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  1. Got my kit yesterday and it looks great. I will drop everything I was working on and start right away (can be followed on LSM due to the Photobucket debacle).
  2. Wonderful work Anthony, those cans really look the part and make mine look like binliners
  3. Absolutely fantastic!! Thanks for posting the in progress pics too. There are some truly remarkable craftsmen around.
  4. That looks very nice already. But please refrain from calling people with a lot of knowledge on the Spitfire: Experten. Same as painting RAF camo in RLM colours. Call them Boffins (mind the smiley)
  5. My Manchester would like look like a dwarf compared to your Lincoln
  6. At school I was taught during German class that it was a "Ringel-S".
  7. There are two projects in the UK, although the other one, a cardoor, is for static display. There is cooperation between all three organisations.
  8. Never heard that de Havilland ever made wooden props.
  9. Wonderful work Jay,may I ask how you attach those details on an already painted surface?
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