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  1. I did the DIY method on my ongoing F-4C build. It's really quite easy. If a knucklehead like me can do it, anyone can. Sorry for the sub-par pictures. Of course, it's your money and your decision. Just tabling an alternative. John
  2. Sad to hear but no website lasts forever. I’ve been getting in the habit of “right click - save as…” for any potentially useful pictures I’ve come across online.
  3. In that it’s a flying wing but that’s about it. Other than that, many significant differences.
  4. Not thrilled with all the Hellfire fins being PE. No reason with today’s molding tech that they couldn’t have been done in plastic.
  5. I’m not an expert on Spits - could I use the nose of this set along with my IX to do a high-backed Griffon version?
  6. What great graphics, what flight sim is that Pete? I know you are an avid simmer! (Totally joking). Noted that nifty wide screen Electronic Flight Bag (or whatever it's called in the real world). Pretty cool. How much do you miss toting a bag stuffed full of Jeppesen charts everywhere you go? Is that tablet yours to take from flight to flight or does it stay with the aircraft?
  7. Also have a much more beaten up Komet in original paint (as far I know).
  8. There is a nice, unrestored P-38 at the NASM. Not a combat vet but still a fascinating mix of paintwork and weathering.
  9. There is a book dedicated to this aircraft (I forget the title but I've got it buried in my stash) that goes over every aspect of the paintwork, interior and exterior in detail. A fantastic book for uber-nerds like myself.
  10. Fantastic website, I enjoyed reading through it. I had no idea that the RAF conducted flight training in Rhodesia.
  11. Time to wrap this flight up. Top of Descent was somewhere around the FL/GA line, weather is still a bit cloudy, but it's supposed to improve the further south we go. Heading down into the clouds. As predicted, it's starting to clear up. Our route into MCO parallels the eastern coastline, saw a really cool video taken a few days back from a United jet on the same route, they happened to be just abeam the Kennedy Space center when one of the SpaceX rockets was launched. Under 10,000'. Seatbelt sign and external lights go on. Nice view from the back of the bus. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful sunset. Getting vectors to final. Short final for RWY 17R. Otto Pilot is still flying the jet at this point, I'm about ready to disconnect Otto and hand fly the remainder. This model of the 737 has full ILS autoland capability but where's the fun in that on a great evening like this? View from steerage. At this point of a real flight, I always have my nose glued to the window. I've been flying airliners since I was 6 months old and it still never gets routine for me. In the sim, the wing actual flexes a bit, just like the real deal. We're down. Turning off the active runway. Note the realistic grime on the flaps. Taxing to the gate. I've since disabled the radio messages at the bottom of the screen. That being said, it's pretty cool that ATC provides actual taxi instructions in this sim (most of the time). Pulling into the gate. Engines off, chocks are in, jetway is connected and we're running on the APU until we can get hooked up to external power and AC. As expected, another gorgeous FL sunset. In RL, MCO is one of my favorite airports, clean, modern and has some great plane watching spots, both in the terminal and on some nearby roads. Quick walk through the cabin to make sure everything is in order. First Class (at least what passes for First Class on US domestic flights these days). It sounds crazy but the way this sim is progressing, I'm half expecting to see a mod where you can sit in a passenger seat and stream actual videos on the IFE screen! Looks good in steerage as well. Didn't notice it before but they actually have legible magazines in the seatback pouches (and not just the same one over and over). Amazing attention to detail. Supposedly PMDG will be offering higher resolution cabins with a future update. These aren't horrible but other sims (especially the Fenix A320) do much better. Shut down and waiting patiently to get back in the air tomorrow AM. So that's gonna be a wrap. Thanks for flying along. See you on the next flight!
  12. That's awesome that we have another RL pilot on these boards. Which version of the 737 did you fly? I don't have a clue about RL handling of these jets but in the sim, the -700 is a blast to fly. Lots of power and it's all wing. The -800 is much more "truckish". Can't imagine what the -900 flies like. I'm loving the graphics, they are amazing. Honestly, the pics I post really don't come close to how it looks on my monitor. My system is pretty much mid-spec. During COVID days, I finally decided to put my 8-year-old PC out to pasture and spring for a decent Alienware machine. Spec is i7 10K/16 gig fast RAM/1TB SDD and a 3060Ti. The price was right but knowing what I know now, I should have opted for another 16 gig of memory and at minimum, a 2 TB SDD. Even so, I get very decent framerates, all the graphics options are set at either ultra or high. Obviously though, if I ever want to go to 4K resolution, the current rig isn't going to cut it. That's ok though, I'm quite content where I'm at (until I can sneak another PC past the Minister of Finance, LOL).
  13. That was one of my main OPFOR threats. If the cold war ever turned hot, my last "crib" would have been a muddy fighting position somewhere in West Germany, watching hordes of T-64/72's and BMP's running towards me. At least I would have had 1-2 puny M72 LAWs. I figured a few of those godless commies would have died laughing when I shot it at them. Nice work, looking forward to seeing it wrapped up.
  14. Nice job on such an old kit. Great weathering.
  15. Nice work on a very cool subject.
  16. I concur on those pedals. Very nice upgrade over the kit bits. I’m not familiar with those pedals. Are the commercially available or just a one-off?
  17. Any ground crew that climbed on aircraft wearing hob nailed boots deserved to be drummed out of the service. These aircraft weren’t built from armor plating, it was just very thin aluminum. Those boots would have destroyed a surface like that. Plus, most of the pics I’ve seen of RAF ground crew seem to show them in low cut shoes.
  18. Fantastic work, I like the red “safety can” placed over the mingun barrels - for those who don’t know, if someone accidentally rotated the barrels of the M134 while it was loaded, the gun would fire, even if it was safed. After a few fatalities amongs ground crew, those steel covers became mandatory. One constructive critique - it looks like you painted the noses of the 2.75”rockets blue. Typically, only inert practice weapons were painted this color.
  19. @Pete Fleischmann and @MARU5137 No need for any apologies, the conversations have been pretty insightful. It's all good.
  20. So I'm now at cruising altitude (33,000'), heading down the east coast towards sunny FL. Still overcast below but the forecast for Orlando is better, only scattered clouds. Not sure what happened to the First Officer. He was here a minute ago. BTW, the detailing in this particular product (released by PMDG - a company run by a real life 737 captain) is amazing. Every last feature of the cockpit is replicated in high detail, down to a coffee cup stain on the center console. You can zoom in and read the entire label on the cockpit fire extinguisher. You can even read the aircraft's FAA registration and certificate of airworthiness in their holders on the cockpit door. The paperwork matches the aircraft's N number as well. Nice attention to detail. The external model is fantastic as well. You can make out the grunge around the forward entry door from the rubber boot that seals the fuselage from the gate. All servicing and warning markings are present. The sim offers "Live Traffic" so the aircraft passing above me is an actual jet in real time. That's it for now. I'll follow up with the approach and landing into Orlando in a bit. Thanks for flying along!
  21. The worst part is, it just sneaks up on you. I still feel like I'm 20 something and yet, I've got grey hair, 2 out of three daughters out in the world (the 10-year old is keeping me somewhat young) and I'm starting to think about end-game management of the 401-K. How the heck did this happen?
  22. Got it Pete. Honestly, part of me always wanted to fly for the airlines but at the end of the day, I'd rather be home with my wife and kids. Life goes by way to fast; kids grow up way to fast. Glad you are still hanging in there, definitely not a job for everything (and I'm not talking about just having the skills to fly the aircraft).
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