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  1. AndersN

    1/32 I-153 Tchaika from ICM

    And the Bücker 181 is welcome as well.
  2. AndersN

    Lemkits 1:32 Focke-Wulf P VII "Flitzer"

    Ok. Looking forward to it!
  3. AndersN

    Make the others jealous

    I need that Uhu...
  4. AndersN

    Make the others jealous

    Bargain at swedish ebay...paid less for these four than I originally did for my first Arado.
  5. AndersN

    Iron Maiden!

    Have fun! Saw them 88, 92, 95 and 2000(? Brave new world) but I'd never pay $75 for any concert...unless they're playing in a <200 ppl place!
  6. AndersN

    Lemkits 1:32 Focke-Wulf P VII "Flitzer"

    I hope they will make both versions!
  7. AndersN

    Lemkits 1:32 Focke-Wulf P VII "Flitzer"

    Lovely! A must-have.
  8. AndersN

    Bf109F-4/trop mit "dicke Kreuze"

    No hurry. Last time I printed decals they were a few months late.
  9. Yeah, forgot about the four bladed props. That Hunter is a warbird. Also there was one or two experiments with afterburners...
  10. You'll need to backdate the Hunter to the older Mk 4 with straight wing and no afterburner. Flightpath/DJ Perkins produce a resin/etch conversion/detail set. Yes, he's been busy
  11. First, we have decals for the DH Mosquito NF.XIX. Designed to fit the Tamiya kit which will have to have a new nose crafted and some radar stuff added in the cockpit... The usual high quality decals printed in czech republic. Five aircraft from all three divisions and full stencils. DH Venom NF.4 Six RSAF options as well as all yellow Svensk Flygtjänst target tugs. Designed for the old Matchbox kit. And finally the Hawker Hunter. 6+ options for the Revell Hunter which need to have the sawtooth removed and exhaust backdated (DJ Perkins to the rescue) Will post profiles if/when I get them. Available in a week or two from http://mooserepublic.se I have no economic interest in these products. Cheers
  12. AndersN

    Fokker DVIII wing

    I have a 2,2m rc plane with all over olive green wings...something less not at all interesting would be great
  13. AndersN

    Revell 1/32 Me 262 A-1a already announced?

    Wasnt there a picure with the single seat fuselage as well?