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  1. I'm glad to see this build of an interesting (if somewhat obscure) aircraft. Would look great next to an Amiot 143... Alain
  2. I think you have done a fantastic job with the fairings. Very convincing result. Alain
  3. On the Blancolirio channel you can hear a "pop" as the planes fly over, then the aircraft starts pulling up immediately. Some engine trouble it appears, but the investigation will hopefully find the cause. The ejector seats are original, so obviously not as effective as newer models. I hope they can study the problem of replacing them. I hope it is technically possible (dimensions). Very sad story. I feel it is very lucky that one survived. The parachute must have opened just enough ... Alain
  4. Great project! Those little planes are very cool! I believe they were used in some African conflict like Biafra(?) Alain
  5. Wow! Those are complex shapes to work with, align and combine! Many variables to deal with but you seem to make it work ok. Nice job! Alain
  6. Very nice Hayabusha! I like it very much! Alain
  7. Great work on the fit issue. That should save you a lot of problems later on! Alain
  8. MiG-21PF, with Vietnam, East Germany and Egypt markings. I'd buy that, and probably not the only one! Alain PS: Mr Tamiya, if you read this, I have been a very good boy this year.
  9. I still think its a great kit idea, but not holding my breath! Alain
  10. I love your I-16! The white camo on the tail and skis make it very distinctive! Alain I have a MiG-3 that I hoped I could build for the GB, but I don't have time to start it!
  11. Interesting project and great research too! Looking forward to the next updates. Alain
  12. A question: If the Miles Magister is included, shouldn't the DH Tigermoth be included in the list? Alain
  13. Great job on the kit! Good to see you keep up on it, with all the fit problems. Actual planes of the time also had some poorly aligned panels so don't worry about perfection! Alain
  14. As many have mentioned before, an incredibly realistic finish. The little touches of silver prismacolor are noteworthy! A model one can look at forever! Alain
  15. What a nice model! I like it very much! Alain
  16. Very good progress! Striking paint scheme! Alain
  17. Excellent work all round and the Sylvania theme fits the P. 11c perfectly. You could fool quite a few as it looks totally convincing! Now you need a Bordurian Bf109 to mix it with your PZL! Alain
  18. Super job on this kit! I expected you would trash it at some point but you kept going! If I want to sell off mine I will show a picture of your build (but that would really be dishonest)! Actually I think I will take a look at it again! Alain
  19. Looks like a very good rendition! What a radical looking machine! Alain
  20. Hi all! Here in Quebec, selling alcohol has been classified as an essential service. Just so you know before the next pandemic strikes! Cheers! Alain
  21. Very nice work on the cockpit, looks very convincing! Alain
  22. There's a lot of aircraft to rescribe with the Lightning! A least they managed to design it with a lot of flat surfaces so that's a bit of help. Very good work Max! Alain
  23. Interesting subject! The seat belts you added look perfect! Alain
  24. Wow! Now who could tell its the Matchbox kit? To be fair, its accurate in outline, but still, the details are on the heavy side, so it is great to see how it looks with a well done coat of paint. Alain
  25. Nice fix on the joints. I will need to pay attention when I assemble mine! The replacement gear legs look fantastic! Alain
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