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    RAF Bomber Command types with Halifax in particular I am in the process of building a full scale Halifax cockpit. How mad can you get, well........

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  1. Especially booktitles that end with <insert aircrafttype>boys.
  2. Sorry, I like girls but usually forget their names.
  3. You can get separate parts from ebay. There is one vendor who sells sprues. I got a fuselage and lower wing for a good price that way, and as you are based in the USA postage should be less.
  4. Loving this, I still have visions of the 1/24 scratchbuilt Defiant I saw at SMW Telford.
  5. IMHO the Revell kit is a better option to convert into an FGR-2.
  6. Thanks for showing the panelline details Anthony. As I need to rescribe the Frankenstein FGR2’s bum completely.
  7. Superb work at recreating that detail. Regarding the wings, do you need to fit a wingspar? The dihedral of the centresection is dead flat and the PCM-kit was a bit wobbly in that respect and I had to fit a plastic spar. Keep it up Cees
  8. Amazing, I really enjoy you creating superb models from almost nothing.
  9. We'll see how it works out. One side is glued the rest will follow today (working from home has it's merits).
  10. Why so difficult Anthony, it is easier to stitch a Tamiya and Revell kit together
  11. Raw powerrrrrr.... Still beavering away at joining the Tamiya/Revell lovechild.
  12. Nice work Anthony, now we can clearly see the bulk of the Spey modification on the underside.
  13. Thanks Anthony, One of the links in that thread directs you to the site of a certain modelling genius and who is a autodidact draughtsman too with some very nice drawings for the FG-1. http://soyuyo.main.jp/f4/f4e-1.html
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