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  1. Hello In the Spanish civil war there was at least one plane flying to the República side, I think díd not shoot any round or right whit other planes I have the profile in a book about planes in the civil war, and It is a colorfull and a very interesting option
  2. Thank Reimund for the photos What scheme will carry your FW 190? I think you must done big holes in the wings for the MK 108 barrels
  3. Hello Isar, Thanks for sharing the photos My FW 190 is on way (I paint it whit Willy Moritz scheme) One question: In the sprues I do not see the pieces of the little bulges in undersurface MK´s 108 that is show in REVELL PHOTOS Can you show us the instruction sheet or say us If you see the pieces? Regards, Miguel
  4. It s pain see that the kit is released WHITOUT ENGINE, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  5. And this??: The shape for the MG 151 (A8) in the under wing is be or is like F version. Can you show it?
  6. Hello, I wrote a David Allen 2 days ago and I have not answer. Anybody knows about WING COCKPIT FIGURES?? it is re-star or it is in stop position??
  7. I think that maybe is more possible see in the next months or next years the release of new (I hope not repop) of the BF 110 in 1/32. If you see the prices of the BF 110 1/32 REVELL OLD KITS it was down, maybe because the next sale of the new BF 110. So, if it is true, maybe we will see a new P-51 B the next year??
  8. Hello kurth, Thx for the photos. I hope see it in WIP area Them, the only options for a P-51 B MUSTANG are REVELL (cheap) or TRUMPTER (expensive option), isnt it? Regards, Miguel
  9. Hello kurth: Can you show some pics, about: - rivets -panel lines - new decals Please moderator change the title, delete NEW TOOL, and put RE-POP. Regards. MIIGUEL
  10. Ok, I hope...... I do not undestand why Revell not produce new model kit, like this. I think that whit such model kit new tolling that they will making they make a lot of money, no?
  11. Hello, I just see it in the Revell page: http://www.revell.com/model-kits/aircraft/85-5535.html#.VWIiC0_tmkq There is not any further information about it, any knows?? At least, the code 85-5535 is new. Regards, Miguel
  12. Finally, good news!! I write to DAVID ALLEN, and after 5 minutes I get a answer!! My question: I wish buy 3 figures of LUFTWAFFE SEATED PILOT 1/2 DAVID ALLEN answer: MDC, from whom you bought the seated pilot, retired suddenly. They made my figures and sold them. I have no stock of figures. Can you wait a month while my new caster makes the figures? He is very friendly and careful whit his customers. Thanks all for the help!! Miguel
  13. HB252


    For BF 109 1/32 models kit (G versions) I prefer TRUMPETER, very detailed, good shape in general, and his big point : very sharp nose. Very recomended
  14. Hi Thierry, I have emailed him, waiting answer....
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