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Kotare Models - a New Venture from Former Wingnut Wings Staff


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6 hours ago, Ryan said:

I wonder how they feel about a Hellcat series.... :)



That would be lovely but how about a greatly detailed, Tamiya-fit, family of *perfect* Thunderbolts? No..? ;)


5 hours ago, Ryan said:

Is that the Trumpeter factory at the bottom?


The B and C squad barracks are to the left.


I hope the Hellcat annihilates them for what that budget team did to the P-51B/C and P-40B.. ;)

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I’ve got a feeling it will be commercially driven with a NZ flavour. 

Im thinking Battle of Britain/ North Africa/ Mediterranean/ Singapore. So Hurricane, 109e, Early Mustang, Stuka Maybe? (Hoping for Lysander)

Pacific War. Tamiya have done Mustang and Corsair - hard to beat that. Maybe Japanese type (ki-100?) Simplified Corsair? Razorback? Wildcat- though someone said Trumpy one ok, surprisingly  (Hoping for CAC Boomerang)


Thats just WW2…and good quality kits could come out of these types but other manus in next few years

plenty to choose from 1914-1950s and beyond. 

Just my 0.02c worth ) probably less after exchange and commission)

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I’m really hoping that they do a Spitfire Mk 1, there hasn’t been a new tool kit released since Jesus himself was running around in nappies!


edit, not sure if anyone’s posted a link to their website yet, but if you have it’s still well worth repeating 


Kotare website

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Additional drunken rambling
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Yep, I’m as happy as a puppy in a pool full of bacon.


I just thought I’d try and subtly try and massage the thread back on topic, but if we want to make it yet another wish list thread then I’m happy to contribute.


I’d love an A4K out of the box, or a C-130 J, an F-111C, Pilatus PC 6, PC 21, PC 12 NGX and PC 24, a Spitfire Mk1……

Bugger it, I’ll break the travel ban and swim to NZ to give them the benefit of my knowledge and desires face to face (or mask to mask). It’s only a 6 hour flight so swimming can only take 3 days, 4 max?


Anyhow, I’m loving all the info coming out of Kotare, and I really hope they succeed!


(P.S. if any of the Kotare research staff are reading this, I know where a few F-111c’s and G’s are buried, it’s not far from my house so if you supply the vodka I’ll supply the shovels and we can get some serious research done ;)  )

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