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  1. Ahhh, just another one of the many many many I want a......... topics.
  2. Are you going to remove that extra framing on the top arch too?
  3. Chuck, You seem to really be enjoying yourself with these experiments Couldn't you use one of the canopies to make a mould and crashform as many canopies as you want? The shape is very simple. Cees
  4. I once reviewed a book from a well known publisher for LSM. In general I liked the book but also gave my honest opinion what was in my view missing. After that no more books came in for review. Cees
  5. Very nice model, looks like there are too many frames on top of the windscreen and it looks too sloped as Thor mentioned. Your build shows that even old kits can be made into very fine models.
  6. You should say that to a Dutch woman
  7. Although old the Spit still has a very good outline, it does need some upgrading regarding the wheel wells and the canopy. I think Airscale does provide an instrument panel. And don't forget to build in the dihedral in the wings otherwise it's a bit flat. I always enjoyed the PSL books on how to build the Airfix 1/24 kits (and a few other ones such as the 1/48 Lanc en B-17 and 1/32 Revell Mossie). It's a very good basis for some scratchbuilding. I once did the entire interior and learned a lot about the Spitfire in the process. Cees
  8. Hi Tim, yes had to adjust the tabs here and there as well as making sure there were no sprue attachement marks, even the slightest unevenness could interfere with the fit. Cees
  9. Strange, I built the main wells on my example and the fit (although a bit tight in places) fitted very well. Cees
  10. What a wonderful kit, muuuuch better then my puny attempt at scratchbuilding one (albeit a 0/400). We are being spoiled here. Cees
  11. I know the work is more complicated to get a truly accurate Spey Phantom but in the end life's too short to worry about that. It's the general characteristics that I think are more important. But there are more ways to skin a ca..Phantom. Cees
  12. I am working on one already, the intakes are easy but the rear fuselage is a real pain in the petootie. Cees
  13. Hoho wait a minute! Tjeezz Jennings, you don't build models and now you are doing this?
  14. There is still the substantial wreck of a Dornier DO-215 nightfighter on mudflats somewhere north in The Netherlands. A large section of cockpit skinning and an engine are on display at our museum. The rest is still out there. But due to environmental issues etc. etc.
  15. Wonderful aircraft, legendary recovery and epic restoration. My wife and I once made a boat trip on Loch Ness, the water is very stange, black and very choppy that day. You really thought something was lurking beneath the waves. While the other tourists were looking for Nessie I asked the captain about the Wellington. He was very puzzled as people are only interested in the "monster". He happend to be a diver during the recovery and had some very nice stories to tell. I was glued to his lips you might say. Great trip that was. Although I didn't have time to look around for Nessie. Cees
  16. I think you should clear up rocking horse poo before that happens
  17. Didn't Squadron do a vacform fighter canopy for the Revell kit?
  18. I loved seeing it in the flesh Dave. And as I said to you I was amazed to see your previous build at the RAF Museum Cosford the friday before the show. It must be very nice for you to know your two Lancs are now on display at a first class museum. Now all you need to add is a Halifax Cheers Cees
  19. I built both kits and when put next to each other there wasn't much difference, until you looked closely. Horses for courses IMHO. Cees
  20. It's a good kit but the dihedral is a bit flat. Always love a Dutch Spit. Groeten, Cees
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