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  1. Excellent build of a classic. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Proof that the elderly should not be overlooked. Excellent build sir.
  3. Yes I agree it is quite frustrating when time is short and too much is wasted hunting down those tiny parts. Still I try to remind myself that the manufacturers have given us a fantastic renaissance of high quality new tool kits. I will give this excellent tip from MikeC a try. Thanks, John
  4. Hello Iain, the IP looks great and like you I have used Klear acrylic to simulate lens glass. Last build I used Testors clear gloss enamel straight from bottle. One coat covered well and no leaks to places it shouldn't be. Just thought you might try it out. Fine work by the way. Am following with great interest as I have the same kit on the short list.
  5. Hey Woody, I only started pre shading my last few kits. 1st thing that I learned was that it is easy to erase the pre shading with too heavy of color coat. Build up color slowly one panel at a time. The other lesson learned is to use a similar color to the top/color coat. Example: a grey for the sky underside camo as opposed to a black which may be more appropriate for dark topside colors. Happy modeling, John
  6. I can highly recommend Techmod decals. 2 sets are available for TBF/TBM Avengers from rebelalpha on Ebay.
  7. Have done so. I believe that if he wanted that SOW could be the 1st choice in AM landing struts.
  8. Yes the SAC white metal struts will easily bend without breaking but that is precisely the problem with their legs. I just finished Trumpeter's P-47D-20 and badly bent the tail strut. Wasn't hard to do. It easily straightened but is just too weak so I ended up using the kit plastic part. Would really like to see Synthetic ordnance works come to the rescue on this matter. Their main gear legs are near indestructible!
  9. Hey Archer fine transfers, you should take a look at "The Jig". I picked up one of these at a model show a couple of years ago. It is CNC cut from acrylic. Strong with some heft to it. Fully adjustable with soft cushioned cradles. They make these for all types of modeling and even custom sizes.I just ordered a 2nd one but extra wide to handle the 1/32 twin engine bombers(B-25 etc.) Web site is on Etsy: trulyloveus. Type in "a modelers helping hand ". It is the best modeling stand out there IMO!
  10. And where would we be today if not for mans natural desire to excel? Still living in caves and wondering if the moon is made of cheese. As to modeling contest; let those who wish to compete with others do so. Noone is forcing you to participate. But instead model what you want and how you want. And by the way, that is in no small measure what it is to be an "idiot" American.
  11. Yes I agree that the master builders are indeed artist. And to those who will NOT accept less that 100% accuracy I would say; thank you. I believe that these exacting standards are what impress upon the kit manufacturers to step up their game and they have done so. And where would we be without the aftermarket suppliers? It is precisely our demand for accuracy and minute detail that gives them the market to supply. So to the artists out there; I again say thank you for helping to make our hobby what it is today!
  12. Oh boy, a Spitfire build and the Tamiya to boot. IMO the most elegant aircraft ever!
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