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  1. BarryWilliams

    Ta 152H-1 Ofw. Willi Reschke

    Superb build.
  2. BarryWilliams

    Trumpeter Liberators on facebook

    Without the 'capitalists' there would not be the money to develop the kit in the first place.... Even an enthusiast needs the dosh...
  3. BarryWilliams


    But cannot come anywhere close to what is produced by HKM and Wingnut. I built the Ju88 and was not that impressed, specially with the usual shapeless lumps of plastic that posed as some of the detail.
  4. BarryWilliams


    Nah... Revell cheap but crap, a model this big deserves the quality treatment, something Revell are not capable of.
  5. BarryWilliams

    Kids and the future of modelling

    I am Dover - not too far away.... We still have a LMS but they do not tend to stock much of what I use so sadly I do not get to support it.
  6. BarryWilliams

    Kids and the future of modelling

    Superb work from a fellow Kentish Man (or Man of Kent....) getting youngsters involved... where is your school? I am the board chairman for a multi-academy trust of 5 schools and would love one of ours to do something like this...
  7. BarryWilliams

    Flory Washes?

    Water based and work well over a glossed surface as a 'sludge wash' enabling you to remove the surplus to achieve your desired effect. More difficult to remove from a matt surface but OK if you want a very dirty look.
  8. BarryWilliams

    Quality of Tamiya F4U-1A Corsair 1/32 Decals

    Tamiya decals are indeed too thick but my main complaint about them is how brittle they are. The smaller ones such as the ip are manageable the real issue comes with the larger or more complex shaped ones. A kit if this quality really deserves masks rather than decals the difference really show in 1/32 scale.
  9. BarryWilliams

    Aircraft/military museums in Southern England?

    I had not heard that. The barrack buildings where it was housed are a museum in themselves, a magnificent place, the old officers mess I believe.
  10. BarryWilliams

    Aircraft/military museums in Southern England?

    I would strongly recommend a trip to Portsmouth as someone has said. There is a wealth of military history and related museums there: The Dockyard - this includes: HMS Victory HMS Warrior The Mary Rose The Royal Navy Museum ...and more - you really need a whole day for the dockyard alone. Then there is, of particular note: The D Day Museum The Royal Marine Museum (one of my all time favourites) i would also recommend a boat trip around the harbour to se the warships in dock. There is more as well including Napoleonic fortifications and WW2 defences. You need 2 or 3 days in Pompey.
  11. BarryWilliams

    My TBF Avenger

    I dont bother with those hinges, I will just cement the control surfaces into place. I have done that with all such builds and only attach these in so much as they might be visible. Most are not.
  12. BarryWilliams

    My TBF Avenger

    Beautiful work - excellent camo work. I will be starting my 1/32 Trumpeter Avenger in a few days, hope mine turns out as well.
  13. BarryWilliams

    B26 Marauder - LSP

    For important twins, dont forget the Wellington - that has to be on anyone's list. The B26 certainly does appeal to me, I would be up for one... I dont have the B17, the B24 tempts me more and a Halifax temps me more than a Lancaster!!! I will probably end up with all of them....
  14. BarryWilliams

    B26 Marauder - LSP

    There is always the wall to put them on rather than in a display case - more practical I should think when you think of the shelf area a 1/32 heavy will take up. That is what I will do, certainly. For me though the pleasure is in the building not the displaying and I have a clear out every now and then with the last lot going to a school museum.
  15. BarryWilliams

    Display options for large bombers, B-17, B-24, Lanc?

    Sadly no, she does not. She only values sporty stuff, walking, running etc etc and just does not 'get' our hobby or anything that involves being indoors or seated... drives me up the wall at times when she cant get out for a walk!