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  1. Excellent work. I built this kit awhile back and tho I was pleased with it overall I must say that your camo colors are spot on both tint and tone. Mine were not. Did you custom mix color or straight from bottle?
  2. Will be using your exhaust painting technique. Those pipes look great. Thanks, John
  3. Congratulations on the 1st place win at the Nationals. Not surprised. Really impressive and thanks for sharing. John
  4. Nice job. Can't have too many fw190s
  5. Excellent scheme and well done sir!
  6. One Crow to the others, "I'm telling you, this bird flies without flapping it's wings" ! Great diorama sir.
  7. What? A 1/24 Airfix kit without an Airscale I.P. ?? Preposterous!
  8. Hello Rick, welcome aboard. Have only been with this group a few years myself and like you I grew up with Revell 1/32 in the 70s. Also see we have both jumped in the deep end of decals with Techmod. Fantastic decals but yes, thin and fragile/ quick to grab. So as someone who has destroyed his share of decals I would like to offer some advice. Use a surfactant to make the liquid flow and not bead up(surface tension). In a pinch, dishwashing soap helps but contains dyes and of course it can foam. A better choice is straight surfactant.(the active ingredient of soap). It is basically "water softener" This is available at specialty farm and garden centers. The farmers call it spreader/sticker. They use it to insure their horticultural sprays adhere and cover plant foliage. This stuff is the ticket to get setting solution to pool so that you can easily float your decal safely into position. Just add a drop to a bowl of water and or setting solution and surface tension is gone. Anyway ,welcome to LSP Rick, and happy modeling. John
  9. Yes, as Pete, I have been frustrated with the minimal AM support afforded to 1/24th scale. But as pointed out the new tool "super kits" from Airfix have thankfully been well served and I have no doubt that this will continue for this most iconic aircraft. Airfix has done the hard work to bring to us an excellent kit of a magnificent aircraft. It will be warranted and deserving of our best effort as builders and manufacturers to put this model into a class all it's own.
  10. Excellent progress and impressive work. Looking forward to some color.
  11. As a confirmed aftermarket junkie I must insist that large scale "super kits" demand super aftermarket! I will be eagerly awaiting to hear from Airscale, Aerocraft, Baracuda, Model monkey, Synthetic Ordnance Works, Eduard, etc. to show us the good stuff. VISA card in hand guys...
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