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    RAF Bomber Command types with Halifax in particular I am in the process of building a full scale Halifax cockpit. How mad can you get, well........

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  1. Remember that Spit/Hurri debate was made up by the press. And has led a life of it’s own. Nothing to do with reality.
  2. Fantastic result Tolga. I really love the Griffon Spits. But I don’t like the exhausts, they look very two dimensional. My opinion of course.
  3. Indeed, One-oh-four and I have had a good look at the built op model. It looked great. also two canopies, one of which is intended to portray the slid back hood. The Revell representative confirmed that a Mk I will follow.
  4. I bought the Aerocraft Models brass set yesterday. They look great and the joins are pinned for a strong join. Although very expensive, they are really worth it.
  5. Nope, that one is at Duxford awaiting conservation work. The one at East Kirky I built over a period of 14 years and was acquired by them in 2018.
  6. Morning all, The 1/32 Manchester is progressing very well now I have a set of 3D printed Vulture nacelles. The model is getting very heavy and I think the HK Models landinggear parts are not strong enough. I was thinking about using aftermarket ones and noticed SAC does a set. But what about strength? Does anyone know? TIA Cees
  7. There is indeed a B17 cockpit project in the UK, and also another Lancaster cockpit built by Malcolm Goosey and one being built in Amsterdam ( no not mine). At East Kirkby there is also a Halifax cockpit on show soon in a new display.
  8. Just got home and brought the complete example with me that was on the stand, courtesy of Neil. It’s a great kit with lots of detail. The stressed skin looks fantastic. Cheers Cees
  9. Not another one of these threadszzzzzz………
  10. A Mk VII, such as NA337, fully restored at Trenton, Canada.
  11. Lancasters weren’t any good at towing gliders, let alone a Hamilcar. For that you need a a Halifax II or V. Cees
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