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  1. Just catching up here John (been out of town), and I’m really enjoying this. Something tells me this is an awesome E-book in the works! Cheers, Tom
  2. We’re on your team Chuk! Cheers, Tom
  3. I added some of the Nautilus Modelworks armament, and White Ensign and Eduard photoetch to my Barb build. I’ll need to finish her at some point! Cheers, Tom
  4. Thank you Ron! I’m looking forward to adding more of the Pontos magic, and I hope I do it justice. Cheers, Tom
  5. Definitely the road less travelled! I love the original approach you apply to your builds, and the results are epic. Looking forward to seeing more! Cheers, Tom
  6. Ron, Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement, and it’s great to have you aboard. I too have the USS Barb as a long term build I started years ago. I replanked her deck with styrene, but you might be interested in this if your build hasn’t gotten too far: https://www.rcsubs.cz/index.php/photo-etched-sets/35-sets-for-kit-gato-1-72-revell-05047 Cheers, Tom
  7. Thank you very much Jose! The Pontos set is amazing. Cheers, Tom
  8. Thanks Jeff! I’m a bit surprised at how fast it’s gone as well. I’m looking forward to the next stage. Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement. As big as it is, it definitely takes up less overall room than some large scale aircraft, but I know what you mean. Cheers, Tom
  9. Go Chuk go! I keep reminding myself you are scratchbuilding and mastering in 1/48 scale. Always impressive! Cheers, Tom
  10. The Monsun Gruppe was formed as part of a cooperative effort between Germany and Japan to exchange strategic raw materials and to sink allied shipping. Both German and Japanese submarines operated in the Indian Ocean, and due to difficulties in identification, both forces were not allowed to attack other submarines. Forty one German submarines participated, and U 510 sank six ships of various nationalities before arriving in Penang, the base of operations. She was one of the few submarines that survived to return to Europe. (Wikipedia) I've reached the milestone of adding almost all of the hull details. I'll be holding off on assembling the 120cm deck gun until I've reached the stage of addressing the Wintergarten armament. Despite all of the effort, the build has gone relatively fast to this point (though it didn't seem like it, it's been less than three weeks), and the engineering and fit of the Pontos set has been amazing. Even without the set the kit is a pleasure to put together! Here you can see where I've addressed the seam between the fore and aft hull sections, and once I have a primer coat applied I'll be restoring the rivet detail using Archer's Rivets. On to the fairwater next. New territory at last! Cheers, Tom
  11. Kevin, that’s great encouragement. Thank you! Cheers, Tom
  12. Mark, great to have you on board, I just finished rereading the book myself! It gives me a whole new respect for the Type VII’s. You might like this site: https://amp.rokket.biz/lib_uboats.shtml The reference pdf’s are pure gold. Cheers, Tom
  13. Jay, thank you! I appreciate you stopping by. Cheers, Tom
  14. Oh man that’s terrible. Hope all of you get a replacement soon. Worst case, might be worth getting the HK Lancs canopy. Cheers, Tom
  15. Thanks Jeff. You made it possible! Cheers, Tom
  16. I do love how you take the road less travelled with your builds! Great subject. Cheers, Tom
  17. Last October I purchased the Modelcollect 1/72 B-52G kit. A nice kit, except for the significantly inaccurate nose shape. Modelcollect (a Chinese company) addressed this by offering a correction set that included new nose halves, addressed other inaccuracies, and included wing fairings. Consequently I ordered this set in mid-November. The weeks and months went by. Repeated emails had no effect. So after three months I requested a refund from Paypal, which was granted. Fast forward to today. I received a battered small box with the set. It was sent from an address in Czechoslovakia! Cheers, Tom
  18. Thanks, I appreciate it! It’ll be great to have you. Cheers, Tom
  19. Kevin, Mark, it’ll be great having you follow along! I’m approaching a big milestone when I finish detailing the hull, then it’s off to work on the fairwater. Just glad cutting out the wood slots is mostly behind me! Cheers, Tom
  20. On November 3rd 1943 U-510, a Type IX C German U-Boat, set sail from Lorient, France, reaching Penang, Malaysia 155 days later. From there she sailed to Singapore, Kobe, and Batavia before returning to St. Nazaire on April 23rd, 1945. During her career she sank 11 ships and damaged several others. (Uboat.net) I'm depicting her using the Revell U-505 1/72 scale kit and the corresponding Pontos photoetch set. Thanks very much to Jeff (B-17) for trading this out of production kit and making the build possible! Yes, the build is a lot of work but it is therapeutic. The major prep work was opening the drainage holes with a Dremel and sanding away all of the deck surface detail. According to Dougie Martindale (https://amp.rokket.biz/lib_uboats.shtml) the late war Type IX boats had the rear part of the propellor/rudder guards cut away, so I modified the kit part accordingly. You can also see I need to do more cleanup on those drainage holes! The wooden deck looks great, but I had to open every drainage hole with an X-acto knife. Every one. The Pontos set is not for the timid, but the combination of brass, photoetch, and wood is hard to beat. And lastly I'm adding the Eduard 120cm deck gun, since U-510 kept hers through the war. Until next time! Cheers, Tom
  21. That is an impressive build and finish! Cheers, Tom
  22. Thanks for posting this. It is tempting. But where to put it? I might have to start contacting Japanese restaurants... Cheers, Tom
  23. Nice work and I love the idea of spattering diluted pastels. Quicker and easier than using a spray template! You probably know all about this, but just in case, the Tempest had an anhedral with the inner wing sections and a dihedral with the outer. If memory serves, -1 degrees and +5 degrees respectively. Model on! Cheers, Tom
  24. Thanks very much John! It’s been my go to primer for some time: easy to apply, good adhesion, and a good substrate for chipping if I need to. In this case I won’t be doing much because of the high quality paints of these early war aircraft. I’ll have to experiment with those thinners. Thanks Dennis! This is such a beautiful and important aircraft from an aeronautical engineering standpoint that it deserves a place in your hanger. Plus it would be great to see you work your magic on her! Cheers, Tom
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