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  1. A Wattisham duo sounds like a very good plan (but as a Suffolk boy originally perhaps I'm biased).
  2. The Fleet Air Arm flew the FG.1 variant from HMS Ark Royal. It was intended to modify Eagle too, but before that happened the government of the day decided the FAA would get out of the carrier business. This left a surplus of FG.1s which were given to 43 Sqn RAF for air defence.
  3. Why? In a word that we're not supposed to use, but is inescapable in this case: politics. To put it simply, the government of the day wanted as much British involvement as possible. To discuss the reasons would be straying into that which is (rightly imo) not for discussion on this forum. The British Phantoms were built in the McDonnell-Douglas factory. The model designations in US terms were the F-4K (known as Phantom FG Mk 1) and F-4M (FGR Mk 2).
  4. They were very different aircraft: if only it was a case of a new canopy. The database section on the Chipmunk in Aeroplane magazine's May 2021 issue sets out the differences side-by-side: the list takes up a whole A4 page. But it is quite legitimate to put a Canadian scheme on a British Chippie if you don't mind doing a preserved example.
  5. Great start, that's very impressive. Looking forward to the end result. Have you decided on a unit and scheme yet?
  6. My pleasure Iain Yes, it was the X-1 not X-15: now corrected in my post. Put it down to a Senior Moment. Perhaps I should also mention that there are other discounted kits available in other scales.
  7. Sorry it's a bit belated, I only just found it out, but if anyone wants a Revell Spitfire Mk IX, a Revell 1970s F4U-1 or a Special Hobby X-1 in a Revell box, they are in Hobbycraft and on their website for half-price. Just picked up a Spitfire myself, it would have been rude not to.
  8. That's "always" in the neutral (up) position, certainly for an RAF Chippie. Not only would dropped flaps make it harder for the crew to get in and out, but Pilot's Notes unequivocally stated that flaps were to be raised as soon as possible after landing. To leave them down meant a risk of the operating wires/chains "jumping" from their pulleys, particularly if taxying with a tailwind, and I suspect would land the pilot with a reminder from the Boss about good airmanship. But if you wish to give people the option (wouldn't that add to cost though?) and if memory serves, half-flap was 20 or 25 degrees, full flap was 40 degrees. I look forward to this.
  9. I have no further info, but I'd be up for one, even though I don't normally do resin.
  10. I'm sure very few, if any, people set out to deliberately spread misinformation. But mistakes by one can be copied and/or accepted as fact. "Send three-and-fourpence, we're going to a dance". For anyone who wonders what that is about, it's a classic example of corruption of a message as it gets passed from one to another: it starts off as "Send reinforcements, we're going to advance".
  11. Two schools of thought here, and if that's possible I'm in both of them. One says that if you want to paint your model sky-blue-pink with purple dots then that's your privilege. I have absolutely no problem with that. There is also the school of thought that says a model should be historically faithful to the original. I have no problem with that either. Where I do have a problem is those who do the first, then either actively or passively allow others to believe that that sky-blue-pink-with-purple-dots model is historical fact, perpetuating modelling myths and misinformation. You can't do both - but there are exceptions such as 8th AF assembly ships.
  12. My favourite 190 variant, and very well done.
  13. Do I enjoy movies from that era? Is the Spitfire an aeroplane? Thanks for the tip.
  14. Can't say I did, but a lot.
  15. James Stewart in "Strategic Air Command is currently playing on Film 4. Started 15:15, but starts at 16:15 on the +1 channel, so you can still take it in from the start.
  16. I used a set on the Meng 1/32 Dr1 as one of the kit struts broke and it delayed the model for a while. They work, but are very bendy, and fitting the undercarriage was "interesting". I used a set on the Revell Hunter, and they seem OK, albeit that they appeared to my eye to be identical to the kit parts, but they do seem to support the weight of that large model.
  17. And quite a classic too, I remember learning that before I was old enough to drink port. I've never found a better way to remember it. I now wear a pair of hearing aids which are colour-coded for each ear, and confusingly the right one is coded red (and the left one blue) on the basis that it's "Red for Right". When I said that was confusing, the audiologist didn't understand.
  18. Absolutely. Can't wait for my Hannants pre-order to arrive, this looks like a "clear-the-bench" kit.
  19. Hello, good to see you again.
  20. My lips are sealed Max. Are the pictures of a pranged Gauntlet a couple of pages ago somehow related? Anyway, all I will say is what a great recovery, well done. Onwards and upwards!
  21. This is great work Max. Can't wait to see it finished (but don't rush it on my account!)
  22. From Hannants website this morning: "We have just listed a selection of Wingnut Wings we have on the way to us. They will not arrive for a few weeks so we recommend you Backorder them which will reserve any that you may want. These are all new kits bought direct from Wingnut Wings in New Zealand. We will only have the kits that we list. No others sorry." https://www.hannants.co.uk/search/index.php?product_category_id=&product_division_id=&manufacturer_id=362422&code=&product_type_id=&scale_id=&keyword_search=&setPerPage=25&currency_id=
  23. Hi Gregg, Very sorry to hear about this. Hoping you now have a swift recovery. Best wishes.
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