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  1. GusM

    Cricket on ESPN? Yep!

    Hi seiran, the Cricinfo site does show some highlights but only dependant on the licencing arrangements with the home board. They are showing highlights of the current England India ODI series but only to Indian audiences - Sky have the TV rights and BBC the web rights elsewhere. Not sure how the US fits in to the main licencing deals, decent expat audience but maybe not big enough to warrant a separately negotiated deal?
  2. Gaz, try the Malsjo from Ikea. It's a bigger bit of furniture than the vertical towers but it's easy to assemble, seals well and has plenty of room for most kits. Mine has the Tamiya 1/32 F15C which is a fair sized beast and it fits fine.
  3. GusM

    Make the others jealous

    Love that picture of the dog sleeping legs akimbo Dean. We've 2 Jack Russells and the male one sleeps like that. Look for the Off the Leash cartoon called Great Balls of Fire!
  4. GusM

    HK Models Spey Phantom Update

    Ah Colin, that brings back memories. My food memory was a cheesy snack that they deep fried for you and they ended up like giant Quavers. No idea what they were called but I do remember the grease turning the paper bag transparent. No wonder we are the heart attack capital of the world!
  5. GusM

    Don't ya just hate it when....

    Had this happen recently with a kit from China which arrived 7 weeks late! No fault of the seller,it left China 2 days after purchase and arrived in the UK next day. It then spent 45 days stuck in Customs at Heathrow but there was no tracking update until after I eventually got it. In the meantime I'd bought another from a UK seller for around £20 extra.
  6. GusM

    HK Models Spey Phantom Update

    I'd go for 111 squadron and The Fighting Cocks of 43 squadron. Both based at Leuchars in the 70s just over the river from where I grew up and went to the airshow many times.
  7. We had a spate of fires near here a few years back, all arson. Turned out it was one of the local retained firefighters trying to rack up some extra callout fees. He was dismissed and jailed!
  8. GusM

    Make the others jealous

    Cool to see that Dutik. We were on holiday in Arromanche last year and walked along the cliffs to the battery. Will make a sweet diorama.
  9. GusM

    Why did You change?

    Don't have a dedicated modelling space, so the kitchen table it is. Thus, for domestic harmony I generally use Tamiya or Gunze acrylics with Mr Levelling thinner. Have recently use Ammo acrylic colour sets which have a good mix of shades but the finish can be a little fragile.
  10. You do wonder what some people's mindset is to set fires delberately.....
  11. Get quite a few peat fires up here in Scotland and they are a nightmare to extinguish. Best approach is old-school manual labour with beaters - poles with a large paddle of flexible rubber or oilcloth on the end. Timm, it's not uncommon for it to be very dry in the UK, especially in areas on the east of the mountains in the rain shadow. Hope they get the fires under control soon.
  12. Wish you'd posted this a few weeks ago Chuck. I'm just finishing up the mk. XVIe kit and ended up losing most of the engine detail and gluing all the covers on because of the alignment issues at the firewall. The screw that attaches the engine just doesn't seem to have enough clearance. At least they fitted in an acceptable way after all the hacking about.
  13. Brad, that sounds like a real horror one with the thumb. Never got hit badly batting as I was no. 11 most of my career and everyone in the league knew the first straight full one was likely to do the job. My father and I proved batting was hereditary - we both finished our careers with roughly twice as many wickets as runs! Think the worst injury I saw/heard was a team-mate who tore his achilles chasing a ball in the outfield. You could actually hear it snap. Horrible. Still makes me shudder thinking about it.
  14. Canada actually played in the very first international cricket match v USA back in the 1840s. They toured the UK a number of times back then too. The star player was Bart King who is often credited as the inventor of swing bowling. Seems he bowled big in-swing. Our club had an artificial wicket for a period which was used for junior games, etc. After a few years of rolling, the wooden framing started to sit proud as the material under the wicket compacted. Problem was there was a piece of frame across the wicket half-way down the pitch. If the ball pitched on it, it either flew off or rolled along the ground. We knew it was there, so used to aim for it.... home advantage! My opening bowling partner once hit it first ball of a match and removed the opening batsman's 4 front teeth. It was dug up shortly after!