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  1. I have finished painting and decals are all on - It was a bit of a challenge to put together the decals as nothing exists for a Moroccan F-16. I went through a couple of 1/48 sets of Moroccan jets and a 1/32 sheet supposed to go on an F-5.. Biggest challenge however was the red "Ejection Seat Warning" triangles - I challenge anyone to come up with a single F-16 in the world with red warning stencils!! - I found one in the end though - the F-16 "Wraith" aggressor - so I got 2 sheets of decals only to get to the 4 decals I needed. The lettering is transparent on the decals but white on the jet so I had to paint tiny white triangles where the decals would go. It all went fine and I think it really catches the eye on this paint job. The remaining black colored stencils where sourced from a sheet of Polish F-16s. The numbers are from generic USAF sheets. It received a wash with Flory Models "Dark Dirt" and a layer of MRP Super Clear Matt Varnish. It has a slight "silky" sheen to it that makes it my favorite varnish for modern jets. All that remains is to finish up the landing gear and I can start attaching all the smaller bits and clear parts - she will soon be up on her legs and in the display cabinet. The more I work on it the more I like the camouflage. I think its a really cool looking F-16 for sure.. /Niels
  2. Uh - that sounds promising. Please consider making pilots who stand outside the Helicopter /Niels
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing those pictures Chuck - I am green with envy of you going to that airshow The F-16 is a fascinating aircraft and there are many updates to keep track of. It is afterall almost 50 years old by now - and all of a sudden I feel very old myself being born in the same year as it flew for the first time - Having followed the Danish F-16 fleet for many years we had the luxury of having the updates in stages as the aircraft went through the Mid-Life Update program (MLU) and were updated from Block 1, 5, 10, 15... so you could see the external modifications being added.. Congratulations on your retirement - I will very much look forward to see even more models "kicked up a notch" /Niels
  4. I am really looking forward to seeing you tackle this paint job ;-) - Are you going to make masks on a cutter or by hand? Niels
  5. That is the beauty of modern JASDF aircraft. They often paint them in very colorful liveries Niels
  6. I have been wanting to do this for a while - I even had DN Models make a custom order for the paint masks. They have since then released them in 1/32 Who knows - If I am fast enough I may even squeeze in the F-15DJ Green Dragon before the deadline Niels
  7. Hi All I will chip in with this one.. It will be the Tamiya F-4EJ kit, Wolfpack "Kai" conversion set, Kopecky Exhaust & rear end, DXM Decals, DN Models paint mask - and what else I can put together I need to finish my ongoing F-16 build before I can get to this one so I will likely not start until 2023 /Niels
  8. This is going to be great /NIels
  9. I will surely build the Phantom as I recently got my hands on the Wolfpack Conversion set to build an F-4EJ Kai... Just not sure it will be for this Group Build.. But it looks amazing.. /Niels
  10. Very cool video - I wonder why they are flying with 2 ACMI pods on the right-hand pylon? You would think that 1 would be sufficient.. Also I wish someone would make a set of 1/32 AAM-5 Missiles /Niels
  11. Yes - That one is a funny looking Eagle isn´t it?... /Niels
  12. I think I am in too - Not sure which one I will build as I have 3 options I have been wanting to build for a while.. I am leaning towards the "Green Dragon"
  13. Great project Pete - I am working on a similar jet but in different camo. I am combining the front end of the F-15E Tamiya kit with the rear end of the F-15C. Its a rather expensive way to go but the parts fit of course - And I will be left with enough parts to build an Israeli F-15C Baz with conformal fuel tanks.. Take a look at this: http://partsrparts.homestead.com/F15parts.html - Bruce is selling some conversion parts to make an F-15D (instrument panel etc) well worth the money. /Niels
  14. Great looking Intruder Mike - another one! I also immediately thought of Flight Of The Intruder when I saw that Pilot figure - Cmdr Cole in Devil 505 going "downtown" /Niels
  15. Thanks for the photos I think I will get one at this price to try it out but from the images alone I would prefer the Fly! Hurricanes. They have an underserved bad reputation and the surface detail is way ahead of the revell offering. But great to finally have a Hurricane in 1/32 from a major manufacturer. Quite unbelievable that it took so long /Niels
  16. They also recently re-released their MiG-23´s - They have also been a bit pricey on eBay. Especially the MiG-23MF kit. /Niels
  17. The F-111 is already on it - The last one was the Su-30SM
  18. If HpH will follow their tradition with these large scale models it will be a mix of fibre glass and resin. They are heavy but not super heavy. An Injection Molded 1/32 Lancaster is also quite a heavy model I can tell you /Niels
  19. Length: 22.00 m (72 ft 2 in) Wingspan: 31.44 m (103 ft 2 in) Height: 6.67 m (21 ft 11 in) So in 1/32: 68,75cm Long - 98,25cm Wide and 20,8 cm tall - Pretty big aircraft and certainly close to the size of a Lancaster /Niels
  20. One of the meanest looking aircraft of WW2 - I would certainly consider getting one. A couple of years ago on this forum I made a top 5 list of aircraft I would love to see in 1/32 The Saab Draken, SR-71 and the He177 were on that list - that is 3 out of 5. Not a bad couple of years /Niels
  21. Brilliant build - and brilliant book.. When will we see Hangar No.2? /Niels
  22. Thanks Derek If you get the Academy Sufa kit and the Grand Models block 52 add on kit, you will have everything you need to build a Greek F-16D /Niels
  23. Time for an update.. After priming I added the squibbles in true Black Basing style using MRP´s Light Arctic Grey. It is a really nice color for a faded white look and I use it quite a bit on wheel bays etc. Its a nice little trick to move across all round shapes in straight lines as you can see in the image below. It helps to enhance the shape. Next step was to start adding the light brown. I have previously said that I felt that Radome Tan was too yellow but after making a few paint samples I decided to go for AK Real Colors Radome Tan RC227.. I then proceeded to mask the camo lines with rolled up blue tack. Its a really easy way to get really nice feathered lines. You can easily control how feathered by the diameter of the "sausage". Just always be very careful to spray directly at the blue tack "sausages from above. If you spray at an angle the paint will spray underneath ruining the effect. I sprayed AK Real Colors Dark Tan RC225 I was not happy with the shade of the Dark Tan so I oversprayed with several shades of dark browns (NATO Brown) mixed with grey colors. I wanted a faded chocolate look.. I didnt take any pictures of the in between steps but here you can see her with some decals applied - no weathering at all yet.. I have been working on the load out as well and you can spot some of it in the background. I am pretty sure it will be loaded out with fuel tanks, BRU-67´s with 2x GBU-54´s, AIM-9X and AMRAAM´s - all training versions.. I am pretty busy at work at the moment so not too much progress - but its starting to look like a Moroccan F-16 Thats it for now - stay tuned for more updates to come /Niels
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