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  1. John, are you using the GoPro again? (Fishing trip). I'm still smirking over the bullfrog catch from last year. Frog on!
  2. This is turning out nicely for you Spyros. Certainly enjoying this one.
  3. I think we can all agree on this statement. Looks fantastic John. Wow.
  4. I'm using the GodHand nippers made in Japan. Pricy for sure but use them all the time. They come with a cover over the actual blades. I always remember to cover up the nippers after using them. I heard (read on LSP) that if you drop them on a hard surface they can snap a blade tip for sure. Meng looks similar and perhaps a knock-off of the GodHand. Nothing cuts closer to the actual part like the GH or Meng. Love using them for canopy removal. Troy
  5. Great looking pit John. Going fishing next week. Enjoy your fishing trip coming up.
  6. I can only agree with the rest. Some really great efforts going into this one Spyros.
  7. Love the Beaufort, Wow. some really beautiful models there on display. Thanks Kev!
  8. Some terrific efforts going on inside that pit.
  9. Looking forward to this one like always. Great subject great choice.
  10. Cracking build from start to finish. Well done Tom. Where is this going now that it's finished?
  11. Well done Mike. I love it.
  12. Hey Rick, Did I purchase the La-5 from you? I have a room full of dust to prove it. I just managed to install the razorback portion to the rear fuselage. I'll admit, it's like building a balsa wood (resin) kit of mosterious proportions. The damn thing is as heavy as a boat anchor. Resin sniffer with a mask and dust box to prove it. Grrrr. Troy
  13. B-2/RIII. Oh joy! Thanks for sharing this.
  14. Gruezi! How did I miss this one? You are off to a great start Thomas. Lovely efforts going on here. Troy
  15. So weird they would install tail plane struts on a buchon back in 1969 just for a movie. Looking forward to this one Kev.
  16. I had a two hour tour onboard Airfare one back in 1997. I have the presidential M& M's to prove it. Working for TWA at the time. The hight of the Blue dress episode. Too funny.
  17. Brian Winters newly restored Bf 109G-6 by Midwest Aero Restoration Ltd. I want to hear a DB powered 109 searing down the flight line.
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