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  1. Remember that Spit/Hurri debate was made up by the press. And has led a life of it’s own. Nothing to do with reality.
  2. Fantastic result Tolga. I really love the Griffon Spits. But I don’t like the exhausts, they look very two dimensional. My opinion of course.
  3. Indeed, One-oh-four and I have had a good look at the built op model. It looked great. also two canopies, one of which is intended to portray the slid back hood. The Revell representative confirmed that a Mk I will follow.
  4. I bought the Aerocraft Models brass set yesterday. They look great and the joins are pinned for a strong join. Although very expensive, they are really worth it.
  5. Nope, that one is at Duxford awaiting conservation work. The one at East Kirky I built over a period of 14 years and was acquired by them in 2018.
  6. Morning all, The 1/32 Manchester is progressing very well now I have a set of 3D printed Vulture nacelles. The model is getting very heavy and I think the HK Models landinggear parts are not strong enough. I was thinking about using aftermarket ones and noticed SAC does a set. But what about strength? Does anyone know? TIA Cees
  7. There is indeed a B17 cockpit project in the UK, and also another Lancaster cockpit built by Malcolm Goosey and one being built in Amsterdam ( no not mine). At East Kirkby there is also a Halifax cockpit on show soon in a new display.
  8. Just got home and brought the complete example with me that was on the stand, courtesy of Neil. It’s a great kit with lots of detail. The stressed skin looks fantastic. Cheers Cees
  9. Not another one of these threadszzzzzz………
  10. A Mk VII, such as NA337, fully restored at Trenton, Canada.
  11. Lancasters weren’t any good at towing gliders, let alone a Hamilcar. For that you need a a Halifax II or V. Cees
  12. My Meteor, built as soon as the model was releases, doesn’t have any undercarriage gear issues. Never have been aware of any either. Cheers Cees
  13. Morning chaps, still very much alive and kicking. I check LSP every day. Very pleased that Tom will be working on the Stirling. He is the best modeller for the job. Haven’t been active on LSP for a long time but that is due to the photobucket foul up. These days I only post pics on LSM. In the meantime I have finished The Fgr2 conversion and working on a FG1 at the moment, the Manchester is also being worked on again. And that FM Halifax, tjeesh Tom, how about finishing the Stirling as BK716, I have been involved with that for a long time and her story is very interesting. Cheers Cees
  14. Great start on the armament. Panellines on cockpitpart look challenging. I have always been a fan of the Orions when we still had something resembling a Navy. Visited the Vlootdagen as a boy when we still had Neptunes in the early eighties. Cheers Cees
  15. Done, question. What is the diameter of your exhausts so I can adjust my kit accordingly. Cheers Cees
  16. Thanks for the link, I see the RAF Phantom decals are also available but sjeesh, that price, I only need 892 decals. Cees
  17. Hi Ali, I have started another conversion, this time a RN FG-1, using the Revell kit only. Is it still possible to get a set? Cheers Cees
  18. Nick, it was corrected on my Dambuster kit. Cheers Cees
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