft (to me at least) in 1/72nd scale: both Northrop flying wing designs, propellor driven and jet propulsed and the prototype N9M plus the eventual outcome being the B-2 bomber, i'm just fascinated by these aircraft. Jack
  3. Ron, thanks for sharing, exciting footage!!
  4. fascinating design, had those visit our airport frequently in the past. Jac
  5. Very very nice job on this "what-if" version, very impressive!!
  6. I must be honest about this kind of era, i have no "affection" to this kind of aircraft, but this build is superb, i could never be able to accomplish such a beautiful diorama, let alone finish this kit, so congratulations with the end result, good show..... Jack
  7. well, that's actually right about putting it, don't feel offended about it, it's just a fact that's pretty difficult to blend in into the belgian general public acceptance/opinion on just such an issue. Believe me i know, living close to the boundary i can feel much the same!!!
  8. whoah hold your horses, going THAT way, you should also include some parts of Africa, and other parts of "critical parts" in the world, and indeed grass is always greener blah blah, but that is just not the subject of this (more or less funny) video, it just marks the essential PROBLEM in your country, get over it and accept it............. I know exactly what is wrong, let the government do something about it..................ok, i'll stop the rant!!
  9. But Thierry, you also have to admit all these taxes in Belgium are being used to improve the transportation/road system.................NOT!!! Guys, everything Thierry told you is sadly true, i live about 60 miles north of him, in the Netherlands, and though we have only one governmental system, tax wise it isn't much better, you guys in the States e.g. would completely go nuts over gas prices which are going balistic again: average price for a litre gasoline is about € 1,75 overhere, multiply this by 3,8 and you have €6,65 for a gallon which in dolari would be $7,40.............and that's only the gas. (That being said i feel my country is the worst country to try and hold up a PPL, again costs and taxes, but ofcourse this has nothing to do with the subject at hand) Drive on people, Jack.
  10. Guys, can't recall the "wing-issue" on attaching the trump wing to the Has-fuselage: was it a matter of over-riveting, or too less recessed lines on behalf of the Hasegawa wing, that brougt up the idea of joining these two together or what? HTH Jack
  11. I'm impressed, really impressed, that is a great collection of 2019 models, very nice. J.
  12. sorry for my ignorance, don't know the gentleman, i'm sorry for his loss, but fill me in.......
  13. Jack

    F 35

    Mooi man.........
  14. Hubert, just stumbled on this one, great looking end result, despite the downfalls. good job Jack.
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