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  1. GusM

    Billy Idol in the USA ! ...

    Still think he was best back in Generation X before he developed the permatan and ego.
  2. GusM

    I must be a grumpy old man

    In a similar vein, I love Where Eagles Dare but it is hilarious how Eastwood blows up half of central Europe with one rucksack worth of explosive!
  3. GusM

    Aires Cockpit Fit Issues???

    Used the wheel wells for the Trumpy Mig-23MF and they fitted great. I'm also currently using their A-7E cockpit and it fits easily and doesn't clash with the intake trunking. Have seen some other horror shows though, so think I've just got lucky so far.
  4. GusM

    Def Leppard

    Should be good with Cheap Trick on the bill. Don't come over here too often but great live, especially if Mr Nielsen is on form. Have been a fan since the Dream Police era and the Budokan live album is just about the best live album ever. Definitely the softer end of my musical spectrum but you can't deny the harmonies!
  5. It's pretty doubtful that it is theoretically possible in any achievable form as it requires traversible wormholes or deliberate distortion of spacetime by the creation of negative mass. There aren't many conceivable ways of achieving either but it would be an amazing leap forward to even get close to a possible paradigm. I tend to agree with Gazzas - all I need say is 'The Time Travellers Wife'!
  6. GusM

    Def Leppard

    Saw them at Glasgow in 92 as well and they were very average. Joe Elliott couldn't carry a tune in a bucket and they were completely blown away by the support Gun who were totally up for a 'home' gig. Had seem them before in 84 when they were a different band. I'm in the minority who think Mutt Lange was the worst thing to happen to them, bar Pyromania. The later stuff was just over-produced and sterile to my ears. However my pal saw them in the US afew weeks back and said they were excellent. Hope you have a great time.
  7. GusM

    I love Scotland.

    Pity that dispute's not resolved Colin. Great to hear about your deep roots there though. I travel up on the train to Aberdeen every day and often see the small boats out checking their creels. Seems like a hard way to make a living, especially now, so hats off to them.
  8. GusM

    I love Scotland.

    Hi Colin, are the fishermen at Cove still having grief with the landowner trying to stop them using the bay? Saw a bit about it a while back but never saw if it was resolved. Nice list of dubious Scottish culture (?). Always think of stuff like that when I'm in Edinburgh walking past all the shops full of tartan tat and nylon kilts!
  9. GusM

    I love Scotland.

    Glad you enjoyed it here Ray. Roslyn Chapel is great and close to the home of Dolly the Sheep. The old Roslyn House used to be open to the public but is now a private home. It's very cool as it's built on a cliff face - from one side it has 2 stories, from the other 6!
  10. GusM

    I got problems with MIG paints

    All their recent stuff has the ball bearings and they mix great. Have used them with their own thinner and Mr Levelling with no issues.
  11. GusM

    Discounted new books in UK...?!?

    On a less serious note, Haynes also do an excellent book on 'The Teenager' which is just hilarious.
  12. GusM

    I miss the RAF Nimrod

    There's an annual airshow down in Ayr now which is reputed to be good. Just flying displays, so static exhibits I think. One of my uncles was based at Leuchars for many years so lots of happy memories of visits to the airshows.
  13. GusM

    Happy Birthday Dr Charles Metz

    His birthday last year was when I stopped being a lurker on here. I knew him through his work in Nuclear Medicine and image processing and he was a very smart but extremely helpful and humble guy. RIP
  14. GusM

    HAF T-2 Buckeye down

    Hadn't seen this. Very sad.
  15. GusM

    Iron Maiden last night

    Thanks SB. Not one of my favourite songs but as you say the delivery is spot on. Thankfully the radiotherapy has had no obvious affect on Bruce's voice. Unfortunately that's not always the case.