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  1. Thank you very much Radu! Yeah I know but the link didn't work. It's not the same as the one in the PM. I bought this when you first released it and maybe you changed something?
  2. Hello Seems radubstore.com is gone and I tried messaging them about the manual through facebook but got no answer. So. Anyone bought the set and actually read that you have to download the manual and actually downloaded it? Can I please have it /Anders
  3. Lovely Anyone want the fantastic 1/15 Verlinden kit?
  4. Wow. I'm even slower than usual. Completely missed that A6M5c.
  5. I sent a music cassette to the us a few weeks ago. €3 shipping ~100gram.
  6. Cool. Didn't go there on my aviation museum trip through germany in 2013. Apparently there is reason to make another trip. Is the Do335 from Herr Pflumm in Villingen-Schwenningen or is it another one? Some parts doesn't look the same, but of course they could have rebuilt it through the years.
  7. And the Bücker 181 is welcome as well.
  8. Bargain at swedish ebay...paid less for these four than I originally did for my first Arado.
  9. I hope they will make both versions!
  10. No hurry. Last time I printed decals they were a few months late.
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