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  1. It is indeed. I'm reading 'Flashman and the Tiger' at the moment, I've been reading them chronologically so I'm nearly finished It's a shame Flashman's service with the Confederate and Union armies, plus the French Foreign Legion will never be known Richard
  2. You're not alone - I have far too many projects on the go. I've been re-reading the Flashman papers, and been taken through the Indian mutiny of 1857, so the Pandy's are in my mind at the moment There's lots of room in that cockpit! Richard
  3. Good stuff, and I get fussy about WWI subjects, so apologies if that seemed a bit harsh At least now you won't put soot marks around the air inlets! This is coming along very nicely Richard
  4. Bengal native infantry? Richard
  5. How are you getting this wrong? I just pasted in the image address and it works - no 'insert image' required Richard
  6. Ahh, Blackburn. They rarely disappoint Richard MORE: A less obscure aeroplane doing a similar job would be the Short 184:
  7. 'Aeroplane seat restraints of the world - volume sixteen, Far East commercial aircraft 1963-1964' It would be a lifetime's work! Richard I'm reminded of the RCTS series 'Locomotives of the LNER' in seventeen volumes
  8. " I can see yoooo..." Richard
  9. Personally, I'd be happy if they restarted production - their absence is driving up the price of second hand Roden kits! I'm happier hacking Cheap Roden kits Richard
  10. You have my condolences… Richard
  11. Apart from the message from WNW in the first post Richard
  12. Assuming it's like Marmite, I wouldn't recommend anything more than a light smear on the knife - for goodness sake don't put it on anything you are going to eat! On the subject of Man's food, I'm really looking forward to sitting in a pub, drinking pints with friends and eating: Pork Scratchings - Scare your doctor and your dentist with a single snack! Richard
  13. PART of Poland do that quite a bit, making up round control columns out of flat etches. It does work, there are easier ways! Richard
  14. This does sort of support what Vince was saying. They were flying a new version of the 737 using experience of an earlier version. They hadn't been trained on the new variant and there were no simulators in the UK. They also didn't trust the vibration meter which was indicating the correct engine and drew an incorrect conclusion from the smoke entering the cabin Had they been through proper type training on a simulator, Kegworth may have been forgotten - apart from the fuss around a disintegrating fan on the CFM-56. Which is all so much 'what-if' really Since the road w
  15. They certainly did do something, they behaved in the cool, measured, level-headed way that I'd want in a commercial airline pilot. They earned their pay (and training costs) on that flight! Every time I hear of an engine out on a twin-engined 'plane (or drive up the M1 north of Leicester), I can't help thinking of Kegworth in 1989 Richard
  16. Just a quick one, The copper pipes are the air manifolds into the cylinders. Rotary engines don't have exhausts, the gasses come straight out of the cylinders. On the extreme left cylinder you can see the inlet pipe connecting to the top of the cylinder, and the exhaust valve just below it The air for the engine comes in through the tubes at the side of the cockpit, through the carburettor on the back of the engine then out to the cylinder through those tubes I've built this kit, and I think it's a pretty good representation of a Nie 17.
  17. I must say, I'm disappointed with that picture. As the parachute fabric was made in Devon here in the UK, I was hoping for something more like this: Richard
  18. MORE: Casual googling brought up this document, including this Air Commodore Bill Tyack: It mentions sextants on the Vee bombers and Canberra too
  19. When you've had an ack-ack shell through your instruments, the stars still work! Richard
  20. I thought 03 had bought it when the sub got on his tail Richard
  21. We interrupted our monthly trip to the pub (now on Zoom) to watch it with five mates, It's much clearer than when it was in B&W on 405 lines... Richard
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