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  1. Zoukei Mura mentioned a Ki-100?
  2. One SCW 123A here thank you.
  3. We're all waiting for (the required) fixes
  4. Thanks Ali! I guess airframes from june 46 is pretty early. Better have a closer look on the pics...
  5. That was me pointing things out. My headache is that I want a Mk.1. Is it a simple case of remodeling the tail or were there more differences compared to F.3?
  6. Masks? Don't know where you are in the galaxy but I'm sure there's someone nearby with a cutter. I mask most national insignias 1/48 and up.
  7. Yeah, he's a very concerned private citizen happy to share the fruits of his labours. Personally I'm more than happy to see something NOT emerging from the Maestro/Rebell/Tarangus stable. Basically it's like this, when he got this he did the same observations as I did and found out that the air intake is 3mm wide. He has a quite good 3d scanner and personal access to a 29F so he scanned it and will now adjust the cad to fit the kit. Planned fixes/details so far are Boarding ladder, seat, after burner, the corrected seamless sucker and maybe new landing gear covers which are too large (there should be 1,5mm more space between the wing and the door top, which is quite obvious to the Tunnan nazis like myself) I can't post images here anymore but there is a wip pic of the seat on my instagram @andersngluesniffer I'm sure he'll make a blog or something to sell from. He already has suitable wheel chocks available and a jack in preparation.
  8. AM incoming. http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=12447 There you can judge for yourselves what small errors like 3mm really do.
  9. Nose is 1,5mm short and the air intake hole is 3mm too wide. I hear there is a fix, other details and decals in the making.
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