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  1. Which is why racing planes are so much fun. There are no limits on the color (or the ego). You need to be confident to win, but you also need incredible skill and a great plane to start. What color would yours be painted? Or there is the "What IF?" approach. It will set your creativity free. Tnarg
  2. This one looks like all those uncovered planes or the late war He 162's that didn't get much if any paint. It is visually much more interesting, which is a really bad thing if you wanted camo. The gray colors just make me think, it might as well just be a UFO. Nothing to see here, you can move along. It is almost as bad as when I found out that the beautiful brown and green Austro-Hungarian camouflage on the Hansa Brandenburg C.I was only that way because the varnish got yellow with age and it was originally two shades of grey. Sorry, but I couldn't stand it anymore. Hopefully thos
  3. This is the only picture of this aircraft that has ever made me look twice. Tnarg
  4. Forget the lightning, just send rain. Tnarg
  5. Last Wednesday we woke up to near darkness. The smoke from Oregon was on top of an inversion layer which made the sky only a bit more bright than if lit by a full moon, and it was dark orange. By noon, we saw the parking lot lights still on at the local hardware store... automatically turned on because it was still dark. Local fires are mostly out in Sonoma County. My son's mother in law's place was saved, but only by hard work and a miracle. Their neighbor had been fighting fires for CAL FIRE in southern California, returned to find the cat tractor he had purchased in his driveway
  6. He left an amazing legacy of creative work. Condolences to his family, I hope they know that we appreciated him and what he did. Tnarg
  7. Unfortunately, I believe that the kits didn't cost enough to make the company independent. But. if they had cost more, they wouldn't have had enough customers to be viable either. It was a case of doing what a wealthy benefactor wanted. I hoped for a few of the planes that could have been, like some updated versions of the old Aurora/K&B 1/48 classics like the Breguet XIV, Albatros C.III or more Austro-Hungarian planes, but that wasn't his interest. Special Hobby listed the Hansa Brandenburg C.I for years, but never made it in 1/32. There will not likely ever be a company that creates some
  8. Glad to have a look at this old thread, it just popped up new, but the Fury was an amazing build. Like what was said earlier, the metal behind the exhausts just looked read. Perfect heat discoloration. Even if the praise is for eight years ago, it still looks amazing. Tnarg
  9. If they move ahead with their previous products, it makes sense that they would do the Polikarpov I-15 and maybe the I-152 to fill out the family. After they do a CR-42, then a CR-32 series would be amazing also. Moving on from the Gladiator, the Gauntlet makes sense. They have done an He 51 in 1/72, so maybe some of those also (including one with floats)? What else would I like? Just about all of the 1930's fighters and other planes could be open for their consideration. I'd go nuts for a Karas, but leave that to the Polish to follow their P.11c.. If Lukgraph don't do a Shrike, th
  10. Your attention to small details brings this build to the top of things to watch. You are an inspiration to us all in making fine details look good. Thank you, Tnarg
  11. I flew in a Western 737 as a very young guy, one of my first plane trips. I have to do that one. However, those Southwest state flag 737's really cry out to be done as well. You could fill up several display cases with these kits. Tnarg
  12. Jetmads have already delivered on their first product and it looks fine. I hope they release the fascinating subjects on their list like the X-3 and alternate Viggen and maybe Draken versions. Tnarg
  13. Whenever I have seen or known something about the thing that happened, it becomes almost a joke to see how it is portrayed by different news sources. It really is the blind men and the elephant. Each sees one part of the reality and assumes that describes everything. if we don't expand our view and listen to each other, and see all points of view, we miss the total reality. News anchors only know how to read teleprompters and look "pretty" while entertaining their followers. Our eyes work that way, since they do not capture a photo with millions of pixels on the retina, or even sca
  14. "When Walter tells you, that's the way it is" has nothing to do with today's reality nor did it likely have anything to do with yesterday's reality either, but at least it appeared that he tried to tell more than one side of the story. Now all we get is "Pravda" or "Truth" which is "just your opinion, man". In many ways I appreciate the fact that people in current "journalism" don't even attempt to claim they are unbiased. We all see only what we want to see or what matches our world view. We are blind to things that don't match until like the dog, they force our nose into it and w
  15. You think this is difficult, just think about WWI colors with only a few "sort of" color references to go by.... or even worse, read Gilbert Levin's book, "Mars, the Living Planet" (talking about his life detection experiment on the original Viking Landers) as he describes how the first photos came in and looked like Arizona high desert with pale blue sky, but the techs came in and added more infrared channel to the red and said, "Everyone knows Mars is red". It's all in your mind. Those pictures showed the American flag on the lander as red, purple and pink instead of red, blue and white, bec
  16. If they could do the angled wing version (Mk.II) we'd be able to do it in Danish colors. I like this one also. Tnarg
  17. My son woke up one Christmas morning and looked for his presents under the tree. He was just old enough to cry in disgust... "Soft packages ! ", meaning no Legos nor video games... just shirts and socks. He did have some "hard packages" hidden where he didn't see them. Unfortunately, he is not much of a plastic building guy other than Legos but I am trying to build with my grandchildren. Here's hoping you have some plastic packages in your future. Happy Birthday. Tnarg
  18. Some people "can't handle the truth". it is sad, but once they realize that everything has some flaw, it ruins their whole world. I believe in truth as an absolute that I can work towards, but realize that in a 1/32 scale model I will always compromise. It doesn't ruin my day and my self esteem if I know the kit is imperfect as I built it or as the manufacturer delivered it, but I would like to know and make an informed decision. I'd still like to approach truth, even if it only a bit closer than where I am. I'd like to know what is correct and then decide what to do, like the twea
  19. Very interesting panel lines the way they show a light color between the darker camouflage. Great model. Tnarg
  20. This sounds like a fun endeavor. Best of luck with all you are doing. The movie is just amazing and those Spitfires and Hurricanes in the sky always get to me. Churchill accurately described the fact that so much is owed to those who fought in any capacity. They "saved Western Civilization" and we owe them thanks. This seems like a great way to do that. Tnarg
  21. So WNW exits and the other companies fill up the vacuum with lots of great new kits. Thank you very much for the Caudron and the XVII. Nice choice of subjects, even if I still want a Hansa Brandenburg. Tnarg
  22. The Nieuports by CSM are really fine kits. The instructions make you think you are seeing WNW's level of documentation. I think WMW raised the bar for many instruction sets. I picked up all of them and highly recommend them. Tnarg
  23. Hope springs eternal.... but it would be nice to see a TBD from the A team. And a BT-1 and a Vindicator, but maybe from someone who would actually release one. Tnarg
  24. Good news that Roden has returned to do new kits. These are interesting subjects with lots of alternative markings. Tnarg
  25. What's not to like about a Ju52 minesweeper with that huge antenna to set off magnetic mines? And there are more than one fascinating Ju52 floatplane airliners. Add to that the crazy dustbin gun placement on a Spanish Civil War Ju52. Who could ever decide which one to build? Tnarg
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