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  1. Calling it done on this year long project. Kit is Tamiya's magnificent (dare I say the best scale aircraft model ever released) Mossie, with a boatload of scratch built details (I think I put over 200 extra items into the weapons bay alone), Barracuda cockpit decals and other bits, AIMS 100 gal slipper tanks and Avieology decals for No. 333 (Norwegian) Squadron. Thanks to everyone on this site who patiently answered my hundreds of questions and provided additional information. Here's the real thing, it matches up very well with the one photo available of KK-Q.
  2. According to Tamiya Model Magazine’s FB page, the new kit will officially be announced this Monday, 0700 GMT. Time to schedule unveiling parties, this is going to be epic!
  3. Also note that the single guy doing the "last chance" safety inspection apparently got a cell phone call in the middle of the inspection. Definitely not the "spit and polish" of a US ground crew but I'm sure they get the job done, minus the recurring cases of tinnitus. Really sad that the US and Russia have again become adversaries, would have loved to have seen this monster at a state-side airshow.
  4. Sooooo..... we are a week out and there are apparently no hints, rumors or even uninformed speculation?
  5. Semi-OT - what was the point of partially cover that port windscreen quarterpanel? The did the same thing in the N models to the sliding canopy. Any idea what the reason was?
  6. I'll play: Mosquito FB.VI F4U-1D Corsair
  7. John1


    For some target sets, CBU's are still the best weapon for the job. Especially over water where there will be zero issues with duds.
  8. Since we seem to be in a "Favorite" mode here, figured I'd add a new subject - Favorite Military Podcasts. i just started getting into these in the last few months. In no particular order: Zero Blog Thirty - General military subjects, with a good splash of PG-17 rated "grunt" humor. As an ex-grunt, I really enjoy these. Low Level Hell Podcast - A new one, hosted by a US Army Apache pilot (as a side note - he was shot and wounded flying an OH-58D in Iraq). Only have 6-7 episodes out so far but a lot of good info on military helo operations. Also has a secondary
  9. Saving Private Ryan A Midnight Clear (good (and grim) but overlooked movie about some US Army grunts, late war ETO) Dark Blue World Biloxi Blues (no combat but a good representation of the subject - late war US Army trainees, knowing the next step was the invasion of Japan and high probability of death). Cain Mutiny
  10. On the Beach. Thoroughly depressing but a good movie regardless.
  11. So I think I'm calling this one done. I've added a few bits and tweaked the weathering. Only modifications to any of the kit bits was to drill out the opening on the trailing wire antenna tube that protrudes under the fuselage near the bottom of the entrance door. Normally when I wrap up a build like this, I list all the extras I put into the kit, in case anyone wants to use my build as a guide. For now, I just don't have the time to go back and recall everything I added or tweaked. I'll circle back with y'all on that one. So here are some last pictures. I'll put up a
  12. Generation Kill was a solid series. Band of Brothers was tops for me. The Pacific was excellent as well but for some reason it didn’t grab me like BoB. Maybe cause the main character died. It just seemed grimmer than BoB but then again - that’s war.
  13. My favorite build was converting the 48th scale Kinetic S-2 Tracker into a US-2B utility version. Lots of work shortening the fuselage, adding new engine nacelles, adding vector resin engines, carving out windows on the starboard side, opening cockpit escape hatches, etc, etc. That being said, the real joy was the process of learning more about this aircraft and recording all of the details on my build log. The real "176" crashed in 1978, in a nearby town from where I lived, while returning to the now defunct NAS South Weymouth, MA with a failed engine. A few miles from b
  14. Have a good friend who was a Marine who was wounded at Chosin Reservoir. Never said a word about it except to say how cold it was. Funny story - he went on to do a great deal of business in China. At one meeting over there, a person his age approached him and asked if he was in the Korean War. He answered that he was. Come to find out that this gentleman served in the Chinese PLA in the war and was also wounded. He asked in jest if maybe it was my friend who shot him. My friend replied “If I was doing the shooting, you wouldn’t be sitting here at the table right now”. They both
  15. Thanks for the info guys. I kind of figured that sim Spit was not accurate. Too bad, would have jumped all over it if it was real.
  16. LOL.... My interest in a kit only lasts until I've completed one. After that, I just can't force myself to go back and repeat a build. So for better worse, whatever I end up building will be John1's sole Spitfire. One question I forgot to ask above (and I know the answer will be complete speculation) - what do you guys think about MJ250 having any service stenciling applied? Regardless of whether it's NMF or painted aluminum, I have a hard time believing that the field crews would have then restored all stencils to Supermarine specifications. That's too bad in a way because
  17. As I get closer to starting this build, just wanted to see if anyone out there might have that Grey Matter Bomb Carrier and would want to part with it. If so, please advise and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse. I posted in the "wanted" section of a few website but have had no luck with a response. As far as the details of this aircraft, here is what I'm currently thinking: Clipped wings Black codes (still may opt for red, if additional pictures or info pop up) Panels in front of the cockpit left in original grey/green camo Remainder of air
  18. For pure quality of the kit, I'd say it's a tie between the Tamiya F4U-1D and the Mosquito. Both kits are amazing and I'm not using "amazing" lightly. They are that good. For pure enjoyment, it was my 1/32nd AH-6C, the first "Littlebird". About 10 years ago, "GT" one of the original first 6 AH-6C "Nightstalker" pilots, back in the day when the unit was in the black and known simply as TF160, posted a bunch of pictures of his AH-6C online. Previously, there was next to nothing out there for pictures of these early special operations helos. I decided to take the plunge and us
  19. Thanks for the tip, that site is awesome, especially for an WW2 aviation techno nerd like myself. Most podcasts / blogs just skim the surface, this guy takes a deep dive into everything. I checked out the episode on how MW50 gave such a performance boost to late model -109's and ended up watching three other episodes afterwards. Highly recommended
  20. In case you didn’t see the post a few months back, KH announced a 32nd Huey series, with the B model being released first. Take it with a grain of salt, they announced the D/H years ago and we are still waiting. Even if they do, it will probably have typical KH issues but it’s better than nothing.
  21. You associate with 35th modelers??? Uh.....ok, sure......I guess... I’m not judging! Regarding a T-37, that’s a fine idea (once they put out a UH-1H Huey of course).
  22. It’s funny - I have no issues with helos being in 32nd, probably cause all my other aircraft are in the same scale. But when it comes to non-rotary wing models in 35th, that’s an absolute no-go line in the sand.
  23. Hopefully the "Late Version" kit will contain the "toilet bowl" exhaust shield and the external 20mm cannon. I'm beyond excited. Just really hope that ICM provided correct raised rivets for these kits and doesn't follow KH's flawed approach. Edit - just saw on another site that ICM has announced a series of 48th scale OV-10’s. These guys are really stepping up their game!
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