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  1. Old news, three years ago we were sitting at the HKM stand at Telford with a 6 feet banner with the Junkers and Lancaster
  2. The Junkers is old news, but you are all wrong.....I think. That Hampden would look sexy and yes please.
  3. No entries for SMW Telford needed, the winner is already known. I would name your model after the last Ultravox album: Brilliant! What a masterpiece. Cees
  4. The Fisher Models parts really solve most of the exterior problems such as canopy and propeller. But the upsidedown aerofoil prevents folding the wings. Sanding down the strange ridges on the fuselage is not hard as the plastic is very thick. This is a very basic kit but a nice canvas to work on. As Airscale proved. Cees
  5. Maybe it hasn't got any engines. Or maybe it does.
  6. Pity the ones in the know are under embargo, but time will tell soon I hope. In the meantime please continue adding to this wishlist Oh, apart from worldpeace, I want a Halifax (all marks) Blenheim IV, Hampden, Whitley, Stirling, Manchester (mine takes too long), Battle and we really need a Hawkermarine Hurrifire Mk A1.
  7. Until the Special Hobby kit is released this is your only option for the time being. Although I had a great time completely reworking this basic kit. You wouldn't see much in the cockpit as it was black.
  8. Thought this topic was about HKM's new kit? Another one of those I want ........ thread
  9. That's all very nice but the let's see the Whirlwind first, that one has been pending for years.
  10. That particular Spit XIX later got a five bladed prop and is now on the mend again after a take off incident several years ago.
  11. Same here, since PB I haven't posted on forums apart from LSM where you do not need a seperate photohost. Looking for a free hosting service so I can post progress on the Manchester conversion. Cheers Cees
  12. That's a very nice pic. Knowing myself I fear that my trusty saw won't lie still for long as I really want to see those flaps dropped. I believe Ironman1945 did drop the flaps on his scratchbuilt Whirlwind. (first finishing the Manchester of course).
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