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  1. The movie Battle of Britain. During air fighting the music sounded just as the swirling intensity of the aircraft. Gets my blood pumping to this day.
  2. As a kid I built many of the Revell 1/32 props. I would hang the models from the ceiling and flatten the kit boxes and store them away. I left home in 1979 and the models and the kit boxes were lost but not forgotten. So now that I have returned to the hobby I have determined to store the flattened box lids and keep. On the underside I am writing the start/finish date. The day may come when I will want to know when a kit was built and it is an easy way to chronicle the order. Besides; the box art is part of the nostalgia.
  3. Hello Damian, I am wondering if you have considered adding tail wheel struts. The rear struts on P-47 and P-51s are very fragile by design as they do not have a wrap around stirrup. Also the tall tail wheel on Bf109 g10 - k4 are inherently weak. Thanks, John
  4. Thank you sir, I will be a customer should you decide to market the engine. This level of expertise and dedication should be rewarded. For now my Hellcat will be on hold to await developments.
  5. My favorite build is the one I am working on now....
  6. Further proof that wisdom does indeed come with age.
  7. Great, you will definitely have a repeat customer here. John S
  8. Happy to see another cottage manufacturer arrive. I have a few of S.O.W struts and will attest that the quality is excellent and rigid strength is more than adequate to support the heaviest model made.
  9. Thanks Spartacus, I would definitely be interested in your 3d engine. I have pretty much all current aftermarket for the kit. The Airfix Hellcat is very much worthy of an all out build. John S
  10. Yes the ww2 Russian fighters need some respect. A Yak-9 and the La-7 would get my money.
  11. I agree that the trainers have been underrepresented in general. How about a Bristol Bulldog
  12. Hello modelers, I just want to throw out there a few things that are saving time and money for me. Consider how many #11 blades are tossed when it is so easy to sharpen them using a ceramic sharpener rod. Other types of sharpeners such as wet stones, steels or diamond flats are too coarse. If you are not adept at knife sharpening I can help you with the technique. Honestly, once you get the hang of it you will be amazed at how quick and easy it is. Kabuki tape is great but expensive. 3M sells a low tack Washi tape marketed for house trim painting. It is easy to find in any hardwar
  13. Wow, I was seriously considering the Hellcat as my next build but I must say that I am a little deflated after seeing these fantastic 3D improvements. Ignorance is/was bliss!
  14. Hello Riddo, Welcome to you. I am a newbie as well both to LSP and to returning to the hobby so I can relate to the OCD. Looking forward to seeing your progress. John S
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