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  1. Nice to see a Swedish Gladdie! I'll be following.
  2. Sorry but it says "i lager: nej". That means not in stock. I've been looking for this book myself but it's out of stock everywhere it seems.
  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. I really should print it and put it on the wall of my mancave for easy access when doing some painting. Cheers Stoffe
  4. My pre-order is now confirmed as well. Exciting to hear that other versions might follow... /Stoffe
  5. How did you manage to get that red paint so glossy? Excellent build by the way. /Stoffe
  6. Thank you for the news, very welcome indeed. /Stoffe
  7. Nice work Chuck. When you go back and refill those seam lines and other flaws you discover, are you using CA or something else as a filler? /Stoffe
  8. Hello I tried to pre-order a set of the Zulu decals but when I was at check out I got a message you´re not shipping to Sweden. Is that correct? /Stoffe
  9. Good to hear you and Viggen are still alive and well. I will keep an eye out for updates on the 37 /Stoffe
  10. I also made a donation. Keep up the good work Paul, hope you get organized soon with everything. /Stoffe
  11. Ohh, you make me wanna drag out mine from the stash. Must resist, so much else to do... /Stoffe
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