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  1. Yes in all seriousness, when this happens you have a horrible feeling in the pit of ones stomach, I think its called sick as a chip ! Been there know what its like. Really glad you managed to recover it Mozart . Rgrds Jon
  2. Indeed, looking absolutely stunning Sir. Mozart why were you not happy with the original cabane struts they look fine from here ? May I say your garden and potted plants look good too ! Regrds jon
  3. Absolute work of art, the bare alum effect is very convincing, really like the fine canopy frames too, just great. Regrds Jon
  4. The pilot was incredibly lucky then. Interesting pictures of a pre-war (just) camouflaged Gauntlet though. Regards jon
  5. Yes but you could have done the latter MkII tree bladed prop ! Sorry I joke Mozart it literally is a thing of beauty I only wish I had your patience and skill to achieve what you have done here. Modelling to a new level !
  6. Yes an Anson C.19 in 1/32 imagine that !. cant imagine massive sales though
  7. Then that would be the Hornet. jon
  8. I doubt they would have gone for the Whirlwind, it has been done very well by Special Hobby in 1/32. By the way the Whirlwind was WWII not post war. regards jon
  9. An ultra safe 1/48 F-35 eh ! Sorry to say 'I told you so' folks but ..... I told you so ! regards Jon
  10. Absolutely - but in 1/24. jon
  11. Yes I agree. But if that's their physiology which I suspect is after the Wingnut Wings more esoteric WW1 subjects, then I don't think we will see a Spitfire/ Seafire family. Possibly a MKVb to replace the venerable 1976 Hasagawa at best. regards Jon
  12. Well it all sounds very promising I will be getting one or two being a spitfire fan ! I like the simple options that they are doing, no engine, but open or closed canopy access door, prop options etc. Very well thoght out. regards jon
  13. Now thats a really interesting comparison Mozart. And yes I know what you mean about the inconsistancy of EZ, I have to chose my battles with it but alas have been pleased with the results. Regards Jon
  14. I have been following this facinating build with great interest Mozart. What material will you use for rigging, EZ line maybe or something a little more esoteric ? Regards Jon
  15. Sorry to point it out Mozart but the prop is a De-haviland three blade two speed jobie. Yes I too used to wonder why the pilots were wearing a diving mask. regards jon
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