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  1. It's an easy fix. Get a couple of Officer type figures and a couple of mechinics, the Officers would be holding a sheet of plans and pointing to somewhere on the 'plane, and the mechanics would have say, a measuring stick and a few tools posed as if adusting the rigging. Regards, Pete. ps, looking at the pics again, you really have done a nice job. The more one looks, the more fine details one notices.
  2. Very good detail, awesome woodgrain and those wheels are fantastic. But what happened to the wings? The top wing should be straight, and the lowers should have some dihedral. Regards, Pete in RI
  3. Happy dads day! got the garage floor painted, and the rest of the day on the hobby bench! Quite a productive day really
  4. I like A/M stuff, but it does need to enhance over the kit parts. As for cost, well, it's all pretty cheap after one has gone overboard on the 1/200 HMS Hood and the 1/72 Flower Class! lolol.
  5. I will take a Kate and a Val also, but what do they have to do with aeroplanes? I'll get my coat.
  6. WOW! Well Done! That's an awesome build. I like the way you have achieved just the right sheen to the wood.
  7. Will look through the mag stash and see if I still have it. If so, can post it out.
  8. Tell me about it! We just bought a 1990 Formula 26 PC. Lovely boat, but we have been dumping $$ into it to get it ready for the season. We launched last week but there is still some TLC to do.
  9. No, you have to order them separately. Either Sprue Brothers or your local pet shop. Hannants may have some, but stock doesn't stay long in their warehouse, so not many cobwebs in the corners. Once you recieve the spiders, you must give them a diet rich in Roquefort in order for them to produce the required blue tint to their silk threads.
  10. Alan, call Appanaug Hobbies in Warwick Rhode Island. I remember seeing a Ju88 kit on the shelf last week. 401-737-5506 Eastern Time.
  11. Hey! This is about the Henschel! Lololol....now come on, be nice. Lets praise the correct kit, THEN get on about the Fw.
  12. Nice job Dave, how were the One Man Army masks to use? I have a set in my Gladiator box too.
  13. I know, but couldn't resist. KK, will do. I am a computer idiot, so give me a day or two.
  14. Jeeze! it's only just arrived, gimmee chance to build it!
  15. Ordered a Caudron G3 from them May 6th. It arrived today. 6 days from Latvia to Rhode Island, and an AWESOME kit as well. Thank you all at Copper State Models! Regards, Pete
  17. YUUUUP! Got to agree with that one. (oops! forgot to turn the page. I meant about following Pete from Airscales' articles.)
  18. I believe that subject matter can definately affect responses. I am totally guilty of that myself. I enjoy looking at builds from the Wright Bros up to WW2, but tend to ignore the jet scene ( much to my detriment sometimes! lol)
  19. I get car parts and hobby stuff shipped over from England to here in the USA very regularly, and rarely have an isssue. I do get tracking numbers. Regards, Pete in RI
  20. Nice collection there Iain, we should start an RAF 20's to 30's group build!
  21. If true to scale, one would not see the fabric weave, it's barely visible on the real 'plane as the dopes and paints/varnishes fill the weave. BUT it does add that extra dimension that very definately adds the the look of the model.
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