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  1. Thanks easrstrong - Yeagh me thinks a wish list is just around the courner, and getting I little bit fed up with them - anouther 109 and anuother mustang blah blah blah ! Im away to put plastic to glue, you know what its went to be about in the first place. Night night folks
  2. Im afraid Im anouncemented out folks, 90 odd % of these come to nothing anyway, show me the CADs and I know somebody is, well, resonably serious. Appologies for my jadid view to the more enthusiastic out there !
  3. Not my subject - but that minor fact is way eclipsed by your amazing build. Brilliant Sir !
  4. Reminds me of that well known English kit manufacturer from the seventies 'no paint required'
  5. So where are we going with this folks. Talking about subjects that could be improved upon. at what point do we say a given subject has reached utopia, is the Tamiya mosquito an example of that ?! And as pointed out it crashed. This accuracy thing is partially in the mind of the beholder, plans vary, museum examples vary because they have been repaired etc. Sorry but I am old school, if it looks right it is right ! Yes the economic outlook is dubious but on balance our hobby has gone through something of a renaissance and any manufacturer looking to further their catalogue will know this. Churning out old supposedly improved more complex more expensive subjects is not going to wash ! thanks jon
  6. Don't forget the Wellington bomber that crashed on the moon ( although there was speculation it could have been a Warwick) and the U boat that surfaced in Loch Ness with submariners spotted in the local Chippy, apparently modellers present were arguing about the accuracy of their uniforms, the crew were more interested in their fish suppas Sorry folks, had a silly moment. Jon
  7. I thought that was maybe because it was ridiculously over engineered and cost the price of a decent racer bike ! Thanks jon
  8. Actually I like the above - think one in 1/18 scale would go down a storm
  9. Bet you never heard anybody say they wanted another 109 or F-15 either, people don't usually speak out about what they don't expect to get that's human nature.
  10. Nice to read your points cdk57. At the end of the day its up to them, there the manufacturer and maybe they have learned, after all thieve gone back and started again do we know better !? I'm sure I don't. thanks jon
  11. I understand your points above cdk57. But what are they meant to do ! there are plenty of commoner choices already covered some several times over. So manufacturers are to some degree between a rock and a hard place. Common subject redone, more expensive - people complain, esoteric subject little known - doesn't sell. Thats why I think the Hornet would be a good choice because it might fall between the two, even though I understand it wouldn't be popular in the US. I also think the US market has been well catered for a long time, due to its size of course. Thanks jon
  12. Well the CAD images look amazing - I really like the lack of overengineering that is foisted upon us by manufacturers these days, no engine to add to complexity and expense YES !
  13. It always amuses me when a company announces / discusses a new kit how modellers immediately jump on it and put forward their own wants. They do not take these decisions lightly and at the end of the day have to pay their bills not us. The world doesn't need another 109F. I would imagine the Spit will be fab there isn't a good one around in 1/32. And as said the Hornet is a great idea.
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