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  1. No, I see the update un the Trumpeter webpage
  2. Not yet in January (Trumpeter update) We hope release in February
  3. No release for December I Hope Will be release un January
  4. Thanks for share whit us your tricks about painting, I like It
  5. Im disapointed Whit 1/35 scale, It would be in 1/32 scale I built one We can do pressure towards the maker Border for listen the modelers We could choose one day, and together sends hundres or thousands of email request them donin 1/32 scale Maybe It do anything. If the sales in 1/35 scale do not work maybe they think about 1/32 scale
  6. If the ZM engineer read this topic: Please can you put a option for landing gear closed or in flying position? Some modelers like put the model kit flying I did the J2M3 whit The landing gear closed and It was a nightmare
  7. Cool scheme Waiting for Paint work
  8. Cool I Will go for a E-7, the desert cammo is nice Great year for 1/32 scale model kits
  9. I Hope/ wish: + Detailed engine + Detailed weapons + Separated ailerons, rudder and elevators
  10. Thanks for your answer and the info Looking forwards for built one
  11. Radub Just one question; The BF 109 had the shape side of the fuselage slighty asymmetric whit The other side ( one side more flat than the other side for offset the Torque effect) Is It on the model? Or the difference is to small for put in a model kit? Do you know how much that difference is? ( Only for Knowledge)
  12. Radu, Im little confused The photos shows that the tail plane will be movable?! Other thing, the front if the cowling in 2 pieces, wont be a issue in the Aligment of the nose? The propeller and spinner in display at which plane are belong?
  13. I had no interest in Hurri series, but if detail and the price are the samer similar that in the P 51 , I Will get one I would like to built one desert hurri
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