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Kotare Christmas Surprise?


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I am going to be bad and start this thread, so as many of you remember WNW usually if not always had a special Holliday announcement, with the Spitifire tracking to ship by the end of the year, will there be something special announced from Kotare?  Might as well start the speculation and fun.  

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46 minutes ago, MikeC said:

Spitfire PR (insert favourite PR variant here). :piliot:

I was thinking that very thing but that to be safe they should combine it with another release for example a PR Mk V could be combined in a MkV boxing.  Maybe there is enough demand though for a PR boxing on its own, I have no idea.

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1 hour ago, Tony C said:

Ooo, Boulton Paul Defiant or Hawker Hurricane Mk.II or Bristol Beaufighter or maybe something pre-war like a Bristol Bulldog Mk.IIa or Gloster Gauntlet or Hawker Fury Mk.I/II but if anything is announced, probably Messerschmitt 109 shaped!


I think there most certainly is room for an early '109, C or D perhaps? How large of a market though, I don't know; I wouldn't buy one, for sure.

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7 minutes ago, Cees Broere said:

Not another one of these threadszzzzzz………^_^


We get these pointless navel-gazing threads every time some creatively moribund manufacturer says it's going to announce 'something' on a certain date:  It usually turns out to be nothing to get get excited about. But this one is worse than that, it's a thread about something that hasn't even happened.

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