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  1. Tony C

    HK Lancaster.

    You can trust Cees on this, he is Mr Lancaster...
  2. Tony C

    Lancaster purchase

    At least one of each here, along with the 1:32 Wyvern (HPM?) and HobbyBoss B-24! When was the Golden Age of Modelling?
  3. Tony C

    HpH Wyvern breaks through the clouds...

    So that's a squadron of HPM Wyverns to go with the squadron of HKM Lancasters! Now to tell "She who thinks she should be obeyed", that she's being moved out!
  4. Tony C

    Airfix Harrier GR.3 in 1/24th scale

    Yet another stunning finish Piero, I've got one on a long term but doubt it'll ever reach the level you have achieved here! Will also have to try and get my hands on the reference material you've shown, that will certainly be of help to me!
  5. Tony C

    My big scales models

    Piero made a few correction sets when he built the GR7 and sold some to interested parties but I think that they were all sold long ago!
  6. Tony C

    My big scales models

    Hi Piero, All excellent builds and I particularly like the GR5, GR7 and GR3 builds! In fact I did buy some of your resin updates for the Trumpeter 1:32 GR7 which I still need to get around to building.
  7. Tony C

    My other time/money suck...

    I used to have a 6ft tank with a breeding pair both Tiger Oscars and a breeding pair of Plecs! Went away on holiday and left instructions that they were to be fed once only, with no more than a handful of pellets! Got a call 5 days later, the water had turned white and the Oscars were floating! Turns out the whole bag of food had been emptied into the tank, the Oscars died plus one of the Plecs and I lost interest at that point.
  8. Tony C

    Aircraft/military museums in Southern England?

    I know that its a fair distance but I can also recommend the Historic Dockyard, well worth it!
  9. Tony C

    Firefly news?

    I'm in, only thing is, I want one yesterday...
  10. Tony C

    48th scale Wyvern S.4 - Westland's Bedeviled Dragon

    Looks great, one of my favourite aircraft and one of Trumpeters better kits!
  11. Tony C

    HK Lancaster

    I think that the cable cutters were positioned beyond the outboard engines and the small intakes on the inner wing leading edge, I believe are cabin heater intakes! However, I could be wrong so take the above with a pinch of salt!
  12. Tony C

    HK Lancaster

    deposit paid, wonder how much the aftermarket stuff is going to cost? Eduard Brassin engines Eduard Brassin Cookies and 1000lb’ers Eduard Big-Ed Master gun barrels RAF Air and Ground crew in various poses (no dog or pilots ‘shooting a line’ please) Then there’s the vehicles, tractor and bomb train, Refueller, crew bus, ambulance, the list goes on! If I ever get to build a full squadron of Lancaster’s, I think that this is going to cost me more than just money
  13. Tony C

    HK Lancaster

    Thanks Ade, the site that I found is veteranus.co.uk! Not sure if it is the same as your facebook group but I’ve sent them a message to find out.
  14. Tony C

    HK Lancaster

    Hmmm, can’t see it on the website, is it Facebook only?