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  1. Those are very nice pics and clearly show how the fuselage slopes down sharply at the rear. Something that is not depicted in the Tamiya kit IMHO. Keep it up Anthony.
  2. What a phantastic model. Although I am a propguy the Phantom is one of the jets I really like.
  3. Nice attention to detail Anthony, mine doesn't go all the way as yours does but good enough. Now get on with it and don't leave me alone in this
  4. IIRC the undercarriage legs were beefier, but don't know it that shows clearly between the two. The D-XXI reconstruction that is almost finished in the Netherlands uses Finnish legs.
  5. That turned out beautifully Nick. Not to be taken as criticism but the only thing that distracts from your model is the solid top windscreen. A fault in the kit whereas the top has glazing too. Cheers Cees
  6. Nice result Anthony, It looks like the fueldumppipes are still in J-type configuration. The British version had a much shorter setup.
  7. Very nice subject and right up my alley. I have a stalled Revell kit and Trumpeter fuselage halves in use as a paint mule. Hmmmm. Good to see you back in action Dave.
  8. Nice to see one built up. I got one in the stash too as I planned to use it as a template for a plasticard version but it is still down there,....somewhere.
  9. I want that CA-15. It's up there with the Martin Baker MB-5 and Spiteful for brute powerrrr.
  10. I don't know what is wrong shapewise but on my example (and I have seen other builds too) the diameter is a bit smaller than the fuselage causing a small mismatch.
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