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    The cold

    I did a last cut a fortnight ago, and another one yesterday; and I'm not yet ruling out one more before Telford.
  2. +1 here - also Firefox on W10. Same result with MS Edge.
  3. Beautifully done. It's really good to see a Tiger Phantom.
  4. Very sorry to hear of this, my condolences and hopes that things improve soon.
  5. Apparently there were a whole batch of Buccaneers like this. Sadly, I never managed to find one.
  6. I may have misunderstood the question, but Operation Torch was November 1942 iirc. This was before the P-51B entered service, let alone the D-5 model.
  7. Very nicely done, that's great inspiration to get on with mine. I like the figures too - Elan13 produce some great stuff.
  8. He's grounded this year!
  9. You beat me to it Dave, and it seems LSP 32 SIG are opposite Milton Keynes, my own branch, so life is very easy for me this year!
  10. Me too, also on Firefox. Edit: ironically, this post went up almost instantaneously.
  11. This one lingers, but in between doing other stuff I come back to it. Drilling and pinning the struts has worked out sort-of OK, but in the meantime I had a "why-didn't-I-think-of-this-earlier?" moment. I remembered that WNW can sometimes supply replacement sprues for a price, and I was very pleased that they still had what I needed in stock. The price was very reasonable, and given what I paid for the kit it's still cost me less than what the original kits are going for now. Watch this space, but with patience, it may be a while before there's any more progress.
  12. A very unusual subject, very nicely done and very well presented.
  13. Indeed so. I've been digging a bit further on this; it seems that despite "C" being generally unused, the combination "NCxxx" was used cor some unknown reason; and although it didn't contain any "forbidden" letters, the combination"DHxxx" was not used - for obvious reasons.
  14. Ah, but in the days when the "Yxxxx" range would have been used, ie pre-1940, the phonetic for Y was "Yoke" - "Yankee" came in with the NATO phonetic alphabet. Could be; I've also heard that it is the possibility of confusion with "V". Now you mention it, that is so.
  15. This has never occurred to me before, but now it has, I'd be rather interested to know, if anyone can come up with an answer: why do RAF serials not use the letter "Y"? Take a look: http://www.ukserials.com/ There's no Yxxxx series; no VYxxx; no WYxxx; no ZYzzz. It lists some in the "XYxxx" range, and shows them as changed to "XZxxx". My copy of this https://www.amazon.co.uk/British-Military-Aircraft-Serials-1878-1987/dp/090459761X shows those in the "XYxxx" range as "allocated in error" and changed. It appears that the military aircraft register is deliberately avoiding the letter "Y". Does anyone happen to know why? (Sorry, a genuine question, but pun intended!)
  16. Never mind that, why don't WNW do a Fokker Triplane??? Wait a minute ...
  17. Looks great, and well done on the hardware.
  18. Captures the look of the aircraft nicely.
  19. Amen to that, and it doesn't only apply to Mustangs! Yes indeed; I can think of one Warbird flying where I know that the colour scheme does not truly reflect the original: no names, no pack drill. I have this one in my library: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mustang-Story-Ken-Delve/dp/1854092596 Good background of the type, its development and its service history.
  20. Ooh, I may well be in for both of those, especially if I can find some Luftwaffe markings for the Fiat, and very much so if said markings come in the box.
  21. It always amazes me what can be done with these old kits. Excellent work.
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