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  1. GusM

    Discounted new books in UK...?!?

    On a less serious note, Haynes also do an excellent book on 'The Teenager' which is just hilarious.
  2. GusM

    I miss the RAF Nimrod

    There's an annual airshow down in Ayr now which is reputed to be good. Just flying displays, so static exhibits I think. One of my uncles was based at Leuchars for many years so lots of happy memories of visits to the airshows.
  3. GusM

    Happy Birthday Dr Charles Metz

    His birthday last year was when I stopped being a lurker on here. I knew him through his work in Nuclear Medicine and image processing and he was a very smart but extremely helpful and humble guy. RIP
  4. GusM

    HAF T-2 Buckeye down

    Hadn't seen this. Very sad.
  5. GusM

    Iron Maiden last night

    Thanks SB. Not one of my favourite songs but as you say the delivery is spot on. Thankfully the radiotherapy has had no obvious affect on Bruce's voice. Unfortunately that's not always the case.
  6. Sad news. The classic line-up with King / Collins / Rossington on guitar was unbeatable. Only Gary and Artimus left now.
  7. GusM

    Tamiya versus Revell F-15C

    All I would say is go Tamiya but follow the advice to attach the upper wing surfaces before joining the fuselage.
  8. GusM

    fun with my girls

    Very nice. Got my son interested for a while and we built 4 or 5 kits together but now he's totally into his gaming and 3D animation. Make the most of it while they're cooperative.
  9. Those were fun ads. Pity the beer tastes like cat urine.
  10. GusM

    Make the others jealous

    Nice find Mark. Wish someone would do an IM one. So many cool schemes.
  11. GusM

    happy birthday!!!!

    Happy birthday Cees. Hope it was a good one.
  12. Good point Clunk. Maybe we should just scoop up all that plastic from the middle of the Pacific and recycle it into kits. Couldn't be worse than some of the stuff some of the manufacturers use.
  13. It's the second law of thermodynamics in action, entropy always wins in the end. That's also a reasonable argument against non-linear time.
  14. GusM

    JU-52 crash

    Ah, hadn't seen that Tony. Makes it seem even more surreal. Tragic in all ways.
  15. GusM

    Iron Maiden last night

    Never been to the Hydro yet. Just hasn't been anyone on I fancied. Last gig in Glasgow was Trivium at the O2 with my son earlier in the year. Good but IM set the standard as you say. Their energy is still amazing as they all hit 60ish! Roger Waters certainly does seem to put on a show.