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  1. Well, in the words of Lil' Jon by Dave Chappelle - "What? what? ....Yeah" that's a good move as that road does need to close. If anyone deserves the Trumpeter kit, it's you!
  2. Sure glad I had lotsa trouble buying the Merit Triplane earlier, and ended up with the SE-5a. Ebay USA via China; https://www.ebay.com/itm/MENG-QS-003-1-24-Fokker-Dr-I-Triplane-Plastic-Model-Kit/174639933312?epid=5044273133&hash=item28a959e780:g:sjAAAOSwVD9gK0sQ
  3. Hello, not sure if it is because Aires is a part of their marketing, but I can only find the items Aires carries here in the States. A bit ago here a member had posted a link (which I cannot find in LSP search) to Aerobonus direct which has a few items of theirs listed that I want to get. Cheers
  4. Awaiting response hoping the guy behind the tables in pic knows something and not just hired for sales. Anyone recognize him as staff? It does appear to me it is wind down of kit stock. Sure jealous though!
  5. Yes, I watch his videos to find what is really happening
  6. Fellow hobbyist years ago ended up with a CA reaction to his hands that looked like eczema. It took him a bit to figure out the allergy, but he adjusted his exposure after that.
  7. Hello Rob, the best kit to go with is the Tamiya F-4J "Marines" issue as it contains the outboard weapons pylons since most Marines missions were mud movers, but second would be the more prevalent Tamiya F-4J Navy. Congrats on your win, only a Phantom Phanatic would Phlip over difference really, sure it'd be a nice build - enjoy!
  8. You can also refer to this posting I made Dec. 30 which shows pink primer application dedication;
  9. You do indeed have it worse, but I still say it is excessive.
  10. Also the lack of air travel had planes with cargo bays full just sitting. Not sure if that is still an issue, but I am two Months in on two packages from Germany.
  11. Simple remedy - anyone wishing to participate gives location when they enter raffle. Doesn't have to be exact address yet of course, they get to save that for the winnings.
  12. Same here on same scale subject cross-building. Prefer 1/32 scale aircraft since there are a few modern US truck kits out there to have a museum bird such as Fw-190 disassembled - palletized to be delivered. Have a few pics of the Fw-190D-13 yellow 10 on a lowboy trailer...
  13. For a little bit, UK to US wasn't bad. I had picked up a few Revell Germany kits at the time. But now, what you send and why best be vital! My raffle recipient is in Australia, I sent off his three books and a decal sheet today USPS first class international - - $27.50. IF these costs stick, I suggest the 2021 raffle exchanges be drawn within regions first...
  14. Should answer questions of areas that were salmon primer i've seen here through the years. Someday it will be going gear up
  15. Lotsa reference as well; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iolfhkn-npw Ex C-141 and current 777 pilot happens to be a vintage aircraft enthusiast and you could watch his detailed mishap investigation coverage.
  16. Best to build both at the same time! I had won the Testors (Hawk?) 1/48 Banshee and assembled it right away because I knew it would be otherwise doomed. Of course I had to add engines, and do an in-flight build. Thank you for the effort - appreciated!
  17. He passed on Dec. 07... Met him Aug. 1986 at Fairgrounds where I grew up in No. Calif. He had the yellow conv. Corvette Indy pace car with strobe lights. I was assisting with the setup of the USAF booth for local recruiter while on delayed enlistment. Salute
  18. Guess if you don't have the Hase. kit already and have some decals stashed. Back in the day, the complete Hase. kit was around $45 IIRC...
  19. My good friends (Art instructor from when I lived and attended College there 1993) lost most everything they couldn't fit in their Subaru in 8 minutes time, and were residents on Pearson rd. since the 70's, escaped surrounded by fire down Clark rd. into Oroville and decided that was it for them. They soon after bought a house in another city and started over. He, as like Paul lost his lifetime of artwork, sculptures, book binding business (vintage tooling, historic books) which will never be replaced.
  20. Hey, if this trend continues - perhaps my WNW Gotha G.1 will become valuable! Er...likely not
  21. It is a big step to announce you've got a screw loose - recovery is good news...
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