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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial. I really should print it and put it on the wall of my mancave for easy access when doing some painting. Cheers Stoffe
  2. My pre-order is now confirmed as well. Exciting to hear that other versions might follow... /Stoffe
  3. How did you manage to get that red paint so glossy? Excellent build by the way. /Stoffe
  4. Thank you for the news, very welcome indeed. /Stoffe
  5. Nice work Chuck. When you go back and refill those seam lines and other flaws you discover, are you using CA or something else as a filler? /Stoffe
  6. Hello I tried to pre-order a set of the Zulu decals but when I was at check out I got a message you´re not shipping to Sweden. Is that correct? /Stoffe
  7. Good to hear you and Viggen are still alive and well. I will keep an eye out for updates on the 37 /Stoffe
  8. I also made a donation. Keep up the good work Paul, hope you get organized soon with everything. /Stoffe
  9. Ohh, you make me wanna drag out mine from the stash. Must resist, so much else to do... /Stoffe
  10. I´m gonna welcome any tips regarding painting and glueing this Bandai plastic. Will be useful when it´s time to start my own Star Wars models. Keep up the good work. /Stoffe
  11. Ooooh I´m gonna follow this. Ordered some of the Bandai Star Wars stuff from USA Gundam store the other day but this speeder bike was out of stock at the moment. Shipment fees to Sweden was a killer but these models are way too cool to stay away from. And I haven´t found them anywhere close to Sweden anyway. /Stoffe
  12. Well I have the kit in my stash and if Harold comes up with intakes and other goodies I will by all of it in a heartbeat. My guess is AM for this kit is going to sell really well? Go nuts Harold! /Stoffe
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