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  1. Spot on. I did this on mine having seen it recommended and everything lined up just fine.
  2. Can't beat a bit of Hagar.
  3. Think it was Hagar the Horrible? Ran as a strip in one of the UK papers for years but can't remember which. Used to have a sneaky read on my paper round! From memory the artist was almost blind.
  4. Tamiya Extra Thin, use both the standard and rapid depending on the requirement.
  5. Brings about standstills in England. We cope with it rather better up here as we get more practice. Beautiful powder last week and -6C at midday. My dogs had a ball jumping around in it.
  6. Not sure l'd want to be in the scrum after that!
  7. We haven't up here....
  8. Wow, seems very reasonable. Makes it a definite buy!
  9. Another vote for the Mig 27. In plastic, as although the LEM one looks great I have no interest in building resin kits.
  10. I think Scaleworx Resin from South Africa were working on Nesher and possibly Kfir conversions for the Italeri/Revell kit. They've done a Cheetah one which looks excellent and which l am currently waiting for and l'm sure they are working on other Mirage variants.
  11. I'd second the above. They work best over primer, either their own or Mr Surfacer 1500, but can be a little fragile if you don't let them dry thoroughly. You can increase the robustness by thinning with Mr Levelling rather than their own thinner but l get decent results with both. The transparent primer can also be used as a very nice matte varnish as well.
  12. Better use good quality fixings too or buy a crash hat coz if that comes down on yer napper it's gonna hurt!!
  13. As said above, definitely worth waiting for. Their Mk 82s are stunning and service is always good.
  14. And the East Coast from Dundee north and the Moray coast are two of the sunniest areas in the UK as well. I lived in Cheshire for a few years and it was a lot wetter and duller there than it is up here. All the rain just rolls in off the Irish Sea. Also hideously flat and dull!
  15. Anywhere in Scotland north of the Central Belt. 22% of the UK landmass and 2.5% of the population!! Loads of space and the best scenery. And as Skiner said all the whisky...
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