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  1. Thanks! Thanks a lot - It is actually simpler than it looks. Pre-Cut masking sets are the way to go but you still need to pay attention so you use the right colors Thanks Jack Thanks a lot Matty - I am glad you like it Thanks a lot Chuck! Thanks Jay - I have a few other models in the RFI section if you want to have a look Thanks! Thanks. I really appreciate it Thank you so much!
  2. That looks really cool! Great to see another one built. If you don´t like the green missiles, they only painted the training rounds that color. You can easily add some live-missiles in more traditional colors /Niels
  3. Thanks guys... And Yes, that Viggen is awesome. After my Jetmads build I was really looking forward to see it in action and it didnt disappoint. It made a super short landing followed by It's trademark reverse 3 point turn on the runway using It's thrust reversers.. And took off again in the shortest possible distance.. Very loud and very cool
  4. I got mine delivered this morning and have just spent a couple of hours going through the sprues - just wow! - I am quite blown away to be honest - And I am not just saying that to justify to myself spending that kind of money. It really is incredibly detailed. I cannot wait to get started on it /Niels
  5. I am still going though my 2000 photos from the weekend but there are few that stand out already so I thought I would share them.. Hope you enjoy them - but please don´t use them or distribute without my permission, Thanks
  6. I don´t have the 1st edition but this one also have plenty of 1/200 scale drawings - I was hoping to get a clear picture of the rigging (in case I buy the kit ) and it seems to do the trick. /Niels
  7. Thanks guys I never heard of that OLIMP set - but seems a stretch to get my hands on it. I can see that Phase Hangar Resin have some really nice stuff in 1/48 that he keeps saying will be coming in 1/32 as well... but nothing yet
  8. Thanks Thierry Unfortunately that is only the cockpit - I was more looking for all the external differences.
  9. Mine just arrived from MBK - and they have done the same as AndysHHQ. The have inspected the clear parts before shipping it to me... Great stuff and what a great day Cheers Niels
  10. Hi Are there any conversion sets or individual parts available to convert the 1/32 Trumpeter A-10A to an A-10C? Thanks Niels
  11. That looks really really nice Chris - The mottled paintjob / weathering on the fuselage is seriously good. /Niels
  12. Where did you find the information on the release of a wooden deck for this kit? That would be a must if I am going to build it Thanks Niels
  13. Uh - Just got notified that MBK is shipping mine today so should get it by Monday or Tuesday next week /Niels
  14. The Airshow is this Sunday - June 19. at the Airbase in Karup E-191 is an F-16AM. It was painted like the Danish flag "Dannebrog" to celebrate its 800 year anniversary in 2019. It is the oldest unaltered flag in the world. After the celebrations - and because the Danish F-16 fleet is being phased out and replaced by F-35A´s - it was decided to just leave it with the paintjob applied. It even takes part in the Quick Reaction Alert teams on occasion..
  15. The Bi-Annual Danish Airshow is back this coming weekend after a 4 year break - 2 years due to corona of course.. They just released this very cool 360´ video of E-191 practising the Display routine.. - Program is really cool as well. Flying Displays from; Red Arrows, Gripen, Viggen, Draken, Lansen, F-16s from RDAF, Belgium, Greece, a French Rafale, Spitfire, P-51 just to name a few - Polish Airforce is even bringing their Su22 - but still no F-35 though which is quite unbeliveable.. Crossing fingers that the forecasted weatherfront will not hit as bad but for a hobby Photographer like me it just means guaranteed vapour
  16. Did anyone here get one of these? - Just curious if the quality is as good as it looks in pictures?
  17. Seems Fly! are releasing two new Hurricanes to their lineup. https://www.fly814.cz/
  18. I will take all of them - I have been wanting to have a go at the 410 for a while. Its just a cool looking aircraft. The Val and the Kate - I have been hoping for some Japanese bombers in 1/32 for quite some time so they are a given.. The Italian tri-motor looks very very nice - so add in the Beaufighter and 2023 seems to be booked
  19. That is just gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful work /Niels
  20. Thanks a lot -I am glad you like it Thanks Maru! Thanks Thansk a lot Zac! Hehe - Thanks! Its a pretty decent kit to build. Thank You!! - I don´t know what to say. I really hope you all stay safe! Thanks Iain. Much appreciated Thanks for the kind words Marcel Thank You JIm Thanks Rockie. I am honestly not much of a WIP guy but maybe a future build. The base was pre-made and I picked it up online at the Aviation Megastore in Amsterdam. Thanks a lot
  21. Hi All This is the 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-29C built as a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29S (9-13). It is loaded for a CAS mission inspired by a photograph I found online. It is impossible not to feel the impact of a war in Europe, in what feels like my own backyard - and like so many on these forums I also felt the urge to show my support. I tried to incorporate as much aftermarket stuff produced in Ukraine as I could. The Rocket Pods and Wheels are from ResKit. The paint masks are both from Foxbot and DN Models. The seat is from Quickboost and the pitot tube to replace the telegraph pole included in the kit is from Master. The exhausts are from Zacto model. The decals are a story of their own - I screwed up the first paintjob using the Foxbot masks I already had so I had to start over While waiting for the brand new released masking set to arrive from DN Models, Foxbot also announced a brand new set of decals for a digital camo MiG-29. I wrote Oleg from Foxbot if I could somehow get a set and he happily sent me one straight from Kyiv in the middle of an active warzone. That kinda makes this model special for me.. I painted the model entirely using paints from MRP - the second time also in the right order . Below in order from Dark to Light: MRP-034 Tank Grey (MRP-405 seems to be too light for the MiG-29) MRP-403 Grey MRP-402 Light Grey MRP-246 Light Arctic Grey The underside is painted with MRP 405 Blue Grey Hope you like it Niels Click the images and they will open in a larger version
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