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  1. Better use good quality fixings too or buy a crash hat coz if that comes down on yer napper it's gonna hurt!!
  2. As said above, definitely worth waiting for. Their Mk 82s are stunning and service is always good.
  3. And the East Coast from Dundee north and the Moray coast are two of the sunniest areas in the UK as well. I lived in Cheshire for a few years and it was a lot wetter and duller there than it is up here. All the rain just rolls in off the Irish Sea. Also hideously flat and dull!
  4. Anywhere in Scotland north of the Central Belt. 22% of the UK landmass and 2.5% of the population!! Loads of space and the best scenery. And as Skiner said all the whisky...
  5. If you want something odourless which performs well then the Ammo paints from Mig Jiminez are very good. Best used with the proprietary thinner but IPA or Mr Levelling also work well with it.
  6. Sure I remember seeing somewhere that one of the bombs went straight through the Tirpitz without exploding. Might be wrong but seems plausible given the velocities achieved by them.
  7. As far as I can remember it was a Luftwaffe Do-17 but I'd need to confirm with my father. He lived a few hundred yards away, although he was only 2 at the time.
  8. Golf course at Kirriemuir, a very small town in Angus, nowhere near anything of significance has a bomb crater where a load was jettisoned on one of the Clydebank raids - only 100 miles plus off target! Similar tale in Forfar and Stonehaven. Again sites of no strategic import but hit anyway.
  9. The Flogger main gear will sag over time. It isn't a great design but not sure how you'd replicate the real thing any other way.
  10. You've got plenty of space Alan if you have room for a 1/24 Flanker! The Trumpy 1/32 one is huge as it is.
  11. Graham, is that seriously a reasonable estimate of what it costs to get some online sellers to stock your stuff?
  12. I'd heartily agree with that on both counts. The GT Resin seamless intakes and tailpipes are also excellent.i
  13. Used the GT Resin wheels and they fit very easily and look great. Would heartily recommend.
  14. Hi Mike At least one of the far east sellers, dawngrocerystore, will have the stuff to you in the UK in way under a month. I've ordered a lot from them and delivery is generally under a week ie quicker than some UK based sellers! Gus
  15. In a similar vein, I love Where Eagles Dare but it is hilarious how Eastwood blows up half of central Europe with one rucksack worth of explosive!
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