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  1. I'm the same, though I don't ride a 'bike but if I did, it would be a Triumph! I limit myself to WW1/WW2 British operated stuff only as if I were to buy everything I liked, then the stash, accessories, consumables and reference materials I'd then buy, would quickly quadruple my current stash of around 430ish kits, although. Lend/Lease and the Enemy Evaluation Flight does allow some flexibility with the stash, which seems to continually grow by 20-30 kits per year, not forgetting the all those 'must have' accessories, as I have an inability to build anything without adding the kitchen sink!
  2. Oh bugger, logged in, had a look, put a DH9 and Felixstowe in the basket to get a price for delivery and somehow I've purchased both! How did that happen? Can I say, I was happy before I read about the sale but now I hate Wingnut Wings and I especially hate LSP, for bringing the offer to my notice, as without both, I'd have a little more money in my account instead of just a warm glow, inside of me!
  3. Best three for me... Airfix - Have been an Airfix fan since I began modelling and without doubt the quality of the mouldings continue to improve with each release. Subject matter is predominantly towards my specific interest! Eduard - The kits produced by Eduard, whilst maybe a little over engineered, are a quality product and as with Airfix, the subject matter appeals to my specific interest! Wingnut Wings - Quality though at a price and as with Airfix and Eduard, half the product range appeals to my specific interest! Three worst... Starfix - So bad, I can't think of anything positive to say! Hasegawa - The quality of Hasegawa kits is not in doubt but due to the extremely, ridiculously, high pricing in the UK, makes them an untenable purchase. Unfortunately, I do not even look at their product releases anymore! Trumpeter - So hit and miss, with regard to accuracy though the earlier kits were better, with the company appearing to listen when items were wrong and tooling on at least one kit were corrected (1/32 Wildcat). Honourable Mention... Tamiya - Goes without saying! Revell - Quality mouldings and at a price that sometimes borders on the unbelievable! HKM - Whilst I accept that the Tamiya Mosquito and Wingnut Wings Lancaster, may be better than their own versions, they are a company willing to take a chance on subject matters not considered by 'most' other mainstream manufacturers! Special Hobby - Interesting product releases and quality/build-ability improving with each release!
  4. It's great to see the older kits finally getting some aftermarket loving! So, lets think, Revell Sea Venom FAW.22 next please followed by the Airfix 1:24 Spitfire Mk.I, Hurricane Mk.I and their Ju 87, oh and if you could have these ready for sometime in the next 2 or 3 weeks, that would be great
  5. Just wanted to add my agreement to all the above statements! Superb
  6. I think but am not too sure, that its Amerang.
  7. You can trust Cees on this, he is Mr Lancaster...
  8. At least one of each here, along with the 1:32 Wyvern (HPM?) and HobbyBoss B-24! When was the Golden Age of Modelling?
  9. So that's a squadron of HPM Wyverns to go with the squadron of HKM Lancasters! Now to tell "She who thinks she should be obeyed", that she's being moved out!
  10. Yet another stunning finish Piero, I've got one on a long term but doubt it'll ever reach the level you have achieved here! Will also have to try and get my hands on the reference material you've shown, that will certainly be of help to me!
  11. Piero made a few correction sets when he built the GR7 and sold some to interested parties but I think that they were all sold long ago!
  12. Hi Piero, All excellent builds and I particularly like the GR5, GR7 and GR3 builds! In fact I did buy some of your resin updates for the Trumpeter 1:32 GR7 which I still need to get around to building.
  13. I used to have a 6ft tank with a breeding pair both Tiger Oscars and a breeding pair of Plecs! Went away on holiday and left instructions that they were to be fed once only, with no more than a handful of pellets! Got a call 5 days later, the water had turned white and the Oscars were floating! Turns out the whole bag of food had been emptied into the tank, the Oscars died plus one of the Plecs and I lost interest at that point.
  14. I know that its a fair distance but I can also recommend the Historic Dockyard, well worth it!
  15. I'm in, only thing is, I want one yesterday...
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