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  1. Pup, You shouldn't believe everything you read......
  2. Wow, wonderful achievement. Really looking forward to see you scratchbuild a jet. As that wonderful Kim Wilde used to chant: " Just go for it!". Cheers Cees
  3. Come on Iain, The best thing to get your mojo back is to visit Telford and let those creative juices overwhelm you (or that could possibly be beer). Cees
  4. The problem with Neil is that he likes all suggestions. Such as the Halifax I casually mentioned to him Cees
  5. Rotol never build props under license. Rotol is made from Ro(lls Royce) and (Bris)tol to develop new propellers. de Havilland however built the HS props under license. Lancasters also used props built by Nash Kelvinator IIRC but I do not know from the top of my head if that type was a HS license. Hope this helps. Cees
  6. you sure? the oilcanning effect is a result of the stresses in the metal due to rivetting. With a thin metal skin it cannot be avoided. not to be confused with the stresses while the aircraft is in flight where the dihedral increases due to aerodynamic forces and the resulting "creases" in the wingskins. The fuselage while on the ground sags because of the weight. I had the pleasure to see Lancaster NX611 yesterday and there is oilcanning everywhere. Also a wish came true when I sat in the pilot seat. Great inspiration for building the new kits. Cees
  7. IIRC Iconicair also does supply the Spiteful type empennage. Perhaps the best way to start would be the Tamiya Mk XVI but with a lot of modificatons aka the mentioned conversion. A Mk 22/24 would perhaps be a less complex option? Cees
  8. Jeroen Peters posted his review on LSM a few days ago. Cees
  9. Hi Colin, What fit issues are there and what detail hasn't been added?Just being curious. Cees
  10. How do you make the clear part fit the resin part? Any dimensions given in the package? Cees
  11. Just another example of the many many many: I want/need one of those <name type> topics. Come on, can't you just stay on topic! Cees
  12. There's no such thing as an expert. Cees
  13. No problem Jack, but it has been said here before. These days people discuss discuss and discuss which ultimately end in (to put it politically correct) no positive comments regarding a kit, without noticing it's merits. Just my (to put it politically correct) humble opinion. Cees
  14. We made sure the general outline of the airframe was as accurate as possible but had nothing to do with the overall design of the kit. The undercart has the locks in place (the diagonal stays) that will add rigidity but are not usually fitted (were they during wartime?) But having inspected the build up model at Telfort the undercart is well up to the job. What's this complaining about strength of undercarts etc. I know the aftermarket will have their bread and butter for this but really?!? IMHO there is too much discussion and too little building of, in this case, the Lanc. Cheers Cees
  15. Although very interesting to see these kind of posts regarding "accuracy", they are souldestroying (at least to me) and take the fun out of modelling. But hey that is just my opinion. Party on. Cees
  16. How about rapid prototyping the Spey exhaust cans? Would save me a lot of work. Cees
  17. Thanks for posting this, I have just scratchbuilt that fin top and was looking for access panel details. Very useful. Cheers Cees
  18. So many possibilities, although there is a general standard in service there were many variations. Also depending on taste by the crew. Cees
  19. Does anyone have detailed informative on the auxiliary air door compartments? I have asked before but that was snowed under. Cees
  20. I was watching some of Paul Budzik's video's the other day and noticed a mould for a 1/48 Liberator nose turret (or it looked like one). IIRC the general shape is quite simple being a cylinder with rounded top. If that can be simply (or not) made and the two front sections cut away and the kit's substituted then Bob is your uncle. Or is that too simplistic? Cees
  21. Anything there is, the doors were almost always open on the ground. Interior shots, size, colour you name it. When my conversion is finished HKM will probably release theirs. Cees
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