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    RAF Bomber Command types with Halifax in particular I am in the process of building a full scale Halifax cockpit. How mad can you get, well........

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  1. Cees Broere

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster at Telford - Built and Painted!

    The wing join is the same as the B-17 and leaves no gaps. I fitted the wings of the testshot at the HK Models stand and it couldn't have been easier. Cees
  2. This kit is primarily responsible for the sudden cancellation of my scratchbuild HP 0/400 The unfinished fuselage will make a nice addition to the WNW kit when finished. Cees
  3. Cees Broere

    My first Telford 'Experience'

    Good to read you had such a good time Kent. It was nice meeting you as well as seeing some familiar diorama's in the competition area (hey, that looks familiar isn't that the one made by Kent?) Keep it enjoying yourself. Cees
  4. Well. My scratchbuild O/400 has suddenly stalled due to unknown reasons. Cees
  5. Cees Broere

    Who will I see in Telford this year?

    Quite a list TT, by the way, I'm from the people's republic of the Netherlands Cees
  6. Cees Broere

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    Time to bump this poor old thread. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on a HKM Lancaster. Thank goodness there is no oilcanning to sand off. Cees
  7. Cees Broere

    WNW kits sold out - what’s next?

    The Lancaster obviously judging by the 40 pages on LSP. Cees
  8. Cees Broere

    Lancaster purchase

    Simple, I want them both. Perhaps more of each. Can't help it I love the Lancaster (though I am a great fan of the Halifax). Cannot have too many of them. Cees
  9. Cees Broere

    HK Lancaster B Mk. 1 Cockpit

    Wow, this is a set I must have. (perhaps two). Great work Peter. Luckily we have Lancaster expert Hatch available Cheers Cees
  10. Cees Broere


    And during 2014 largely reworked to correct the the external outlines. Cees
  11. Cees Broere

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    That's usual LSP-business as usual Pup. Cees
  12. Cees Broere

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    For that price a good basic kit with some "issues"? No problem, can't wait to get my hands on one. Doing the "Gremlins Roost" of which we have a lot of wreckage at the museum on display and a pic of the sharkmouth nose.
  13. Cees Broere

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    That's a mk VII Rog. The Bull Creek example.
  14. Cees Broere

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    And, speaking from experience, these radiators are extremely heavy.
  15. Cees Broere

    HKM 1/32 Lancaster Kit review

    IIRC there are three intake variants as used on the Lanc.