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  1. Coming along really well. Great kits these...
  2. There is a set of Maketar Paint Masks for 1/24 Hurricanes, you would be able to pull together the right codes etc for what you are building. Masks are so much better than any decal and as you are buiklding two Hurricance they would be good value. I have the Trumpy 1/24 Hurricance IID on the bench now and will use them. Trumpy decals are just not worth bothering with. https://shop.maketar.com/?product=124-raf-hawker-hurricanes
  3. What I miss most - popping into the local pub at lunchtime and having a pint of best bitter stood at the bar....... or sat in the pub on a dark cold winters evening by a roaring fire sipping a pint or three....
  4. All the Tamiya 1/32 beauties, all in their way the best kits I have ever built. Spitfire, Mustang, Corsair, Zero and Mosquito alike. other great 1:32’s Trumpeter Avenger and Dauntless Tamiya F16 Zoukei Mura Ta152
  5. This is what I use, a Benchvent, I find it plenty big enough. https://benchvent.com/shop/bv300s-d-a3-extraction-unit/
  6. Lysander Hawker Hurricane BP Defiant Fairy Battle SM 79
  7. But there is a huge difference between price and value. Tamiya might be more costly but they are great value. You know with Tamiya it will be pretty accurate, it will fit, the instructions will be well set out and comprehensive, you know that you can get a great result from what in the box without having to spend on aftermarket. Above all you know it will be a joy and a treat to build start to finish. OK you can get cheaper kits but cheap just is not the same as value. Personally I would rather buy one Tamiya Mosquito for £138 (what I paid for that and the HKM Mossi
  8. Interesting comments and I certainly would not disagree about the shape, but apart from that I found nothing good about this kit at all. Engineering, fit, instructions, just about everything was simply infuriating. To me it seemed like a kit that was developed on a budget and when the budget was used up some accountant said enough is enough, release the kit even though it's development was incomplete. Mind you, I suspect that I have been 'spoilt' by the Tamiya 1/32's....
  9. Kits Tamiya and Zoukie Mura Paint for airbrush. MRP Paint for brushing. Vallejo Cement. Gunze Washes and pigment. AKI
  10. I may just be me but I would rather build one Tamiya P51 than three Revell, despite not being interested in displaying the engine.
  11. They have been known to release SH short-runs under their own label, the 1/32 Aircobra being an example. Like you i have no interest in short-run. We have seen Revell release several 1/32's from other companies recently, the Dragon bf110C and the ICM I-16 Rata also come to mind.
  12. Beauty, elegance - that is the description of a Spitfire. I was going to say the me262 for designed during WW2 but that design started a year earlier in 1938 so it cannot count.
  13. You are spot on. But if someone does get some uneven finish, perhaps somewhat matt, due to paint drying before hitting the model or because of air vortexes, then there is a very simple and elegant solution. Try an overall mist coat (or two) of Mr Levelling Thinner. It reactivates the paint enabling it to self-level, giving you a perfact surface for decal application and/or enamel pin washes. Just do not flood the surface whatever you do. It has the added advantage of being able to be built into your aibrush cleaning routine!
  14. Excellent. I have built both the original Dragon and the Revell release of this kit, you have done a better job than I did... By the way, although the Revell is out of the same molds they use their cheap plastic in them and it surprising just what a difference it makes. I preferred the cleaner crisper Dragon release and I regard it as worth the extra dosh.
  15. 'only be a P-38' .... Maybe a P-38, but would not a Beaufighter fit the description? That would be my preference anyway.
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