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Kotare Models - a New Venture from Former Wingnut Wings Staff


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Howdy folks,


I've just been alerted to this by Mike Swinburne. Some members of the former Wingnut Wings team have now coalesced into a new venture called Kotare Models:


Website: https://www.kotare-models.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kotaremodels


Nice to see these guys back in the game, and with a new LSP project, too!



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57 minutes ago, LSP_Kevin said:

It would be nice to think that they were able to resurrect some of the orphaned Wingnut Wings projects and intent to bring them to fruition.


That would be nice. 


It would also be interesting to see if they take that skill and engineering into other realms besides WWI.

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This is good news indeed.  Even better if they broaden the range a little.  If the rumours mentioned are correct about the model in development being a WW2 subject, let's hope it's something not so common.  They have quite a few aviation museums there in NZ, so not too difficult for them to find a subject to measure up.  A good P-40 E or N, perhaps???


I wish them lots of success.





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1 hour ago, Gazzas said:


Dare we start speculating?

Can't help it Gary , it's part of the disease ... errr hobby  :rolleyes:


Kotare : Sacred Kingfisher




A kingfisher, said to be the first bird to fly from Noah's ark after the deluge,

supposedly received the orange of the setting sun on its breast and the blue

of the sky on its back. It was considered a symbol of peace, promising

prosperity and love.   :bow:

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