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  1. Not sure that petrol worked for paint, but I know it was used to strip Cosmoline from aircraft so treated for ferrying as deck cargo.
  2. Stripper! If they'd used sanding and power tools they'd have been shot.
  3. Complicating things further, LanceR (sic) stencils are a mix of red, grey and white. Would make a great-looking model in 1/32 though.
  4. Fairey IIIF; Lockheed Starliner; Diamond DA.42; Bugatti 100P. If you ask me next week I'm sure they'd all be different!
  5. I read the review but had trouble with the score of 10/10 when allied to the statement, "...a whopping 138 pages..." I wouldn't describe a magazine that way, if it had just 138 pages; much less a book. Reading between the hyperbole, it does look to be a worthwhile addition but I'd expect a great deal more detail (and page count) before getting too excited.
  6. Is it Risqué or Rescue? Or possibly a risqué rescue? Sounds saucy
  7. Really nice model and good to see it done in a French scheme
  8. If it's a model then it fell apart. If it is a kit (looks like it), which manufacturer and what scale?
  9. Again, faced with a blank sheet of paper, the answer for many is "something that's been done before"...
  10. An announcement that someone is going to make an announcement. Too much of this going on.
  11. Would go just to see the Super Guppy!
  12. Here we go again: another "I have reserved mine"; "mine is on its way"; "what number are you?" or "mine has arrived" thread of pageszzzzzzzz..... (I've reserved one too).
  13. I do wish people would stop referring to pilots (other than USN) as "Top Gun". It straight away colours your perception of what is to follow.
  14. No photos I can see of nose art or A-1CM-equipped F-86As on that page....?
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